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    Frost DK DW PVE Guide for Firelands Patch

    yea its not rly optimal in any hc content, but def fun and playable in normal raids with like shannox and domo hc. If you plan on playing in heroics, def go unholy or blood. but its a lot of fun to play frost and has some utility especially in aoe. It's a pretty good spec in group pvp too, just make sure to stay close to the healer.
  2. Discodave

    Frost DK DW PVE Guide for Firelands Patch

    I did not until just now see all these comments to the guide lol XD. Don't get on here much. I mostly made it cause I was extremely bored. Yes there are some things i need to update, because I just made this within a short time of coming back to the game. Maybe I'll try to fix it up a bit more now that I do have some more understanding of how a lot of the stuff works. All in all this is really meant for normal raiding and dungeons, since you would almost never see frost DK in a heroic comp in Firelands. It does under perform compared to other classes on this server. A lot of people have fun playing them tho and they are a really cool class. So I just wanted to make something to help out the average player be able to have a generic strategy to help them perform well with a frost dk. I will consider revising and editing this at a later time, but since frost dks really aren't worth playing at the moment, I may make a few small changes and then wait later on to put in certain numbers and go into a little more explanation. I do appreciate all the comments, good or bad, and think its rly cool a lot of people are passionate about DKs, and have shown it here in the thread. Sorry about the late response, I hardly ever get on here XD
  3. Whats up guys! I keep hearing it in game a lot, how do I make good DPS with a dw Frost dk? And it comes up so often and I see most people going unholy for pve or just going with another class in general to put out more dps. So I told a few people that I would make a FDK guide. So let's just start with some basic things like race and professions you will want to maximize your characters damage output. RACE Race: Orc, Troll Orc: Will be your best bet, they have a Berserk skill which will increase your damage, they have increased damage from your minion, and the specialize in axes which will be your best weapons for the most part. Troll: Is viable and has a skill that increases your attack speed. If you don't like orcs like me, and still want a decent racial, then go with troll. Although my main dk is an UD Sorry alliance guys, I have never played ally before so I would not know which race works best for you guys, but I would assume either Worgen or Gnome. Although I'm just not sure how these 2 compare. PROFS Now let's talk about professions. There are a lot of professions to choose from, and some are better than others, but the overall goal here is to try and pick a profession that adds to your most important stat, which will be strength. The best profs for DK in my opinion is Tailoring and Engineering. You will get a nice attack power procs from tailoring and a strength proc from engineering to line up well with pillar of frost. If you don't like having to use something or dont like procs I would go with blacksmithing, enchanting, or jewelcrafting. The problem is blacksmithing and jewelcrafting will most likely require you to have mining also, unless you are rich and can buy your way to 525 or have some really good friends to give you the stuff. But these options will give you the most DPS when it comes to professions. If you don't have a ton of money or any friends, I have found that Enchanting is very easy to level especially with tailoring and doesn't require a ton of gold to boost it if you are lazy like me. Moving on... STATS Let's take a look at your most important stats and what you should be reforging your stats to. This is a haste build just fyi. I don't have a lot of experience seeing or trying any mastery specs, although the one mastery DK I do know and have raided with gets pretty close to my dps, even though he is about 5 ilvl above mine. If you want to go Mastery instead, just switch Haste and Mastery around. #1 Strength Strength is by far the highest DPS building stat you can have and you should try to gem, enchant, and flask into this as much as possible. #2 Hit 8% So you got all this strength, haste, and mastery you should be doing tons of DPS right? Well if you aren't hitting anything, you might as well be throwing all those stats down the drain. Make sure that when you are reforging to have exactly 8% hit before tuning any other stats. Also it is better to be over by a bit than under. #3 Expertise 26 Expertise is a stat that is used only for melee classes. It determines whether you opponent will be able to block, dodge, or parry one of your attacks. This is almost as important as hit, and if you don't have it capped at 26, you could be loosing some serious DPS. #4 Haste Haste! Now we are getting into the good stuff. Haste is such an important stat, and is almost as strong as strength. This will cause your attacks to be quicker, your runes to regenerate faster, and your global cool down to be less. Leading to more Killing Machine procs! And we all know how sweet those are. Bottom line, you can never