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    Issues with Gatherer and Gathermate

    Same issue as with Gathermate before. mini map icons move to follow me and wont stay where the node is. :(
  2. I've tried many different sources for a gatherer addon that says it works for 4.3.4 including the forums here, and a Gathermate addon for 4.3.4 as well. I cannot find any that work. In gaherer I have no mini map or world map functionality and in Gathermate I have World map functionality and occasional mini map functionality, In Gathermate the minimap icons follow my characters arrow instead of staying on the node. I am not running both addons at the same time so thats not the issue. The addons I use are: AtlasLoot, Auctionator (Atlantiss fixed version), DBM, Privstat (From Atlantiss site), Recount, Selljunk, and SlideBar. Anyone have a proven link for Gatherer or Gathermate that work? I'd be fine with either.
  3. Seperest

    Heirlooms in the Shop

    Its not PTW as Heirlooms help out 0% in raids and heroics. The Blizzlike arguement i think is 50/50. When Cata dropped most people already had a lv80 and full set of heirlooms to work with. When joining this server you have nothing. Im not asking for insta 80 or anything like that. Just for it to be possible to get heirlooms when you start out here. Or even a character transfer option would be nice.
  4. I would really like there to be heirlooms in the shop. Tons of other Blizzlike servers have them. The prices I see are usually around $25 for a full set on 1 char. Would this be possible here? If not, why? The only thing I'd really be interested in buying from a priv serv shop is usually heirlooms.
  5. I started here a little while back, but have not been able to get past lv59 in almost 2 weeks now. The reason for this is there is ALWAYS (and yes, I mean ALWAYS) 1 or more lv85 horde in Hellfire ganking alliance questers. I havent played horde side here so I dont know how it is for them, but being stuck this long is terrible. I have never seen such a ganking problem on any private server before. I propose that , if its possible, all neutral zones from vanilla through WotLK be marked as Sanctuary zones. This way horde and alliance owned zones still have wPvP in them and Cata zones remain wPvPable. The arguement I hear the most against this is, "people of the same lv might want to fight each other!" Lets be real... The loser of that fight almost always logs their 85 or gets a guild 85 to come out and corpse camp the winner anyways. The only reason anymore for lower lv aPvP is trolling. I would like to try out Cata zones, if i can even get to them sometime this year...