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  1. Salenia

    Leveling a warrior

    It's actually not closing at all, the realm will be left up, it just won't technically be "supported" anymore(no GM's, updates, etc). People are still welcome to play there even though there probably won't be much traffic. This is why the Atlantiss team is allowing us to transfer to the Tauri MoP server - several people from Dragonwrath have already started playing there.
  2. Salenia

    Time to say goodbye

    So, it's not getting shut down or it is? For those who choose to not transfer their characters, we will basically be on a low pop server with no GM presence and no updates(fixes) of any kind, is that what I'm understanding? I honestly don't mind this if it allows me to continue playing Cata 4.3 as I have friends here and my guild still has been active enough for dungeons and 10 mans when time allows.
  3. Salenia

    Server Offline

    Relax...this place is free to play and the game masters don't owe any of us respect, if anything we owe them a great deal of thanks for providing all of us a free place to play with the kind of uptime many servers can't even dream of. Seriously, atlantiss is hardly ever down for long periods of time. Find something else to do for a bit, roll with it, and eventually it will come back up.
  4. Salenia

    [Answered] chatbox requirements changed?

    Also tried, didn't work
  5. In light of this thread...I seem to be having the same issue. I opened a ticket but never heard back. I went ahead and PM'ed a GM and still haven't heard anything. I would really like to play this character but I don't want to have to start from scratch. I also have some heirloom items on him which I would prefer to not lose. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Salenia

    Holy Paladin PoV in FL heroic!

    Hey this is fantastic! Thanks for putting some healer PoV videos up. Much appreciated! :)