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  1. [A] [PvE/PL] Immortal Legion

    OFC you should see my deadly dmg on Ragna 25 hc so op they had to replace me hahhahaha xD Quodan > PVE
  2. [Answered] Normal Server

    Damn PVE dragonslayers get used that you are not immune to be ganked outside raids and in the whole maps we PVP lords will be waiting for your HC gears and kill you hahahah :D <3
  3. My wedding today :D wish me good luck peeps hahaha.

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    2. Debtheøne


      R.I.P Quodan 

      jk best wishes to both of you my murloc friend!!:D

    3. vc93


      RIP Quodan's Life

    4. Kabashpowa


      little Quodans incominggggg :D <3

  4. Legendary or Quodan?

    I would pick quodan hahaha :D
  5. So this is supposed to be a 2,7k Thug

    Yes Debthone tell them xD
  6. So this is supposed to be a 2,7k Thug

    Beside this you can also pay a bonus and get guided by professionals get carryed to glad service!Macros and guides for r1 easy life!!!
  7. So this is supposed to be a 2,7k Thug

    Nerf ferals :D hahahha
  8. Arty 1

    True story rshaman gods healers :D
  9. Server population

    Most people got already BiS items and FL HC completed so they just waiting for new content.But still 4.0.6 in my opinion was better than 4.3 FL/DS in many perspectives.
  10. World of Warcrafts Top Notch Players

    Blame the warriorrsssss xD hahahhaha Slowfall slowfall slowfall slowfall slowfall slowfall
  11. Regarding Justice Points

    People mostly to RHC for Valor cap Justice points arent rly that strong beside that you can always get yourself a group to farm full bosses in RHC :D When you complete a random HC dungeon you can do the same dungeon HC tommorow not in the same day again I think.But if u complete every HC for that day you can always farm JP on normal dungeons goes pretty fast up.
  12. Ragnaros drop chances

    Lovely dragonslaying RNG drop god please land me a variable hahah :D
  13. Is this ok?

    Well seems like you didnt play retail in arena avoiding to get gouged backstabbed or ambushed or garroted by backpeddaling or hugging wall its a normal thing never was punishable or bannable dunno what you are talking about :D
  14. Gdje ste forumaši, imali li Vas ?

    Ima nas uvijek :P hahahha gdje god odes mora balkanca biti