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      [Rules] Please read before creating a new topic / posting   07/08/2015

      IMPORTANT: Your guild topic must be refreshed at least one time per month to remain in this subforum. To reactivate your old guild topic you have to contact with any forum moderator by PM providing link to your old guild topic within our Archive.   Your guild topic must contain:   - Name and faction of the guild.
      - [LANGUAGE] and [GUILDTYPE] prefix at the beginning of the topic title. Example: [EN/PvE], [PL/PvP], [FR/RP].
      - Link to your guild site or other contact form.   Also:
      - Guild section is a subject to moderation. That means every unnecessary spam or other activity which violates forum rules, will be punished.
      - Post count incrementation is not enabled. That means posts in this forum won't increase member's cumulative post count.
      - This section is multinational, so it is allowed to make non english topics.

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