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    Hey, what's up? Dealing with some recent event from my real life, namely "kind of" a heartbreak, so I wanted to say some things and apologize cause that will make me bit happy right now. What does the "kind of" mean you might ask? Well, currently I'm dealing with a semi mutual agreement of a brake up. She doesn't feel the same as she used to for me, and yet I can understand. The person is younger than me and this is her first "serious" relationship. We were just too close to each other and were together all the time so from that, boredom evolved for her which I understand even tho is hard. I loved and still love her because who she is, because of what kind of cheerful person she is and because she was there for me in my darkest times. So... During the last years or all years within my WoW carrier I've lost so many irl friends cause I was playing this game. And once I stopped I just felt lonely, there was no one to hang out with and talk all the time, until she came. Yes I have friends from school, collage (right now) but they all have their groups and I was just jumping from one to another and that's not that great. So out of all which I've said I'm mostly scared of being alone again. Good thing is we will stay good friends, it will be hard getting used to that but it makes me happy at least. Why am I writing all this on Atlantiss forum? Because I've spent majority of my WoW years here. Making friends and foes, saying some terrible things to staff or general players. Now, I'm not asking for forgiveness from anyone, I just want to say I'm sorry :) To all staff members, guilds and players. Namely from staff I want to apologize to Emtec and Jenova. I've said so many bad things and because right now everything is passing through my mind I came to the conclusion that I was wrong in some ways, I respect both Emtec for keeping this community together and Jenova for working to make things better, so my honest apologize goes to you guys, keep it up with good work. From guilds I want to apologize to ALL guilds I was part of, because I was a raging cunt. I want to apologize to the players from guild I created, Nefarious, because I didn't try hard enough to keep the guild in one piece and abandoned it in the end which led to it's end too. I want to apologize for all hatred I had towards guilds Amicorum, DA, Purge, WSI, Infected, NIP, Madness, IL(and many more) and it's players, you all made this ride until now feel better and I just realized it and thanks for that. So again I want to apologize for every bad thing I said and did against those guilds. And lastly I want to apologize to all players I had hate towards, people I disrespected, people I bashed and such. I am sorry for being a cunt and an ass. Now I'd like to thank everyone here basically for, saying this again, making this ride of mine more enjoyable and fun. Especially want to thank these people; Tidehuntar(Eddy) for being always there for me, he is the only person I met through out WoW that I can consider as my brother. Frainzil, Johnny, Lavenia,, Madwag, Sepsis, Nedev, Fellord, Bigguy, Vinca and all past members in Nefarious that made it what it was. Without all of them I would have never have learned true teamwork. Nedev, Wankypanky and Naabseeker for teaching and encouraging me to become better at hunter. Sathus for being a pal, who thought me what trust and consultation mean, and his guild for teaching me that I shouldn't take everything too seriously. That should summ it all up, again, I don't expect anyone to forgive me for anything, but I sincerely apologize. Writing this certainly makes me feel better and I believe I've grow up a bit mentaly. Thanks again! Regards, Djordje "Snip" Jovic.
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    I cannot understand why some react so much. The differences between a PVP and PVE realm is that on PVE realm only those that want to PVP in world can do it. This does not change that you can always PVP in PVP zones like TB or Wintergrasp and you can always pvp in every zone with any player that have turned on the PVP flag no matter what zone it is. The RBGS and Arenas are totally different story and have nothing to do with the type of realm. Just telling because your arguments are not logically correct.
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    Developer Update #7 Howdy, dear Atlantiss community. I want to welcome you in our 7th Developer Update and before we begin I’d like to give special thanks to Pelekon for helping me out enormously with this particular Dev Update. Last weeks were very active for us and fructified in many changes to Atlantiss, thus it’s time to elaborate on them. 1. New structure of Gamemasters ranks system. As you probably already came across this information, we’ve implemented a modernised system of ranks for our Gamemasters, this change will allow them to choose from a larger fan of commands which previously were available only for admin security level, we hope this change will improve our quality of support. Big thanks to Bandy, Herkor and Emtec from Atlantiss for their hard work on it. But also a really huge thanks to Spp- from TrinityCore for helping us with the core foundation. 2. Cinematics Especially for Dragon Soul, we’ve implemented a new feature to handle the display of cinematics. Unfortunately for us and you, together with the Cataclysm expansion, Blizzard had changed this a little what forced us to manually implement a way to send keychains to the client. With this change, you can experience even more content during the process of clearing an instance. Big thanks to Emtec for this. 3. New bosses on Dragon Soul Definitely, this part is of the biggest sort to describe in this Developer Update, past few weeks Dragon Soul was practically the main focus of our dailiness. So far, we managed to release 3 bosses: Hagara the Stormbinder, Ultraxion and Warmaster Blackhorn, I am very grateful to my colleagues Savek and Jenova for writing scripts to the first 2 mentioned thereinbefore bosses and to Herkor for his help with fixing a couple of faulty mechanics. 4. Darkmoon Faire Most of the information regarding this part has been written in our latest news but I want to take the opportunity to expand upon that. We’ve already done internal tests of DMF, big thanks to Piklo for his hard work. From now Piklo and Krecik will focus on polishing various aspects which are missing, thereafter we’ll release Darkmoon Island on PTR so you will be able to test it. 5. What’s next? I think it’s the most important question which you would want to be answered :) Right now Pelekon is in the middle of writing scripts for the Spine of Deathwing, as of right now he has done over ~70% while others are working slowly but steadily on the Madness of Deathwing. He'll try to release the Spine of Deathwing as fast as possible, sadly this fight requires us to develop and then implement unique features to handle special packets which Blizzard created solely for this encounter, but no worries, I am certain we’ll overcome this (thanks to zori). I want to assure you that we won’t slow down our pace and we’ll continue on working on other aspects of our beloved expansion, so all of the players will be able to experience as much as possible from their beloved aspects of the game. This ends this Developer Update, stay tuned for next part. Also if you have any specific questions concerning things mentioned above, feel free to forward your questions here and Pelekon will try to answer as best as he can to explain it from a more technical point of view. Cheers.
