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  1. Sorry I answered.
  2. Parry's and dodges will still happen, but just get the seal glyph that gives you expertise and your good to go.
  3. Maybe I think my names and titles are sexy xD
  4. Your joking right???????
  5. Maybe start a Horde pvp guild and try to improve the pvpers on the Horde side?
  6. Bump
  7. I'm sure he is just upset form when I kicked him for trolling me about being boosted
  8. I see what you mean, good point. I do tend to be an ass when someone says something I don't exactly agree with or even when i'm just bored and desperate for entertainment I guess its a mild form of trolling/response to somebody who I think I know better than because of my years of playing this game.
  9. rofl
  10. I encounter this problem when I am looking for a pug, especially Shannox Heroic. Despite being 383 Ilvl and with the proper stats and even the achievement I am rejected. Every time I have done this encounter I have been top 1-3 in DPS and one of the only people in the pug not getting stuck in traps. As far as the rest of FL bosses, I have been searching for a while and never found a pug who would take a known PvP player.
  11. I selected no. In the Dragon Soul patch pve gear becomes completely necessary for pvp. One thing to understand is that most pvp players suck at pve and even if they don't they hate it. In the event that they don't suck at pve and they don't hate it it is still nearly impossible to get the groups needed to clear a raid. PVE players hate pvp players and will never take us on raids. EVERY time I ask for a raid l, even when I have the achievement and the PVE gear I receive the answer "We are not taking PvP players". Also I dont think this should be required because we have had Firelands for over a year now and if people have not done it they really don't want to.
  12. he name changed to hide his shame