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  1. PHLiNX

    Transmog 1h to 2h

    Currygodny, could you make an english translation please? Seems very interesting info to me. thanks
  2. PHLiNX

    Dutch people v.2

    Ik speel alleen wat casual pvp. Rbg's zijn er dagelijks genoeg. Korte queue's. Heb geen idee hoe pve is. Allemaal net iets minder dan een jaar of twee geleden toen Sunwell stopte maar wmb nog steeds een gezonde player base.
  3. PHLiNX

    PvP Frost Mage, need some advices

    I think Blinkmasters guide is still accurate.
  4. PHLiNX

    What class pick to pvp ?

    Than just pick one. In bg's with a good party you have fun on all your favorite classes. When you are constantly being tunneled no class is fun. We can't decide for you tbh.
  5. PHLiNX

    What class pick to pvp ?

    You will not enjoy playing a class you dont like. That being said i like hunters, mages, dk's and shamans.
  6. PHLiNX

    [H] "anders hart" stellt sich vor.

    Wilkommen! Viel Spass und Erfolg!
  7. Thanks to Kaspii we now have bg's full of fat chickens for lunch :15_yum:

    1. Kaspi


      The more chicks, the better ;)

  8. PHLiNX

    add ons

    I have taken most of my addons from curseforge.
  9. PHLiNX

    Searching for a cast bar addon

  10. PHLiNX


    The only time i have been able to level a toon through bg's was when Sunwell closed. Made it to 85 in just 2 days. Now it's impossible. Only 10-19 and 80-84 see some action. I really wish more people knew how easy and fast levelling through bg's is.
  11. Hi, welcome. I think casual pvp is pretty good. Short queues in the evenings especially for horde. Ally queue is indeed a bit longer. As for arena's: 2s no problem. 3s a bit harder and you probably wont be able to do 5's. Rated bg's when you get in a dedicated pvp guild.
  12. PHLiNX

    Does allys ever win a random bg?

    Well, i've done about 6 BG's last night and lost all 6 as horde. I think overall ally wins more than horde lately but certainly horde doesn't dominate BG's.
  13. PHLiNX

    Addons not working properly

    Not the most leightweight addons for sure but i have no problem playing at 60fps.   You already have less than 30 fps which isn't great. You could try lowering your graphics settings.
  14. PHLiNX

    [Answered] stuck in a clan

    Go to guild roster, right click your name -> leave guild. Doesnt work?
  15. PHLiNX

    [Answered] Dungeon XP

    I think the accounts of your friends are linked for RAF and yours is not. They got the RAF bonus exp and you are not.