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  1. Kercat

    [A] [PvE/PL] Immortal Legion

    Usunąć to rdruida :D <3
  2. Zesca sam faca ko u Realu Raul, dvojku za pobedu pogadjam uz faul...

  3. Kercat

    About Legendary Daggers

    The best answer coming from ma nigga, gotta love ya for not loving this shit class of pussy stealthed cunts <3
  4. :*

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    2. Efrell


      Siema, siema! 

    3. Kercat


      Co robisz immorcijalni lideru? :D <3


    4. Efrell


      Piję alkohol bo mam urodziny :* 

  5. Kercat

    Just wanted to feel better

    Wow... @Sniprep
  6. Kercat

    Post "Best RBG score" :D

    Oh cmo'n we went from best rbg score to 7.5 mil healing done holy priest? Jesus Christ, where are the healers?
  7. Kercat

    Braha's Basic Shadow Priest PvP Guide

    Teaching scrubs how to play since 2k14
  8. Kercat

    Show me ur UI :)

    This picture perfectly describes rogues on Atlantiss and how you should play them. Long live rogues! And Stega ofc! <3
  9. Kercat

    Azshara's Veil spots

    Thanks to Atlantiss staff and devs for letting us have better experience on the server which we play. Dzieki!
  10. Kercat

    Azshara's Veil spots

    2 weeks gone, still no answers from anyone. Bump.
  11. Kercat

    Azshara's Veil spots

    Something has to be done for sure, it's unfair to the other herbs and flasks/potions, and when you talking about exact spawns, I don't think any other herbs spawns (Cinderbloom, Stormvine, Whiptail, Twilight Jasmine and Heartblossom) on ATS has same spawn places as they had back on retail. xD
  12. Kercat

    Azshara's Veil spots

    Dzieki Pele. You're last pillar of hope. ^^
  13. Kercat

    Azshara's Veil spots

    I agree with what you mentioned about spawn times etc, but, I still think that Azshara's Veil will continue to be abused in economic way untill someone from Atlantiss Staff actually do something about that. Anyways, I see that this topic got ignored from their side, so I hope people will continue abusing a stupid herb, and I'm glad we have something like that here actually, who gives a fuck for herbs, right? :)
  14. Kercat

    Azshara's Veil spots

    Well as I mentioned above, either enable Vash'jir herb spots or put more spots in Tol Barad since there should be more spots in Tol Barad as well. And it is 4.3.4. already and we still don't have Vash'jir, that's embarassing in my opinion for server such as Atlantiss, because I'm here for 5 years and I know how good this server is/was scripted. So, fixing seahorse mount or fixing Vash'jir underwater breathing buff isn't very hard to do.