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  1. SandMan

    T12 waist slot (DPS)

    Well, we went off-topic, but whatever. I'll join the shitstorm anyway.   1. Hit and Expertise caps ARE usefull for warriors, especially on Rag. The more DPS in p3 and overall, the better. What I did after reaching the CTC cap is I kept stacking mastery to keep the cap while I reforged dodge and parry to threat stats.   2. I ditched any stamina on my gear. Instead of mastery/stam gems I opted for mastery/hit. At the moment I have 175k unbuffed, which is more than enough for any boss. More DPS = boss dies faster = less damage taken.   3. Less parry and dodge smooths out your damage intake. - Even though our overall damage taken will go up by a little bit, our damage intake will be consistent. This means our healers know we can take X amount of hits before we die which can increase their HPM (healing per mana) by using efficient heals, instead of fast casted, inefficient ones when we take a huge spike.
  2. SandMan

    T12 waist slot (DPS)

    Hello, fellow warriors.   As you might now, we don't really have any good belt options this tier. As far as waists slot goes we have 2 options:                 Uncrushable Belt of Fury (Shannox HC)                                                Cinch of Flaming Ember (Vendor)     +240 Strength (+480 AP) + 80 (2x Bold Inferno Ruby, 160 AP)      +282 Strength (564 AP) + 80 (2x Bold Inferno Ruby, 160 AP)   +513 Stamina (+10054.8 HP)                                                         +454 Stamina (9343.3 HP)   +206 Mastery (1.15)                                                                       +133 Hit rating (1.11%)   +153 Expertise (-1.27% to be dodged/parried)                               +230 Crit rating (1.28%)   +136 Crit Rating (From reforging mastery, 0.76%)    What, in your opinion, is the best to use this tier, and also, why? I'm personally inclining towards the vendor belt but I've seen some warriors use Shannox belt.
  3. SandMan

    Firelands HC Race!

    Hobo said ret's top secondary stat is haste... I'll prolly score higher DPS in prot spec.
  4. 6/7 hc, feels so gud
  5. New president, aw yeee.
  6. SandMan

    [Answered] For Convenience' Sake

      You can't.
  7. Willing to buy the Tyrande skin for HS, hit me up.
  8. SandMan

    [Pve]Prot Warrior still viable?

      Just did it tonight. Wasn't super hard for me, but my healers might hate me.   Also managed to pull off ~20k DPS with 7 exp and ~2% hit.   Just because someone said warriors are shit, it doesn't mean they are.
  9. SandMan

    where are the prot warriors?

    Here I am, proud prot warrior main, ready to start FL HC progress.   Once you hit the CTC cap, there is nothing wrong with the class and I'd say it's on par with other tanking classes.
  10. SandMan

    Titan's Grip vs Single-Minded Fury

    Sure, it's viable, but with the release of FL HC in a buffed state, no one is going to bring a fury warrior over arms.