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  1. I would agree with this announcement after 5mins wait for 3s and Rated BG only.
  2. I just got a warning and my comment was deleted but anyways no rewards for PvE // Emtec: Your post is "hidden", and "why" -> explain in warning message
  3. 3s will always get more rewards than 2s and 5s and Rated BG no matter what but do NOT compare Rated BG as the same as 2s/5s rewards because there are actually people who try to form Rated BG/Drafts which we play our ass off to win and there's no trade wins or what so ever as far as I know in the Alliance side I play against Kaspii and Sblarck as we always have 2 Drafters to pick 20 players from the pool and the reason why we do Rated BG Draft in Alliance cuz the keks only play 1 game even we scheduled them. If we ever happen to play against them and they just bail out after 1 game which is stupid and I can guaran damn tee you that we always try to keep Rated BG as active as possible and the man himself who always make Rated BG happen is Kaspii so give this man a round applause. and last season none of the top 5% get any rewards not even this title [Hero of the Alliance: Vicious/Ruthless] which is "Hero of the Alliance". It's just ridiculous how these people didn't get rewards for shit from last Rated BG season. This is not really about me, it's about these people who actually try and make Rated BG happen since it's fixed.
  4. Did anyone find the new WoD model without having bugged on Dwarf and Undead?
  5. We are prolly gonna get MoP in 3-4 years which is a long time cuz I dont see anywhere close to 2 years of MoP release since devs gonna put their work on TBC and Wrath as well.
  6. Sometimes I just dont CARE and ima do it over and over again so go ahead and report me if u see me do it again.
  7. Excuse me? the keks can kill the auctioneers from Alliance side and why can't we? Mind sear or aoe the shit out of the keks auctioneers to get them out and kill them is illegal? And yes i do actually enjoy killing it but not only that, it just my spare time to say hello to my keks friends and some keks who knows me from BG. Well some people hate me but i dont really care. I just wanna be myself. I killed a lot of keks/AHs in Org for fun and they killed me back so both sides are having fun. Stop hating on world pvp.
  8. You need to STOP and everyone else on this server need to STOP before I hire a special agent to DDoS you all who saying that.
  9. Fix Shadowstep already, falling underground non-stop when using it even in Arenas -______-
  10. So I just downloaded a full WoW Cata with uTorrent using atlantiss website and after a 2 hours of fully downloaded I cant open WoW, and it keep saying WoW error. Is there a solution?
  11. I do NOT see Assassination spec can stand Combat and Sub in 4.2 if Combat wasnt bugged ofc. in 4.1 YES Assassination beat other 2 spec down to the drain so If you think that Assassination still up there in 4.2 then let keep it that way cuz I do not think so. I already played Assassination in 4.1 and I really loved it not cuz its OP but I also love this damn spec its simple and fun but as 4.2 arrived, this spec has no chance to stand Combat and Sub. This is what I think.
  12. lvling as Demology and get Tailoring/Enchanting as ur profs
  13. Go Sub PvE for 4.2 for now cuz Atlantiss still havent fixed Combat yet so wait til they fixed it then Combat will be better than Sub Right now I'm playing Sub as PvE and im pulling at least 22k+ but Combat still have a slightly lead when its fixed. Cheers
  14. I'm looking for any Rogues to duel me outside of Stormwind for fun as a bo3 or bo5 only. Friendly duels. We can also arrange the time to duel just in case I might not be able to duel you right away when you whisper me. In game name > Vyse Love you ma ninjas <3