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  1. The future of WoW scripting is already today :-) https://youtu.be/mrUJDLLRQyQ

    1. Vysee


      The most adorable pet in Cataclysm.
    2. Beyler


      For real? D: Omg. omg *-*
  2. http://imgur.com/43XqVea praise Malylolek
    1. Kejmil


      and his sacrifice to do all this quests... again :D
    2. Cecidit


      FML never again xd
    3. Lavenia/Metzo
  3. Bandy

    [Achievement] Gang War

    Fix in database: https://gist.github.com/BAndysc/b5406dc609ae28ae66e92bee523cd053
  4. During scripting Lengedary I've encountered a lot of unexpected stuff which had to be fixed (that's one of the reason why I am scripting it already for over a month), e.g. falling from vehicles: https://gfycat.com/ShockingAlienatedKagu
    1. ! Abra

      ! Abra

      Nice work Bandy, keep it up! :)
    2. Kaspi


      ^ I can only agree :)
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    2. Bandy


      I have encountered some bugs in nexus on retail :D But looking at videos, it used to work properly on cata and is bugged now on Wod/Legion :D
    3. Bildo


      Many things got broken during wod :P
    4. Pelekon_dev


      on beta server most of everything is broken ;d
    1. Bandy


      Join our Discord channel http://community.atlantiss.eu/index.php?/topic/8624-discord-channel/ for latest dev posts
    2. Kaspi


      Awesome, I can't wait for it.. just then I have to farm FL again -.-
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    2. Lavenia/Metzo
    3. Bandy


      @Sniprep I pay attention to every single little detail. If I didn't, the legendary would be probably released faster :v
    4. Kaspi
  5. I wanted to say quests: Patriarch's Blessing and  The Waters Run Red... are now fully scripted and can be removed from list of shame, but it turned out they were not on the list ;d
  6. Bandy

    [Answered] Characterter Limit

    It is not possible even if we wanted, because it is client limit.
  7. What is you favorite 1-60 level zone?
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    2. Bandy


      I see everyone likes something else I thought I will be able to choose one most wanted żone to fix
    3. Lavenia/Metzo
    4. Helbringer


      Badlands would make alot of sense, just fix the most broken zones. Simple :P
  8. If anyone is bored and has nothing to do, you can help the server :-) Just mount flying mount and ride across the Azeroth looking for npcs that should fight with other npcs but they don't
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    2. Bandy


      If you want to help further, please use this macro http://pastebin.com/U48WLpYC to get the npc ID :)
    3. IK0Nv2


      Oh nice idea.
    4. Pocket


      The kvaldir in the kaskala area of borean tundra should be fighting/invading the kaluak faction
  9. Bandy

    Quick question

    Hello, at our database Xariona has all those items but: 67137, 67134, 69876. Killing with .die won't give you loot, because you have to deal some damage to the NPC. So aggro the npc first and then use command .damage damage_value to kill the npc. Adding loot is not possible from SAI nor cpp script - it has to be set in database ;)
  10. It is my mistake, I have fixed it already, the fix will be up with the next server restart. Nope, as far as I know, completed quests were not transfered. After all most quest in cataclysm differ from previous expansion so it is not a big deal.