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    Release it with next ID reset. Otheriwise it will cause too much of a hassle with unfinished IDs and people will have to organise just for 1 boss, which will not be fun for anyone and will cause troubles for guilds with limited time/busy schedules. It gives you more time to fix stuff up as well. There is no rush to release content now, i'm sure people are happy to see work being done and that is enough. Slow and steady wins the race. I'd also like to salute Yggr for his new position, one of the staff members i have complete faith in, so happy to see you're already doing a good job. Fixing the gap between the community and the staff won't be easy, but i'm excited to see things finally going in the right direction.
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    Every time someone actually opens up, which is brave as hell and takes a lot of balls, there is a guy like this, with his childish concept of masculinity being threathened, saying this same thing. Go hide back in your hole, buddy. What Snip did here took strength, its nothing to be ashamed of and nothing to cringe at. Your reaction, on the other hand... Anyways, i guess human beings grow though suffering and hardship , and i've seen once again how much you've grown, Snip. Life sucks and often hits hard, but at the end of the day, you're a better man because of it. Dealing with loneliness and loss makes us appreaciate things more the next time around. There is always a lesson in it. You must have learned yours, cause over the years, i saw you become more mature, and at times, noble. I do hope to see more of that in the future. Best of luck.
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    Well regarding the amount of ppl who'd try to gather for a started id, which a release on friday would create, i personally would find it better to have blackthorn released in a week. this would make raid ids "cleaner" and you'll have more than enough time to fix the issues and the issues that these issues may cause. Let us play with ultraxion this week and laugh at shadowstepping rogues. give us blackthorn next week, and let us rage about ppl avoiding aoe then :D
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    I feel like we (community) often brag about how things doesn't work on Atlantiss, but with new bosses being released in DS, I started to regain my appreciation for developer work on the server. This post is just a small thank you for your work - so many things that could've went wrong, work just right. So... Thank you! P.S. Yes, I treat it as a feedback of sorts :>
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    Thanks to everyone who spoke their mind openly here. With some very observant and accurate opinions, we've gathered what we wanted to. We'll keep the whole topic as an archive to work upon in the future. For now, nothing will change in terms of Dragonwrath's realm type. We'll leave it as it is since there's no significant majority that supports one side of it. Once again, I appreciate all the comments and I am thankful for them. Meanwhile, take a moment to decide how Dragon Soul should be released, if you didn't yet - http://bit.ly/2Jowhf9 If we, Atlantiss team ever decide to resume this topic if we gather some fresh data we'll surely inform the community about it. The topic is now closed.
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    It was my bad as I forgot to put chance roll for duplicates to even occur, its fixed anyway.
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    Thanks a lot for giving us an opportunity to vote for the future of the realm. This is one giant leap towards what you wrote about in your post.
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    Thanks for letting us express our opinion about this.
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    Hello! From what we saw a few weeks ago with the Hagara release, it can be a bit problematic releasing content so suddenly. (For us, we had to make 2 Hagara only runs). Also, sometimes it feels like it truly takes forever to fixes or updates to hit the server. Hence why I have this suggestion. What about you implement scheduled restarts? One together with ID resets and perhaps one during the night saturday/sunday? (sunday one only if there are things to be applied). This way we know when something will hit, and no more "Restart in 10 minutes" or w/e when you're about to pull a boss. And also, major things such as new bosses, should always be done when ID resets.
