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  1. Polaroid

    Server Events Discussion

    Whatever you guys plan to do please stick to your promises, unlike last custom event...
  2. Prot warr solo tank Rag10hc, server first hype? 

    1. Kat


      why would you do that

    2. Polaroid



  3. Polaroid

    Simple Health and Mana

    Not exactly what you're looking for but I'm using 2 very small addons called TargetHealthPercent and FocushealtPercent which do exactly as the name suggests. Can also turn the background opacity all the way down or have it light up at a certain execute phase like 20% or 35%. Hope this helps.
  4. Polaroid

    Rag 10 hc (First try , Zero wipes dbm)

    I liked the part where he clicks wild growth and continues to go on about how his skill cap has reached god level.
  5. locking a guild recuitment topic cuz fear of spam, what the actual fuck?


  6. Polaroid

    [Eng][Pve]Symphony of War

    Congrats folks, keep it up!
  7. Polaroid

    [PvE] [EN] [Guide] [4.3.4] - Feral Tank / Hybrid

    Thanks! Feel free to do with them what you want really, it's why I posted them after all. Mess around with them, replace spells for others that make more sense together for you etc etc. That's how I ended up with my macro's in the first place.
  8. Polaroid

    [PvE] [EN] [Guide] [4.3.4] - Feral Tank / Hybrid

    Yup, just thought it should be added because its presented as the 'pure bear' spec. When offtanking ragna for example its useless indeed. But when tanking Beth on top of the web, solo tanking Shannox or simply any fight were you are the only tank it's a must have. *unless the group is overgeared and u can faceroll it all ofcourse :)) *WALL OF MACRO SPAM* I've made my macros around the idea of having both bear and cat on a specific button so it's easy to switch at any time. So apart from the bear and cat macro most of them are made to have 1 keybind for different spells depending on the form you are currently in. This way I got all important spells on a keybind without it getting really cluttered. Catform: used a 2nd time makes you enter prowl and cast Pounce when stealthed. #showtooltip Prowl /cast [nostance:3] Cat Form; [stance:3, nostealth] Prowl; [stance:3, stealth] Pounce Bearform: when used a 2nd time will pop frenzied regen, a good OHSHIT button for any druid spec. #showtooltip Frenzied Regeneration /cast [nostance:1] Bear Form /cast Frenzied Regeneration /cast Enrage Survival instincts: just cast normally when in cat or bear, but will pop bear + SI when in caster form. #showtooltip Survival Instincts(Cat or Bear Form) /cast [form:1]Survival Instincts(Cat or Bear Form);[form:3]Survival Instincts(Cat or Bear Form);[noform]!Bear Form(Shapeshift) Berserk: this is mostly to make sure tiger's fury doesn't get wasted. Added troll racial and bear's Enrage to boost dps. #showtooltip Berserk /cast Tiger's Fury /cast Enrage /cast Berserk /cast Berserking The following macros are the '1 button 4 spells' category. If you got a boomy or resto offspec you can add spells for this the same way, just add another line with '/cast [stance:5] Starfall' for example. #showtooltip /cast [stance:1] Faerie Fire (Feral) /cast [stance:3] Faerie Fire (Feral) /cast [nostance] Faerie Fire /cast [stance:4] Faerie Fire #showtooltip /cast [stance:1] Skull Bash(Bear Form) /cast [stance:3] Skull Bash(Cat Form) /cast [nostance] Wild Mushroom: Detonate #showtooltip /cast [stance:1] Growl(Bear Form) /cast [stance:3] Ravage(Cat Form) /cast [nostance] Wild Mushroom #showtooltip /cast [stance:1] Feral Charge(Bear Form) /cast [stance:3] Feral Charge(Cat Form) /cast [nostance] Regrowth #showtooltip /cast [stance:1] Swipe(Bear Form) /cast [stance:3] Swipe(Cat Form) /cast [nostance] Rejuvenation #showtooltip /cast [stance:1] Stampeding Roar(Bear Form) /cast [stance:3] Stampeding Roar(Cat Form) /cast [nostance] Thorns #showtooltip /cast [stance:1] Demoralizing Roar(Bear Form) /cast [stance:3] Tiger's Fury(Cat Form) /cast [nostance] Remove Corruption If you're a troll and get asked to use tranquility; might as well make it a bit better #showtooltip Tranquility /cast Berserking /cast Tranquility A macro to cancel certain buffs /cancelaura Hand of Protection /cancelaura Frenzied Regeneration /cancelaura Prowl /stopcasting So yeah. those are the macros I use for my feral. There are other ways to go at this and this is in no way the perfect solution for everybody, but it should give an idea of whats possible at least.
  9. Polaroid

    [PvE] [EN] [Guide] [4.3.4] - Feral Tank / Hybrid

    I'll start with the nitpicking; at the first part of the guide you forgot to take a talent in the 'pure bear' spec. Unless you got somebody else applying the attack speed debuf you got to have Infected Wounds. 2nd thing I noticed was the feral dps priority list, for the finishing moves its Rip > Savage Roar > FB Overall solid guide, +1 from me. Hope it helps ppl play feral a bit better since good ferals really are pretty rare. edit; A thing people seem to struggle with when playing the hybrid spec is to effectively use most of your other spells, this goes for spells from both bear/cat and caster form. An example on how to make a macro's for each form could be a nice addition. I'll post some of my macro's when i get the chance.
  10. Polaroid

    Restoration Shaman 4.3.4 PVE [ENG]

    Nice try but nope. 15k just isn't happening as restoshaman. This I do like! Will try the spec when I get the chance to heal again, only thing I changed was the unleashed glyph for water shield.
  11. Polaroid

    Crit problem

    Seems perfectly fine to me, your 10% + 15% glyph = 25% minus crit suppression makes it 20% As for needing 30 seconds to get 5 stacks.. thats just rng
  12. Polaroid

    Restoration Shaman 4.3.4 PVE [ENG]

    Ancestral Swiftness is the movement speed talent from enhance. Even with fights that have movement I found it rather meh' since we got a few instant spells to cover some movement and spiritwalker's grace. Either way both specs u listed are viable, its just nitpicking tbh. I'll assume you mean ph4 but alright, i'll take the bait. Right now the only reason to really push dps as a healer on ph3 is if your dps is sleeping or having horrible rng. With FL hc out for quite some time and everybody and their grandmothers having the legendary staff the dps requirement for 2 meteors is a joke and 1 meteor is doable. Now I know there isn't much to heal during ph3 so doing some dmg and regenning is the best thing to do in that phase. But since we're on the topic and I'm curious now; what was your dps during ph3 and how much did your talents add?
  13. Polaroid

    [T12] Weekly Firelands Heroic

    Goodluck with progression!
  14. Polaroid

    Restoration Shaman 4.3.4 PVE [ENG]

    Like the guide! No bullshit just hastecaps and the basics. Considering the spec I found Ancestral swiftness having almost no use in pve and went for Focused Insight instead to boost (mostly) healing rain. This is the spec I used and worked well for me; http://www.freecode.hu/wowtal/eng/?SH#3.18-202.17-3322302132103121311!-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1 This is only useful with fights with a lot of healing downtime, saying a very specific build is better than general purpose builds is kinda... Another thing to add is the 372 belts from conclave. If you'd want more regen you could consider the spirit/haste one for example.
  15. Polaroid

    Developer Update #2