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  1. About Legendary Daggers

    what about never :^)
  2. A heartfelt thanks from the Alliance

    nice 133/0 oh wait)
  3. RoV

    do not expect anything coz no1 gives a fuck ^_^
  4. [A] [PvE/PL] Immortal Legion

  5. Is it allowed?

    stop tryharding for graphic card or ill farm ya with my boiz #Elann @Raty
  6. Crossfaction BG's

    2k18 and ppl still think sticking to blizzlike is good for privs. Im impressed
  7. RoV

  8. Coś więcej czy to już koniec ??

    tzn kogo?
  9. Crossfaction BG's

    Guess we need a PvP GM with inner knowledge of how pvp on ats works so he would take care about announcer, crossfaction bg, rov and make a list of the most important bugs and some other shit. For example my RoV thread is still w/o answer since month even tho its top priority pvp bug but i understand you coz theres a exam time now and u gotta focus on that so its all ait. I just hope we can move forward with things that i mentioned earlier after u done with exams.
  10. Announcer 3vs3, 5vs5, RBG. Vote Poll.

    2k18 Eye still fighting for announcer. I'm impressed
  11. The Best Of Each Class

  12. The Best Of Each Class

    I approve
  13. RoV

    ??????? any response from dev?
  14. Pvp bg

    cool story bro
  15. Resilience (bugged)

    @Jenova thing is i pointed that i had no focused will ( 20% redu dmg ) while clip was taken and ye i guess its important and yet still my post was deleted coz of what? coz i have no fucking idea