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  1. ! Abra

    [Quest][NPC]Add missing gossip, progress text quest

    Fix is now in the changelog. This topic may be moved to Accepted.
  2. ! Abra

    [9840] Death Strike spell_proc_event

  3. ! Abra

    [Quest][NPC]Add missing gossip, progress text quest

    👍 Looks good. Did you also test if the tooltip for the quest works on HC version?
  4. ! Abra

    WTS Balance Druid with DTR

    Lol yeah rite
  5. ! Abra

    Black Market?

    What is the Black Market?
  6. ! Abra

    "Fix" Gilneas Gate or someting :)

    No idea what you are talking about.
  7. Bugtracker link: https://github.com/Atlantiss/BugTracker/issues/9282 https://github.com/Atlantiss/BugTracker/issues/9283 Describe your fix: Add gossip to Strange Fruited/Fronded Plants. Account name: User101 Comment: Hello from the other side. Gieb potatoes. SQL fix: UPDATE gossip_menu SET text_id = 1060 WHERE entry = 543; UPDATE gossip_menu SET text_id = 1059 WHERE entry = 542;
  8. ! Abra

    [NPC] Venomhide Hatchling

    Bugtracker link: https://github.com/Atlantiss/BugTracker/issues/9442 Describe your fix: Remove a pool_quest with no pool_template, and remove the deprecated quests from the Hatchling. (The same quests, just different entries) Account name: User101 Comment: Not sure, but I think I saw the pool_template reset after a restart. SQL fix: DELETE FROM creature_quest_starter WHERE id = 34320 AND quest IN (SELECT entry FROM pool_quest WHERE pool_entry = 351); DELETE FROM pool_quest WHERE pool_entry = 351 AND entry IN (13914, 13915, 13916, 13917); DELETE FROM pool_template WHERE entry = 351;
  9. ! Abra

    Is it allowed?

    Can he do any harm from up there? He won't be able to participate in the fight, nor can he capture any bases, although it is not fair for his team mates...
  10. Not sure where your problem lies, maybe check all the versions you have installed?
  11. ! Abra

    [Misc] Visual/Tooltip

    Bugtracker link: Not reported Describe your fix: Add visual for Lesser Val'kyr and add tooltips to the creatures for the quest A New Era For The Plaguelands in Western Plaguelands. Account name: User101 Comment: Noticed these bugs while leveling. SQL fix: -- Update Lesser Val'kyr visual UPDATE creature_template SET InhabitType = 4 WHERE entry = 45239; DELETE FROM creature_template_addon WHERE entry IN (45239); INSERT INTO creature_template_addon (entry, path_id, bytes1, bytes2, auras) VALUES (45239, 0, 50331648, 1, 61453); -- Add Plague Lurker Sample to Plague Lurker's tooltip UPDATE creature_template SET QuestItem2 = 60760 WHERE entry = 1824; -- Add Venom Mist Lurker Sample to Venom Mist Lurker's tooltip UPDATE creature_template SET QuestItem2 = 60761 WHERE entry = 1822; -- Add Diseased Wolf Sample to Diseased Wolf's tooltip UPDATE creature_template SET QuestItem1 = 60763 WHERE entry = 1817;
  12. Bugtracker link: https://github.com/Atlantiss/BugTracker/issues/7311 https://github.com/Atlantiss/BugTracker/issues/8084 https://github.com/Atlantiss/BugTracker/issues/9731 Describe your fix: Add npc_spellclick to the Astranaar Thrower. Account name: User101 Comment: @Cecidit added the spellclick to the wrong entry. This does not fix the whole quest however, because somehow I can't recreate the completion of this quest on PTR. SQL fix: UPDATE creature_template SET npcflag = npcflag | 16777216 WHERE entry = 34132;
  13. ! Abra

    [Gameobject] Hero's Call Board

    Bugtracker link: https://github.com/Atlantiss/BugTracker/issues/3705 Describe your fix: Remove 2 Hero's Call Boards. One in Dalaran and one in Exodar. Reposition the Hero's Call Board in Stormwind Account name: User101 Comment: Still need to figure out if the Hero's Call Board in Dalaran with the quest Make Haste to Stormwind! needs a repeatable flag or not. Also I need to reposition the npc in Exodar and in Stormwind City so that they don't stand in the board, but I can't find the positions. SQL fix: -- Remove the misplaced Hero's Call Boards and reinsert one of them to improve positioning DELETE FROM gameobject WHERE id = 206111; -- Stormwind, Exodar and Dalaran boards INSERT INTO gameobject (guid, id, map, spawnMask, position_x, position_y, position_z, orientation, rotation2, rotation3, spawntimesecs, state) VALUES (GetGameobjectGuid(), 206111, 0, 1, -8823.85, 630.573, 94.136, 3.87463, 0.933581, -0.358368, 120, 1); -- Stormwind board