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  1. i am looking for an addon that do that, but the only similar ive found was spell flash, but looks like a rotation addon and i just want the sw: death an priest execute ability to glow when under 25% someone knows something like that?
  2. lordsesho

    BM Hunter Exotic Pets "SPIRIT BEASTS!"

    not very helpful  :)
  3. lordsesho

    survival advice

    hi, im looking for some experienced hunter in pvp, im leveling a hunter and i know that survival are the worst in arenas cause their stings can be dispeled, but like a casual player in bgs it can be good? how hard is dealing with other classes?
  4. http://www.wowhead.com/item=10399/blackened-defias-armorfor transmog purpose, since is the only piece you cant obtain anymore 
  5. lordsesho

    help with a macro

    thank you! im gonna try it now
  6. lordsesho

    help with a macro

    hi, i just started to play as druid yesterday and was wondering how can i make a macro to cast cat form when nostance and then cycle between cat and bear form when i press it, i tried some variations but for some reason isnt changing to bear  :( thats it o/
  7. lordsesho

    [Answered] atlantiss shop

    this isnt possible in blizzard too, can you think a little how diffcult it could be? like swapping your current gear, some quest and stuff that are class only and also race avayability...
  8. lordsesho

    [Answered] Idea on world pvp

    i said "MAY" leave...why they would risk? also you get more than 1 point(unless the lvl is very low) anyway, ppl dont gank to earn honor, they gank to cause they like it for some reason(everybody got yours) i also dont like to be ganked, but this make the game more challeging in my opinion
  9. lordsesho

    [Answered] Idea on world pvp

    those who likes pve will stay in the server anyway, cuz is good scripted, those who likes pvp may drop if it became pve...unfortunately(for you) is simple like that xP
  10. lordsesho


    dont use in irregular ground...at least for now xP