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  1. if ur the leader convert party to raid and everyone wont get valors + if your not the leader ur on mercy of the tank and the healer. Dps is just a foot soldier nothing more. So basically if ur nt the leader and ur dps than accept ur fate mate. But there are 3 ways to avoid things like that: 1) guild run 2) wave ur money 3) TS group or discord Or my 3 ways: 1) ninja pulls 2) convert to raid on last boss to waste ppl time 3) auto attack and slack
  2. sorry mate its free country with free woman, no rules what kept us alive ^^
  3. nvm ur right its also 10 sec only
  4. than why parachute or nitro boots doesnt share with trinket, il let u why because it might be bugged
  5. Is it normal that it shares cd with trinkets? we use to have prot war couldnt use shield wall with recklessness or shield wall with inner rage or inner rage with recklessness . Those were bugged and got fixed well which is the best bonus for char: BS+JC or JC+ leather or JC+inscrip JC gives 81 points BS gives 80 leather gives 80 inscript gives 80 Engineer gives 480 per 1 minute and it shares cooldown with other trinkets, lets just say u have trinket from LF vendor and its cd also 1 min that brings 2 minutes waiting to get 480 which makes engineer scaled below other professions in PVE unless if u dont have trinkets that u need to click Well my whole point that blizzard made all professions balanced. i think gloves enchant on engineer is bugged because it shouldnt share cd with trinkets, i might be wrong though.
  6. well it was stupid topic what i was thinking , maybe was drunk. They have personal guards on world chat but not in raids and dungons. Fuck it , im going take shannox feather 10min speed to enjoy fight at rag hc since its allowed, i forgot how awesome to abuse these days when everything is allowed. Feel free to ban me since my rl will improve
  7. if u need resto dudu i can join , since im bored to death on horde side these days
  8. well they never take our opinion,sadly brilliant ppl like me could gave them some thoughts about items from battle shop guns, vashj'ir items transmog, sylvanace music box , tabard of the bringer of light, and alot other things that doesnt work that we could get. Like we always say whats done is done, its gd event enjoyed it but items ... if i was da3ech i wouldnt pick such transmog like these
  9. thx Beckzx for sending. topic closed
  10. WTB VP to change fraction, have the money on horde side
  11. Lets analyse everything in cata content and raise a question, atlantiss is harder than blizzard by far, which is gd in my opinion: -Vashj'ir closed , so u must go to hyjal to lvl - On blizzard by using tabard u can get from friendly to revered on normal cata dungon. On atlantiss u wont get any , unless if its hc -Dungons and Raids , i wont reveal , it takes 2 days writing. which makes atlantiss harder by far , just little tiny example u cant revive on nef platform. -Same goes for the loot In the end, u cant get something 100%, it takes time and hard work + even years, and i agree to see things harder rather than seeing things potatoe fights.
  12. Fag>gay>jew>muslim>kurwa>mom>... That's the lvl of this word but anw wish u gd luck with ur guild
  13. fag Fag is mainly used as an offensive term for homosexuals. Although it has other meanings, you should probably avoid it at all costs. So if fag word is allowed than trolling 24/7 on homosexuals at world chat is allowed
  14. ye or gather alot chaos orbs + true gold , i heard BS requires alot when FL released , i use to sell wrist 378 for 60k and BS weapons 365 for 90k But now wrists dropped to 1500, and BS weapons dropped less than its matts sold
  15. that means vash'jir is closed by red candles