have too much haste. #5 Mastery So once you have reforge into all the haste you can possibly get, start working on reforging into mastery as much as you can. No limit here either guys. The more mastery you have the more damage your frost strike will do, and some of my frost strike crits will do even more than my obliterate crits! #6 Crit Crit is the last stat on the list. Disappointed? Yeah I know i wanna hit those 100k crits like warriors do and be a badass! I hear you but we rely more on speed and consistent DPS than anything. Reforge out of crit into haste and mastery when you can. It's still a useful stat, and nice to have high crit, but haste and mastery will benefit you more in the long run. So just to sum it up. str>hit 8%>exp 26>haste>mastery>crit Make sure to reforge out of crit before mastery. So don't go reforge mastery to haste from a piece with mastery/crit make sure to reforge out of the crit first. GEMS AND ENCHANTS Gemming is pretty easy. Always go with a red strength gem, unless you have a piece with one red gem slot and then another yellow or blue, that also give a +20 strength bonus (helm, legs, or chest). Then use either a strength/haste or strength/hit gem to get that bonus. And for your helm, make sure to have a str/critical effect meta gem. For enchants, again its pretty easy. Use the enchants that give you the most strength or haste. A couple things to note, you will have to up your reputations with Therazane and Dragonmaw clan to get the best enchants for your head and shoulder. But if that's not your thing then you can get the pvp enchants pretty easy and just use those. You wont get the max DPS out of those but you're not gonna be too far behind. Also for the legs, make sure to use the Attack Power/Crit enchant that leather workers make. For your weapons you are obviously going to use the forge at ebon hold to runeforge your weapons. People will probably tell you different opinions on which enchant to put on what sword, and that's ok. But I have found that Razorice on my mainhand and Fallen Crusader on my offhand gives me the most single target DPS. TALENTS AND GLYPHS Here is a screen shot of what talents I have. Some of these talents can be optional. For instance i am specced into Chillblains, which allows me to kite mobs easily if I need to. This come up in a few boss encounters and would recommend you do the same. If not, just take the point out and put it into Runic Power Mastery and this will give you the most possible runic power and will probably up your DPS a bit but lower your utility. GLYPHS Prime: Frost Strike, Obliterate, Howling Blast Major: These you can kinda play with and see what you like. I have anti magi shell, hungering cold (good cc), and dark successor (mainly for pvp) Minor: I would definitely recommend at least having horn of winter, and blood tap. ROTATION AND COOLDOWNS We've got you geared, enchanted, gemmed, got your flasks and your good to go. Now we just need to go over rotation. I can't stress how important this is in determining your DPS. You may have the best gear in the game with badass profs, you got your reforging down perfectly. Well none of that means shit if you can't follow through with your rotation. Before I go over your rotation, above all I need to stress this to you, pay close attention. ALWAYS MAKE SURE TO KEEP ALL OF YOUR DISEASES UP AT ALL TIMES!!!!!! This is required if you plan on doing great DPS. Do not let them fall off, EVER!! That being said, lets look at the single target DPS roation. First off, make sure you are in UNHOLY PRESENCE this will give you more rune regeneration, and also decrease your GCD by 5 seconds, which is crucial. #1 Make sure you have horn of winter up before the fight, hit it as soon as the DBM countdown starts. This will give you the buff, and a little extra runic power to start. #2 When DBM is down to 7 seconds, cast your army of dead. #3 When DBM is down to 2-1 seconds (I always do 2 in case someone ninjas) make sure to use a Golemblood potion. This is referred to as "pre-potting" #4 Right as the tank pulls (which you need to be right on his ass when he does) use Outbreak on the boss, this will put all your diseases on your target at once, and then Pillar of Frost. #5 You want to now raise your ghoul, but you want to make sure you have any procs from either professions or trinket up before doing so because the ghoul will scale off of your buffs dealing even more damage. So make sure to use your synaspe springs, tailoring enchant proc, apparatus (If you don't have engineering), or any other proc you make get before casting your ghoul. Also if you do have engineering and you have an on use trinket, you should use your synaspe springs first and then your trinket immediately as it becomes available. #6 Here's where it can get confusing. I am just going to go over the usage of Rime procs, obliterate, and Frost strike, and which one to use at which times. You want to start using obliterate, until either you get a rime proc, or your runic power is full. If a Rime procs, always use it before anything else unless your runic power is full. If your runic power is full, do not ever use howling blast or obliterate, I dont give a shit if Killing Machine is procced and your obliterate button is just begging for you. Rune management is more important