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  1. unban

    Daj im czas do tygodnia. Potem można coś więcej działać. Głupio wyszło, ale mam nadzieję, że się wszystko ułoży
  2. unban

    Na polskiej części forum możesz pisać po polsku Spokojnie, ktoś na pewno się tym zajmie. To nie pierwszy tego typu przypadek.
  3. Please... Why do you focus so much on the past? It's time to quit it already.
  4. @Sniprepgodx @Snipedlol Ok ok, move your quarels to whispers / PMs. You are flooding this topic with nonsense. I advise you testing both Power Auras Classic and Weak Auras. I used Power Auras since the dawn of my adventure with WoW, but I have to test Weak Auras, because presumably it's a way lighter (less memory consumption) addon than the former.
  5. If you have no screenshots/vid, then I don't know what do you expect us to do. Blindly and mindlessly accept your version? Nice one.
  6. Of course you can get your account unbanned if the report was unjustified or someone made a mistake by granting the ban to you. My guildmate had that kind of situation, but he was very passive about it and let it last for months. If you have a justified ban however, then you should check the meaning of the word "permament", because I don't know what you want to accomplish with that post.
  7. pet

    1. restart != reset 2. u pet trainera często tacy trenerzy są przy trenerach hunterów
  8. Chyba, że coś mi umknęło...
  9. Bugtracker link: NONE Describe your fix: Molten Elementals should be immune to knockback effects. Account name: Ashrasmun Comment: I'll just throw it here and maybe someone will make a use of it in the future. You can see on plenty of videos, that no CC works on those elementals, which is not the case on Atlantiss. SQL: UPDATE creature_template SET flags_extra = 0x40000000 WHERE entry = 53189;
  10. I can confirm that Resto Dudu is complete garbage and noone should touch the spec. We almost wiped because of it! I bet that's the reason why WSI didn't get their Realm First faster.
  11. Hey Ulduar raiders! What's up with Kologarn's chest? Can someone elaborate?

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    2. Ashrasmun


      A co ja mam napisać na bugtrackerze? Pytanie co nie działa? :P

    3. Phantomlord


      Tak naprawde to nic nie dziala dobrze ecks dee

    4. Piklo19


      Burbon, nie musiałbys sie pytać gdyby było na bugtrackerze. A to ze nic nie działa dobrze, no cóż, devow za dużo tutaj nie ma dlatego zawsze możesz sam naprawiać mniejsze rzeczy :P@Phantomlord 

  12. Bugtracker link: NONE Describe your fix: Players can use all kinds of crowd (stun, knockback, freeze etc.) control on adds spawned during the encounter with Erudax. They should be able to ONLY slow them. Account name: Ashrasmun Comment: There are three entries for these mobs and I had no clue which ones are spawned during encounter. Out of all the skills I could test, only Thunder Clap didn't work, but I don't know why SQL fix: /* Faceless Corruptors immunity masks: MECHANIC_CHARM 0x0000 0001 MECHANIC_DISORIENTED 0x0000 0002 MECHANIC_DISARM 0x0000 0004 MECHANIC_DISTRACT 0x0000 0008 MECHANIC_FEAR 0x0000 0010 MECHANIC_GRIP 0x0000 0020 MECHANIC_ROOT 0x0000 0040 MECHANIC_PACIFY 0x0000 0080 MECHANIC_SILENCE 0x0000 0100 MECHANIC_SLEEP 0x0000 0200 MECHANIC_STUN 0x0000 0800 MECHANIC_FREEZE 0x0000 1000 MECHANIC_KNOCKOUT 0x0000 2000 MECHANIC_POLYMORPH 0x0001 0000 MECHANIC_BANISH 0x0002 0000 MECHANIC_SHACKLE 0x0008 0000 MECHANIC_TURN 0x0040 0000 MECHANIC_HORROR 0x0080 0000 MECHANIC_SAPPED 0x2000 0000 ----------------------- 0x20CB 3BFF MECHANIC_SNARE should be disabled! So it should only be slowable :) Extra flag CREATURE_FLAG_EXTRA_IMMUNITY_KNOCKBACK (0x40000000) makes sure, that the creature is immune to knockbacks */ UPDATE creature_template SET mechanic_immune_mask = 0x20CB3BFF, flags_extra = 0x40000000 WHERE entry IN (39392, 40600, 48844); EDIT: Gotten Aristocracy rank with 69 likes PogChamp
  14. You should write about it on BugTracker.
  15. Bugtracker link: Describe your fix: Exarch Larethor should be in the instance. Account name: Ashrasmun Comment: There's a new NPC introduced with patch 4.3.0 It is the new version of previously present there SQL fix: DELETE FROM `creature` WHERE id IN (24813, 55007); INSERT INTO `creature` (`guid`, `id`, `map`, `spawnMask`, `PhaseId`, `phaseMask`, `modelid`, `equipment_id`, `position_x`, `position_y`, `position_z`, `orientation`, `spawntimesecs`, `spawndist`, `currentwaypoint`, `curhealth`, `curmana`, `MovementType`, `npcflag`, `unit_flags`, `dynamicflags`, `corpsedelay`, `specialData`) VALUES (GetCreatureGUID(), 55007, 585, 15, 1, 1, 23834, 0, 17.297476, 0.203077, -2.796058, 3.173009, 300, 0, 0, 4299, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0);