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  1. [H][PL/PvE] Keepers of Ulduar

    Przepraszam Jedyne co mogę dodać od siebie to: Ranor ma otwarte okienko z whispem do Cplusplusa - WoW jest napisany w C++ = przypadek? Zastanówcie się...
  2. Raid icons are getting better and better

    I only told you that you can download one, lightweight addon to fix your problem. If you are going to overexaggerate, then I suppose you are more fond of whining than actualy helping yourself. With that attitude I can only tell you, that you can write about it on BugTracker, forums won't help. Better choice of words might help too - there's no such thing as "raid icon". What you are referring to are raid frames. If single addon breaks your computer, then maybe it's time to stop playing on a potato? I'm out.
  3. Raid icons are getting better and better

    Have you ever considered using addons? Grid, Xperl (or whatever it is called), Shadowed Unit Frames, Healbot... From my experience Grid's the best and it solves every problem you've listed.
  4. BiS gear without PvE items

    You can play every class with PvP items only. You have to exclude casters, as they have the legendary staff from a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong quest chain. Same will happen to rogues in the next patch. Other than that you don't need PvE items.
  5. Holy Paladin PoV in FL heroic!

    Thank god you had that interrupt bar thingy in the middle of the screen. It reminded me of the time when Elann was so caring to use Flares on Ragnaros, so that noone would gank us
  6. How to change my skin?

    yes, but you need dem vote pointz
  7. [PL/PVE] The Old Camp

    spóźnione ale szczere gratulacje, bez śmieszków!
  8. [Eng][Pve]Symphony of War

    that swiftmend with link the choice of music is... how would you say it... LIT
  9. [Eng][Pve]Symphony of War

    @Sniprepgodx Well... Typical DPS. Nothing crazy
  10. [Answered] Give us a way to hide enchant particles.

    This doesn't solve the problem at all...
  11. Questions

    Just search for stuff you want to know about. If you think that someone is going to serve you everything on a plate, you are wrong. We can help you with stuff that's altered on our server, but if you have more general questions, Google will suffice.
  12. [Answered] Give us a way to hide enchant particles.

    Well, no. This change could be performed on the server and the particles would be invisible for everyone.
  13. [Answered] Give us a way to hide enchant particles.

    I would like to see it too, along with being able to transmog legendary staves into something else, but I guess that it won't get implemented, because - in that case unfortunately - it's "not blizzlike". Even placing a dummy boss with loot just for xmogs is too much for the dev team (which works perfectly on vanilla TC server by the way). I guess being blizzlike is more important, than being fun.
  14. Adddony

    Google -> heal bot cataclysm -> pierwszy link https://wow.curseforge.com/projects/heal-bot-continued/files/606574 Google -> deadly boss mods -> trzeci link https://wow.curseforge.com/projects/deadly-boss-mods/files/608290 Ostatni addon pozostawię jako ćwiczenie dla zainteresowanego... C:
  15. Imp problem

    It should work only since level 10. If you can control the demon on lower levels, that might be an indication of a minor bug On 10th level you get Control Demons, as stated by Luneth. Just for the record, hunters' pets behave the same.