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  1. For all of them godx out there, braap.

    1. Hadralt


      +1 its annoying to name oneself so


  2. [Pve]Prot Warrior still viable?

      :D syndrome throwback 
  3. [Pve]Prot Warrior still viable?

    Dodgar > Ranor's godly warrior alt > life
  4. LFM for weekly Ulduar 25

    Bildo fixed Both questlines a while ago.
  5. Firelands HC Race!

      4.2 pre-nerf + custom buffs ^^
  6. Firelands Hunter PvE Guide

    Just wait ;)
  7. CLCret

    Yes, it does.
  8. t11hc or t12?

    Tier 11 4 set bonus is just very good, which means that 4set tier 11hc is better than 4set tier 12normal for fire mages.
  9. Demonology Warlock Guide by Fafal

  10. Loot bug?

    Link me armory in PM.     You do know that you can only have 17 items equipped, right?
  11. Firelands HC Race!

      Maybe because people know what to do already? :p No need for thinking up a strategy as you already know which one works.
  12. Firelands HC Race!

    Congratulations (=     Wut?
  13. Current state of Dragonwrath Realm

    Last month? No. Last week maybe. And a lot of the downtime has been due to our host, which we have has no control over.