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  1. Emtec

    Dragon Soul HC

    Greetings, With this statement, I want to address the whole situation regarding the first and the second day right after the Dragon Soul Heroic release. After a deep analysis of gathered proofs, we are forced to ban the members of guilds Storm Rage and GoDs, as well as deprive them of their earned achievements and loot. Not only due to the aura abusement from Spine of Deathwing, but also for the Warmaster Blackhorn encounter abusement. Insofar as the aura abusement can be treated as an unintentional bug, the rest strictly underlines as a conscious abuse and use of exploits in order to complete the raid. Consequently, the first guild to successfully complete the Heroic DS in 10man mode is Immortal Legion followed by the Keepers of Ulduar. Congratulations! Given this opportunity, we'd also like to express our gratitude to Immortal Legion and Free and Wild guilds for their help in providing Pelekon with necessary tests and bug reports during the scripting phase of the whole raid. We've also decided that every member of the raid which will be the first to successfully complete the Heroic DS in 25man mode will receive a mount from Madness of Deathwing and a "Herald of the Titans" title. Regards
  2. With the heroic mode of Dragon Soul launching on the 26th of September, we're going to experience an influx of players playing PvP Arenas with heroic gear, which for many, may seem as them having a strong predominance over those with only the PvP Cataclysmic gear. The idea was raised by our PvP players together with Lucasbarsh, our PvP Game Master. An internal vote was already passed in favour of introducing such a change to ban Heroic gear from Arenas. The items that would be banned goes as follows: DS HC - All, without exceptions DS N - Bone-link, Vial of Shadows, Cunning, Windward Heart, Soulshifter Vortex DS N - Gurthalak, Kiril, Titahk, Maw, Rathrak, Nokaled, Vishanka, Souldrinker FL HC/N - Matrix, VPLC OTHERS - Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest, Fangs of the Father Personally, I believe such a change should be introduced to see the results and know for certain whether this is something the players want. In this discussion thread we want to gather your opinion, begin a valuable discussion with many good arguments and finally decide on the outcome together.
  3. Emtec


    For you, it's 1/2 players, for me it's many players on @complaits. It's not like we just though of something out of the blue. I've been thinking for around 2 weeks whether to actually make this survey live. Everyone who met me knows that I am a person who believes in others and that it's worth giving another chance. Maybe I should in fact close the topic of any player right after they receive permanent bans. That is why, here I present you with a thread and a survey to express your view, because mine can be fallible in this matter. I wouldn't state there's nothing going on. However, some things require major changes in the code, whereas some don't. Regarding the PvE items in PvP - today we'll post a discussion thread about it. From your point of view there may be little going on, but that's no entirely true, however, I do understand your opinion on this.
  4. Emtec


    The survey is still on and here the players will decide what to do with it. A few people came up with the idea and I decided to give it a try despite knowing how huge hate it might receive. Stating that it is a "desperate" way of seeking online is sensless, owing to the fact of how many people we would really unban? 10? Maybe 20? I don't know where is this "desperate online seeking" in here. An idea came up, we gave it to a vote and it will be you, the players, who'll decide what to do, and that's it. Looking for "the second side of the medal" is pointless. I don't what to discuss what've done wrong, because we're aware of that. This topic is only about the matter described above, and let's stick to that @FeralGod - your post is provoking and it doesn't express any valuable statement regarding our discussed matter.
  5. Emtec


    Dear Atlantiss community, we all make mistakes, we are all wrong sometimes and we behave improperly from time to time. Getting punished for bad behavior is alright, but we all deserve second chances, don't you think? We would like to ask you about your opinion regarding this idea: Every player that got PERMA BANNED because of PVP RELATED ISSUE before 15. 9. 2018 would get an AMNESTY. Their ban would be fully revoked. What do you think? Do players deserve a 2nd chance? Rules: 1) If you will get unbanned (because of amnesty) and you will do literally ANYTHING against the rules, you will get an instant permaban on all your accounts. 2) You have to send mail to [email protected] to get your accounts unbanned. You also have to state you understand rule 1).
  6. Results of the Realm First poll will be filtered, as we have noted an attempt to manipulate those results.
  7. Emtec

    Just wanted to feel better

    @Sniprep Never give up, always move forward ;)
  8. Jak dlugo bede jeszcze olewany? 

  9. Emtec

    Probem with sending gold to friend

    Event coordinator
  10. Emtec

    Happy new years and thank you!

    Hello, Primarly, wish you all a wonderful new year, so life would be more effortless with many pertinent decisions. So you would manage through it with a big smile on your face. And most importantly, wellness, since with it you can achieve everything :). In administration's name, I'd like to thank for this crafty and kind post, it's nice to enter the new year with such motivated words :). Cheers
  11. Emtec

    Zakup mounta przez sklep

    Cześć, Zakupując item w sklepie, posiadasz go na koncie. Dopiero wtedy z listy posiadanych itemów, możesz wybrać na której postaci chcesz go użyć lub przesłać go znajomemu. Pozdrawiam
  12. Emtec

