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  1. meteors are bugged now. sometimes(or most of the time in our case) they wont lose fixate even if u damage them. this happened in both p3 and p4 on our tries tonight. anyone else had this problem?

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    2. Jenova
    3. Sphinx


      Any ETA as to when it gets applied? Since I really would love to try a few times to kill the baws without being able to knock it :D

    4. Jenova


      Restart in 20 mins and the fix will be live.

  2. That signature tho, jew-chan ;_;

    1. Mizune シ

      Mizune シ

      I know, Jackyy-chan ;-; no anime can hide the pain of seeing baguette dead /sob

  3. Interesting to see a "custom event" added to the game when developers were against adding anything "non-blizlike" to the server in the past. Well i don't mind it tho i think its a fun event

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    2. Mesaj
    3. Jenova


      1. This custom event has no effect (other than visual) on the game. Players don't get stronger, don't get items that make you stronger, nothing. All you get is a nice looking weapon that you can transmog into later.

      2. 5th birthday isn't an event that happens everyday. We wanted it to be somewhat special. Blizzard also had events / bonuses / gifts for their birthday.

      3. The event is only temporary, so after a few weeks you won't even know there was any event.

      4. We are still a blizzlike server and will go down the blizzlike path, please don't worry, but I think once every 5 years we can allow ourselves to do a few steps to the left or right for a while.

    4. Mzn


      @Jenova thanks for your reply. the fact that a custom event was added kinda bothered me because other developers were so against it in the past so i wanted to express my opinion. anyway i appreciate all the efforts you put into server by fixing bugs and scripting new content. i hope this post didn't demotivate you in continuing your work on the server