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  1. Quodan

    Mage raiding situation

    Sorry cant see it coming after custom nerf and trying to fix it with blizz ways afterwards xD
  2. Quodan

    Mage raiding situation

    PVE lords.... Lets not forget that fire is already nerfed shitloads compared to other classes.Maybe you guys should worrye how Warrior,feral,rogue,ret dmg is currently working 😄
  3. Quodan


  4. Quodan


    Atlantiss needs to finaly realize that if they want a server with better population and profit they need to step out of the road of Blizzlike.By that I dont mean adding custom retarded stuff but some things that will improve the server and make players enjoy the stay. Example: Improve Exp rate - Nobody wants to lvl blizzlike its the most retarded thing to do after many years that cataclysm has passed if they want blizzlike enable them the option to pick 1x xp rate:Gm command,NPC ingame , Forum option doesnt rly matter. Enable transfers from other servers - Why not ? By doing this you will improve the server population becouse people are always looking for new servers to go after they get bored of the old one.IF you think giving people lvl 80 or 85 chars on transfer is bad becouse other people had to lvl for it in my perspective you should be more worried on how to make the server alive not to look to some random people getting mad.Mol10 and Monster did it and nobody bother and they have a good population and no one is complaining. Improve the shop - Improve the shop put more mounts heirlooms character boost lvl stuff that helps people and things that can make you profit aswell lets face it monsterwow/Warmane has some more advanced shop options and people will always spend money we saw that already from old mol10/Warmane people play there becouse they know they can get easyer lvls and other things by paying.Im not saying you should enable the option for people to get full end gear but something should be added maybe. Enable maybe crossfaction PVP,PVE - I lvled a warlock alt and it took me some while aswell on RAF becouse the ques on lower lvls was dead.The PVP ques are dead and people would profit on low lvl also bgs and dungeons from it. Dont take this message as server advertising thx.
  5. Quodan

    Rank1 Druid for sell

    Bogu staphhhhh what u doing lately didnt see you forever around hahahaha was just smiling fuuuu
  6. Quodan

    Rank1 Druid for sell

  7. Quodan


    Why dude!No one can change your position as PvP GM 😞 You was the best PvP GM Atlantiss ever had.If any1 did anything for PvP that was you...Wish you good luck anyway.
  8. Quodan

    Stream section on Atlantiss.eu

    I am sadly no one has the golds to buy it. Meh...
  9. Quodan

    Stream section on Atlantiss.eu

    Add mine www.twitch.tv/quodanfire PVP arenas world pvp and bgs
  10. Quodan

    XP rate optimization

    Sadly we talk about the population of the server,even in the store you got the book of complaints/compliments so you can give your idea to the staff of the store hahaha 😄
  11. Quodan

    Stream section on Atlantiss.eu

    We shall see need to drink something aswell 😛
  12. Quodan

    Stream section on Atlantiss.eu

    Lovely idea +1 on this one 😄
  13. Quodan

    XP rate optimization

    No one even told anything about gearing the lvling process is retarded.They should just enable on account options to enable XP rates if any1 wants to "enjoy" blizz rate lvling to enable x1 if not to change to x more end of story I dont see why people are so stupid to actualy not see that the server population is > prio than actualy following blizz rates.Atlantiss needs to focus to make the server enjoyable for current and new people that are coming instead of tryharding blizzlike.Im not talking about putting custom items or anything like that but they should enable transfers from other servers and increase the XP rate for lvling. Edit:People are tired of Leveling this is 2018 and many players already lvled many times to 85 even today couple of friends from Warmane that came here on Atlantiss told that its crap to Lvl and that its sad that there is not a option for transfer chars from other servers.
  14. Quodan

    XP rate optimization

    U gonna realise eventualy that crying about not beign blizzlike is the most retarded thing any guy could do its private and if you want more population on the server means adapting into some changes...
  15. Quodan

    XP rate optimization

    They can always implant a option to choose for yourself if you wanna realy feel the blizz rates or just go 5x