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  1. Gdje ste forumaši, imali li Vas ?

    Ima nas uvijek :P hahahha gdje god odes mora balkanca biti
  2. New discovery

  3. New discovery

  4. Arty vs Archelion ?!!?

    Love is in the air hahah
  5. New discovery

    Hahhahaha the drama is real xD
  6. Arty vs Archelion ?!!?

    That was Cold blooodeeed
  7. Arty vs Archelion ?!!?

    The drama is real around here hahahahaha :D I go on vacation for 1 week and boom !!
  8. Rakrakk 4 Enhancement PvP Movie

    Nothing with me /cry
  9. Final answer, afk in bg = ban?

    Yes you can do that if you dont give a cheeze about others Even when losing I mostly just do what I can cos its just a gg.But still if I have to go to finish something for a while just leave bg deserter isn't that long and it will pass till you finish what you has to do
  10. The Best Of Each Class

    Who xD
  11. The Best Of Each Class

    The names I say doesnt mean that its better than the others I will just put the people I think are fine playing the class. DK- Valrath,Smite,Reapy Priest- Insanebraha,Playson,Irelander/Debtheone so far that I saw in action Mage- Blinkmaster so far the best challenge I had as a mage on Atlantiss and ofc Kabash ftw haha Warr- Brokenshards,Elannwtf,Hege,Tona,Bruteforce Druid- Boguruzica,Kaori,Nikkz,Kaspii bg hero 4x healers carrye my ass hahah , Django , Shaie ,Aviann and couple other cant remember Rogue- Lingu ,Arty,Demonhunter,Hatedlol aka boostedlol skippylol and some others. Hunter- Damo miakhalifa Felkon or feukon hardwolfz cant remember some others. Shaman- Rakrakk the real one, Bustyplz , Khronos , Andronicus,champk,maklowicz and there are couple more eles and couple others i forgot Paladin- Winganx and Imperius,calypto so far xD and couple others that I forgot Warlock- Drpressure,fearyourself,swapnfap and couple others i forgot I still got plenty in my mind but the list is a bit big so so far this would be nuff XD and dont worrye I didnt forget some others in my hearth <3
  12. You gonna find alot of good PVE guild specialty on Horde side cos they cleared 1 the end content beside that cataclysm FL and DS raids aren't that fun compared to previous expansions but still if you are into PVE have fun
  13. Heroic Ragnaros Experienced Players Click Here

    Beside that the only problem is to find 25 competent half brained people that needs to watch 1 time a fight of a boss on youtube and have the half brain to position and do dps properly
  14. Heroic Ragnaros Experienced Players Click Here

    All you need for this is just some good geared peeps and that have half clue on what to do nothing else
  15. Heroic Ragnaros Experienced Players Click Here

    Cos people dont have half brain to kill it thats the max thats required to land it .