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  1. Zodio

    Stuck in dungeon

    For others that get stuck like this: Right click your portrait and leave party.
  2. Zodio

    ElvUI Backported Version

    Found a few errors, but loving your work! 1) Defense DataText shows the multiplicative number of one's stats (parry chance * dodge chance * block chance= X + 1 = 69%), which was implimented in MoP. In Cata, it should show cumulative (parry chance + dodge chance + block chance = X + 1 = 87%). Same stats in the examples. 2) Cast bar tick marks do not vary. Since this was backported to Wrath, then brought to Cata by you, the tick timer for channelled spells is not active (like it should be in Wrath mechanics). But in Cata, it should capture the time before the next tick from the current cast, then add that time (tick mark) to the new cast. 3) When castbar is embedded into the Information Panel on the Unitframe, the tick marks stretch to about the same height of the unitframe itself. 4) When inspecting someone with Shift + Mouseover, it pops the error: .\AddOns\Blizzard_InspectUI\InspectGuildFrame.lua line 18: Usage: GetGuildInfo("unit") With debug: [C]: ? [C]: GetGuildInfo() ...face\AddOns\Blizzard_InspectUI\InspectGuildFrame.lua:18: InspectGuildFrame_Update() ...face\AddOns\Blizzard_InspectUI\InspectGuildFrame.lua:8: ...face\AddOns\Blizzard_InspectUI\InspectGuildFrame.lua:6
  3. Zodio

    One or more dungeon was not valid.

    Does not sound like a "Random Cataclysm Heroic" in the LFG tool, but instead the "Specific Dungeon" selection. Correct? Option A is that you are trying to do Hour of Twilight random, and your character is bugged out. If so, just manually queue for those. Option B is an item level issue. You have a dungeon selected, for which you currently do not have the required items, (ilvl 353 for HoTs, something else for random heroic dungeon). In that case, equip whatever highest item level gear you had (since at some time it was queueable for you personally), then unselect all dungeons. Go back your normal gear, close and open the tool again (press "I" by default), and you will see what dungeons are available to ya.
  4. Zodio

    4.3.4 Raid modes

    IMO, raid finder will be used a lot to cap valor for alts and gear them. Not as prolifically as MOP, where one would run ToT, then SoO to cap all characters [CAP ALL THE CHARACTERS!!]. But still, it will be used. Personally, not a fan at all. But I see its uses once DS is polished up a bit after release, and would not want it to come in before that. If it comes before nm and HC are polished, it would mess up progression difficulty, as well as split the attention of the dev team, which makes polishing slower. Regarding the number of players required to run: we all know the population will increase as new players come for DS, even if some older players leave because of it. "The best Cata server" is the title given to atlantiss around the interwebs. The only reason people arent here is because 4.3 content isnt out yet, and they like their BIS DS HC characters on their current server, I suppose. But gear<experience for most... We will see more people. LFR is a terrible place, but a great tool. Hopefully with a 1x server, the terribleness is lessened.
  5. Zodio

    Is warrior worth it?

    Nothing in a druid's rotation matters other than threat. Use mangle for Infected Wounds and use Demoralizing Roar every 30s to take less damage. Same thing as your example. Nothing in a paladin's rotation matters other than threat. Use abilities to get up Vindication and Judgements of the Just, and you will take less damage. Same thing as your example. Before you argue for HoPo, shield of the righteous is just for threat and WoG is for self healing, which isn't siginificant relative to a healer's healing through a fight. Nothing in a warrior's rotation matters exept for threat, BUT it is entertaining to play, unlike the paladin, and unlike a druid MT (yes, OT can be more fun, but that is a cat who can go bear. Hybrid is majoritively DPS focused in all enchants and play-time in raids). Deathknight, as i see you are a fan of by your profile picture, have a rudimentary version of active mitigation that was refined in MoP. I still hate the playstyle. Warriors can entertain some, and i see you are not a fan. Please dont disparage those of us who actually like it for the simple reason you do not. Warriors are NOT bad tanks.
  6. Zodio

    Is warrior worth it?

