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  1. This has been bugged since I started playing on the server and it never got fixed, the only way to get it is to make a ticket and one of the GMs will grant you a quest of your choice in order to continue. Many people I know did it this way :)
  2. Durst


    Update: From now on, please apply for the guild using this website: http://celestial-atl.shivtr.com/, thank you!
  3. Durst


    Well, as the description stated, most of us are from Crimson Wolves Please contact one of the officers in-game when they're available (usually around the evening).
  4. Durst


    Post updated. Added additional contact and recruitment information, quite a few known names have joined the guild already, looking forward to more
  5. Durst


    The guild is inactive until the release of Dragon Soul HC. Celestial is a raiding and a social guild, meant for both the average joe and the raider looking for progression beyond what is currently offered on the Horde side of Atlantiss. The officer and core raiding group are built from former Crimson Wolves players with full 13/13hc, 7/7 hc on this server and 8/8 HC on other servers, who want to make a return for T13HC progression. We will also do T11, T12 when we see fit, or as demand increases. Despite progression being our biggest goal, without a good social aspect, there is no enjoyment. We aim to build up and expand our current group of friends, to meet and get to know new people from all across the world, isn't that the true beauty of an MMO? No harrasing nor demeaning language is accepted, unless it is under friendly circumstances. Recruitment We are willing to cover transfering expenses for exceptional players. We're recruiting any sort of lvl 85 players s socials (exceptions can be made for exceptional people, as always), we have the patience to teach and train players, since many of us here are veterans of Cataclysm and know how to play multiple classes. Please apply here: http://celestial-atl.shivtr.com/ Loot distribution In terms of loot, during progression it will be loot council based on the core members, but as progression fades and casual runs become a daily thing, the loot will be distributed based on MS>>OS rolls, although people"forced" to tank/heal or DPS are allowed to choose what to roll for. This rule does not apply to the GM, nor is expected from any officers. They will roll for whatever spec they are playing and nothing else. Voice and offline communication Teamspeak will be our voice communication software, and is required for all players joining for the purpose of raiding. We are also using Discord for casual chatting, when we're not online. All that is required from socials (and of course, raiders as well) is a nice attitude and being kind to your fellow guildmates. Contacts If you feel like joining, contact us here on the forum or /w us in-game - Axelito, Durst. Reach us on Discord: Axelito#3287, Durst#0016
  6. Hey Atlantiss community, first off - happy new years! Secondly - thank you for 2017. Even though I was barely playing this year, I just wanted to express my gratitude for the servers existence and all the work that's been put into it through the years. Thanks to you not only did I manage to find a buch of new friends, but you also provided me with a place to recover from some of the worst times in my life, I overcame so many insecurities and anxieties, just from talking with people I met here, through the countless hours we've spent on Teamspeak or Discord. I guess I never really got the true concept of an MMO up until I started playing here - a place where amongst the right people you'll be able to achieve ultimate tolerance - nobody cares about your age, religion, looks, your sexuality or your skin color - you all like each other for YOU and try to acomplish the same goal - kill the boss, do some PvP or farm some mogs - whatever suits you. I thank you for the past years I got to experience that for free, thanks to all the hard work you people put in here. And even though I am not sure I'll ever be a part of the community again, I wish everyone here all the best and I no matter what happens to the server in the future, know this - we are grateful for the memories we've forged here and the times we got the opportunity to spend at Atlantiss. Good luck in 2018, I hope it will be a great year for everyone ( lets hope for Dragon Soul!:D )
  7. Durst

    ar dar kas losia cia?

    Sveikas, gal dar yra užsilikę keletas tautiečių, bet šiaip serveris po truputėlį miršta ir pragyveno savo aukso amžių. Aišku, Dragon Soul išleidimas šiek tiek pagerins situaciją, bet jeigu prieš tai nesi lošęs Cata, siūlau šiek tiek palaukti, jau kitą mėnesį išeina naujas Twinstar Cata serveris, kur galėtum patirti visą contentą paeiliui.
  8. Durst

    A Warlock guide for Firelands and Dragon Soul

    One of the best warlocks on Atlantiss from my personal experience, was an honor to raid with you, nice job on the guide, Frosty! <3
  9. Durst

    [A] 391 Rogue Looking for 6/7 or 7/7hc guild.

    Couldn't agree more, Axels dps was always a force to be reckoned with, if any alliance guild is looking for a melee, this is the guy :D
  10. Durst

    [EN/PvE] Wipe Scene Investigation

    Congratulations to WSI and their endless efforts to make this fight doable, really impressive that you guys put so much resources into this through all the bugs and managed to keep a decent 25 man roster in place for so long. Truly impressive management, as expected. Shoutout to my homies Ido and Summer, glad to hear that they were a part of this!
  11. Durst

    [Eng][Pve]Symphony of War

    Congratulations to everyone at SoW, truly happy you got it! It's really nice to see Axel and Kat here, two very skilled and awesome individuals, in the one of the most respected guilds on Atlantiss. Best of luck with your future kills!
  12. Durst

    Faction Please ? :)

    Both factions have decent international guilds, however horde has the only 25 HC man raiding guild - Wipe Scene Investigation, so if you're interested in 25's, that's your only bet. At this point, many guilds have the kill of Rag HC and everyone, even pug runs are farming 6/7 HC, however most of the guilds have stable rosters with no hopes of new people getting in. You can check the guilds here and hopefully get in a new group being formed or find a missing spot in one. From my personal experience, I'd recommend Collateral on alliance and Symphony of Harmony on horde.
  13. Durst

    [Eng][Pve]Symphony of War

    I must say, from all the horde guilds I came across during my stay on the other side, SoW left me the biggest impression. Every single member I had interacted with was friendly and chill, most importantly, the guild itself is looking like a bunch of friends enjoying the game, rather than a unit formed to serve a single purpose - farm some bosses and brag about their titles in Ogrimmar. Just a few guilds around this server have achieved that, and if some of you are still wondering which horde guild to join, in my opinion, this one is truly worth looking at. Even though we're on different sides again, I wish you people the best, looking forward to playing with you again sometime!
  14. Durst

    FL HC - Fire Mage POV

    Oh snap, nice going, Schiz :> good luck on Rag tho!
  15. Durst

    [Answered] How many Cataclysm "boss" elites spawn?

    Garr, Xariona and Akma'hat are the only ones available, from what I've seen and heard. All of them have the same problem though - buggy loot tables. There is a high chance of getting no loot from them, besides the 200 gold. I've killed Akma'hat atleast 5 times already, of which 3 had nothing.