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  1. Crossfaction BG's

    So if, for example, a law is being passed in a country, for example that Net Neutrality shenanigan in USA, people should stop talking about it, because it's going to be enforced soon anyway? What kind of argument is that anyway dude...
  2. [H][PL/PvE] Keepers of Ulduar

    Kurcze Pelekon to wyczyść to od posta Kozaka w dół przynajmniej, bo takie RIP KoU z nikąd też jest bez sensu :P
  3. Crossfaction BG's

    Because: 1. There are not enough players 2. Even if somehow the stars align, normal people have to deal with retards on twinks, so they will quit the current bg to not waste time and not queue anymore Blizzard solved the second issue "a bit", by having the game run for 10+ years and everyone having heirlooms anyway. The "blizzlike" argument is just stupid. It's a restriction that Atlantiss staff have put on themselves and makes no sense. People do not play here to warp back in time. People play here to have fun for fucks sake.
  4. Crossfaction BG's

    You cannot be serious xD
  5. 4.3.4 Raid modes

    LFR is a waste of time for a private server. That's my two cents on the matter.
  6. [H][PL/PvE] Keepers of Ulduar

    Odpowiem tylko na to, żeby nie robić bałaganu. Nie. Jeśli stoisz odpowiednio daleko od wybuchu to nic Ci nie będzie. Healerzy używają CD dlatego, że tickuje dmg w momencie jak meteor wbity jest w ziemię i gracze są blisko niego, bo chcą go zniszczyć, a nie dlatego, bo jest wybuch. Obojętnie czy użyjesz Dreama czy nie, efekt jest ten sam, bo się po prostu nic nie dzieje.
  7. [H][PL/PvE] Keepers of Ulduar

    We are innocent. Proof below. https://tinyurl.com/DSMadnessProof
  8. I feel like again, we are restraining ourselves from having rational and FUN system just because of the arbitrary rule of WE NEED TO BE BLIZZLIKE. Previous looting system was perfect - there was a high chance that everyone got something from the raid. Having 3 shields from Warmaster is an instant waste of item slot. Please stop blindly obeying this blizzlike rule - you make your server less fun to play on!
  9. You must be fucking kidding me...
  10. Why do we get 3 daggers from Hagara, 3 shields from Warmaster, 2 healing trinkets from Yor'Sahj etc... Who thought it's a good idea to duplicate the loot?
  11. I just redid the whole installation process and had no problems whatsoever - thanks for updating the guide!
  12. ### Request for Transmogrification ###

    And this is just stupid. It's a private server, and we restrain ourselves because it's not B L I Z Z L I K E. Where's the fun in that?...
  13. World chat toxicity today

    I'm done.
  14. Show me ur UI :)

    I understand that clicking is a matter of... playstyle, but why do you have duplicated icons is something I cannot understand.
  15. Just wanted to feel better

    Finally something original for April Fools. Thanks.