    Open letter to Atlantiss

    Hello, As promised, we’d like to brief everyone in recent events and explain where we’re headed. Let me start off with the most important topic, Dragon Soul. We’re still planning to release it in the first week of January 2018, with the heroic version being available after all 3 parts are released. We’ve also begun working on the 2nd part. In case anyone missed, we’re having an event on our server starting on the 1st of January (https://atlantiss.eu/news/view/233). We really hope that this event turns out successful so that we can organize more of them in the future. Just as mentioned in the news, all important, specific information will be posted on the 1st of January before the event starts. Including one of major information that I can share with you is that Savek, a member of our team from 4.0.6a times has returned to help us out on the server. Greet him warmly! About PvP and the new season. Ranor will no longer be in charge of PvP section on Atlantiss. Here we’re changing our approach. Mainly, we’ll conduct an open dialogue with our PvP community on topics, such as, what can be changed or what do they view as a better option etc. so that the quality of gameplay would suit everyone’s expectations. I believe that such attitude will help us fix the current situation. We also won’t be having only one, individual person responsible for PvP. Since we’re explaining PvP matters. In this season, conquest points will be converted to honor points and honor points to gold. In the same fashion as during previous resets. I want to also move back to the 4.0.6a way of organizing our development. And slowly, we’re noticing progress as the whole team shows more activity. However, we don’t want to end here. We decided to open a new section on our forums, where only members of Atlantiss staff and guild masters of guilds consisting of more than 20 members will have access to. That doesn’t state that we’re closing onto all other players or that not everyone will be informed about certain changes, we simply think that since a GM of a certain guild is their representative, they will speak up in name of all its guild members. We switched to a new tool which will help usto manage the course of development. Here also leaders of testing groups will gain access, to discuss and talk through everything that’s under development. Our current bugtracker was thoroughly examined and many issues were properly tagged. We uncovered more than 500 duplicates in our reports. Now we’ll begin to clean all of it up and slowly merge them with our new tool, we’ll divide bugtracker tasks among few people so that existing issues will also be continuingly worked on. Regarding rumors and requests to release a fresh Cataclysm realm. For now, we don’t want to get into this topic, since there’s still Dragon Soul to finish, as well as many other, older issues. However, we saved up our old 4.0.6a core (operating on a 4.0.6a client), but we’re not entirely sure to whether use the old version or focus on fixing the 4.3 ver. We also appreciate immensely all the support and kind words, this topic, for now, is not closed but is not entirely open as well. Here we invite everyone to a discussion, and maybe your arguments will persuade us ;). http://www.strawpoll.me/14721242 This is only a handful of information to share with you, more of these coming soon.
  13. Emtec

    Open letter to Atlantiss

    person responsible for this got an earful and has to return everything to its previous version
  14. Emtec

    Open letter to Atlantiss

    Well, Blinkmaster, I wouldn't expect so harsh tone of speech from you right after unbanning your account ;). But everything is all right, just as I described it - we overslept some stuff, and the beer which has been brewed needs to be consumed, as they say. I lifted your punishment, because I knew you will present us with different way of thought - and that's good, since the truth is always hidden within the words and I try to keep up with everyones opinion, especially our players. Open battle with other projects is not in our interest, however, focusing on our server is. Just as I stated previously, we had our own issues, stagnations and it was already difficult enough for us to sort everything out. Hades? As far as I can see there's more marketing than realities. Unfortunately, a large portion of people sees what they want to see, instead of the true state of things. Opening a fresh realm just because there's a team releasing a server, without finished content is not a wise step forward. For that moment if we decided to do so, opinions would spread asking why would we open a new realm if content isn't prepared yet. Now when it turns out that Hades is not that great after all, many new ideas arise. Censorship wasn't implemented just like that all of a sudden. For quite some time now we observed how people cunningly in a loutish manner encouraged everyone to switch to their server. A little bit of objectivism and you'll understand. It's true, such things shouldn't take place. However, being familiar with some players nature, their behaviour and their will to irritate the other person, like developers who spent countless hours working on scripts, preparing and fixing every wrongful node in the code, they also have a limit to certain verbal abuse. Do not forget that the server is developed during everyones free time, if we were a company, and everyone would get paid, it's obvious that our approach would be different. Perhaps both sides should release their tension outside of Atlantiss and refrain from triggering such situations. As mentioned above. PTE is prepared by a completely different team, excluding Wolfenstein, and no, moving him to Cataclysm is not a possibility, I won't force him to do so if he doesn't wish to. Noone will be forced to do anything. PTE/TBC is upon finishing phase and will be further developed - this topic is not up for any reasoning since it doesn't affect Cataclysm development at all. There are boundries towards such behaviour, and how one should behave on forums and in-game. If someone doesn't know he/she should behave don't expect that the other side will comply and kindly review such matters, it varies if someone is causing a shitstorm or is deliberately insulting team members - no matter who someone thinks about it privately. If such occureances didn't take place, I presume the communication with team members would also be different. Try to look at it from our perspective, and no, you can't convince me that on other forums there are no punishments or warnings - whether they are public or private forums, if someone abuses the netiquette he's removed from the community. Answer to the same question above. I didn't answer the rest of your ideas/questions not because I believe they aren't worth answering but because as I stated. For now, we focus on DS and other Cataclysm issues for the period of 2 months, and only then we will switch to whatever we can do. I hope you'll understand this reasoning of approach, since in limited amount of recourses we need to stick to certain matters instead of spreading around Good work!