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  1. Piklo19

    Stuck at realm window

    server is online, but you cant login because auth crashed
  2. Piklo19

    Stuck at realm window

  3. Piklo19

    Stuck at realm window

    server is dead and is no longer supported
  4. Piklo19

    Time to say goodbye

    just login?
  5. Piklo19


  6. Piklo19

    Ideas to get new PLayer on the Server

    fresh cata realm was announced some time ago, but due to tbc release fresh cata is not current priority. Imo there is almost no way to bring new people on old realm, especially with blizzlike rule. I wouldnt like to level new char on dead realm with x1 exp or even x3 with raf, especially when i know that the only thing I can do is ds once a week, and from what i know, many people wouldnt like to do this also. Some people wanted to play T11 again, thats why fresh cata was announced, but manpower is limited, so fresh wont be released any time soon
  7. Piklo19

    Ideas to get new PLayer on the Server

    its not that easy, you cant just get new players on 6 years old cata realm that is already progressed with dead pvp
  8. Piklo19


    then ask gms for help
  9. Piklo19


    you have to complete prequests to deepholm
  10. Piklo19

    Tol Barad Queue obviously bugged

    if you only wanted to inform ANYONE then you would make post on bugtracker, this thread will be moved to archive and nothing will change.
  11. Piklo19

    Tol Barad Queue obviously bugged

    bugtracker is for tracking bugs, so they can be fixed once someone will have time / would like to fix it, its better than asking players if something is bugged. If something would be really gamebreaking then they would fix it wow trolls in internet, new here? Also not everyone can answer all questions so sometimes you have to wait for someone who can answer it what we can do, all we can is say you that bugs should be reported on bugtracker not here depends from ticket, never had to wait more than 30 minutes so. If your problem requires someone with more GM power then it may take more time if it makes your day, then who is a troll?
  12. Piklo19

    Tol Barad Queue obviously bugged

    reading forum is not a part of developers job
  13. Piklo19

    Tol Barad Queue obviously bugged

    forum is not a place for reporting bugs, if you wont report it on bugtracker then it wont be fixed. this topic will be forgotten and wont change anything, if you will report it on bugtracker, then even if you would stop playing here, there will be report, and maybe someday it will be fixed
  14. Piklo19

    Tol Barad Queue obviously bugged

    https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/3811291462 if you think it's really bugged then report it on bugtracker