for better DPS than hitting your Killing Machine. If your runic power is full, then always hit Frost Strike. So the order you need to use your skills is Frost Strike (when runic power is full), then use your Rime procs, then Obliterate, and then if you don't have any runes, use frost strike and hope it procs a rune for you. If you don't have any runes and you don't have any runic power, then use your horn of winter. This will give you a bit of runic power and you may be able to squeeze in another frost strike. You will always need to use it anyways to keep the buff up during the fight. I know this was a lot, but it is a really important part to maintaining your DPS through out the fight. #7 Keep your diseases up at all times! See what I did there? This will take some practice to really master doing this. You will have to perfect rune management and cool downs to be able to make this process as efficient as possible. Starting a fight is pretty easy since you use Outbreak and it puts all the diseases on your target at once, but once those diseases wear off, you are going to need to replenish them. Luckily its pretty easy to keep your frost fever up at all times because you are using howling blast so much. The hard one is make sure to keep up your blood plague using Plague Strike. Prioritize this over any other skill unless your runic power is full. Watch your targets debuffs and make sure you are going to have a rune ready to use right as the disease is wearing off. Master this and your DPS will go up tremendously. Keep in mind that you only need to use one plague strike in between your outbreaks. So diseases up with Outbreak, then when those wear off, use plague strike, and then next time you can just use outbreak again, and just keep switching back and forth between the two. Ok so to summarize Horn, Army, Outbreak with Springs/Trinket, Obliterate until either Rime procs or Runic Power is full, and summon your ghoul as soon as all of your buffs are applied. Use Frost Strike when runic power is full. Keep your Diseases up. Use Horn when runes on CD and no runic power. MULTI TARGET ROTATION Multi target rotation is pretty simple so I'm gonna be brief. I've read that it can be better to be in Frost Presence for this but I haven't actually experimented with that yet. So I just stay in unholy. Drop Death and Decay, Howling blast, Plague Strike one mob, Pestilence, then spam Howling blast until your runic power is full, then use frost strike. If Killing Machine procs you can try and use Obliterate, sometimes it pulls more DPS and sometimes it doesn't. That's pretty much it, just rinse and repeat. COOLDOWNS So the DK has some pretty good CDs. They are Pillar of Frost, Empower Runic Weapon, and Blood Tap. I'm not including AoD because I already explained it above. Pillar of frost needs to be hit when off cool down, preferably in conjunction with your Raise Ghoul, Trinket, or Synaspe Springs. Blood tap is a pretty easy life saver when you don't have any runes. I try to use this when off cooldown as much as I can but only when all my runes are on cool down. If you can't use obliterate anymore, use this and it will most likely give you the extra rune you needed to hit it. You can also save this for when your disease is about to fall off so you will have a rune ready to plague strike. Empower Runic Weapon is your best cool down because it resets all of your runes at once and gives you runic power. So try not to use it if your runic power is full. Don't take this CD for granted either. With some good runic management and controlling your runic power, this can increase your DPS immensely depending on how you use it. So be careful with it and try to stretch your runes and runicpower out as much as you can using your procs before using you Empower. GEAR Unfortunately I haven't had the time yet to experiment with every piece of gear and test out the new gear set bonuses. I would go with this general rule thought. You are most likely going to end up with way too much hit and expertise. So try to go for pieces that give haste as a main stat and mastery as a secondary stat. If you can get your hands on some sort of on use trinket, I would highly recommend it. If you are an Orc it will help you to use axes, which i think the BiS weapons for DW DKs are axes, but I really want 2 heroic Lava Spines (a guy can dream right?) When I do get a chance to test out some more gear then I will come back and update this post. SUMMARY So now you have what it takes to top recount, and make fun of all your friends. Keep in mind though, this is what has worked for me over the years of playing a frost dk. I did not pull this out of a tauri viens or elitist jerks forum. This is just what I have experienced myself playing this game on this server. There will be people in the comments talking technical shit, and saying that I would do .00127% more DPS if I stood on my head right before the pull. That's fine though, I just want you to understand that this is based on just my experience playing the game. Please feel free to comment or ask any questions below. If I missed something and you think it should be in here then let me know also. Anyways good luck building your DK and I hope to see a lot more DW Frost DKs on the server now! Unless your alliance! Lok'tar Ogar!
  4. Discodave

