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    Hello there Let me make one thing clear. This is NOT a flaming post, for those of you who only knows how to blame and cry, save us time to read your helpless comments, thanks. This being said, lets start. Atlantiss is (still) a great server, the quality of scripting, despite haters and crybaby is among the best you can find in the private servers scenario. Since Atlantiss project began, we had really little to complain about. I enjoyed my stay here, and for this, THANK YOU Atlantiss staff; you guys gave me(us) the chance to experience wonders and share great moments with friends for years. Again, for this you have my true graditude. Now lately I've been hearing rumors and complaints, everything related to the 4.3.4 content being still far. A few weeks ago you guys released some of the 4.3 content (3 dungeons + 3rd boss in BH) but we had no news about DS. And this is where I'd like to focus: in the last 3/4 months, we had close to 0 updates about current plans, and work done in DS. In Feb, you guys opened the "Devs update" corner, people were enthusiastic about it, since we could actually get an idea on when things could get live, without the annoying "give us a release date" meme. Let's recap those updates shortly: Devs Update #1: https://community.atlantiss.eu/index.php?/topic/13115-developer-update-1/ 4/02 -- Jenova said hes hoping to start working on DS within a month (notice that FL hc has been out for only 5 months, with only 3 guilds with Rag hc kill => Not a bad timing at all imo). Bildo also created the Sneak Peeks 4.3 content topic. Devs Update #2: https://community.atlantiss.eu/index.php?/topic/13291-developer-update-2/ 19/02 -- Skipping the work done on t13 instances, and focusing on DS, work was mainly done on "NPCs" and mentioning the work done to upgrade the scripting system used Devs Update #3: https://community.atlantiss.eu/index.php?/topic/13877-developer-update-3/ 5/04 -- Jenova said he could finally start working on t13, after fixing t12 (thanks btw). No mention to DS Devs Update #4: https://community.atlantiss.eu/index.php?/topic/14270-developer-update-4/ 22/05 -- "Raknar has sent me a few scripts to Dragon Soul. I still don't know how much is done, but for sure this will help us speed up development". So on 22/05, Jenova still had no idea of the work done on DS. Devs Update #5: https://community.atlantiss.eu/index.php?/topic/14660-developer-update-5/ 5/07 -- Jenova becomes the manager of devs team. More work done on Rag normal and hc, no mention to DS, no updates at all. Devs Update #6: https://community.atlantiss.eu/index.php?/topic/14911-developer-update-6/ 19/08 -- Last Devs update. Morchok - Herkor is currently scripting Morchok. He wasn’t available for a week or two but he is slowly getting back to work. We hope to add Morchok on the PTR within the next week or two. Warlord Zonozz - Jenova is responsible for this boss. He has almost finished all versions (10 / 25 / 10HC / 25HC). He is currently testing him internally, if everything goes well Warlord Zonozz will be available on the PTR next week. Yor'sahj the Unsleeping - Jenova is also responsible for this boss. For now he has been gathering data about the boss. He made sniffs from retail and made a video of the encounter (We hope this will speed up the Development process). For now only the basics are done. NPCs - Piklo is working with all the NPCs, making sure they have proper DMG, proper HP values, are targetable and so on. He has almost finished and soon his fixes will be available on PTR. Boss Texts / Boss sound effects - Trance is making sure that all the boss texts and boss sound effects are in the database. He is also creating a document that will later help Developers make the bosses say and play the right sound effect and the right time. More work to NPCs and we finally had a sort of check-list. This was the last Devs update, but in september, Atlantiss staff created a discord channel to help testing on PTR, and to also update us on current status. It was a great move, and people were really glad about it. At this point, despite DS development being slow (On April 05 Jenova said he could go work on t13 finally, so 4 months before this last update), we still had an idea of how long it could be etc. Also, summer is always a tricky period for everyone, exams + holidays. The first weeks on the testing channel were really busy; I saw people who were complaining (as usual) actually take a step back and admit they regained trust and hype started to grow again. Unfortunately, it only lasted till October. It's been 2 months with almost no real updates. Last week we got some news from changelog: rev. 5542Author: Jenovas :: 2017-11-28 13:07 Warlord Zonozz: • Some minor changes to movement • Fixed a possibility where after a wipe the boss would stop melee attacking Yorsharj - 75% Done: • Most logic around summoning globules and gaining buffs from them is done, there needs to be some corrections to spells that Yorsharj gains after consuming a globule Hagara the Stormbinder: • Added basic script Now, we ofc appreciate it, but why only this in 2 months? What happened/happening? Any specific reason why development has been so slow? Please don't get me wrong, the whole point of this is not a complain. The server is yours, and noone from atlantiss staff gets paid for doing this, its just out of their love for this server, and for this