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  1. [A][ITA][PvE/PvP] Madness

  2. [A][ITA][PvE/PvP] Madness

    Update 2018 Con Dragon Soul alle porte, riprendiamo le attività a pieno ritmo. FL hc 7/7 per chi ha ancora need to gear, mount e titolo viene organizzata al momento 2 volte a settimana. Nel frattempo, abbiamo iniziato a lavorare su Dragon Soul hc per farci trovare pronti per quando uscirà; come sempre, l'obbiettivo è di fare 8/8 hc il prima possibile mantenendo gli orari di raid soliti (21.10 -> 23.30; esclusi week-end). L'idea per Dragon Soul hc, visti l'elevato numero di player attivi (50+) è quella di far partire 2 run di DS hc progress: entrambe puntano a pulire il raid, naturalmente una delle due run sarà leggermente più "spinta" a livello di impegno e qualità di player. Per info o domande, siamo su TeamSpeak (voice.atlantiss.eu => Madness) o chiedete di Lone o qualche officer. Augurandovi uno splendido 2018 /Lone
  3. Open letter to Atlantiss

    Hello there Emtec, as GM of Madness, after talking with mr Efrel, GM of Immortal legion (thank you for your kindness as always my friend), and various people around the server, we felt the need to write this. (Special thank you to Immortal Legion community) A huge Thank You for your reply. Your answer is honest, transparent, well constructed, and I'm sure it took You some time. You have our gratitude. A lot! Again Thanks. Also Thanks for Your kind words towards us. I'm proud, as all Atlantiss staff should be, of this server community With what you just wrote, speculations are over hopefully. The main problem lately has been the rumors spread by those who "can look behind the scene". We now have an idea of what you guys faced, and how much struggles you had to overcome. Congrats on doing so! We'll wait for the Christmas update on how you plan on doing things then, and let me add that your words makes the difference. Many of my guildies already stated they appreciated your reply. Let me add we always spoke high about Atlantiss staff; your behaviour has always been correct, kind and more than once Devs, GMs and even head Admins took some time to reply to some of our requests of help. Once again you proved yourself here. About Dragon Soul, we'll wait for your Christmas update, but if I may, please choose wisely on what to do. Releasing Dragon Soul normal (wing by wing) and then after full normal version is live, Dragon Soul hc means the hc version of the raid will need some buffing to be challenge (As you guys brillantly did in FL hc and Rag hc). Another scenario could be you release both version of one wing: even in this case, at least the last 2 bosses of the raid will need huge buffing since we'll be t13 hc geared already. I'm not sure how I feel about it, but since its my personal opinion, it doesn't really matter. In conclusion, once again we really appreciated you dedicated some time to reply to our letter, and I'm glad you found it "positive", without flaming or without just pointing fingers and accusing; it wasn't our goal. Staying tuned for more exciting news, Best regards /Lone
  4. [A] [PvE/PL] Immortal Legion

    Gz guys! Well done Cheers ^^
  5. Fire Mage Heating Up!

    Hello Axelito! Here's the addon with the modifications to suit your needs attached to this post. If you'd like me to make any further tweaks, please feel free to message me here or on Loneryna on the Alliance side. Here's a backup link for the next 30 days, in case the one above doesn't work: Click me!
  6. Hello lordesho! I'm sorry for being late to the party but I just saw this topic. You can use the addon attached to this post. It shows the activation border around SW:D when your target is under 25% health. If you'd like me to make any modifications to it, feel free to pm me on this forum or on Loneryna on the Alliance side. Here's a link that will be active for the next 30 days as a backup: CLICK ME! SWD.rar
  7. [A] [ENG/PvE] [Purged]

    Congratulations! A well deserved kill! Time to put it on farm
  8. [PvE] [Guide] [4.3.4] - Balance Druid T12

    Impressive! Gj Pad :)
  9. Ragnaros 10 hc Guide

    We're glad to see that you guys appreciate it. Thank you for the kind words here and in-game. We really do hope that this will somehow help you making progress on the fight. We are far from being hardcore or experienced about Cataclysm, so dont give up and fix things one by one :) As I already said to those who contacted me ingame, we'd like to make another video where I'll cover some key things to the fight, phase by phase; hopefully, it will give you a better idea how we did it. On a side note, please keep in mind that this is just how we do it. There are many solutions to the challenge this fight presents, it's always up to you to adjust what we do to your raid's strenghts, setup and such. Again, for any questions, infos, or doubts, feel free to poke "Lone" on ts (atlantiss.eu server - Madness channel), or ask any Madness member to direct you to me. Take care :)
  10. Ragnaros 10 hc Guide

