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  1. Natsume Kai

    Help with Trial of the Crusader-10man

    Can anyone give me a guide for TotC? What would be the trick for doing it on this server when enemies fall through the floor? And how do you kill bosses so you can get loot?
  2. How can I disable these two annoying useless boxes while keeping the markers? Can't find a option or addon for it.      
  3. Natsume Kai

    [Answered] Vash'jir for alchemy transmutations.

    You can still get there...Just fly from Dun Morogh...
  4. Natsume Kai

    [Answered] Wispcloak help

    Oh...Well that wouldn't help me. :(
  5. Natsume Kai

    [Answered] Wispcloak help

    Thanks so much for the respond...Guess I'll wait for your speedy hands to work. ;)       Well the first two replies were just ingame mail telling me to contact [email protected], but why would they do this if they can't help me?    
  6. Natsume Kai

    [Answered] Wispcloak help

      Yes...Because unlike a bosses bugged loot table and certain items not dropping, in which you then ask for free items because of it. I've already done what I need to do to get the recipe which is the Northrend Dungeonmaster achievement but the tailor trainer in Dalaran is buged and won't give it.   Plus, that second quest example I gave the GM auto-completed it for me without me even getting a chance to try because the npc was bugged. So I got that for "free" so to speak...   It's the same thing but in this case I've done my part but can't get the reward...   EDIT: And if they can't help I would want a reason why as they've helped a lot of other people with similar problems. I've also gotten no full person to person reply from a GM. First 2 were the auto-respond generic "Contact our email support" and the next 2 were auto-respond "Post it in bugtracker"...So I didn't really get any respond from a real live person..
  7. Natsume Kai

    [Answered] Wispcloak help

    So I can't get the wispcloak recipe, I've made 3-4 tickets so far and got back generic responds that don't help me...   I understand to make a bug report and I did back in March. But GMs help with a lot of bugs and I even had a GM complete http://www.wowhead.com/quest=12983& http://www.wowhead.com/quest=12886.     So can I get any help or no?
  8.   Why? Most mounts from Vote shop you can't obtain in-game legitimately. Don't delete items based on a twisted logic.   If you delete the mount then delete the items you can't obtain legitimately from Illidan in BT. You can't kill a crucial boss to open the door leading to Illidan.  (All BT groups glitch through it anyway, which would be bannable on a blizz-like server (yet no bans have been done for this))   You are basically saying "We are going to delete this item because you can't get it due to a bug, but we are going to let others keep items you can't get due to a bug."   It's twisted logic..Plain and simple...
  9. Natsume Kai

    [Answered] Don't update on weekends

    Can we stop updating server ( which results in crashes) on weekends when everyone has time off from RL stuff?   If it's just a crash...Then ignore this..
  10. Enable the login queue for the new accounts..Not the damn people who have been on this server for months...
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    2. Natsume Kai

      Natsume Kai

      Some people have played for longer then I have on your server ( 4 months) and some spend money. Now they and we get punished because another server is dying and...Fine, I'll wait but be smarter in the future and don't screw over your veterans..
    3. Kostas4949


      Seems you feel special. Well, you are not. You are just like every other player that plays here for years or just started yesterday. Get used to it.
    4. Candie


      its really Pfff to wait to play i cant play all time i have only the night :3 cause of study and now the queue its like leaving the server
  11. Natsume Kai

    [Answered] RaF mount?

    Where do you see this? I don't see it anywhere on that page?   http://atlantiss.eu/pages/7