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  1. Good day community of Atlantiss. Recently, a friend of mine gifted me a Faction Change (Merry Christmas everybody!), buying it himself and sending it as a gift to me. The problem is that I forgot to tell him that the toon which I was going to use the Faction Change with was in the Horde, so he was meant to buy Faction Change (To Alliance). Due to my main character to be in the Alliance, and as it's the first option that appears in the store, he somehow got distracted and bought the wrong item, the Faction Change (To Horde) which I don't need because of X reasons (Our guild is in Alliance side). TLDR, we bought the wrong Item although shares the same service. My suggestion is: Could there be a way in which you didn't have to select the Faction to change whether if it's From Alliance to Horde or viceversa, but only the service of Faction Change, making it universal to any toon in your account? Because these sorts of mistakes, although responsability of the user, which could also be avoided by reading carefully what you buy, I find them sort of unnecessary (unless it's needed, I'm not a developer so I'd like to get more information about this.) to indicate what faction you're changing to. I find it as a minor issue...