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  1. Roxx

    [Answered] Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest ?

    Only the 1st part of the legendary questchain is currently working (collecting the eternal embers).
  2. Roxx

    Sudden Death tree buggy?

    Sudden death works fine, your mastery is probably low or just bad luck.
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      Brienne is a dumb brute in the show. Stannis the Mannis forever!
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      In memoriam, Stannis
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  3. Roxx

    Could you help me?

    Protection Warrior is weakest tank at the moment, it will improve when gear gets better but it will never surpass Paladins and Death Knights as a tank. Arms is in really good spot at the moment at it will only improve with gear. There are no major bugs in warrior, tho Charge has a bug that prevents it´s usage on some surfaces/bosses. I don't have lot of  insight on other classes so I wont comment on those.
  4. Roxx

    Bis List

    MS and OP (CS through Debuff) are still doing more damage than slam overall since slam stops your Auto attack timer during the cast, which slows down your rage regen and lowers your direct damage, (Auto attacks, Opportunity strikes(mastery)). Only use Slam when MS, OP and CS are on cd.
  5. Roxx

    Bis List

    Your link is broken, at least for me.
  6. Roxx

    Bis List

    Current BiS Arms Warrior on Atlantiss: Great helm of Voracious Maw Stone heart Choker or Necklace of Fetishes Pauldrons of Molten Giant Bladed Flamewrath Cover or Glittering Epidermis hc Battleplate of Molten Giant Earthcrack Bracers or Bracers of the Mat'redor Gauntlets of Molten Giant Cinch of the Flaming Ember Legplates of Molten Giant Warboots of Mighty Lords Dargonax's Signet Obsidian Signet of the Avengers Vessel of Acceleration Heart of Rage hc or Apparatus of Khaz'goroth Sulfuras, the Extinguished Hand Giantslicer EDITED: cloaks (thanks Nilak)
  7. I am personally fed up with leveling in Wow and I only have 4 capped toons and one of them is a Death Knight. There is no way I would level again without RaF.Leveling via quests  gets really dull really quick, go kill x amount of y, collect y amount of x, speak to npc x. For a raider who wants to play endgame content 1x leveling is not interesting at all after certain point of repetition.
  8. Roxx

    [Answered] Forum doesn't render as it should.

    Do you use some sort of addon, which disables website elements such as adblocker? EDIT: You can also try to delete all cookies from community.atlantiss.eu also you could try to run your browser in safemode.
  9. Roxx

    [Answered] Forum doesn't render as it should.

    This sometimes happens with low bandwidth, could that be the issue?
  10. That item drops from BWL and should be obtainable in game.
  11. If they would rush the realm, it would have lot more bugs, lags and crashes. I´d rather wait bit longer for quality than get half done, buggy product now. And I´m pretty sure that in the end so would you.
  12. Can´t believe this is relevant after 11 years: http://explosm.net/comics/140/
  13. Roxx

    Help me decide

    I would say mage, hunters have some pet issues on Atlantiss. This does not mean that hunter could not have good dps or what not.
  14. Roxx

    [Answered] Login - No Servers Appear

    It seems to be in the right place, however I noticed that in your config file you have account name set as email address. Are you trying log in with your email or username?