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  1. Well that reward sucked balls xD
  2. Just go to your book and unlearn the specialization u got atm on the profession not the profession the specialization only relog and it should fix the issue then unlearn the second specialization u also learned and learn back only 1 and it should fix the issue
  3. Happened to me when I learned potion master and I could learn also a bonus specialization bugged quest.After ive done it I had the same issue unlearned the spec specializacion and it got back to normal but u can still open your profession with command so check your options what u gonna do
  4. Dont worrye after season end the Horde will have me and probably couple people also on horde side to serve the Dark Lady and rape swagalliance
  5. GG = good going
  6. Already finished the chain quests killing dragon bosses till you dont get to the last one and enter emerald dream and kill a druid the reward is 40 badges and https://www.warcraftpets.com/wow-pets/magic/jeweled-companions/zipao-tiger/ companion.You gonna need probably for best effect 30 people get 5 healers 2 tanks rest dps should do it easy.
  7. I wanted to go Priest because I dunno, but then I realized I don't like cloth. thats what he told xD
  8. Resto druid are not quite behind than other healers I played myself a rdruid in PVE and I can tell you its rly fun, you just need some knowledge about your healing rotation and should be fine. Paladin is quite boring I have one,priest is good but since you dont like cloth GG,shamans are retarded yes retarded.So your choice is dudu hf
  9. Hhahaha that old thing xD never actualy managed to finish a movie of my own but there are others who made one with me ft in it
  10. Try to send a email on support@atlantiss.eu with your issue will probably help more than wisping on forums.Ranor is pretty busy mostly
  11. Arms warrior easy xD gg
  12. 200k and we has a deal :P!!!
  13. Jebiga buraz igra se tournament i sad ce kraj sezone uskoro mora se title pokupiti ako uspijem dobiti na oba bracketa r1 uzet 2 gladiatora title i end season treci haha
  14. Sta se radi bagro poz haha
  15. That doesnt help me hahaha