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  1. fanatiq

    game wont save settings

    yes , i tried so many things but now i still go throught cinematic and ToS pages everytime i log in
  2. fanatiq

    game wont save settings

    sadly i couldn't do that , it stays checked all the time no matter what i do
  3. fanatiq

    game wont save settings

    Hi everyone , after 2 years i'm coming back to atlantiss now from retail , i downloaded the game from torrent ( atlantiss torrnt ) , the problem is the game wont save my settings and keep replaying intro cinematic everytime i log in and i have to go through ToS pages every time , and save ( Your nick name ) in log in box , what the hell ? i deleted the config , unchecked to read only , deleted cashe , nothing at all and its getting really annoying . and i can't change config file , it keep reseting too SET locale "enGB" SET realmName "Atlantiss Main" SET accountName "Your nickname" SET fixedfunction "1" SET hwDetect "0" SET videoOptionsVersion "4" SET playIntroMovie "4" SET readTOS "1" SET readEULA "1" SET readTerminationWithoutNotice "1" SET showToolsUI "1" SET Sound_MusicVolume "0.40000000596046" SET Sound_AmbienceVolume "0.60000002384186" SET farclip "185" SET particleDensity "10" SET baseMip "1" SET environmentDetail "50" SET textureFilteringMode "0" SET weatherDensity "0" thanks
  4. fanatiq

    Warrior arms PvP : Slam vs heroic strike

    well in bgs and arena there is both casters and melee 
  5. fanatiq

    [Answered] being harassed .

    poor one got harassed...
  6. as title says , what is your opinion about Slam vs heroic strike , i want people input and their experiance on the subject , thank you
  7. fanatiq

    [Answered] Replacing Character Skin Texture with WOD ones

    wow it looks awesome , can you provide a guid how to do this ? i'd liek to try it out :3
  8. fanatiq

    [Answered] Replacing Character Skin Texture with WOD ones

    any screenshot about how it looks ? thanks
  9. i wonder if truesilver veins exist anymore on atlantiss....
    1. Kejmil


      they are rare spawns of mithril ore i think, so you can't really "farm" them
    2. fanatiq


      i'd be happy to find one , all i can find mithril and mithril
  10. fanatiq

    [Answered] Faction Change questions

    speaking of faction change , i had a bug after changing faction , i lost some acheivements like accomplished angler and questing zone like silithus and loremaster of eastern kingdoms and kalimdor , and they are litrally gone, i can't do them at all , let me know if something like this happend to you
  11. what's the best spot to farm heavy junkboxes ? thanks :D
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    2. Lavenia/Metzo


      Definitely not SC ;) Back when I farmed them I did it in Upper and Lower Blackrock Spire. Very, very good place.
    3. fanatiq


      thanks metzo ,i'll check it out
    4. Aival94


      I suppose is for the rep farm so you can use this guide but have not checked it yet as i do not have a rogue
  12. thank you sunwell , 700 queue time , one dc and wait again half hour...trying to log past 2 hours but failing
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    2. Mizune シ
    3. Bandy


      Fixed! You have 5 minutes after DC to log in now :)
    4. Kejmil


      great news, now new people can wait 3 hours to log in, not half!
  13. when a gank goes horrible wrong and you turn into the prey...LOL
    1. Firennze


      feed me your tears
    2. fanatiq


      i definitly had the tears of the nab
  14. 'elvui , bartender4 , tidy plates not working even with 4.3.4 downloads , any insight about it ?
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    2. Lavenia/Metzo


      I don't use the other addons though.
    3. fanatiq


      any idea where can i get the ElvUI ? maybe i have a bad version ?
      i serached everywhere but i'm out of luck
    4. Pelekon_dev


      I downloaded Elvui from this topic and It's working for me
  15. amazing , get a dc to wait 10 minutes in queueto log in server to find myself kicked from dungeon i waited for half hour..../facepalm
    1. Newa


      so the server limit is 2000 players and now we need to wait in this system queue for god knows how long if server crashes while we raid? R.I.P raids i gues :(