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  1. Worrun

    Are Iron Nodes still bugged?

    there are nowhere near enough iron ore nodes in this server, i have checked the forums and the top 4 zones for iron and found 10 or less in total, over a couple of days. friends report the same results! also, 30% of the nodes i find are underground or in the air unreachable! i don't expect this of such a professional server like atlantiss can anyone tell me where i can find the most? (from your personal experiance, not an online guide)
  2. Thanks, but it's missing half of the files?
  3. Worrun

    Where did you play before Atlantiss?

    Molten Wow - and it's complete shit lmao
  4. Hey, I have tried versions from 4.0 to 4.3.4 to 5.0 from wowcurse, wowinterface, wowfreaks, the warmane forums, and all of the links in [this thread] and none of them work. If you know of a working copy, or have it working yourself, please upload it and share the download! There are a lot of us that have wish for this addon. Thanks
  5. After trying what feels like 500 downloads, versions and editions this version works! Thanks so much
  6. Worrun

    Which Hunter to spec while leveling.

    [quote name="Spite"]I was leveling BM hunter not so long ago. Pet damage was insane. Kill command could one shot mobs sometimes[/quote] This ^ And other players - definitely recommend BM for leveling and Surv for dungs/raids