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  1. Resilience (bugged)

    I'm not an expert on the matter, nor am I running numbers but how resilience works and scales on Atlantiss seems (very) off. Ive seen mulitple people complain about it in Elwynn Forest, and I like to report it properly, so does anyone know WHAT exactly is wrong about it? To me it feels that either A it doesnt properly scale from certain point on or B it doesnt scale at all from a certain number, aka resilience has a cap. I did see someone say that he was getting hit for the same numbers even though he swapped between high resi and normal resi gear. So once more, does anyone know, what is wrong with resilience here on Atlantiss, and can he explain it to me (preferably in this topic).

    Yes cause you really need that legendary staff... Just level archeology for a good staff ;)
  3. RoV

    Ooh made it behind pillar, can finally top myself. 'Random mage' LOL LOCKED HIM FULL, COMBUSTION, SEE YOU LATER
  4. Unfinished project.

    I'd to congratulate on your excellent showcase of restodruid arena play yesterday. Even a veteran druid like myself, had to take out my notepad, to write down all the tips and tricks.
  5. Unfinished project.

    Kinder words have never been spoken!
  6. Unfinished project.

    When I grow up, I wanna be quite decent!
  7. Unfinished project.

    Quite decent!
  8. Unfinished project.

    Singlehandedly outplaying the thug. Very nice. I already witnessed new material live, be ready boys. This is only a glimpse!
  9. The Best Form of PvP

    I spoke with Wrathx's agent, and he stated that "Wrathx 100 % supports the Resurrected Project".
  10. Soulywood carried by wouti in 2s?

    I approve this topic. On another note, anyone knnow who is the greek god of the underworld?
  11. Best In Each Class (PVE)

    PvE, who cares...
  12. 2v2

    Good stuff
  13. What class pick to pvp ?

  14. PvP season rewards

    1. More talking about the issues less personal attacks. Yes the community hates cheaters, what a big surprise.
  15. PvP season rewards

    I still can't wrap my head around the fact, that a cheater (for god knows how long) is rewarded with the rank one title and his punishment for it is, you are banned for one month on your alt account. Do you have any idea what kind of message this sends to the rest of server? I'm one of those players, that does not really care for titles, I just want to do competitive arena and have fun. But what's the point if cheaters are able to play the game, ruining the fun for everyone else. Like how on earth, did you came up with the solution for a 1 month ban for a player that has abused a gamebreaking bug, while fully being aware of it, and doing this on and off for months? I'd like to know that.