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  1. DAMIAN DAMIAN ZA B... a nie, to nie ta gildia. Życzę powodzenia!
  2. Shit. I lived my whole life thinking otherwise
  3. Isn't it the most important thing after all? There was once a bug, that enabled whole raid to have additional 5% critical strike chance - of course it was fun, but that was unbelievably broken. T10 prepull is not that significant, so it would be better to just ignore it.
  4. I'm not criticising your approach. I just like to look at my nickname, because well... For me, it makes the character feel unique, because it's actually named and it's not just another troll, goblin etc. in the world Whatever floats your boat though.
  5. For me it's easier to target people when I see that they have green text over their head. Maybe it's weird, but it helps me during encounters. I agree that it makes little sense during raids, but hey, there's a game outside instances too!
  6. What's wrong with it?
  7. I wonder why do you even care about this. It only increases your e-penis ever so slightly on Baleroc, Majordomo and Baradin Hold. It is not a game breaking bug and it's just another way for people to actually have fun. It's not like you can surpass whole boss mechanic and it has zero impact on the PvP. The only hard boss on Firelands is Ragnaros, on which you cannot abuse this "bug". If you can't do the rest, even 100% damage buff for 30 seconds won't help you. However, if people could increase Combustion's damage on Alysrazor by 18% with this set... Oh sorry, it's a non-important boss too. There's no boss on which this gives a significant damage boost. Period.
  8. Time to spam Vajtalaij's set is the one I like the most because of it's simplicity and how colors blend together rather nicely. For me, it's a perfect mix of being a hunter and an engineer My shaman, Barboux, has two sets. Most of the time, I spend in my T6s. I would gather a third set, but I am tired of asking developers to enable Reliquary of Souls As a bonus, I added a transmog which I want to get for a resto spec, when Dragon Soul's released Riljaman has a minimalistic set too, mix of Wrathful shoulders and T12 normal pieces. Lastly, there's my Warlock, which always reminds me of good times spent on Sunwell server with guild CHAOSPHERE BUT, driven by a lust of progress, he had to go to Alliance... and that's why he's now turned into the only playable race in Alliance... GNOME The only pure Alliance character I have is Pumpek! I adore this little bugger and he brings a very childish form of happiness into my small family of characters I wouldn't recommend angering him though...
  9. Yes, although you have to cope with a lot of Polish talking We speak to foreigners in English, but we won't talk to each other exclusively in English just because we have an English speaker in a group.
  10. To raczej my Ciebie witamy Nie znam co prawda żadnej gildii dla początkujących, ale jeśli masz jakiekolwiek pytania to chętnie na nie odpowiem w grze (nicki w stópce) albo na TeamSpeaku Atlantissa - -> burbon. Dużo częściej można mnie właśnie zastać na TS. Życzę sprawnego znalezienia miejsca dla siebie EDIT: W przymierzu wywęszyłem jakąś gildię Mroczny Znak, rekrutują początkujących graczy
  11. IMO you should drop Focused Insight. It doesn't help in the beginning too much, and you'd rather want to spend these points on something more constructive. Not to mention the fact, that the talent doesn't grant full bonus to healing that it should. Totemic Focus is a really good option, even a must-have. You have all the mandatory talents, so everything else is up to your playstyle
  12. I think that video is big enough of a punishment for him
  13. Thanks for keeping our mutual hatred private
  14. You can clearly see that developers work on dungeons. Give them some time
  15. How about not getting triggered when someone's not complementing you all the time? I thought we can all have their own opinions. I just made a friendly remark in which I tried to be constructive to any degree, but you had to make such a stupid, nonsensical comment that adds nothing to discussion. There was really no need for sarcasm.