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  1. Razghul 85 Mage PvP Movie (World PvP/Bg)

    Hahhaha Razghul used to played on Outland Eu back in cata retail when I also played he was back then one of few mages who was stacking haste like I did.As you can see on his video in some fights without warp he has a 1.2 sec cast scorch and without 25% haste its impossible to reach that kind of cast :D Feelsgood to see again his godlike moves from cataclysm and our duels...GG Razghul :D
  2. thanks for be r1 right now <3 

    1. Quodan


      Np going for INHALES HA! xD today since Atlantiss doesn't have any good PVP arena side population anymore and becouse I got perma cos of swim haha hope to see you again sometimes call me on skype dude hahaha :D <3.

  3. PvP Hunter on Atlantiss

    Use swim speed make him swim half sea and then he shall obey you!You have to show him you mean business hahaha :D
  4. [Answered] reporting gold scammer

    Menstruacija is a cancer spreader on world chat pretty popular :D so y never trust a menstrual name guy ever again ahaha
  5. The Best Of Each Class

  6. PVP Mage

    -Mages are ok PVP-wise both specs you will have only a bit stressfull time with pet cos its pool HP the rest should be fine. -Human racial is mostly good for frost for fire isnt big deal with this current patch content so if you plan to go fire you free to choose I would recommend elf worgen goblin troll best fire but still undead > all on looks xD Blazing speed procs alot xD yes indeed my friend Rng ftw same like for impact.Dmg is fine combustion still isn't scaling near as it did on Retail and AT.
  7. Server Events Discussion

    I would like to see the shop market finaly out of beta maybe reward the atlantiss community that has higher lvls in shop with better items discounts etc.Also would like to see new items.Its sad that the topic for new items in shop isnt added in the shop after the community was talking in it for so long.As for events dont know rly last time wasnt that mutch big deal people was expecting some shop or something to spend the badges they recieved but ended on gaining some vote points /cry.Still hope Atlantiss will get some idea in the end what to do /cheer
  8. [H][EN][PvP] GIT GUT™

    GIT GUT Kaspii moved to horde xD?
  9. The Best Of Each Class

    Hahahahha yes tell us the truth behind the scenes
  10. Get ganked yes xD World PvP ftw
  11. Hey, how's the server?

    Ds is still not released only Hours of twilight and ye you didnt miss mutch :D
  12. [A] [PvE/PL] Immortal Legion

    OFC you should see my deadly dmg on Ragna 25 hc so op they had to replace me hahhahaha xD Quodan > PVE
  13. [Answered] Normal Server

    Damn PVE dragonslayers get used that you are not immune to be ganked outside raids and in the whole maps we PVP lords will be waiting for your HC gears and kill you hahahah :D <3
  14. My wedding today :D wish me good luck peeps hahaha.

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      R.I.P Quodan 

      jk best wishes to both of you my murloc friend!!:D

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      RIP Quodan's Life

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      little Quodans incominggggg :D <3