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  1. Troll post or wut?
  2. Attackers always win, cuz nobodz knows how to def
  3. atm 40 alliances 1 horde in que free faction transfer so we balance this please
  4. Today was a good day tho. We had Alterac Valley with 150+ players inside Still inbalanced late night and in the morning, sometimes even until evening
  5. Its fine only at the evening, when server reaches its maximum population. At the morning, over day and late night it is so much out of balance.
  6. Thats what im saying. And its a huge problem. We have 30-40+ minutes random bg queues.. Its not even real, like come on.
  7. As it is known alliance has more players than the horde, it wouldnt be a problem tho, its normal, but there's a problem PvP wise here. The ammount of PvPers between the two factions is really unbalanced. For example at this very moment there's 30+ queued alliances for random BG, whilst horde side has a big flat 0. Its been like this all day long and sometimes the difference is even bigger. So maybe you should consider giving faction change to horde for free for a couple of days. I mean im sure there would be players willing to transfer to horde to make PvP more interesting. I would do it first but i cant level up new character and dont have vote/donate points to transfer to a dead faction PvP wise.
  8. Didnt work for me either, even although it met all requirements.
  9. hai

  10. Any char with PvP gear? Under 2. it is not specified.
  11. Only PvE gear? No PvP?
  12. You didnt dig that map good enough
  13. Warrior/Druid/Rogue Faction doesnt matter. What does matter is that it has decent PvP gear and ofc to be level 85. Oh also email is needed (no emai=no deal). PM me with armory links and some more detailed info and to talk about price.
  14. You got wrong version you need 4.3.4 one which you can download from this link
  15. Kakav wotlk ja sad kad udjem na wotlk isto kao da sam osakacen fali mi hiljadu stvari hah