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  1. [H][PL/PvE] Keepers of Ulduar

    Tut tuuuuuuut! Wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji rocznicy bycia wyboostowanym przez WSI zabicia Ragnarosa na HC!
  2. Firelands Hunter PvE Guide

    That Sigil made me chuckle :) Are we going to talk about "snapshoting" serpent sting all over again? I would rather stick to Ragnaros Normal trinket than picking this thing.
  3. Just a small thanks

    I feel like we (community) often brag about how things doesn't work on Atlantiss, but with new bosses being released in DS, I started to regain my appreciation for developer work on the server. This post is just a small thank you for your work - so many things that could've went wrong, work just right. So... Thank you! P.S. Yes, I treat it as a feedback of sorts :>
  4. About Warmaster Blackhorn release.

    lmao. good one
  5. About Warmaster Blackhorn release.

    I see no reason for prolonging it. It's a private server, not a sponsored tournament. If it's so important for someone to be the first on Atlantiss to kill a boss on normal, or in layman's terms, someone has problems with ego, it's their problem. I would rather have a boss on friday and have it fixed till next wednesday than have it released on wednesday and prolong the process by another couple of days.
  6. [A] [PvE/PL] Immortal Legion

    To jest ban. Halo, Policja!
  7. [A] [PvE/PL] Immortal Legion

    Teraz to jestem tylko ciekaw patentu z zabiciem bossa przed czwartą fazą. Jak na razie to z tego co wiem plotka. Czas na engulfy na 10% i BL? ;)
  8. [H][PL/PvE] Keepers of Ulduar

    Głowa mnie boli
  9. [H][PL/PvE] Keepers of Ulduar

    Waow Zedsdead how did you do that, that's unbelievable! This guild is crazy with progress! I never had a chance to say that, but GZ for that long awaited kill! Completely demolished Alliance! Waow waow!
  10. Recount show!

    http://lmgtfy.com/?iie=1&q=recount+4.3.4 -> 2 link (https://www.wowace.com/projects/recount/files) -> filtrujesz po wersji i ściągasz pierwszy lepszy bo ma najwięcej ściągnięć (i masz lenia) taki żarcik ;)
  11. [Tutorial] Optimal Source Stripper Guide

    Fantastic guide. I enjoyed it a lot :P
  12. Instancja Gnomeregan

    Gdyby Gnomeregan nie działało, to by Pumpek nie istniał. I wszystko nagle okazuje się oczywiste.
  13. Adddony

    Google -> heal bot cataclysm -> pierwszy link https://wow.curseforge.com/projects/heal-bot-continued/files/606574 Google -> deadly boss mods -> trzeci link https://wow.curseforge.com/projects/deadly-boss-mods/files/608290 Ostatni addon pozostawię jako ćwiczenie dla zainteresowanego... C:
  14. [Ragnaros] Molten Elementals

    Bugtracker link: NONE Describe your fix: Molten Elementals should be immune to knockback effects. Account name: Ashrasmun Comment: I'll just throw it here and maybe someone will make a use of it in the future. You can see on plenty of videos, that no CC works on those elementals, which is not the case on Atlantiss. SQL: UPDATE creature_template SET flags_extra = 0x40000000 WHERE entry = 53189;
  15. Hey Ulduar raiders! What's up with Kologarn's chest? Can someone elaborate?

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    2. Ashrasmun


      A co ja mam napisać na bugtrackerze? Pytanie co nie działa? :P

    3. Aviann


      Tak naprawde to nic nie dziala dobrze ecks dee

    4. Piklo19


      Burbon, nie musiałbys sie pytać gdyby było na bugtrackerze. A to ze nic nie działa dobrze, no cóż, devow za dużo tutaj nie ma dlatego zawsze możesz sam naprawiać mniejsze rzeczy :P@Phantomlord