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  1. Selingue

    Interview with Emil, winner of the 3v3 tournament

    So fun to read haha, sometimes I just come back to the forum to laugh. PD ;btw how you been? sometimes I miss that fire enhancement in 2's
  2. Selingue

    Razghul 85 Mage PvP Movie (World PvP/Bg)

    did I miss something :O
  3. I was checking WCM and I saw this and I was like what, and oh jeez its so good, gotta watch it 10/10 if you like the old style pvp movies "played by Razghul, not me" "This movie may be a little surprising seeing how I quit the game a while back. I still had some 85 clips laying around and some friends convinced me to release them before I delete them. I tried to put together a full length 30 min video, this includes some filler clips/failure clips. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy. Bring Me The Horizon - Throne Falling In Reverse - Chemical Prisoner Panic! At The Disco - Emperor's New Clothes Emil Bulls - Hearteater From First to Last - Cashing Out Falling In Reverse - Raised By Wolves Silverstein - Ghost In Flames - Through My Eyes My Chemical Romance - To The End"
  4. Selingue

    compilation of people crying in bgs

    Mad world
  5. Selingue

    Rakrakk 4 Enhancement PvP Movie

    hahaha I try to ignore him mostly, he/she always complains
  6. Selingue

    Rakrakk 4 Enhancement PvP Movie

    We can always do someday baee, keep the dream alive!
  7. Selingue

    Rakrakk 4 Enhancement PvP Movie

    Hey!, welcome to Rakrakk 4, my latest PvP movie It's inspired heavily by old PvP videos from old PvP players such as vurtne, noone, drakedog, drifting, etc, back when everything was simple and fun. This was filmed on multiple cataclysm servers from 2014 to 2017 Apologies to those who I pist during the make of this video (Those who I ganked) What to expect -World PvP -Engineering perks -Undergeared opponents -Some Bg footage -Alliance and Horde gameplay What not to expect -Arena gameplay -Flawless gameplay -Pro editing -Gladiator gameplay Anyway hope someone will like it
  8. minor tweaks and it should be done, tried my best but motivation went off, still trying to make it good
  9. Selingue

    The Best Of Each Class

  10. Selingue

    The Best Of Each Class

    I feel flattered bois
  11. Why does the wind always blow cold and always the wrong way?

  12. I may have to release this without being completed because of problems with the pc, kinda sad and annoying