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    Try queing 10-19 or 80-84 on sunday afternoons and just spam world chats. Tends to work most of the time. The other level ranges are pretty much a lost cause without a higher server population. When I first joined the server I remember there being bgs at every level. I dont know what happened to that.
  2. New discovery

    It is just too much like his other "Works of Art" in the form of videos. Seriousely go watch one on the forum ;)
  3. New discovery

    I'll admit, boosted is not so bad at editing videos. If I said the same for his game play I would be lieing.
  4. The Best Of Each Class

    Warrior - Elann/Galko Paladin (Ret) - Wingnanx Paladin (Holy) - Watchmewog DK - Dannyraise Shaman (Ele) - Qayb Shaman (Resto) - Champk Hunter - Hard to choose between Damo/Elann/Arty/Some Others Druid (Feral) - Saburo Druid (Balance) - Kaspi Druid (Resto) - Slly Rouge - Arty Warlock - Quodan/Cavy/Drpressure Mage (Fire) - Quodan Mage (Frost) - Blinkmaster Priest (Shadow) - Braha Priest (Disc) - Braha/Deb
  5. Expertise ?

    Sorry I answered.
  6. Expertise ?

    Parry's and dodges will still happen, but just get the seal glyph that gives you expertise and your good to go.
  7. Show Me Your Transmog

    Maybe I think my names and titles are sexy xD

    Your joking right???????
  9. Shill Horde accounts

    Maybe start a Horde pvp guild and try to improve the pvpers on the Horde side?
  10. PVP[Guide] Subtlety Rogue Patch 4.3.4 (Updated)


    I'm sure he is just upset form when I kicked him for trolling me about being boosted
  12. Keep our content alive!

    I see what you mean, good point. I do tend to be an ass when someone says something I don't exactly agree with or even when i'm just bored and desperate for entertainment I guess its a mild form of trolling/response to somebody who I think I know better than because of my years of playing this game.
  13. Post your slutmogs

  14. Keep our content alive!

    I encounter this problem when I am looking for a pug, especially Shannox Heroic. Despite being 383 Ilvl and with the proper stats and even the achievement I am rejected. Every time I have done this encounter I have been top 1-3 in DPS and one of the only people in the pug not getting stuck in traps. As far as the rest of FL bosses, I have been searching for a while and never found a pug who would take a known PvP player.