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  1. Azshara's Veil spots

    Well as I mentioned above, either enable Vash'jir herb spots or put more spots in Tol Barad since there should be more spots in Tol Barad as well. And it is 4.3.4. already and we still don't have Vash'jir, that's embarassing in my opinion for server such as Atlantiss, because I'm here for 5 years and I know how good this server is/was scripted. So, fixing seahorse mount or fixing Vash'jir underwater breathing buff isn't very hard to do.
  2. Does Vashj'ir ''work''?

    Vash'jir doesn't work, Twilight Highlands are working, and you should definetly pick this Cataclysm server above every other Cataclysm server. It will offer you the best Cataclysm experince.
  3. Hello everyone, after seeing a price for Azshara's Veil on both Alliance/Horde auction houses I realized that this herb is actually abused a lot (in terms of golds) since it is very, very rare. Besides that, there is only one territory where you can herb it (Tol Barad Peninsula) and since it is a PvP territory, there is always someone who is there farming God damn Azshara's Veil. Flasks and potions, especially Volcanic potions, are expensive just because of rarity of this herb. So, in my opinion, I think there should be 2 solutions for this problem with Azshara's veil: 1. Enable Vash'jir's Azshara's Veil spots (click on the link below to see how many Azshara's Veil spots should be there actually) http://bfa.wowhead.com/object=202749/azsharas-veil 2. Add more Azshara's Veil spots in Tol Barad Peninsula where the Shark Tank and Captain P. Harris are (click on the picture beyond as well and select "Tol Barad Peninsula" farming spots) It is indeed hard for all guilds which has a lot of players to supply/make potions/flasks for everyone. A lot of us are spending a lot time on farming herbs, especially Azshara's Veil, and we're unable to arrange everything in time. The ones who have Azshara's Veil, they are putting them on auction house for 300 golds per stack which is funny and immature at the same time, because stack of Cinderbloom is 40 golds, Twilight Jasmine is 50 golds, Stormvine is 50 golds, Heartblossom is 80 golds and Whiptail is around 50 golds most of the time. So one stack of all of these herbs combined is cheaper than one stack of Azshara's Veil and that ruins economy on the server just because of rare spots of Azshara's Veil. So, I hope that this post won't be deleted or ignored, because we all want server to be blizzlike right? THEN MAKE AZSHARA'S VEIL SPOTS GREAT AGAIN!!!
  4. WTB acc with mail

    W me here on forums.
  5. [H][En/PvE]Celestial

    Good luck in the future bois and gz on making more hordies Firelords!!! Horde finally has one decent and normal guild to offer. Keep it up!
  6. Ja sam stoprocentan, vi ste jedva pola pola, losi kao los dop s' pola paracetamola, daj zajebi, podeli spil jer takav je dil, Il' si fejk il' si ril il' imas il' nemas skil

  7. WTS Rogue

    Selling low lvl rogue(62 lvl) on horde side. Paying only on alliance side. https://atlantiss.eu/armory/character/583995#view-page
  8. Crossfaction BG's

    You tired of getting rekted in bg's boy ha? :D <3 Give us crossfaction bg's !
  9. Pridji ringu sine, lize mi se picka