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  1. WTS one of the rarest accounts on Atlantiss

    Good account and good partner from old seasons on Atlantiss!!Wish him good luck selling this accounts becouse they are worth it.
  2. Gladiator mounts

    http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Deadly_Gladiator's_Frostwyrm for me. <3
  3. Interview with Emil, winner of the 3v3 tournament

    Parody at its finest :D
  4. Legendary saff and DB

    That bugtracker was on 2016 xD fo
  5. Legendary saff and DB

    The staff shouldnt DR breath and it shouldnt even copy the Buff of pyroblast on target that means. IF you get a copy of pyro spell from staff that pyroblast should only hit the dmg on target without leaving any dots of ignite or pyroblast that means aswell for breath it should copy only dmg not DR it
  6. Hardest PvP class

    DK is hardest class try to survive :D
  7. [H][En/PvP] FATALITY

    Ill be joining soon on horde with my main hope to get VIP jk jk jk haha
  8. Tell me that doesn't sounds like hypocrisy... :P 


  9. About PvP or Normal server type

    Its not rly about PVP players also overall even PVE lords go to gank low people.Also I dont find it good to gank overall low lvls but if any1 tells on global to kill some higher lvls than him camping the player I always come for the help :D
  10. About PvP or Normal server type

    Feelsbad that you dont enjoy world PVP the old vanilla style not everything is about bgs and couple pvp zones my friend.World PVP overall is always something different compared to sit the same bgs and PVP zones.
  11. About PvP or Normal server type

    "you can always pvp in every zone with any player that have turned on the PVP flag no matter what zone it is." LOL I have to sit and watch couple 85s out of flag PVP not beign able to kill them and wait for a guy that will come under PVP flagged or attack me to kill him... AMAZING please shut up and stop talking thats the best logical thing for you to do.I played retail PVE server on the beginning and its shit overall.You can stay in the mid of 10 enemys that are out of PVP flag and they will just pass near you and laugh at you and there is nothing you can do till they dont attack you first.Pointless in my perspective to even think about PVE realm.
  12. About PvP or Normal server type

    Yes i like to gank low people :P
  13. About PvP or Normal server type

    Ive been playing on Atlantiss since 4.0.6 2014-2015,many years my friend and to tell you that 4.0.6 PVP was more fun with 300 cap people than currently situation what makes you think about it?Im sorry but you maybe lissening to the community but you aint doing anything about it! Blizzard N2 making the same mistake. "Its about people who prefer to level up differently" is this for real ? You would actualy lissen to couple of low lvl baboons crying "I cant lvl they killing me" or some guy "Cant do daily quests without getting butthurt in a PVP zone"?and taking it in consideration instead of like 90% of the PVP community that talked about PVP on other topics srsly???If you already want a hardcore PVE realm disable PVP totaly since currently its fucked up as it is but I guess you dont see that becouse you are not into the PVP situations like most of the other PVP players are. Im not aswell your enemy but my friend you have to put yourself into the skin of the current PVP situation to talk about this kind of things and by the looks of it you are not into PVP that mutch...
  14. About PvP or Normal server type

    Im sorry to say this to the Atlantiss Staff but you should be lissening more to the community about PVP situation of the server.We already talked about crossfaction PVP and that alot of players WANT IT becouse it would bring more ques for bgs and more active PVP did you do anything about it ? No....Now we even gave the option in the same topic to reduce the que people limit required to force a bg pop and that aswell was IGNORED.Lately we even noticed alot of major changings into PVP scaling spells,Abilitys that was working correctly before now its even more bugged.What is happening ???
  15. About PvP or Normal server type

    Its not only about STV if I go to durotar to gank people from PVP I wont be able to do it becouse couple of low lvls cry about getting killed by lvl 85s.Speechless.....