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  1. DTR nerf

    As mutch as I recall it was already nerfed before when blink was around so yeah GG :D
  2. [H][EN][PvP] GIT GUT™

    Why did playson get kicked :D
  3. Playson being toxic

    Can we get some proffesionals involved into this issue xD
  4. Playson being toxic

    As you can see his toxicity gave him also belly beer :D https://imgur.com/a/Ew0Bt
  5. Playson being toxic

    I can confirm.Playson was a good pal of mine aswell till he didnt fall in the darkness of the PVP titles so I beg the atlantiss staff to make the right choice and remove the title from him so we can bring Playson back to his normal state.
  6. thanks for be r1 right now <3 

    1. Quodan


      Np going for INHALES HA! xD today since Atlantiss doesn't have any good PVP arena side population anymore and becouse I got perma cos of swim haha hope to see you again sometimes call me on skype dude hahaha :D <3.

  7. My wedding today :D wish me good luck peeps hahaha.

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    2. Debtheøne


      R.I.P Quodan 

      jk best wishes to both of you my murloc friend!!:D

    3. vc93


      RIP Quodan's Life

    4. Kabashpowa


      little Quodans incominggggg :D <3

  8. Gdje ste forumaši, imali li Vas ?

    Ima nas uvijek :P hahahha gdje god odes mora balkanca biti
  9. [9111] Summon Gargoyle

    Too bad was fun fearing gargo hahah
  10. Gdje ste forumaši, imali li Vas ?

    Jebiga buraz igra se tournament i sad ce kraj sezone uskoro mora se title pokupiti ako uspijem dobiti na oba bracketa r1 uzet 2 gladiatora title i end season treci haha
  11. Gdje ste forumaši, imali li Vas ?

    Sta se radi bagro poz haha
  12. Developer Update #2

    Happy to see some progress :D Liked
  13. Question about tbc server testers: Is the apply still available for it and if it is where to apply ? thx
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    2. IK0Nv2


      Here you can find it. As always. http://atlantiss.eu/news/view/194

      Dont know if its still available tho.
    3. Quodan


      Thx already sended today to ranor a PM with Application for it
    4. Quodan


      Cba how he stops playing overwatch and answers since last Pms I sended over 20 days ago never got answered rofl :D