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    This thread is concerning the fairness of the following Atlantiss event: https://atlantiss.eu/pages/31 It is considered common knowledge that three different forms of players exist in wow. These are players that perform tasks to show their dominance in PvP, PvE, and Roleplay/General Lore. Concerns of equality have been brought to my attention by several event competitors in the Atlantiss event. We do acknowledge that many players are talented in multiple aspects in wow and we have categorized our concerns into biases amongst the three main player-types of the event. We can not control natural biases. These are the biases that are not controllable without an excessive amount of force or without permissive force. This would include the ratio of horde and alliance players and their activity during specific times of the day. Other natural biases include real life activity that can dismiss a player from their playtime. These biases should not be controlled because they are simply a part of life. Controlled biases can be fixed and may skew into becoming fair or unfair depending on a player’s resources and abilities. General wow score, composed of achievements and leveling score, is what most people base the fairness of the other two scoring playstyles by. This is because General wow score is accessible to everyone with equal or similar amounts of skill requirements. The biases I will list show a skew amongst the PvE and PvP scores that promote one playstyle over the other simply by the number of points earned. In this list, I will identify the details that may fail to meet the “how it should work” mentality of each playstyle. General Time it takes to reach level 85 The difference between first place and last place can be made up by winning four battlegrounds. Amount of completed quests This does not account for Daily Quests Amount of completed achievements This does not consider Feats of Str. PVP Overall amount of Honor Points Honor Points are only obtainable in Battlegrounds. The amount of PvP points earned were ridiculously skewed until becoming fixed approximately 3-4 weeks ago. For every victorious battleground. We'll investigate how much did a character contribute to every battleground, the higher the contribution, the more points earned Since PvP players are able to group up in battlegrounds, there may exist a Large Skill gap between two teams in a random battleground. Victorious battlegrounds can allow players to obtain 15 points by winning a 10-minute battleground. According to the suggested scoring system, an FL (N) 7/7 would grant a similar amount of points (21) but may take up to 2 hours, and an additional 1 hour to find raid members. Upcoming PvP season. After the event ends, we'll award additional points depending on character's placement in ongoing PvP season - just as we mentioned, only the characters created during the event will be taken into consideration Not Applicable (action will not be taken until end of event) PVE For every successfully completed RDF. Signing up for RDFs in a group won't be taken into account Dungeons usually do not grant PvE points. The only way to tell if dungeons grant PvE points is by making sure you have done the following: Enter the dungeon fresh (no bosses down) Attacked every boss, or have some form of aggro on the boss. Kill every boss in the dungeon Nobody leaves or gets kicked from the dungeon The dungeon Must be on Heroic difficulty (rhc) If all these conditions are followed, a player may still not be rewarded with PvE points; this is seen as an incredibly inefficient way of making points. For every T11/T12 boss kill (Heroic kills doesn't count) T11/T12 Boss kills Do NOT reward points on heroic or normal. For the shortest amount of time it took you to finish a raid for every week For the shortest amount of time it took you to complete a dungeon Unsure if these two accreditations are recorded. The purpose of this post is to inquire a change in the scoring system; thus promoting fairness amongst people’s playstyles.
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    Hello Everyone! Intro: <FATALITY> is an elite tier Horde PvP guild led by Juicyjay. We are a 3 year old guild from warmane with extensive Rated BG experience. Objective: Our goal is to bring competitive PvP to the server. We plan to do Premades, Rated BGs, Arenas, SW raids and possibly world PvP. We also have plans to do PvE and do DS/FL once we settle in and establish ourselves as the top PvP guild on Horde. Guild Requirements: We are only looking for the best Horde PvPer's so only exceptional BG players, players with Rated BG experience or arena players with atleast 2k rating will be able to join the guild. How to join: You can whisper myself or an officer / elite member of the guild - Juicyjay - Merosx - Fouinne - Saintman - Listery - Playsøn - Sealthis - Horrør - Cykax Rated BGs: We are primarily looking for these specific classes / specs for Rated BGs Warrior : Prot Paladin : Holy Hunter : N/A Rogue: Sub Druid: All specs Death Knight: All specs Mage: Fire / Frost Priest: Shadow / Disc Warlock: Afflic Shaman: Ele / Resto FOR THE HORDE! - Juicyjay
