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  1. Update: Since our come back we've downed Rag HC twice, with most of the group feeling comfortable on the fight now, but since we picked up a new healer with no Rag experience, this week might still prove to be a challenge. I want to say a big thank you to my friend, a veteran CW member - Idohealz, who came back and helped us out a lot with his experience and skill during those two weeks! At the moment we're still not recruiting, although if there are any people willing to establish a raid group under our name - feel free to contact me. Also, since many of our members expressed being a bit tired of Cataclysm, we've established a guild on a fresh MoP server, slowly leveling chars there during the evenings we're not raiding here and welcome anyone to join us, more info about that on our discord. - Here . Atlantiss is still our home and will remain being one, but playing there is something new and exiting, most of us haven't experienced that content. Finally, we also invite fellow Diablo 3 grinders to chat it up and do an occasional greater rift with us as well, since some of our members are playing that during their free time. More info about that on our Discord as well.
  2. Nope, there is no way to do that. A character auction was mentioned being developed at one point, but nothing was heard about it since, so I guess the idea was scrapped or other things took priority.
  3. I must say, from all the horde guilds I came across during my stay on the other side, SoW left me the biggest impression. Every single member I had interacted with was friendly and chill, most importantly, the guild itself is looking like a bunch of friends enjoying the game, rather than a unit formed to serve a single purpose - farm some bosses and brag about their titles in Ogrimmar. Just a few guilds around this server have achieved that, and if some of you are still wondering which horde guild to join, in my opinion, this one is truly worth looking at. Even though we're on different sides again, I wish you people the best, looking forward to playing with you again sometime!
  4. No, we are not recruiting for full time raiding positions at the moment, our core roster is full
  5. Best wishes to all our horde friends, but in the end, ain't nothing better than home, hopefully we'll live in peace :> We're back stronger than before and slowly kicking, looking to get in contact with people who have some strong melee chars they could occasionally fill with, since one of ours is not stable for the time being. Cheers!
  6. Well, if you could use the "search" option, you could probably find atleast 10 topics like this, besides the two you created today. Here's some help - As you can see, there are no dates yet, so keep enjoying FL HC and keep it chill, it will be a long wait until DS, you can be sure of that.
  7. Looking to pick up a blood DK for our G2, doing stable 6/7 in an evening clears at this point, we're also interested to pick up any motivated and experienced players, feel free to drop me a mail in-game or here.
  8. Got it, thank you.
  9. With a 50/50 or you trading it first. /w Durst in-game, I'm horde.
  10. G2 is looking a bit more whole, we're still looking to pick up a feral tank and a resto/balance druid, aimed at stable 6/7 HC farms, a nice atmosphere and good mood guaranteed. G1 is still looking to pick up a holy paladin or a resto druid. We have also established G3 for alts and our undergeared members, if you're interested joining that, /w Wrisa, if you have questions about G1 or G2, /w me in-game.
  11. We are looking to re-do our second raid group and at the moment are looking for the following: a blood dk, resto druid, retri paladin and a survival hunter. Our first group could also use a disc priest, for some stable 6/7 farm and Rag HC progression. We offer a friendly and chill atmosphere, but expect our members to perform well and behave properly. Contact Genoangel or Durst in-game or via pm here, on the forums. Cheers!
  12. Oh snap, nice going, Schiz :> good luck on Rag tho!
  13. Due to not having enough time and resources, our second group is no longer raiding, with some members taking long-term breaks, others trasfering horde and some of them staying to help out our first group, who have recently started their progress. I'd like to thank our raiders for all the time spent together and I hope to see you people after the break, maybe even in Netherwing. If anyone wants to join or get some information, the only active officers are going to be Wolfbearcat and Jennifer, atleast for the upcoming months.
  14. Good luck to all of you, nice to witness some fresh alliance action. I see some well known names here, looking forward to see your future accomplishments Best wishes from CW!