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  1. Sniprep


    Exactly like Axelito wrote, but I'll add that this will give a lot of bad reputation and you have 2 outcomes; 1st: That people are not gonna join the server because this is unfair and abysmal. 2nd: It's gonna attract more cheating. Again edit: Biggest mistake is letting people go. Letting people go and then wanting them to come back is not the way. You should have tried to always keep the players, guess it's to late now...
  2. Sniprep


    Unban IPs but not the accounts. As other pointed out, this won't bring players back (okay, maybe 2-3) so It's just unnecessary. "Disagree" from me, cheers.
  3. Sniprep


    I wanna be frind
  4. Hi uh do you know when the Mists of Pandaria Server is gonna open?


  5. Sniprep

    Post "Best RBG score" :D

    Prophet Tona preached of the days that this topic will be actually funny like it is today !
  6. Sniprep

    Post "Best RBG score" :D

    @Parabøla Here he pretended to not exist at all
  7. Sniprep

    Hunter Cataclysm BIS Gear

    Since it's gonna take a while till I update/re-write my bad hunter guide I'll just drop this part here since it's finished; Pre-T11-T12-T13 Contains BIS gear with reforge/gem/enchant info for every content patch and pre-raiding. Should prolly be in handy for someone on this realm and defo for people on the new one. Cheers
  8. Sniprep

    The future of Atlantiss

    As I've mentioned before, I approve of this idea. Said it then and now again; This is the ultimate move to boost ATS population and quality itself. I really don't care about what happens to Dragonwrath after the new realm opens, tbh I know that it will die out really quickly. Fresh realm will also bring more involvement in development. As everyone could see during past few years that main priority was always the upcoming content, as it is now again with DS HC. This new realm as said in the main post will open the gates for everything to have priority since it will be that same "upcoming content". Twilight Highlands, Vash'jir, Old World content, Polishing (Nopunintended) of the already working content, bringing 4.0 Dungeons quality on pair with 4.3 one and so on. So, just keep up with the good work.
  9. Sniprep

    Post "Best RBG score" :D

    питер воулд сеј итс фотошопед
  10. Sniprep

    [A] [ENG] [PVE/PVP/GYM] Fitness Models

  11. Sniprep

    Show me ur UI :)

  12. Sniprep

    game wont save settings

    Reinstall WoW into some other directory than "C:\Program Files(x86)"
  13. Sniprep

    XP rate optimization

    This carp still going on and warriors are not top dps 🤔