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  1. Coś więcej czy to już koniec ??

    tzn kogo?
  2. Crossfaction BG's

    Guess we need a PvP GM with inner knowledge of how pvp on ats works so he would take care about announcer, crossfaction bg, rov and make a list of the most important bugs and some other shit. For example my RoV thread is still w/o answer since month even tho its top priority pvp bug but i understand you coz theres a exam time now and u gotta focus on that so its all ait. I just hope we can move forward with things that i mentioned earlier after u done with exams.
  3. Announcer 3vs3, 5vs5, RBG. Vote Poll.

    2k18 Eye still fighting for announcer. I'm impressed
  4. The Best Of Each Class

  5. The Best Of Each Class

    I approve
  6. RoV

    ??????? any response from dev?
  7. RoV

    Hello firstly i'd like to thank a person who worked on ring of valor and i rly appreciate your effort but this arena should have never been implemented b4 testing. The sides pillars got no working LoS and u can get all the cc throught them so ye whats the point on keeping this arena in pool coz i clearly have no idea, getting ccs like this is so fcking tilting and frustrating.
  8. Sanki kendim için istedim haa

    and you log only to talk PogChamp
  9. Sanki kendim için istedim haa

    @Qayb-(Kay bee) merhaba, ırkın kenarında şaman ele 2v2 arıyorum
  10. Sanki kendim için istedim haa

    salem aleikum qayb
  11. wtb mop x]
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    2. Firennze


      ask raknar how far he got in scripting it :DD
    3. Sniprep


      Pray to lord Raknar and like his fb page!
    4. Debtheøne


      ye netherwing will be 1st due to free core from sunwell so ye mop in 5 years ((
  12. sup with rated fix?
  14. u didnt ban my second acc
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    2. Debtheøne


      tylko hajdi przyjaciel przyszedl na pogrzeb
    3. koko123


      deb didnt quit for nothing.
    4. Latarnia933


      Ok, I admit it, Koko didint quit for nothing