    People have been asking for it, so after our first kill video, and our guide in italian, we decided to make an english guide for Ragnaros hc, with the latest changes (phase 2 and phase 4 timers). Hope it can help you have better attempts to the big fire guy. Enjoy :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xocbJR7ms-0 //Lone
  11. Developer Update #1

    Thanks for the reply. To keep this post clean i'll take this into pm to you trollgod. Just wanna say I understand your points above, but still believing in what I stated earlier, will explain to you later in pm buddy:) Again, I really like this idea jenova, hats down!
  12. Developer Update #1

    This is a brilliant idea, thank you a lot   OFF TOPIC @Trollgod   If i may, I don't like the "nerf Ragnaros hc" thing, to allow more people to get the kill I know, we are among those who have been killing him, but please, just follow me along:   1) We are on a private server, there is a limit to the content here. So, having content lasting a bit longer is not a malus. Plus, we got 4.3.4 talents, without the buff in FL hc, t12hc would seem like a piece of cake compared to t11 hc. Yes, 5 months is quite a lot of time, but we got a lot of guilds at 6/7. and Jenova just fixed phase 2 timers, making this phase quite easier ( we tested this asap just twice tho )   2) Atlantiss has a reputation of being the best cataclysm server out there, both PvP and PvE. PvE wise, it means fights are very nice tuned, close to be perfectly scripted. WIthout the buff, FL hc would have been awfully easy.   3) DS is not even close to be released. Keeping the progression alive, can prevent people from going afk.    4) T11 has never been nerfed I believe (could be wrong ofc). With t12 gear, now many guilds are doing fights like Sinestra, Al'akir and such, but t11 hc was a challenge for its entire duration.   5) I'm getting a lot of whispers from other Guild Masters, who are working on Ragnaros hc, and I see their improvements. Many of those who are on Ragnaros hc are getting closer and closer to a kill. They should have the chance to kill him in this state, feeling satisfied, proud, happy.    Once DS is close to be released, within like 2 months, then I'd understand the request of nerfing t12 content ( if its still necessary ). At this moment, Ragnaros hc is the only true challenge server has to offer to us (PvE wise) Ragnaros hc is an epic fight; Atlantiss made it epic on their server. Thats something very rare! We should all appreciate it, and show our gratitude to Atlantiss staff for offering us the chance to experience Cataclysm expansion at its best!   //Lone
  13. Ragnaros hc cd change in 5298

    Ok I can speak now We went and gave it a few attempts yday late evening, just to check it before going to kill it on sunday.   Timers are indeed weird now. world in flames spawns twice 20 sec left, once 10 sec left, once 6 sec left. Third wave of seeds comes way beyond timer hits 0. Sulfuras smash timers looked ok but it overlaps with world in flames.   Keep in mind we gave it only 3 attempts, to record it and adjust our tactic for it, now here is my opinion about it: - Guilds who already killed Ragnaros hc, won't have any troubles to get it done again. We already changed our tactic for sunday, and it should work fine   - Those who were progressing on the fight, expecially who are still working on phase 2, this will slow them down quite a lot.   You will kinda got to learn phase 2 all over again. One bright side is that now you got A LOT more time to deal with last wave of seeds before getting ready to enter properly in phase 3.   Shortly put: I still don't really like the change, simply because I don't see the positive side of it. I want to thanks Jenova to try to fix it ofc, but I'd revert the change for now. If you need testers for Ragnaros hc timers, implement those on PTR, and contact me. We'll be happy to go there and test it :)   //Lone
  14. Ragnaros hc cd change in 5298

    just 1 question: Why they changed timers in the first place??    Anyway we didn't see ragna after this "fix", adjusting to new timers wont be an issue, what worries me is these rumors about seeds having wrong timers ... now we need to get used to this? Wasn't just better to leave the fight as it was?
  15. Ragnaros hc -- Guida ita

    Questa è una guida fatta da i Madness per Ragnaros hc in italiano. Magari a qlcn potrà essere utile ...   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jw7wBgx3iks