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  1. Saba7o

    anja2 bya3ref y7ke klmten ^^
  2. Saba7o

    sadly nope but there are some arabs in collateral guild and tempest at ally side
  3. Saba7o

    ba3dak bede2e ^^
  4. Saba7o

  5. Power Torrent and Lightweave

    the lag is for real But anw soon A GM will cum and tell bad job go put it on bugs
  6. Power Torrent and Lightweave

    lol thats a video thought a pic ^^
  7. Power Torrent and Lightweave

    any spell has chance to pop it accept the buffs solution click it on one sec dbm
  8. Saba7o

    eh fi shi 50 by7ko arabic bl server
  9. Saba7o

    wa 3laykom salam ya 2lbe ^^
  10. Saba7o

    yalla ya chabeb ma tste7o ta3o 3a hel channel ta nwale3a
  11. Its great web just missing one thing, u wont lose 1kg by adding one Arabic country in localized forums. In my opinion its still racism, its time for me to wait another year for next web update to comment again and again like each year