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  1. Temph

    Bis List

    Thanks for the answers, can anyone suply me a link for Simulationcraft with a Cataclysm version? Also I heard that arms works a little bit differently in this server since slam is slightly "bugged", making the skill better - How does it work?
  2. Temph

    Bis List

      Exacly my though, I did find Tauri-veins but found it pretty unreliable. Also Why is Arms > Fury? I though that the better gear the better Fury was, but then again i'm very fresh to Warrior. I'm not new to cata, but new to the class!
  3. Temph

    Bis List

    Can't seem to find it anywhere, so as the title say I would like to know if anyone can share some BiS list for all the 3 specs. Fury being the priority. If there's some info about pre-raiding gear that would be awesome too! Thanks in advance!
  4. Temph


    Eheh thanks for the welcoming :D I'll give it a try then, thanks! Feel free to add more replies tho if you want to add more info!
  5. Temph


    Hi.   New player (for the server, not for the game) comming tho! As stated i'm new in here and I would like to have some question answered, so bear with me while at it, ^^   1. What's the population like as well as Ally-Horde Ratio? 2. Is this a PvE or PvP more oriented server? I heard Atlantiss has a godly scripting of content and it's the 1st realm(live) having Molten Front, how is that like? It was a mess in WowReach when I played it :p 3. What's the most wanted DPS class? Ranged or Melee? My question falls into the "OverPowered" department, since some classes due to the 4.3.4 client and the 4.2 in game content are somewhat boosted, does this happen here (Warlocks and Mages used to be insanely overpowered last time I played in WowReach).   I think that's about it, thanks for the understanding! ^^