    Kat, prot warrior has a very fun rotation, great and iconic abilities, and here is a vid of a warrior solotanking Rag 10HC: Death is not an option for Pro(tection) warriors.
  7. Zodio

    Grid + Ace3

    Gave up. Joined the Grid2 party now. Rip my squares!
  8. Zodio

    Grid + Ace3

    Hi! So, I ran in to an unusual problem. Yesterday I logged off with Grid looking all pretty in my frames, but today I log on and Grid has gone crazy. It is no longer set up, and i cannot access the config. I log on with this error: Message: Interface\AddOns\Grid\GridCore.lua:312: Cannot find a library instance of "LibDualSpec-1.0".   Then when i try to access Grid config i get this: Message: Interface\AddOns\Grid\GridLayout.lua:644: Grid isn't registed with AceConfigRegistry, unable to open config   Now apparently Grid has dependancies I have never noticed before. That being: Stubbby (load assist to make loading quicker) and Ace3 library. Who knew!   So, thinking i messed something up with my addons, I disabled all of them, and leave Grid alone with its dependacies. Same issue with the off spec and configuration reg. Alrighty, so lets use my backup install of WoW 4.3 from atlantiss. Get out my external, copy my precious account folder to a safe location and delete WoW install. Copy old (never opened, pristine) install over and launch in to game. Everything is fine, so i copy Grid over. Restart client and boom! Same error.   Now i downloaded 3 instances of Grid i could find. One was from warmane forums, the other was from Curse for 4.3.4 and since neither of those worked, i tried 4.2 from curse as well. No luck. All of these were no lib releases, which i thought was fine.   So I know other people use it and i was hoping someone could either upload their Grid for me, or maybe tell me what I'm doing wrong! TIA
  9. Zodio

    addons for tanks

    There isn't an addon or set of addons i would recommend for tanking exclusively. However, for high level raiding, giving yourself more information, without overwhelming your ability to take it in, will lead to higher success in any group. Basic skills would just be raid awareness, such as seeing who needs a bubble, if you can cast Runetap to help out healers, or seeing if Stampeding Roar is useful to the encounter. Or it can just be seeing when adds approach without needing to see the health of the DPS going down and you coming to save them by getting aggro back.   Basic info, as Clem said, is things like: OmniCC -which shows seconds on your bars to see how much time is left on your abilities. "half a swirl left on Thrash" is less useful than "3 seconds on thrash". Tidy Plates -with "colour by aggro" enabled (by default it is), is great for showing which mobs you have, which your co-tank does, and which are biting that mage on the face. DeadlyBossMods -will show you boss timers and Alerts when raid events are happening. GTFO -to shout at you in those intense moments where you cant see your feet but you are standing in a puddle of death. Recount -to see interrupts, Deaths, Dispells, CC breaks. The background information is great for reviewing where the wipe came from. Mik's Scrolling Battle Text (some people dont like it) -tells you when CDs are off, when your auras (buffs, debuffs) change, and neatens up your UI by moving and condensing the floating numbers from combat. Quartz -upgraded castbar, with swing timers for you and a tracker for GCD. Debuffs can be monitored with it too.   Then we can move to personal info!. There are many great addons for this, but i recommend two: TellMeWhen -Square blocks, easily configurable. PowerAuras4 -any icon, any shape, custom textures/shapes, custom colours, tracks anything.   Learning the interface of the addons can get daunting, but that can also show you the power of them. After you learn them, you get the knowledge you need, in a way you want. This will be a huge personal improvement on tanking ability. This is the key difference between a good tank and a great tank. I feel blind without my notifications. I play with the default UI, plus an overlay of TMW icons and PowerAuras symbols. About 7 things on my screen at all times, excluding boss timers. I dont have to look for them on little icons, and i dont have to count while i fight.   Learn your class and what procs/buffs/debuffs you need. Make a notification "panel" for yourself. Improve it as you learn more, change what needs to be adapted, and you will master your tank.
  10. Zodio

    Tank on Atlantiss

    I would vote for druid over paladin and warrior, but I struggle to choose between druid and DK. A well play a druid as my main, and i love it! I do, however, have 3 of the healers  over 360 ilvl. So i have been exposed to the best and the worst of the tanking skills, of all classes.   4) By far, a bad DK is the worst tank to heal. HUGE spike damage, low DPS, low movement, and losing aggro every time he swaps targets... 3) Warrior comes up MILES ahead of the bad DK next, but because of his dependency on outside heals, he wont get second. If i get CC'd, LOS'd, or any other way cant get to him, he will die very quickly in an unlucky situation that he was already on low HP. 2) Paladin comes up second, by a little bit, because of the CTC and self heals/CDs they carry with them when I am not available. Raid CDs and tools are marvellous as a raid leader! 1) Druid is tied for first tier with a good DK, but both are a fair bit ahead of paladin/warr combination. Give two players of equal skill a DK and a Druid, and i will be a happy healer in raids! Druids are phenomenal walls of meat when Agi stacking, and painful walls of squish when just stam stacking. DKs are bubbled gods when mastery stacking, and amazing at sniping adds off of me with Grip, taunt and placable death and decay - the adds just run right to them!   The main issue for me with warriors and paladins is that, right now, in add fights, they will take 30% less damage from everything in Firelands, Blackwing Descent and Throne of Four Winds. This is becasue of their mastery allowing them to get CTC (100% block, parry or miss chance). That's amazing for a healer to deal with less damage! Then patch 4.3 comes out... Boss's main attacks cannot be blocked. Their main draw is less useful in end game raids.    All of that being said, the best tank is one that is played well. While i say "druids and DKs are far better than pala and warr", it is 100% true that all 4 can do the job, and do it damn well at that! If you move over to 25 HC progression raids, it is a different story, but that stage lasts 6 or 7 months, before you are easily geared enough from 10HC to manage the 25HC stam requirements.
  11. Zodio

    Is Healing Stream Totem broken?