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    Atlantiss 1v1 Tournament Registration (Starting 18.06.2018, Ending 05.07.2018) Main event (07.07.2018 17:00ST on the tournament realm) More dates can be added (for example 14.07.2018), depends on the amount of signed up players. Registration into the tournament: Every person needs to register HERE After registration, step by step: 1) After your successful registration, you will go prepare your character on the tournament realm. 2) After you have successfully prepared your character. You will show up 07.07.2018 at 17:00 (5 PM) server time on the tournament realm. 3) The Tournament Supervisor will invite you to his team and queue random arena against your opponent. 4) If you win, you will wait for your next opponent (You will be able to check the bracket live at https://challonge.com/en/a3pe1f69) Rules: - All PvE gear is forbidden! There will be vendors with free Cataclysmic gear, gems, enchants and glyphs in Shattrath. - You can have only your own buffs. - You cant have any profession bonuses. - You cant remain in stealth longer than 30s. - Games have to be played on the PvP tournament realm. - You must be a DPS. Healers are not allowed. - If player DC/freezes during arena, the other player doesn't have to start over, he can kill you and it will count as a legit win. On the other hand, he doesn't have to do it. He can wait and ask for rematch. - Tournament will be using a https://challonge.com/ platform for its structure. - Games can be stopped at any moment by any GM or a Tournament Supervisor. - If the game lasts too long, GM, Tournament Supervisor and the affected players will find a way how to resolve the issue. Final decision will be always made by the GM. Additional rules for druids and rogues: Druid vs Druid = Both start in bear form. Druid vs Rogue = Druid starts in bear form, rogue starts in stealth. Rogue vs Rogue = Both start without stealth and one of them open with a gouge. Prizes: 1st place: New royal rank on the forum + SoR (an 80 level boost) + 80PP + official interview with a commemorative photo with heroes from our trailer + (Vicious ELITE gear for transmog OR full Ruthless S11 gear for any character boost) 2nd place: New royal rank on the forum + SoR (an 80 level boost) + 70PP + (Vicious ELITE gear for transmog OR full Ruthless S11 gear for any character boost) 3rd place: New royal rank on the forum + SoR (an 80 level boost) + 65PP + (Vicious ELITE gear for transmog OR full Ruthless S11 gear for any character boost) 4th-5th place: 50PP 6th-8th place: 40PP 9th-10th place: 30PP EVERYONE who participates: 20PP Royal titles and the new PvP community system: Everyone with the rank Gentleman or higher will have access to the new, special section on the forums, where will be debated the future of the Atlantiss PvP, events, bugs, etc. Learn more about the royal titles HERE. Bracket: https://challonge.com/en/a3pe1f69 - The bracket will be randomized before the start!
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    Here's some more of my mogs. Mage Undead: Troll Hunter: PVP lock: Tauren Druid:
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    As one of the leaders of the growing twink community on the server, I'm totally against changing Dragonwrath to PvE for the following reasons: 1. First I tell my general idea about it; changing to a PvE realm would take away the RP feeling that you belong to a faction. Believe it or not many people play for such RP purposes, including me. I know that Blizzard had such PvE realms, however there you had the option to choose between them . I'm aware of the fact that many 85s gank lower level towns, but that's really not a reason to remove world PvP (Do you think that more than 1 out of 10 people would turn it on so they could get exposed to ganking?). When RDF was introduced in WotLK it was already a big loss for me as I prefer questing, socializing, fighting others, and generally just enjoy the "low-level content" that WoW has to offer. Besides this is the fact that most people think WoW is about "getting 85 and starting arenas, bgs and raids", which makes the low-level areas even more abandoned than it already is due to our not-so-high population. 2. Secondly, I'd like to speak as a 70 twink here; Since there's no concurrence from horde side, there are no battlegrounds at all at this level. Arenas should be available from level 70, however when you try to invite somebody else to the team, it just say they are not high enough level (Already reported it on bugtracker, in-game GM said that it won't get fixed soon because it would require too much resources with the current DS development). Arenas in War Games work (battlegrounds don't), the only problem is that you can't gain honor points playing war games. The single way that's left to farm honor is to fight players in the world. The first place we can find other players (not too often though) is Northrend. There we have to search a lot, most of the times without any avail (not mentioning that there aren't anbody below 68). As a skilled hunter I can also catch some off-guard hordies in Mount Hyjal (Yes I'm killing 80+). Also, since Badges of Justice were changed to Justice Points, 70 heroics no longer yield any JP which they used to, so we can't afford trading it to honor. As I listed, there aren't really much alternatives to honor point farming. If you change to a PvE realm even this opportunity will be taken from us.
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    I am surprised your parents let you smoke in their house.
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    Yes, we're looking for another perfect player. If u wanna join : 390 ilvl +, 6/8 Ds, 7/7 HC FL. and u have to make app on immortallegionats.enjin.com We need 2 last bosses on DS, coz 45 minutes on 25 mode with 6/8 it's too fast. :( Love my people from my guild. Thank u guys <3.
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    I saw that administration finally started to listen and understood some of pvp needs on Atlantiss so i want to ask our Staff & Players about LEGENDARY ITEMS transmogrification possibility?Personally i think its pretty cool idea. What do u guys think about it? Please leave ur feedback here with no HATE.
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    We've just completed the last run, and got the legendary. With it, we completed The ultimate collection guild achievement! It took us quite a while and we had to start over 2 times, but its finally done. Big thanks to everyone who helped us get the hammer, and everyone who was there for all the legendary farms over the years.
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