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  1. To start things off, I know this isn't Blizz-like, and is a bit custom... However, as this doesn't affect game play a single bit, nor is in anyway pay to win... creating an item like an Enchanted Rune of Teleportation or an Enchanted Rune of Portals, where these items count as a regular rune, but have unlimited charges, could be something to distinguish the server among others. Its just something small that could be a cool, inventive way to reward players who take the extra time to either vote, or do a custom quest line. Again, I know its not Blizz-like, but custom events like Azshara's Crater are not either :P, so maybe an exception can be made to help some OCD mages keep their bags clean :D. As I said twice, I know this isn't Blizz-like, and I'd appreciate it people would refrain from commenting, "Isnt Blizz-like." Sometimes custom things need to be added to keep players entertained while bigger developments are being made... such as Dragon Soul.
  2. itsfisch12

    Guide to add items into macros

    The command that is shown in the text box is "/script MacroFrameText:Insert("[Azshara's Veil]")" for a better visual, whereas "[Azshara's Veil]" was an actual linked item.
  3. Hello, I am Uradopted on the server and I want to share the ability of adding items into macros. This is a very old trick but is still uncommon. Step up your marketing game with some custom selling macros! I am posting this in the Support Q/A thread as a result of the chance people looking for someone else who has already asked this question. To add an item into a macro, 1) Open the macro dialogue box by typing /m, or by pressing the esc key and clicking "Macros". 2) create your selling macro slot by clicking "New" and choose a name and icon for your macro! 3) with your macro selected, enter the command "/script MacroFrameText:Insert("YourItem")" without quotation marks. (YourItem is where you link the item you wish to add into the macro, do this by shift + left clicking the item) ##Please note that you enter the command in a general chat box, such as say, guild, party, raid, battleground, etc. In addition, to deselect the "enter macro commands" box, simply press the esc key. It should look like this whilst creating the macro! Please note in my screenshot that there are still quotation marks around the item.
  4. Hello, I am Uradopted on the Alliance, also know as Fish to my friends, and anyone that knows me. I've played WoW basically my entire life and have played on Altantiss for over two years. Feel free to ask any questions about the game or about classes. I am especially fluent in Restoration Druid PvE.

  5. itsfisch12

    [Answered] Naming characters with Cyrillic script allowed?

    It is allowed, and somewhat common. However, it will be really hard for anyone to add you as friend/guild/invite because of the name. In addition, you will appear as a "?" in the game and recount.
  6. itsfisch12


    First off, welcome to WoW, and Atlantiss! For starters, you chose well by choosing Atlantiss for a long time commitment, I've played on this server for over two years and still remain very active. In addition, the player-base Atlantiss currently has well start you off nicely by having occasion Random Dungeon Finder queues. And when that moment finally comes, when you have reached cap level (85), you will have plenty of chances to raid as there is are raids in need of people every day! Atlantiss is a great place for you to start your first WoW impressions. As for tips, I suggest that you stray away from tanking or healing, along with complicated classes such as rogue, warrior, and unholy death-knight. But if you are up for the challenge, go right ahead! When creating a character, you can read their descriptions, I suggest you do that to compare any with your interests. My last tip of all, HAVE FUN! whats the point of a game if your aren't enjoying yourself? If you need any help with your class, or general wow playing, you can whisper Uradopted (Alliance) once you have reached level 10, if you need help before that, just invite me if I am on. I am glad to help anytime
  7. Chances are, if he has completed the first quest, which appears as an autocomplete, after killing a Molten Giant, he'll have to go to the mage tower and speak to Coridomi at the top of the Mage Tower. There he will get the quest to advance the quest chain. As stated previously, if he has not killed a Molten Giant, he will be unable to start the quest chain.