community and we are grateful for all You guys have done so far. Besides fixes are still happening almost on a daily basis. My point is: why you guys stopped updating us? You realized long ago it was a huge thing for us that you guys were spending time to keep us informed (devs update, bildo's gif, discord channel), why this all changed in the last 3 months? It's been 6 months now since you guys started DS development, and yet the final two bosses have never been even mentioned (and we're aware those are the most difficult ones to do). Population on atlantiss have been as low as I've never seen, and yes we all know it will increase once DS is out, but I got friends just changing "home" because they lost hope. We'll get new people yes, its just sad the "old community" just quits because of this. Again, I personally am very grateful to all of those people who made this real, so again, THANK YOU Atlantiss; we just feel like you guys are focusing on something else maybe? Can't really explain why DS is taking so long, or why you guys stopped updating us. Do you still care about finishing Cataclysm in style? Thank you for reading it Best regards, Officers of Madness
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    Poszukujemy teraz polskich doświadczonych graczy z hordy, ponieważ najlepsi z ally są już u nas. (nie licząc Pelekona)
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    Hello everyone, This topic is fine with us, and your concerns are understandable. For quite some time ago I wanted to write a sort of "manifest" - primarily where we are, what we lack, in which direction we're headed and what's our goal. Previously, a similar topic was brought to our attention, however in Polish language Thank you for your kind words. Since the beginning, our goal was to provide everyone with the best quality. That was sort of our indicator whether we could launch something onto the main realm or not. It's pleasant that it was appreciated. As I already stated in similar topic, which you see above. There are many factors behind our development progress, many believe that our PTE project is at fault - that's not entirely right. I'll put topics about DS aside for now and describe how everything is conducted as of right now. First and foremost, server development as we expect it to be is very tough and toilsome. Providing quality at such high level requires a huge amount of workload and resources which we currently lack. We also departed from the original route of development in favour of releasing everything at once. What as of right now seems wrongful, as it swayed many things that used to work properly. Matter of progression is far more problematic. Every now and then we experience a big change in team members rotation, both in development and support. Each time we have to quickly rectify our plans, endeavours, change our priorities and adjust it all to what realistically we are able to provide. A portion of people, despite being officially in our staff, do not comply with what they obliged to do (I'm not mad at them about it, but it needs to be realised that it contradicts with our current action plan), many are far too occupied with their private life, constant business trips and job assignments. This is not the beginning part anymore when we could labour all night sacrificing other daily activities, to live only and exclusively with Atlantiss. Currently, we have a highly variable environment. Thus we began to inform you all less about what's going on, seeing that even we weren't completely sure about certain stuff. For me, a very promising factor and the fact is that we have new Content Fixers in our team, who are growing to become excellent developers (and many of such were already raised within our ranks). All of this was a very irritable and tiresome phase for us as well, we were forced to reevaluate all of it, which took us some time. Some players bring 4.0.6a patch into discussions, praising it above all. but it's not that the previous patch was better than the current 4.3 patch - downright, analyzing it, it worked far, far worse, the only distinction is that during 4.0.6a the development was stable and continuous, and all elements were released as we planned. Implementing new mechanics mostly. We are based on expansion that is not publicly developed and never was (only TrinityCore had a short episode, but there's practically nothing on its repository). Only two servers can pride themselves with correctly working content (the third one only consists of many PRs, far fewer realities). Hence, Cataclysm development is more troublesome, since we work on it alone. It's a different matter with WotLK expansion, where everyone can simply download already scripted core, make it seem like they worked on it and release it. It doesn't change the fact that we suffered from stagnation for some time, lack of progression, which was hard to exit and correctly respond to. I presume that some time needed to pass for this situation to refresh, and let the people who still wish to work on Atlantiss to remain in our staff. You could say that we slept through the last period of time, even say that we "fucked up" because we could manage things differently, change something quicker. We took too much on our shoulders, far more than we could handle at the moment, and we needed to learn new realities, and what we are facing against, many topics were set aside waiting to be realized. For