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  1. sadly nope but there are some arabs in collateral guild and tempest at ally side
  2. we have twinks here, lvl 79 but they decided to close bg since i became rapiest , even if 10M quec on horde and alliance still no bg. if u wanna twink pick anything accept lvl 79
  3. was a hyped kill Sathus u beast 0% dodge solo
  4. ba3dak bede2e ^^
  5. both
  6. not just that, i feel bad that healers join them , There isnt any items for healers from Trash , so they just join for one reason <<idiots>>. my firelands trash runs , even if God dropped everyone call roll for it which is the best solution to satisfy healers.
  7. the lag is for real But anw soon A GM will cum and tell bad job go put it on bugs
  8. lol thats a video thought a pic ^^
  9. any spell has chance to pop it accept the buffs solution click it on one sec dbm
  10. once again there is one way for revenge, covert to raid and u guys lose JP and not just that , u can leave and they cant replace u. But mate game starts on lvl 85 , those items are just for repair bills , if ur getting angry on lvl 71 drops , u have heart attack on lvl 85 raids drop
  11. eh fi shi 50 by7ko arabic bl server
  12. wa 3laykom salam ya 2lbe ^^
  13. yalla ya chabeb ma tste7o ta3o 3a hel channel ta nwale3a
  14. above lvl 80 u can transmog if im correct. Grey items , white items cannot be transmog, specially heirlooms since they count as zero itemlvl
  15. Crying or not crying they never take our pro opinions. Its like rl ( the Gods never refer to mortals). And about help, We spent years in PTR testing stuff and reporting. And what we get in return as thx ofc deleted, ignored pro advised comments Now someone will jump here and say we always take some considerations of others, example : - population plz dragon soul . Server : its time to release MOP - population plz plz dragon soul. Server : its time for release TBC - population plz plz plz dragon soul. Server : We are working on it As conclusion : The population is always right . Many > Few I'm just a guy that has a lot of friends on server and all we give here is our thoughts + we all care for server future !! What is the most dangerous thing that is threatening BG and image : Ofc the raid icon not fixed yet that made a lot of healers switch from pvp to pve Now a Dexter will enter and say : Its easy to write those thing rather than fixing. Answer : There is something called priority !!! @Ashrasmun we all have our ways to help. No need for every person that plays wow to learn C++ and other programming. We all understand that dev's are working around the clock, and we are all here cz Atlantiss is Top cata bliz server, But try to look to ppl demand, they too care for the server.