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    Im frost and i do a lot of dmg in dungeon and in PvP if u like mage the best joice for PvE at low lvl till lvl 80 its fire...... and then u change for do a dual spec for frost..... frost cd is very low
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    Why survival already start with 10% haste and MM dont?

    Increases ranged and melee Attack Speed of all raid or party members by 10% — does not stack with
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    Ola a todos

    Na Aliance existe uma a minha ThugLife
  4. If you see in this picture you will see I already start with 10% of haste with the spec survival...... [spoiler][/spoiler]   But if i change to MM i start with 0.00 of haste   [spoiler][/spoiler]   I dont see any talent to give 10% of haste so why this diferent so big?   # I Take pic of melee but the same appened on ranged i have 0% MM and in Surv i have 10%