now, it's important that we managed to see through our issues and decide to rather fix them then give up (not so quickly ;)). Now, moving onto TBC project. Since we began our work with it, we had a completely separate team in low resources. Only Wolfenstein moved on from Cataclysm to work with TBC, but this took place at the very beginning since he was the initiator behind this idea and wanted to oversee it. This was the state of things on this project until the end of October. At present, the work on TBC is at such a level that we wanted to hasten it and close the topic about its development, to later switch to Cataclysm to finish all content there - THEREFORE, after talking things over with few developers, we delegated two (rather, we asked them to) developers to help with TBC - however, no work was done by them on Netherwing, as well as on Dragonwrath, that is why connecting DS and TBC developemt is a wrong nuance and is not the reason behind slow progression of DS. Here is also one of the main issues we bother with, for an example I will use a recent situation that developed - a certain person obliged themselves to script a certain TBC dungeon (which roughly takes a week), as of right now 3 months have passed. I do not bring this up to attack this certain person in any way, only to provide an example of what's the current outlook, and how it needs to be adjusted constantly. Back to the crux of the topic, your questions. First of all, we do not abandon Cataclysm, we never planned to do so. For a period of time, we had issues with organizing ourselves and pushing it forward. After analyzing how we currently operate, how we used to operate, what lacks, why commitment of some declined - I believe we are able to bounce back and only move forward. We are changing the ways of our development, we want to move back to how things were at the beginning. That means, we'll release new content more frequently, but not primarily all of it at once - that's how we worked on 4.0.6a and it passed the test, progress was visible, as well as constant conductment. We won't be prioritizing any events. The main concern is to release fresh content, that should not come at the expense of the quality, transparency, and fairness of less important things. What I mean is that some elements of events can be polished during their occurrence, without adjusting all workload to it. When it comes to Dragon Soul - we'll divide it into 3 parts, and release it one by one. This approach will be safer, easier and steadier. First part will be released between the end of 2017 and the beginning of January 2018 (somewhere during 1 week of January). Meanwhile, we'll conduct work on the 2nd part. Even if scripting bosses is not very time-consuming, the work on the dungeon overall takes up such an amount of time. We'll map out all high priority issues and bugs, and make sure to plan on fixing them all carefully in small steps to most effectively improve the gameplay. Whether it's mechanics, spells or content. I believe that on Christmas holidays we'll write a brief, specific summary of where we are and as to what we plan to do - with terms. As to give you the possibility to decide between playing on Atlantiss or switching to another server for now - because you deserve this. Personally, looking objectively at current endeavours in relation to what was 3-4 months ago, I am filled with optimism and no longer in doubt about the future of Atlatniss. I hope that you will still remain with us on Atlantiss, as the first quarter of 2018 will bring you many new possibilities ;)
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    Hello everyone, after seeing a price for Azshara's Veil on both Alliance/Horde auction houses I realized that this herb is actually abused a lot (in terms of golds) since it is very, very rare. Besides that, there is only one territory where you can herb it (Tol Barad Peninsula) and since it is a PvP territory, there is always someone who is there farming God damn Azshara's Veil. Flasks and potions, especially Volcanic potions, are expensive just because of rarity of this herb. So, in my opinion, I think there should be 2 solutions for this problem with Azshara's veil: 1. Enable Vash'jir's Azshara's Veil spots (click on the link below to see how many Azshara's Veil spots should be there actually) http://bfa.wowhead.com/object=202749/azsharas-veil 2. Add more Azshara's Veil spots in Tol Barad Peninsula where the Shark Tank and Captain P. Harris are (click on the picture beyond as well and select "Tol Barad Peninsula" farming spots) It is indeed hard for all guilds which has a lot of players to supply/make potions/flasks for everyone. A lot of us are spending a lot time on farming herbs, especially Azshara's Veil, and we're unable to arrange everything in time. The ones who have Azshara's Veil, they are putting them on auction house for 300 golds per stack which is funny and immature at the same time, because stack of Cinderbloom is 40 golds, Twilight Jasmine is 50 golds, Stormvine is 50 golds, Heartblossom is 80 golds and Whiptail is around 50 golds most of the time. So one stack of all of these herbs combined is cheaper than one stack of Azshara's Veil and that ruins economy on the server just because of rare spots of Azshara's Veil. So, I hope that this post won't be deleted or ignored, because we all want server to be blizzlike right? THEN MAKE AZSHARA'S VEIL SPOTS GREAT AGAIN!!!
