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  1. Hadralt

    Cowladin and Cowarrior Best PvP'ers Confirmed?

    not sure how he got there, they did that to mess up our opener
  2. Hadralt

    Cowladin and Cowarrior Best PvP'ers Confirmed?

    lmao love your foot note with Swissgaurd
  3. Skills? https://ibb.co/eLLgYz
  4. Hadralt

    1st ATS Cataclysmic Season winners + rules changes

    1) Sure but it won't make much of a noticeable difference. 2) The server doesn't really have enough players for this, and if there are a lot of que's for some reason then you could be missing out just because you can't play while your teammates are also playing. 3) Hard/impossible to regulate. 4) Not a fair punishment as the teams can't help the bug from happening, and it happens frequently which would me no amount of deleting and recreating their team will get them up to the rank they are going for without this bug happening by chance. It honestly evens out anyway as it happens to everyone. 5) Agree, 2's shouldn't yield any titles at all. 6) If there was a way to incentivize capping in 3's instead of 2's that would be the best way to go about it imo. Dodging is a real problem in 3's but there isn't really a good way to go about solving that problem that I can think of.
  5. Hadralt

    PVP[Guide] Subtlety Rogue Patch 4.3.4 (Updated)

    I just prefer to have more energy for saps/stunlocking over the extra crit. Also I stopped keeping up with this guide long ago so that is why it says crit. I have experimented with going back to haste but all I notice is slow energy regen and it gets boring.
  6. Hadralt

    Greetings! A quick question.

    Sounds like you want to be challenged and to use cc, queue 3s :D
  7. Hadralt

    Unfinished project.

    Very nice, you play DK on another level and are quite decent at priest too. Thanks for that last match as well, that made my day haha!
  8. Hadralt

    4.3.4 Raid modes

    If they add raid finder later it will still get plenty of use from pvpers and alts of pvers.
  9. Hadralt

    PvP season rewards

    You beat RMP as FM resto /clap Only reason they played any games on my acc was because i was out of town and needed just 1 game. Not like i got piloted the whole way just a tad bit carried since I started in the team when it was 0 rating and was offered a spot to stay why not. Also like I even tried, literally was playing for fun in that team then it was top rated overnight kek. Nice try to shut me down tho (JK weak). PS: Speaking of wintraders on this topic, How are your RBGs?
  10. Hadralt

    PvP season rewards

    imho people are just a tad jelous this rogue has been able to get 6 r1s and just cant be stopped. Everyone uses even the smallest things to create drama because they are bored and have no hope for r1 until he is gone.
  11. Hadralt

    [Answered] Normal Server

    My advice is L2P
  12. Hadralt

    3v3 Arenas

    I love 3s but most of the newbies on this server only try in 2s and the ones in 3s are bads dodging any real team so they get titles. If you q up 3s and let ppl know the r1 players are sure to snipe you for some rating. Sad but true, wish it were different.
  13. Hadralt

    [Answered] A possible solution to low lv ganking

    Wpvp is a big part of wow and it has been and always will be in the game. If you dont want to pvp while leveling then choose an alternative such as RDF.
  14. Hadralt

    Coming Soon...

  15. Hadralt

    Arty 1

    Cant really help that its a private server and we dont have to most skilled players doing pvp. Not Arty's fault really.