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  1. [A] [EN/PvE] Prophecy

    What a description! Best of luck to you guys, it's always nice to see a fresh guild taking things on a more serious note, especially now, when the server activity is hitting all time lows in terms of population. Cheers!
  2. [A][EN/PvE]Crimson Wolves

    Topic updated. We're active again, many core members came back after a break for some chill raiding, to get back in touch with the game and slowly prepare for DS. I'm also happy to announce, that a guild "Trigger Happy" has merged with us, with a few of them being in the core group and others forming the second one as I'm writing this. I'm still a rare sight to see online, so if any issues arise - feel free to contact other officers or find me on Discord. If anyone wishes to join - the site is active again and our officers are looking forward to your applications! Cheers!
  3. ar dar kas losia cia?

    Sveikas, gal dar yra užsilikę keletas tautiečių, bet šiaip serveris po truputėlį miršta ir pragyveno savo aukso amžių. Aišku, Dragon Soul išleidimas šiek tiek pagerins situaciją, bet jeigu prieš tai nesi lošęs Cata, siūlau šiek tiek palaukti, jau kitą mėnesį išeina naujas Twinstar Cata serveris, kur galėtum patirti visą contentą paeiliui.
  4. A Warlock guide for Firelands

    One of the best warlocks on Atlantiss from my personal experience, was an honor to raid with you, nice job on the guide, Frosty! <3
  5. Couldn't agree more, Axels dps was always a force to be reckoned with, if any alliance guild is looking for a melee, this is the guy :D
  6. [A][EN/PvE]Crimson Wolves

    Update: Due to my more and more busy schedule and complete burnout from the game I am no longer playing, the guild, as far as I know, is innactive as well. Doing the same tier over and over again just completely worn most of our core members out and we just couldn't keep going like this. We might come back for Dragon Soul, but that is yet to be decided. A big thank you for everyone who participated in our raids and countless Rag kills! If anyone wishes to remain in contact with me, don't be a stranger and drop me a message on Discord. Good luck to everyone still playing! :) If anyone reading this is looking for a guild - from my personal experience, give Collateral a shot on alliance or Symphony of War on Horde. Take care!
  7. [EN/PvE] Wipe Scene Investigation

    Congratulations to WSI and their endless efforts to make this fight doable, really impressive that you guys put so much resources into this through all the bugs and managed to keep a decent 25 man roster in place for so long. Truly impressive management, as expected. Shoutout to my homies Ido and Summer, glad to hear that they were a part of this!
  8. [A][EN/PvE]Crimson Wolves

    Due to my busy schedule during the past couple of months and issues with my home PC, I'm barely active nowadays, if you have any questions or need information, you can still reach me on discord, however it would be better if you'd contact Wrisa or Frostbitten in-game until I'm back.
  9. [Eng][Pve]Symphony of War

    Congratulations to everyone at SoW, truly happy you got it! It's really nice to see Axel and Kat here, two very skilled and awesome individuals, in the one of the most respected guilds on Atlantiss. Best of luck with your future kills!
  10. [A][EN/PvE]Crimson Wolves

    So, our editor, Music, finally came back after a long break and finally completed the video of our second Rag kill, which was done on April 16, if I recall correctly We have improved a bunch since then, but still, nice to see the start of our come back to alliance. Here it is - Our roster has changed quite a bit with some exceptional players being a part of it now, hopefully we'lll make one with them as well
  11. [A][EN/PvE]Crimson Wolves

    We are recruiting a dwarf death knight and a dwarf warrior as socials with future spots in our FL 10 Nm runs, or we are willing to pay gold for them to level honored with our guild. Contact me via discord on the matter.
  12. [A][EN/PvE]Crimson Wolves

    Update: First of all - we are no longer recruiting for the time being! Both of our groups are full right now, with some spare members ready to back them up as well. G1 has achieved 7/7 clears under two hours, G2 is progressing Rag HC right now with hopes of getting it down this week or the next one. We might still accept people, however you must understand that we don't have any available spots and you would be a spare until one opens up. We have also established a FL normal group for undergeared alts and some of our new, unexperienced players. We still have a few spots open there, if you are interested in joining that, please contact Frostbittenn or leave an application with a clear intent to join that group.
  13. [EN] [PVE] Effective Chaos

    I happened to be a pug in one of the raids managed by the guild, had a good time to be honest, people were nice and the management was decent as well, this is looking to be a great guild, especially for players who just started out and don't have any FL HC kills here, this is by far your best shot to progress. Best of luck guys, looking forward to see how far you can go
  14. Faction Please ? :)

    Both factions have decent international guilds, however horde has the only 25 HC man raiding guild - Wipe Scene Investigation, so if you're interested in 25's, that's your only bet. At this point, many guilds have the kill of Rag HC and everyone, even pug runs are farming 6/7 HC, however most of the guilds have stable rosters with no hopes of new people getting in. You can check the guilds here and hopefully get in a new group being formed or find a missing spot in one. From my personal experience, I'd recommend Collateral on alliance and Symphony of Harmony on horde.
  15. [A][EN/PvE]Crimson Wolves