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  1. Vashjir

    perhaps there is no dungon in Vashjir ( if ppl going manually)
  2. Vashjir

    any future for that place or at least some considerations. Quartermaster of vashjir is in deepholm , feels badman.
  3. BT door closed , u can relog on the door to pass it (not against the rules) or make a ticket for a GM to open it regarding BWL raid , i think all bosses drop loot
  4. [Eng][Pve]Symphony of War

    @Elann , i understand that seeing mouse clicker is cancer. Its fine everyone has his/her own opinion. But calling (i couldnt watch your video, it hurts my eyes xD) for a 1040p HD :( and trying to point on ppl as mouse clickers whose defending the argument , thats low. The problem u didnt pick any healer to mess with , u just picked a God healer. If your a core in that main guild what ever its called on alliance or horde side , bring ur healer on FL hc or ur friend to make him/her cry . Words are nothing , i demand action. SO il be waiting ,take your time to pick the healer to get RIKIT
  5. [Eng][Pve]Symphony of War

    my video helps people to learn a good rotation. Rather than hiding my spells under a keybind to show off without showing my cards. 1kp isnt enough perhaps 4kp ? + i forgot to add if your not a druid healer , this video is useless for u.
  6. [Eng][Pve]Symphony of War

    +1 its more professional but it doesnt matters in the end u get rikit by me and to make it worse, with a slow mouse clicker. Thx for the guide but legends never get surpassed by keybinders :D
  7. [Eng][Pve]Symphony of War

  8. raid Frames

    ur solutions are false !!!!!!!!!!!! There is no addon in the whole universe to fix that shit. Fix druid Bars or enjoy /reload in the middle of the fight each time. Note: Guys i understand ur all under pressure , but plz dont waste my time by stupid answers, if u read whole topic from the beginning , u should see the damn PIC next to the title
  9. Raid icons are getting better and better

    sorry mate raid icon is BIS cannot be replaced. If everyone thinks like u , server will end up with 10 ppl online. Time out , remember to shut the door behind u
  10. Raid icons are getting better and better

    yes ur right i should use addons to fix raid icon, perhaps an addon to mount, to open bag, to use ah, to quec dungon, to open map , ...... are u for really /face desk 10,000 times or perhaps send me $ 1000 for gd pc to use more addons. raid icon > everything and need to be fixed immediately ( 1 year passed and Nothing). /vote next year
  11. [Eng][Pve]Symphony of War

    rule #1 never use swiftment on snip, specially in last phase
  12. Raid icons are getting better and better

    and now dk is druid color
  13. Saba7o

    anja2 bya3ref y7ke klmten ^^
  14. Raid icons are getting better and better

    cz its deleted from 1 year @ hashtag we know
  15. Raid icons are getting better and better

    for raids specially guild runs , ppl dont rage quit that much . so /reload 20 times is possible but BG is cancer