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  1. So this is supposed to be a 2,7k Thug

    Breaking Bads? The Atlantiss Diaries? CSI Atlantiss?
  2. So this is supposed to be a 2,7k Thug

    Best priest already, please don't start with druid.
  3. Soon...

    Good stuff.
  4. Arty 1

    Can always try restodruid!
  5. missing the drama

    Thank god, I was worried!
  6. missing the drama

    Where is the godfather of paladins?
  7. Rated BG situation

    Anyone who can translate this?
  8. Rated BG situation

    You know if you are gonna actively dodge rbgs on a server with like 8 people, to get a title you deny that you want, I'm pretty sure those 8 people will know about it.
  9. Arty vs Archelion ?!!?

    Now it's short and funny, much like your penis.
  10. Arty vs Archelion ?!!?

    A little bird told me, the screenshot was taken in the middle of the arena in his 4th hour of CC.
  11. Good idea. I'm not really logging Atlantiss these days, and I hate Discord with a passion. But if you need a decent healer for 3s, my skype info is on my profile. I'll GLADly log on for some 3s
  12. Hosting 2VS2 Tournament With Big Prize Pool

    I'm out. Too much fun on TBC.

    Still have about 145 on me ^^
  14. I've spoken to Hatedlol's agent and he confirmed that: -Hatedlol was not playing on his account -he was lagging -his keyboard died -someone cut the wire from his mouse -he had something in his eye -had troubles with nightblindness -some random atlantiss bug -his alchemist dealer gave him the wrong potion and lastly that his penis is bigger than yours
  15. Hosting 2VS2 Tournament With Big Prize Pool

    Well if Kapsi is playing, I'm playing!