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  1. contacted

    Fire Mage Heating Up!

  2. contacted

    4.3.4 Raid modes

    no raid finder? that is disappointing : /
  3. contacted

    Arena season rewards discussion.

    thats exactly how 3v3 is on this server.It is a joke of a bracket with the same 10 people queing into each other over and over and pretty much win trading. 3v3 should not give titles at all,it's a joke of a bracket on this server and everyone is just abusing it.
  4. contacted

    Fire Mage Heating Up!

    not sure why others don't want to share... Yours is perfect! Much appreciated.Looks exactly like MoP heating up. Thanks
  5. contacted

    Fire Mage Heating Up!

    I'd like to try this one out,your link isnt in the post tho?
  6. contacted

    Fire Mage Heating Up!

    Cheers! u can also unlock/lock the frame so u can move it around if I remember correctly. /heatingup unlock /heatingup lock
  7. contacted

    Fire Mage Heating Up!

    There is a heating up addon that was made by someone on these forums.I cant seem to find the post now but here is a download link for it. https://we.tl/vNvcyIsqHy
  8. contacted

    Party member kicked for ninja looting but...

    These are the type of people who play this realm,I wish I could say it gets better at max lvl but it gets WORSE. Not too long ago i qued a random heroic and got ZA,we cleared all the bosses and got the the last one and I was vote kicked by the 3 guild members in the group(cowboy bebop),after I messaged one of the people he told me they kicked me so they could invite their friend(after I wasted 30 min in the dungeon). About a week ago I was the 5th person to join a BH raid,I waited in the raid for about 15 minutes for it to fill up,once we were on 24/25 the mage raid leader kicked me(my mage) to invite a non mage dps. This happens all the time dont kid yourself.I have many other examples but these are the most recent ones. The best thing to do is to put the people on ignore and you will never be grouped with them again.
  9. Of course all the pve'ers come out to bash my suggestion.I should of saw that coming.It would be nice to have the best cata server on a pvp only realm but oh well.I dont see how this would hurt the population,not many people would leave their geared 85 behind to start a brand new character from scratch.If anything it would help the server because it would give people a chance to try the server out before spending a month lvling to 85.I dont see any reason not to have a pvp only server,it would bring in a whole new crowd of people to the server.The awesome core is there,might as well get the most out of it.
  10. No im not kidding.Lets face it,this server is pretty much a pve server.Even with 500 people online theres no bg or arenas going on alot of the time.A dedicated pvp server would be great for all pvpers on the realm.
  11. It would be great to have a instant 85 pvp only realm(and cross realm bg/arena with the normal realm). I guarantee you this realm will be a success considering there are zero good instant 85 pvp servers around.
  12. contacted

    [Answered] Druid flight form

  13. So i waited nearly a hour to get into a RDF group and after 15 minutes me and the other dps who were not in the same guild as the 3 other people were kicked for no reason at all(other than they wanted loot for themselves).Very irritating.Is this allowed?seems like abuse.   Thanks
  14. contacted

    [Answered] Unable to open guild charter to get signatures

    Try to disable "block guild invites".