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  1. Pvp is dead here ?

    Comletetive pvp is dead. BGs are fine.
  2. 4.3.4 Raid modes

    If they add raid finder later it will still get plenty of use from pvpers and alts of pvers.
  3. PvP season rewards

    You beat RMP as FM resto /clap Only reason they played any games on my acc was because i was out of town and needed just 1 game. Not like i got piloted the whole way just a tad bit carried since I started in the team when it was 0 rating and was offered a spot to stay why not. Also like I even tried, literally was playing for fun in that team then it was top rated overnight kek. Nice try to shut me down tho (JK weak). PS: Speaking of wintraders on this topic, How are your RBGs?
  4. PvP season rewards

    imho people are just a tad jelous this rogue has been able to get 6 r1s and just cant be stopped. Everyone uses even the smallest things to create drama because they are bored and have no hope for r1 until he is gone.
  5. [Answered] Normal Server

    My advice is L2P
  6. 3v3 Arenas

    I love 3s but most of the newbies on this server only try in 2s and the ones in 3s are bads dodging any real team so they get titles. If you q up 3s and let ppl know the r1 players are sure to snipe you for some rating. Sad but true, wish it were different.
  7. Petition to remove ROV map from atlantiss.

    The devs worked hard on this map so i don't want to see it gone completely despite its downfalls. I do think the los needs to be fixed as well as a bug where shadowstep doesn't work and you just stay in the same spot or are teleported to the middle of the arena when you try to step up on top of the pillars. Of course none of these have been reported yet so there is some work for the players ;) Overall map is awful for 3v3 and not great in 2s but a nice change to only having 4 maps.
  8. [Answered] A possible solution to low lv ganking

    Wpvp is a big part of wow and it has been and always will be in the game. If you dont want to pvp while leveling then choose an alternative such as RDF.
  9. Coming Soon...

  10. Arty 1

    Cant really help that its a private server and we dont have to most skilled players doing pvp. Not Arty's fault really.
  11. Rank 1 Jungle cleave, by Sctr / Kovex

    Ha that r1 play gg wp
  12. Arty 1

    Loved it! Great job on the video, already looking forward to an (Arty 2?)!
  13. BG LOW LVL

    The reason people dont level through bg is because 50% of us multibox 2-3 RaF accounts through rdfs and such and multiboxing in bg is not allowed.
  14. I will just quote this and give it a +1
  15. delete

    Can confirm satsuma is the best 1750 player on atlantiss