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  1. Consider banning "Ninja" players

    We don't have strong community on ATS. Claiming that someone is a ninja and then posting several screenshots won't help. People tend to forget about such stuff very easily. Same goes for shits that clear 5/7 bosses on FL just to kill Shannox and leave (*wink wink* Haddis) or dudes from Symphony of War that can kick you from Ulduar runs just because you want to talk and they "don't like you". You can have eeevery stupid or good reason to flame someone, but (thankfully) it doesn't matter in grand scheme of things. You have to solve such problems yourself, which is a very good thing. Have a problem with raids - join a guild, go with a premade, problem solved! Want to go on a pug? Well, keep in mind the possible cost, for example not getting an item, and just roll with it. Personally I used pug runs mainly to get stuff for legendary staff, but I did the mistake of going on pug and expecting it to run smoothly and in friendly atmosphere. They are simply too chaotic.
  2. 4.3.4 Raid modes

    What's the point of having "content" where you just go into the raid and kill dummies? You can gear up on FL, you don't need DS LFR
  3. Bugged bosses solution.

    IMO they should just implement the loot in these bosses, and if they want to test new devs, just tell them to script the boss. Whatever the new programmer would do, there's still this dummy with loot which is what everyone is waiting for since fucking eternity. Oh sorry, I forgot, we can suck essences from Alysrazor HC, after 11 months. I just demand too much from developers. Let's wait another 11 months for nameplates above Molten Elementals. Yeah, that's a good pace to have for fixing stuff that people actually care about.
  4. Bugged bosses solution.

    Wishful thinking. Our dogged devs won't give a fuck unless it's blizzlike. It doesn't matter that you will kill RoS for example 3 times in your life, and each time you'll ignore the strats anyways because of overgearing. It has to be B L I Z Z L I K E. It was requested many times and it was ignored the same amount of times.
  5. [Tutorial] Optimal Source Stripper Guide

    Fantastic guide. I enjoyed it a lot :P
  6. A Warlock guide for Firelands

    armory + screens pls EDIT: sent, thx
  7. [A] [PvE/PL] Immortal Legion

    Fucking haters. Not my fault some people cannot Soulburn -> Summon Succubus -> Whiplash on transitions or 2nd phase when it's needed :(
  8. Is warrior worth it?

    PvE: Arms has very good DPS, Fury has ok DPS, Prot requires items (proper trinkets) and is harder to play than other tanks + even if you master it, you won't get better results than other tanks ( at least on T12, T13 might change that :) ) The most important thing is - don't get discouraged by casters with legendaries. Melee classes will get to their level on DS, or at least the difference between the two won't be so big as on firelands. I love playing casual RHCs with my warrior (Arms). It's just so fun cleaving THE SHIT OUT OF EVERYTHING THAT GETS UNDER YOUR BLADE. YOU JUST POUNCE AND WRECK 'EM PUNY MORTALS WITH YOUR FUCKING SAVAGERY BOUND INTO YOUR little sweet gnome soul :3. Yes, I like it. 10/10 would recommend the class.
  9. Instancja Gnomeregan

    Gdyby Gnomeregan nie działało, to by Pumpek nie istniał. I wszystko nagle okazuje się oczywiste.
  10. Lets talk about love

    Please write a ticket in-game and wait for GM to respond. :)
  11. A Warlock guide for Firelands

    As Affliction, you refresh Bane of Doom once per 45s (without factoring Demon Soul), to snap it with volcano proc and power torrent. That gives way bigger INT gain than Rune + tailoring proc. Back in the day you could snap it with tailoring and power torrent at the same time, which was an affliction heaven <3 Mastery is not that bad as people paint it to be. Don't forget that it buffs Drain Soul too, which results in similar DPS increase as with crit (yes, channeling spells are treated as dots too). I don't know what simcraft says about it, but I know what recount on ATS says :P
  12. A Warlock guide for Firelands

    I am yet to see a very good Affliction lock with Rune of Zeth. I never understood why people choose this trinket in favor of DMC:V. For me, it looks like a blind interpretation of Retail, where Rune of Zeth could be upgraded to HC version. I understand, that Tailoring enchant fix nerfed DMC:V in regard to DoT snapshotting, but still, I haven't seen any admirable DPS by someone with aforementioned trinket. Overall it's a very good guide for beginners to intermediate players. If someone wants to master the Warlock, then one has to dwell into many caveats that were not described in this guide, and there are plenty of them.
  13. Ragnaros drop chances

    That's amusing when people write that they killed rag 20+ times on a given character and saw no capacitor :p
  14. [A] [PvE/PL] Immortal Legion

    BTW, if any warrior wants to know how does it feel to drop mastery/haste back from Al'Akir 25 - PM me... ._. ;)