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  1. How to get ur comments deleted !!

    Step 1) Be a potato
  2. Pugs in general


  3. [Answered] Help

    Scroll Of Resurrection (hereinafter referred to as SoR) will be available for accounts which the last login update was maximum back in 31 December 23:59:59 2016, and they do not own any 85 character level. SoR allows for a single level boost on any character up to 80 level. The character is also provided with riding skills, mount, bags, green item set for the current or default spec (DPS) and a quanity of gold in order to buy necessary skills. SoR system is fully automated and is supported by player in game. To check if your account may use the SoR system, type in game command .sor info The feedback information that will display on chat will show if you can use the SoR option, if yes it will tell you how to use it on current character.
  4. How is Pvp in this server ?

    Its pretty neat, theres always some arenas/bgs to go around, but be sure to expect LOTS of mages and rekful wannabes (human female rogs)
  5. PVP[Guide] Subtlety Rogue Patch 4.3.4 (Updated)

    Rephrase that please.
  6. PVP[Guide] Subtlety Rogue Patch 4.3.4 (Updated)

    I personally prefer to have 3 points in puncturing wounds instead of improved recuperate and one more point in Honor among Thieves and Waylay intead of Nightstalker. But again, its all about the personal preference. A better rogue will win no matter which of these specs he uses :P Also, nice guide, except for the things Itsme pointed out. Cheers,
  7. [Answered] Rename old character

    Try using special characters from foreign countries. It will work 100% guaranteed
  8. [6406] Blackwing Lair loot tables

    Finally!; Thank you.
  9. Its so nice to see the changelog section so swarmed, keep it up guys ^^
  10. [EN/PVP]Resurrected - is recruiting

    Ally or Horde?
  11. [Answered] Ebony Hold Stuck

    Ebony hold doe
  12. Sudden Death tree buggy?

    How can you be sure that it was buggy on the other server and that here its working fine :^)