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    The guild is inactive until the release of Dragon Soul HC. Celestial is a raiding and a social guild, meant for both the average joe and the raider looking for progression beyond what is currently offered on the Horde side of Atlantiss. The officer and core raiding group are built from former Crimson Wolves players with full 13/13hc, 7/7 hc on this server and 8/8 HC on other servers, who want to make a return for T13HC progression. We will also do T11, T12 when we see fit, or as demand increases. Despite progression being our biggest goal, without a good social aspect, there is no enjoyment. We aim to build up and expand our current group of friends, to meet and get to know new people from all across the world, isn't that the true beauty of an MMO? No harrasing nor demeaning language is accepted, unless it is under friendly circumstances. Recruitment We are willing to cover transfering expenses for exceptional players. We're recruiting any sort of lvl 85 players s socials (exceptions can be made for exceptional people, as always), we have the patience to teach and train players, since many of us here are veterans of Cataclysm and know how to play multiple classes. Please apply here: http://celestial-atl.shivtr.com/ Loot distribution In terms of loot, during progression it will be loot council based on the core members, but as progression fades and casual runs become a daily thing, the loot will be distributed based on MS>>OS rolls, although people"forced" to tank/heal or DPS are allowed to choose what to roll for. This rule does not apply to the GM, nor is expected from any officers. They will roll for whatever spec they are playing and nothing else. Voice and offline communication Teamspeak will be our voice communication software, and is required for all players joining for the purpose of raiding. We are also using Discord for casual chatting, when we're not online. All that is required from socials (and of course, raiders as well) is a nice attitude and being kind to your fellow guildmates. Contacts If you feel like joining, contact us here on the forum or /w us in-game - Axelito, Durst. Reach us on Discord: Axelito#3287, Durst#0016
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    Hello guys, I just realised I still have a small montage, which I wanted to finish but never managed to do so. No idea If there is any even interested in such things since its DK pov and I know everyone hates Dks, thats why I put some Priest clips in it. 😄 All games were taken from the stream, sadly this results in bad quality in some of the games, sorry for that. (espacially last game, but didnt want to cut it out since gameplay and music fit so perfect :P) Anyways, I hope you still enjoy it somehow. Also Thank you for playing with me @Slly, @Hatedlol, @Calladin, @Champk and @Quodan + super special thanks to @Hatedlol for editing that. Greetings Dkgodx
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    Another Ragnaros 25 Heroic. Shadow Priest PoV. 04.02.18. + logs. http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-w1zk9hixv8xv7k9i/analyze/dd/source/?s=1115&e=1815 We're still looking for hunters, elemental shammans holy paladins.
