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  1. Best In Each Class (PVE)

    PvE, who cares...
  2. 2v2

    Good stuff
  3. What class pick to pvp ?

  4. PvP season rewards

    1. More talking about the issues less personal attacks. Yes the community hates cheaters, what a big surprise.
  5. PvP season rewards

    I still can't wrap my head around the fact, that a cheater (for god knows how long) is rewarded with the rank one title and his punishment for it is, you are banned for one month on your alt account. Do you have any idea what kind of message this sends to the rest of server? I'm one of those players, that does not really care for titles, I just want to do competitive arena and have fun. But what's the point if cheaters are able to play the game, ruining the fun for everyone else. Like how on earth, did you came up with the solution for a 1 month ban for a player that has abused a gamebreaking bug, while fully being aware of it, and doing this on and off for months? I'd like to know that.
  6. World of Warcrafts Top Notch Players

    Hahaha, would have broken the world record if you didnt pick up that sword. Way to ruin it!
  7. Soon is now!

    It is the franchise boy, I'm shining now. You can't see me, MY TIME IS NOW
  8. Soon...

    Good stuff.
  9. Arty 1

    Can always try restodruid!
  10. Good idea. I'm not really logging Atlantiss these days, and I hate Discord with a passion. But if you need a decent healer for 3s, my skype info is on my profile. I'll GLADly log on for some 3s
  11. Hosting 2VS2 Tournament With Big Prize Pool

    I'm out. Too much fun on TBC.

    Still have about 145 on me ^^
  13. I've spoken to Hatedlol's agent and he confirmed that: -Hatedlol was not playing on his account -he was lagging -his keyboard died -someone cut the wire from his mouse -he had something in his eye -had troubles with nightblindness -some random atlantiss bug -his alchemist dealer gave him the wrong potion and lastly that his penis is bigger than yours
  14. Hosting 2VS2 Tournament With Big Prize Pool

    Well if Kapsi is playing, I'm playing!
  15. Pretty sure Hatedlol's posts on the forums mean as much as his titles ingame, you just read over them cause you know it's not right. +1 for actually organizing events.