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  2. Ashrasmun

    A goodbye

    Well. There's always a beginning and the end. That's what makes such journeys special. I wonder how much of it will we (veterans) remember after many years. Damn, why did I have to stumble upon Piece of Akatosh when reading this post.... Eh...
  3. Ashrasmun

    Show me ur UI :)

    Well of course PvE is easier, predictable and so on. I play PvE almost exclusively and I completely accept the fact that PvP requires more reflexes - that's why I play it after the work. The fact that you fight for every point of a second makes sense - even though one has more keybinds, pressing one button is faster than pressing 3 of them, and in proper order. The only time I used focus was for multidotting and I had a macro to switch between target and focus - I thought that way of gameplay is applicable to PvP. Thanks
  4. Ashrasmun

    Show me ur UI :)

    By your logic, if I play 5v5 and let's say 10 offensive skills, I need 5*10 keybinds - each bind for each person. What I am wondering about, is why can't you just have 5 keys to target a person, and 10 skills like before - you need to press more keys, that's an understandable problem, but you have way less keybinds. I bet you can even solve the issue of switching between target and focus with a macro, that let's you switch your current target with focus. I don't expect a reasonable answer - I already see your attitude. That's all from me. Just an observation.
  5. Ashrasmun

    Show me ur UI :)

    PvPers always amused me with these weird keybinds. Every skill macroed to attack focus, focus 2, focus of focus, your mom. Why can't you just switch between targets? Way less keybinds and just a bit more hassle.
  6. Ashrasmun

    Show me ur UI :)

    I love that 1 crit from Tarecgosa
  7. Ashrasmun

    Show me ur UI :)

    @Cyborc do they change depending on threat level? do they have the debuff widget? are fonts / sizes configurable?
  8. Ashrasmun

    About Heroic Dragon Soul Realm First

    I have to frame it, hang it over my bed and quote it everytime ATS staff enforces a rule that ruins the fun just for the sake of server staying "blizzlike"
  9. Ashrasmun

    Show Me Your Transmog

    Given that people post Transmogs from outside Atlantiss too - here is my retail shaman.
  10. Ashrasmun

    Goodbye friends!

    I like how similar your story about being in La Cosa Nostra is to mine being in Amicorum - advancing to first group and then leading the second one. I couldn't get over the transition from group leader to typical DPS/healer though, and since then, I tend to guide people even though I shouldn't technically disturb others during encounters. Bad habits, I guess. Good luck in your future endeavours.
  11. Ashrasmun

    Show me ur UI :)

    Oh how I wish to have legion threat plates on ATS...
  12. Ashrasmun

    About Heroic Dragon Soul Realm First

    I thought April was two months ago. BTW, can you please use bigger font next time thx.
  13. Ashrasmun

    About Heroic Dragon Soul Realm First

    The question is not whether you "can" do it - it's how hard is it to do it. Some yes. Major ones no. If you can do a boss with 9 people, you can do it with 24 too. If someone doesn't obey tactics and do stupid shit, it won't matter what everyone else is doing. Because of the prestige. I bet you wouldn't believe it, but there are actually people on this world that take seek challenges and accept gratification in form of just overcoming the challenge instead of some stupid in-game title. There's a reason why do people run ironman challenges on retail, even though there are no achievements for that, why do people speedrun various games even though you get nothing ingame for beating the game really fast, etc. If raiders can beat the current content on hardest possible difficulty and show it to the world - that's the biggest prize they can earn.
  14. Ashrasmun

    About Heroic Dragon Soul Realm First

    25mans are harder just because of the human factor. Scaling doesn't matter - there are more people that need to do their job exceptionally, which is way harder to enforce with 25 people than with 10. It's relatively easy to create a "dream team" of 10 people that will smash the boss relentlessly. Doing so with 25 people is way harder. I remember all of the 25man progression I did with WSI and KoU and it was waaaaay harder than 10man. There are many mechanics that wipe whole raid when just one person does a mistake. It's obviously more probable to have someone who will make the mistake in 25m group. Linking anything from retail is, as always, pointless. We are not on retail. I bet that most of the really hardcore guilds were focused on the 25m than 10m. Just search for any World Firsts on youtube - which videos are more epic and prestiguous? From 10m or 25m? 25mans "matter" more, period. People of Atlantiss will know who first cleared 10 and 25 separately anyway, but it would be nice to technically grant them the same price. BTW @qubzy I feel like you never progressed 25m.
  15. Ashrasmun

    About Heroic Dragon Soul Realm First

    10 man and 25 man should be separated. I don't care if it's blizzlike or not - it's just fair. Also, claiming that it will be as difficult as on Retail... We all know that it will be difficult, in different ways and with obvious bugs left out waiting to be exploited. It was always like that and will most likely never change.