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    rank uno trinket poly into mind control (featuring: @Debtheøne)
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    Firstly, big thx to @Emtec for removing post restriction from me. Of course i could make another acc just to post this but i'd rather sign it with my name. Now, to the real matter - this post is gonna be harsh, it's not gonna make people feel good but it's my point of view, of person who saw upsides and downs of this server for a long time. Also i'll try to cover few possible solutions for upcoming future. I will also mention XXX server a few times - this new contender actually made new possibilities for atlantiss so ill try to point them out. This is by no means advertisment of that server, i never did advertise another server here beside puns with polish rap songs perfomed by XXX. Now my reply begins. Back in the day of 4.0.6 patch atlantiss staff did really great job. Creating this, let's say it, shithole expansion of private servers at that time, was a challenge and you managed well. Scripts were decent (actually t11 worked alot better than it does now and this is v big dissapointment i have for ats team -> once your precious gem (t11 content), now just a shade. Atlantiss team had alot more of passion for the server, more strength to bear with it. That's a fact. Time's change, time passes. New people joined the server, new staff members evoked, some of old staff left. Atlantiss went for international mode (which was the best idea imo). And had a success at that. Population increased by 100%, from 400 at peaks to 800 at peak (this is 2013 if i remember correctly, maybe 2014). Note this because ill mention this date and this pop number later in this post. Alot of fixes were done, raids were working at last v decently, with few bosses working close to brilliant. Then 4.3.4 patch change came. Staff was doing rly hard and good job at trying to fix shit which was broken with this change. They still do, actually. Some will say it was a bad move, that ats should stay on that 4.0.6 and make the greatest t11/s9 content avaible from all priv servers. I disagree, it was a good and smart move. People were noticed back then with a lot of informations about what was going on. Problems were handled decently but we all can (who remembers) agree that it took you too long to fix crazy diff - server was pretty much unplayable in night hours for about 3 months. Alot of players quit back then, from 850-900 peak it went to 550 at most. But we, the community, stayed with you and backed u up with ur efforts in fixing shit, even by small content fixes and by posting a ton of bugs (also i want to remind that changing bugtracker to githhub caused alot of v good explained bug reports to vanish - i still think it was a big waste of people resources). At that time, few big factors impacted private wow scene, both polish and international. Moltdown and sunwell project being closed. A huge group of refugess joined atlantiss, increasing it popularity and population by approx 300-500%. At that time, server diff was unplayable for about 1,5month. Sadly staff didn't have or didn't want to spend a reasonable amount of resources to do it faster. By slacking back then, molten got back and we lost about 600 pop, going from 3,5k to 2.9 - 3.1k at peak. The more people joined, the higher expectations they had with atlantiss. People demanded new content, new fixes. Sadly atlantiss staff started to shatter. Less developers, burnout of the devs still working caused a big stagnation which lasted till new sunwell project resurrected. By that time, ats pop dropped from 3.1/2.9k to 2.4k. And then comes the firelands, 4.2 patch. Great expectations, not so great beginings. Raid was overly buged at that time and also - too easy. Bosses didnt have alot of proper mechanics also they were nerfed with the patch. Normal FL lasted for so long i remember ppl in my guild were doing up to 20+ fl nm raids a week. That was insane. The fastest run took us about 46min. This was bad. And people were angry, because time passed and there was still no fl hc. More and more devs stopped working on ats cata, some went for netherwing PTE project. Ill mention netherwing PTE later on in this post too. FL HC hit the server, in the meantime few great guilds appeared, most notably on horde side by WSI and nefarious. Few guilds died due to stagnation, most notably dragon annihilation (the only 25man hc t11 content guild back in the day, maybe beside the other horde guild arkadia and lastkis were in but i forgot the name). FL HC welcomed groups with a ton of strange working blockcocks, most notably ryolith. Also rag hc was ultra hard at that time (beside meteor kiting, lava not doing damage etc which was reported, also by me). Atlantiss decided to welcome people with 15% buffs to fl hc raid. Was it a good decision - from a perspective of time i think it was overtuned due to severely bugged mechanics. It made fl hc quite mythic mode, promoting hardcore gaming. I dont