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  1. Slly


    I agree with what Quodan is saying. If you want your server to remain alive and not see it die slowly, you'll have to change up some things. There are still many people looking for a good Cata server, and I've played them all, and this is still the best one out there. You have 3 kinds of people (people on other cata servers that are bored out of their mind, new people that want to come here and Wotlk/TBC/MoP heroes that want a change of scenery) but all of them are reluctant to play here because of the *1 times rates. And all of these people aren't kids anymore, with plenty of time on their hands. By the time they are geared, and competitive for either PvE or PvP, its 3 months later. The race to DS HC is still open, if you create a catch up mechanism, people will come to compete here. And if your PvE scene flourishes, so will your PvP scene. Much like a proper GM for Pvp, you'll need one to advertise the server, bring in some people. It's definitely not impossible, but you will have to put in some effort. Cause the advertisement for this server is abysmal. And I know it's summer and you automatically have less people playing, but the server is on the point of just fading out.
  2. Slly

    3v3 Tournament prices - honor question.

    He said 'Yikes' 87 times in one hour. Maybe just called it a good idea 😉
  3. Slly

    Show me ur UI :)

  4. Slly


    But why?
  5. Slly

    Who are you in real life?!

    Gaze of a restodruid.
  6. Slly

    The Best Of Each Class

    Been here since early season 9, I've seen some heroes pass by: Disc priest: Methamphetamine miles ahead of everyone else Spriest: Necroxx Rsham: Champk, Busty as a close second Ele: Qayb I guess Enh: no one reallly Hpal: Ekrome was pretty solid, Jeppe aswell Ret: Wingnan Restodruid : :) well we all know Feral: Bogurdiz or whatever he was called was nuts, Splink now best feral Boomkin: Boomking Hunter: Damo and Sctr miles ahead of anyone else Dk: DKgod uncontested Warrior: Galko is nuts, there's a russian warrior aswell who knows what he is doing Warlock: Haterogues/Blackmale better than all the rest, Peria is pretty good aswell Mage: Fire Quodan I guess, Frost whoever Bogurodzica's partner was in season 9, there was also a horde kid that played restosham frostmage not that long ago, he was good Rogue: Atlantiss really never had all that many great rogues, any muppet can do damage, I guess Lingu and even then.
  7. Slly

    Crossfaction BG's

    Just be like me, and hate everyone equally.
  8. Slly

    Who are you in real life?!

    I would follow that man anywhere !
  9. Slly

    Resilience (bugged)

    This is not complaining, it's something I noticed even in s10. Just wondering what exactly the problem is. It has nothing to do with explosive damage, or getting onetapped. It's about wrong migitation numbers as a whole, and I just asked the community if they could pinpoint the exact problem so I can make a proper topic in the bugtracker. Now move along..
  10. Slly

    Resilience (bugged)

    I'm not an expert on the matter, nor am I running numbers but how resilience works and scales on Atlantiss seems (very) off. Ive seen mulitple people complain about it in Elwynn Forest, and I like to report it properly, so does anyone know WHAT exactly is wrong about it? To me it feels that either A it doesnt properly scale from certain point on or B it doesnt scale at all from a certain number, aka resilience has a cap. I did see someone say that he was getting hit for the same numbers even though he swapped between high resi and normal resi gear. So once more, does anyone know, what is wrong with resilience here on Atlantiss, and can he explain it to me (preferably in this topic).
  11. Slly


    Ooh made it behind pillar, can finally top myself. 'Random mage' LOL LOCKED HIM FULL, COMBUSTION, SEE YOU LATER
  12. Slly

    Unfinished project.

    I'd to congratulate on your excellent showcase of restodruid arena play yesterday. Even a veteran druid like myself, had to take out my notepad, to write down all the tips and tricks.
  13. Slly

    Unfinished project.

    Kinder words have never been spoken!