    [Answered] Can someone help me?

    Email the staff at [email protected] tell them which character and they will be more than happy to help you retrieve it :D sorry about the less than helpful posts here (excluding Astagos), and also the lack of any moderator support.
  5. Discodave

    Blood DK bugs

    If u have your report saved, paste it to me and ill try to figure out where/how to place it. If not i'll make sure it gets to the attention of someone, I would also like these things looked at. All it is, is the lazy staff on this server. The moderators are mostly terrible and prolly haven't passed 3rd grade. The staff are just lazy and irritable and hate players for some reason, and it's a terrible shame and let down to those staff who do work their ass off to improve the server and player experience. A decent staff member would have given you a good explanation on how to fix your post in order to make sure it is posted correctly, instead this staff member just decided to do half ass work and basically blow you off. Unfortunately I see this all the time.
  6. Discodave

    Blood DK bugs

    Yeah these r things rly meant to be placed in bugtracker. Not to be a nazi just wanna make sure u get it posted in right place :D also keep it up these r good subjects to bring up
  8. Discodave

    What's the most wanted Heal class?

    It's kinda hard to just pick one heal most wanted in raids. First off all the heal classes are very even when it comes to just healing. Secondly each boss is different so which healer you want can depend on the boss. Thirdly and almost most importantly so to make sure you supply your raid will as many different buffs as you can. If you don't have a an ele or enh shammy then people will want a resto to be able to benefit from totems and more importantly Bloodlust. Earth Shield can also be beneficial. Priest are good for their stamina boost, shields (disc), mass dispell skill, and the insanely high hps. I would suggest having just a heal priest over having a dps priest any day. Paladins have a a lot of skills single target and aoe. They have awesome cool downs and they have 2 different raid buffs and they do insane single target heal crits and their mana regen is fed the best out of any healer. And besides that who doesn't want a healer who wears plate :) Resto Druids are really good healers too giving a very useful raid buff and coming with 2 awesome cool downs. They don't require a lot of casting. If you ask me though (if you have a shaman in the group already) a paladin and priest are the most beneficial 2 healers to have in your raid because of their utilization and pure healing power.
  9. Discodave

    BoT- Halfus Wyrmbreaker 10/25 man Heroic fight

  10. Discodave

    Some questions about hunter.