    That isn't broken, this is how the threat tables work. Healing generates aggro, as does damage. Tanks have a mod on damage for threat (3x threat:damage ratio, for instance).   Since the tank has not hit the mobs or taunted them, and your totem healing is greater than his/her healing, your totem's threat is greater than tank's threat for that mob. If you cast Healing Rain before the mobs spawned, and hit your group with it, you will see that they attack you instead of the totem. 
  12. Zodio

    Paladin Healing Stats

    I was trying to find an alternative to the spamfest. Playing by procs is mad entertaining! The spirit/haste build is just a spam fest, which is like playing Holy priest, very ordered "rotation" (yeah, healer with rotation, fun) based on current % of target health and incoming damage. Disc is more predictive than reactive, therefore more entertaining for most. I was trying to find a disc-like play style for my little pallybro.
  13. Zodio

    Paladin Healing Stats

    All right, thanks for testing it out for us, Chickenbro.    The HoPo gen was really high with the crit build. LoD and WoG being thrown around like riptide. Switching between mana-based and HoPo heals also saved me a lot of mana, and I ended up dropping a lot of spirit. Too much at the end. Bad idea because I still needed to cast HR, but worth the DPS's deaths and repair bills for the experiment.   Pictured: MFW they died as I dropped below 1900 spirit.   Well, I don't think there is a way for me to make the Crit build work in 10s. In 25s, with more healers to cover the RNG gods' wrath in mechanics, I definitely see it working. Now i just need the guild to carry my lazy butt to success and then i will be back to report my biased results! Not really, I will forget to report.   Ty for the discussion possible ladies and/or gents.
  14. Zodio

    Paladin Healing Stats

    Thanks, Vixen.   The RNG did turn me off of the build quite fast, as I sometimes stringed Daybreak and IoL together, for 9 casts at a time, one CD of HS, then another roll if 9, but then the next boss, I would get one or two procs of each... Nonetheless, the possibility of a different style interested me, as it was great fun! If we overgear content, I think that the Crit build could be more entertaining. The healer's job is to squeal with stress or delight, and RNG gods can be fickle, so it isn't suitable to progression or hardmodes, I agree. Haste increases our HPS through less cast time, but it lowers our HPM if not managed correctly. That is a skill that can be learnt, and the crit RNG is not a skill, just luck or lack of luck.   That being said, the reason I tried the Crit is that haste is only useful for HR HoT at a few points. The points are:  -777, you have the 5th tick of HR HoT with Divine Favour up. -2284, 6th tick with DF and Bloodlust -2531, 6th tick with only Bloodlust -3493, 6th tick   What I didn't think of is that haste is useful to cast time at any point...   This is what I liked about the Crit build, if you could comment: -Crit increases HPS by increasing raw throughput *and* our HPM through increased effectiveness. Through an average fight, 1% more Crit is 1% more direct healing, which is 1% more effect from mastery, which is more healing again. Yes, our mastery sucks, but it is worth a mention on single target healing assignments. -On top of that, you get Infusion of Light procs from Holy Shock, which is 1.5s less cast time on Holy Light, Divine Light and Flash of Light. 1.5s reduction of cast time would be ~50% haste I think? -Then you get Daybreak procs from the crits of HL, DL, and FoL, which give you more HS casts. Daybreak and IoL have excellent synergy with crit, as that is what they are based around.   I think this build could be fun if we have the content on farm, but it definitely is not worth it at my Ilvl. After refocusing my gems and reforges, I only got ~15% more crit.
  15. Zodio

    Paladin Healing Stats

    Okay, so all of us know the irrefutable laws of Holy Healing:   [1] Thou shalt have more spirit. [2] Thou shalt get thine ass more haste.   But I tried something silly. And it wasn't aweful... /cast Judgement   I went for an Int>Spirit>Crit>Haste(777)>Mastery>Haste build!   I found that, with tonnes of IoL procs, I didn't need more haste (end result was ~950 haste). I relied on RNG and didn't kill my group. Granted, this is nothing more than RDF HC, but I want to know if I am the only holy pally to question the stat priority?   If anyone with more raid experience or even more gear (I'm at iLvl 350) could tell me how a crit build works out, I'd appreciate it.