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  1. Halohitman

    Where did you play before Atlantiss?

    spidernet romania (wotlk) since 2009 molten-wow (wotlk9 - insta 85 pvp since 2011 molten-wow (cata) - frostwolf since 2012 warmane (cata) - neltharion since the wipe (dont remember when) atlantiss since 2014 i played on monster level 255 aswell but not for long
  2. Halohitman

    solo heal majordomo heroic

    i hate those so fucking much, goddamit
  3. Halohitman

    solo heal majordomo heroic

    i know it has been done but its not common, here is our attemp with a resto dudu, GJ HERCO PS: the music you hear is not edited, and sorry for the portuguese and the final recount: https://prnt.sc/ih369r
  4. Halohitman

    The Best Of Each Class

    Na ma friend. Im frost mage.
  5. Halohitman

    The Best Of Each Class

    So you are that fucking pally. I hate you so much. Soon everyone will know my name :)
  6. Halohitman


    Just a quick question, is atlantiss staff planning on fixing some bugs like achievs or quests (even tho they are not that important) and make an official 100% blizzlike server? Or its something that doesnt even worth the time doing it? I know that the staff is planning on releasing ds soon so i understand that scripting and fixing it its a priority but still those minor bugs are in your plans to fix it?
  7. Halohitman

    Best In Each Class (PVE)

    Then i would be the best of all time because like you just said i play, do top dps, lead and have th best prefomance of my guild/raid and on top of that i hacve constant less than 10 fps. ?
  8. Halohitman

    Best In Each Class (PVE)

    i think before you start making those asumptions someone should define what "best" means. top dps / heal and less dmg? less deaths in raids?
  9. Halohitman

    Best In Each Class (PVE)

    Did you forgot our Core 1 tank? The mighty without enchants. Also best prot warrior Condefodas. (Dont argue with me)
  10. Halohitman

    The Best Of Each Class

    frost mage - Arrancabrita XD
  11. Halohitman

    guild portuguesa na alliance

    meh, eu prefiro os modelos da ally. nao sei como é que alguem gosta da horde, aquilo é so abortos tirando os taurens. ja para nao dizer que orgrimmar é pessimo. mas tenho de reconhecer que os raciais da horde sao OP pa caralho em pve
  12. thx, 1 more thing, when you are renewing ignite, lets say with scorch, do you use LB or ignore that completly just for the sake of ignite be renewed?
  13. but still, with my mage 382 im driving crazy because ignite falls off and i cant or rarely do a comb over 25k. do you use scorch to keep igntie up or spam fireball?
  14. Halohitman


    na alliance ha uma guild 100% portuguesa. chama-se Oath of dawn. da whisp a Stabbyass ou Arrancabrita se quiseres entrar
  15. Halohitman

    guild portuguesa na alliance

    Nos somos uma guild so portuguesa nivel 22 quase 23 na alliance e estamos a recrutar gente para raids, pvp e convivio. fazemos FL's semanais facilmente e outras raids se tivermos gente. add: Stabbyass para mais detalhes