    http://tauri-veins.tk/survival-hunter-wow-pve-dps-guide This is the guide I use and if you follow it, it will help you become a really good hunter. Now about rotation, Hunters rely on DOT (damage over time) spells. This includes Serpent Sting, Black Arrow, Explosive Shot, and Multi Shot (for aoe). You want to use Black Arrow and Explosive shot every time they are off cooldown. If you have a lot of focus either from saving it up, or from bloodlust or any other similar effect, you will use arcane shot to "dump" your focus. You never want to reach full focus. When starting a single target rotation, you should be able to fire off Black Arrow, Serpent Sting, and Explosive Shot. When these DOTs are up and Black Arrow and Explosive Shot is on cooldown, You will want to use cobra shot. Cobra shot will not only give you more focus, but it will also reset the duration of your serpent sting. You want to be able to fit 3 cobra shots in between one Explosive Shot cooldown. Now lets talk about procs. A proc is something that happens on random. The hunter has a proc names "Lock and Load". "Lock and Load" allows you to fire 2 explosive shots without using any focus. The things that trigger Lock and Load are: Black Arrow has a certain percentage to trigger Lock and Load which makes it very important to keep those DOT up as much as possible. Ice trap has a 100% chance to trigger a Lock and Load when you have specced 2/2 in the Lock and Load talents. You won't use this very much, but if Black Arrow is almost off cooldown and hasn't triggered a Lock and Load, you can throw an ice trap and trigger Lock and Load before Black Arrow is off cooldown. Or you can place an ice trap in front of a boss before the boss starts so that the boss will walk over it when the tank pulls. This will give you awesome burst right off the bat :) Let's talk about Lock and Load and what you should do when it is triggered. Lock and Load as I said before allows you to fire 2 Explosive shots without using any focus. The problem is you do not want to fire 2 consecutive Explosive shots in a row because your second shot will reach the target before the duration of your first Explosive shot is over. So what you need to do is fire 1 Explosive Shot then fire 1 Arcane Shot and then fire your second Explosive shot. If your kill shot is up, you can use your kill shot in place of arcane shot in between Explosive shots. You don't want to use Black arrow in between them because it can immediately trigger a Lock and Load and would be wasted. As a survival hunter you never use kill command unless your target is not in your line of sight and you can't get to it quickly. This almost never happens. If you are in a multi target rotation, you will replace serpent sting with Multi Shot. Multi Shot will place the same DOT Serpent Sting has on every target it hits. Also instead of using Black Arrow you will replace it and use Explosive Trap, this also has a percentage that will trigger Lock and Load. You will pretty much just use Multi Shot, Explosive trap, and use Explosive shot when Lock and Load triggers. I think I covered the rotation pretty well, if you have any questions about it just post them here and i'll check back and get you and answer. I forgot to mention to use rapid fire at start of boss fight in conjunction with your pets call of the wild buff and alway pot before the boss is pulled so that way you can pot again during the fight. If Bloodlust or Timewarp is used at beginning of fight I would just suggest to save Rapid Fire until after bloodlust is over. Also be careful you may want to save these cool downs for a part of the fight where the boss takes increased damage. For instance, Magmaw in Black Wing Decent has "chain phases" where he takes an increased amount of damage. I would wait until boss is chained and then use Rapid fire and Call of the Wild to get uber dps.
  11. Discodave

    Some questions about hunter.

    I will tell you all you need to know.   Spec survival (mm is for pvp, and bm is for both pve and pvp but survival is by far the best pve hunter class)   Troll is best race because of berserking   engie/tailoring = master profs   skinning/leatherworking = easiest   you need agility as much as possible   reforging allows you to reach haste/hit caps (hunters don't need expertise as their attacks cant be blocked/dodged/parried) you don't need to worry about reforging until you are 85   I hit cap until my chance to miss equals zero, some ppl do it differently   you will need at least 757 haste rating, this is called a soft cap   stat priority will be agi>hit until you reach 0% miss chance>haste till 757 rating>crit>mastery so mastery is the least wanted attribute as survival hunter   you should look up a pet guide because you will need different pets depending on what classes are in your group   the most used pets are cat (agi/attack speed buff), wolf (crit buff), and raptor (places an armor debuff on enemy)   I would not recommend marksman for pve, but if you must:   agi>hit until 0% chance to miss>crit>haste (there is not a haste cap for mm)>mastery   Diana explained mastery very well so i wont get into that
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    Magmaw 10 man HC Guide

    Again, that thread is atlantiss videos not guides. Please stay off this thread.
  13. Discodave

    Conclave Heroic Kiting Strategy (Frost DK)

    @Atraac You do realize those aren't guides? Those are videos from current guilds completing the raid. Seriously if you don't have anything productive to say please stay off my thread.
  14. Discodave

    Magmaw 10 man HC Guide

  15. [media]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTLvb09x-_I[/media]