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  1. Przywrócenie postaci

    Niestety ale usunięte postacie utrzymują się przez 3 miesiące, po tym czasie nie da się ich przywrócić. :P
  2. Playson being toxic

    Hello, Please send us unedited screenshots/other proofs at [email protected] After verification we will take care of this player. Regards, Myivo.

    Odwołania do banów prosimy kierować na [email protected] Pozdrawiam, Head Game Master Myivo

    rev. 5549 Author: lama :: 2017-12-13 20:29- Waiting for update Battleground: Fix "Sign in" on Rated Battleground :)
  5. Witaj, napisz proszę maila na [email protected] Pozdrawiam, Myivo.
  6. DK starting area bug

    A jaki to jest problem, że nie możesz wyjść? Robiłam nie raz te kraine i jakoś nigdy nic mi się nie zbugowało. :P Jeśli masz ticket w grze to GM się do Ciebie odezwie, jednakże jeśli jesteś online to na pewno zostanie Twój ticket rozwiązany szybciej. Pozdrawiam ;)
  7. [EN/PvE] Wipe Scene Investigation

    Thread cleaned up.
  8. [A][PL/PvP] W A T A H A

    Tłuszczyku, ten addon to: Healers have to die.
  9. [A][PL/PvP] W A T A H A

    Wyczyściłam temat, nie każcie mi robić tego ponownie. Pozdrawiam.
  10. Maaadziaaaaa <33333

    1. Myivo


      napiłeś się? :D


  11. Hi.

    I am experiencing a rather game breaking bug currently. Was hoping to if you could do anything about it. I've opened a ticket, but it has not been addressed yet.


    Was doing a quest when it bugged while I was in the phased map, and now I'm stuck.
    All the NPCs in other areas (Silvermoon, Dalaran) have dissappeared. 

    Quest: Army of the Damned 
    From: Matthias Lehner
    Objective: Matthias Lehner at the First Legion Forward Camp wants you to raise an army of 100 Ghoulish Minions.
    wowhead link: http://www.wowhead.com/quest=13236/army-of-the-damned


    1. Evenstar98


      The same thing just happened to me! Except it was a different quest and there are no animals, or NPC's just building structures. But I created 2 new char's to see if the problem was persistent and everything was fine. It is just with my 22 lock. Was wond

    2. Evenstar98


      Was wondering if you knew how to fix this?

  12. Scamming

    Due to the spread of scamming, we decided to face the problem. Please, send reports with proofs to [email protected] Only video proofs including chat, the course of transaction process and server info (by typing ".s info" command on chat) will be considered and investigated. Every perpetrator of scamming / cheating will be punished with the maximum penalty on our server - permanent ban. We want to warn you, that we will not return any items / gold lost during such transactions. Our primary goal is to eliminate the problem and to improve the situation on the server. By scamming we mean situations when a player does not keep the terms of an agreement (receiving gold /mats and not giving a service or crafted items).