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  1. many things were suggested, can we have a response from the server team, are they going to be added SOON™ ?
  2. _Infidel

    [Answered] spell que

    Hi. I understand that spell que is still under construction, it's not a finished script, but please, could you enable   /cancelqueuedspell it has been added in 4.1, doesn't work here in atlantiss besides, queuedspells are giving us a living hell, we have to wreck keyboards in order to perform moves and actions... i've been spamming my ready to use skills for like 7times each time while raiding today. not funny. Regards
  3. Hi! As title says, would you consider a one time donation reward to skip ques? Regards
  4. _Infidel


    Oi, acts of sacrifice etc, i get it, but recently, i saw some other dispells of hamstring during pvp, didn't do pvp in 4.3.4 so i don't know mechanics, are there any changes into dispelling movement imparing effects that are physical?
  5. _Infidel

    Charge Pathfinding

    https://github.com/Atlantiss/BugTracker/issues/6824 this. now.
  6. _Infidel

    [Answered] spell que

    https://vimeo.com/157997986 For a purpose i recorded sounds of keyboards while pressing ready to use colossuss smash and overpower
  7. _Infidel

    [Answered] spell que

    i have 13ms mate. don't try to sound smarter than you are.
  8. _Infidel

    [Answered] Soloque arenas instead of 5v5 bracket.

    i'd love to, but won't happen... "blizzlike"