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  1. Since you skip required bosses to finish dungeon in blizzlike way (HoO anyone?).
  2. It is not acceptable that after all this time this bug is still present if anything.
  3. It's pointless Snip, current population doesn't care for proper progres "feels", they would prefer farming content to no end and fapping to items they have right now.
  4. Logs or riot!
  5. Make alt in horde to dodge queue times on both sides.
  6. The fact that you are even debating on this matter is proof where this server is heading.
  7. There is better cata server in terms of pvp, český. Server which has better quest scripting is now in MoP prepatch.
  8. 2 teams in 3s higher than 2k. No one has more than 1100 rbg rating. "Serious" pvp is dead.
  10. HandyNotes? ExorcusRaidTools?