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  1. Bildo

    Sneak Peeks - 4.3 Content

    Some of visuals I fixed recently, hope you enjoy :P Hour of Twilight is available on PTR for tests (along with End Time, Well of Eternity)
  2. Bildo

    Developer Update #5

    A lot of people are still playing!
  3. I'm back

    1. Narilrave


      You came back? for me? oweee <3

  4. Bildo

    Developer Update #4

    He is :*
  5. Hello World

    1. Beyler


      #include <iostream>

      int main() {

      std::cout << "Hello, world!\n";


    2. vc93


      System.out.println("Hello World!");

    3. Piklo19
  6. Bildo

    Developer Update #2

    We do not know that yet. We're trying to focus right now on current plans/issues.
  7. Bildo

    Sneak Peeks - 4.3 Content

    UPDATE 15.02.2017  NOTE: Those gifs will end this series for now. Look forward for more soon™.
  8. Bildo

    Sneak Peeks - 4.3 Content

  9. Bildo

    Sneak Peeks - 4.3 Content

    08.02.2017   09.02.2017   10.02.2017   11.02.2017   12.02.2017
  10. Hi :) Development of Hour of Twilight patch has already begun. In this topic I will post each day (for a limited time) 1 gif showing current state of our progress.    Here you will find only gifs but if you want talk about progress there is another topic on our forum. http://community.atlantiss.eu/index.php?/topic/13115-developer-update-1/       04.02.2017   05.02.2017   06.02.2017   07.02.2017
  11. @DJBoxer You don't have required maps, vmaps, mmaps and dbc   @Ashrasmun You are missing some updates, make sure you insert everything from sql/updates/world
  12. Bildo

    [NPC][Reputation] Booty Bay Bruiser

      that is the whole query that was needed to fix this
  13. Bildo

    [3229][NPC][Un'goro Crater] Ravasaur

    update also creature_template UPDATE `creature_template` SET `MovementType`=1 WHERE  `entry`=6505;
  14. Bildo

    [Object]Cask of Drugan's IPA

    Object is actually added in database, dunno why its not showing (@Armano if you can read sniffs you can easily find PhaseId column)