think it was bad for me - i had a lot of fun even though bugs were and still are existant on fl hc. But by doing it you need to realize people got frustrated. Not everybody had time to do 200+ wipes on rag hc nor had guild for that. So people (most likely casuals pve) were leaving, when hardcore pve players had their blast. Mind the numbers tho, its like 90% of common players and 10% of hardcores at most. So from population and server health point of view - it was a bad move to overtune it. Now, its 2 years since FL hit atlantiss and from my pov, what we got atm is: - bearable scripts of t11/t11hc - its actually below XXX server scripts level so i could say - not so bad, but on the other hand - it was working a ton better, - bearable/good quest state - comparing to XXX sadly atlantiss can't compete, they have it scripted alot better, but mind me - i would rather have devs work on something which is good and meaningful for end game than for e-peening with loremaster, - dead state of low level pvp (10-84) - most likely due to severe lack of new people leveling - dead state of rated bgs (beside when you do drafts spaming on world for 2h or when you snipe another faction which did such drafts), - dead state of 3v3 arenas, dead state of 5v5 (which was always dead and i suggested staff pvp GM many times that investing time into removing 5v5 for solo que would give a brilliant income of new players trying themselfs in pvp enviroment) - dead state of higher rated 2v2 arenas (talking about 2.5k+ ratings), - good state of scripts of t12/t12hc - have flaws but is enjoyable experience - decent state of t13 heroic dungeons (could be alot better but they are okayish) Enough of story, now some facts what is done rly bad/fucked up by atlantiss staff. - I just can't belive you didn't even try to stop such smooth, clear and good XXX server opening - just advertising opening yours new 4.3.4 server starting from t11 content could easily grab you about 1.5k pop from XXX thus making it shake in pieces - people would leave server with such mediocre start after 6 months and you could not only retain player base but possibly get new one - totally stupid forum censorship which mentioned XXX or said things about atlantiss and how bad it was becoming - of course both sides exaggerated but you took the worst possible solution to deal with it - by using censure you just made things worse - terrific replies from staff members, most notable @jenova - saying to people that if you dont like it then leave - left server with pmuch 50% pop drop in a month (from 1600-1700 at sunday peak to 950-1.1k at sunday peak) - maybe, just maybe, you guys should sometimes think about restricting yourself from posting, for the good of the server and your PR. - bad managed reddit of atlantiss - went in, i see some chinese marks all over the place - nobody is moderating it and in 2017 reddit is probably the most used communication tool - by having bad management there people see atlantiss as dead and wrong managed server, - web page + shop were already discussed but i ll add my 2 cents - since a long time i suggested that staff should introduce few new things to ats shop, most notably things like heirlooms for cash etc - which doesn't affect end game (competetive game) but helps speed up a process of gearing/leveling (which is crucial for getting new people on the server!!! 10 new players are worth more than 1000 alts tbh). - wrong (imo) decision about PTE Netherwing and even thinking about delegating people from cata to tbc. Firstly - people recognize atlantiss trademark by cataclysm server. No matter how you will try with polishing PTE Netherwing it simply won't get necessary attention due to 1 simple fact - people will post on reddit etc "this is shit cata server. Guess tbc gonna be the same lul", "lel polish fags probably took mango core made few things and now want to grab people for their dying project". Sad but truth - its too late now to not finish cata before tbc. It should be the other way around - all pte netherwing devs should be jumped over to cata to speed up DS involvment project. Then, after fixing it to state of good/brilliant and also fixing a bunch of class bugs/mechanics, they could be delegated back to tbc with a help from cata devs. - now about banning on forum - giving people warnings for honest answers for questions should NEVER be bannable. It's an art of PR to decently answer to such topics in a way which makes you think "wow, they wanted to piss them off but they are rly good staff. This must be professional server". How? For example - when somebody is saying bad shit about server in forum reply to it in a manner "We are deeply sorry for any inconveniences you meet. We are doing our best to serve our community the best quality server possible. But we would like to hear you out, would you mind to contact us via support.,....?" and only then, when smbd is still shitposting to censor it - but also WRITE IT - "This post was censored becouse person A harrased us even though we wanted to talk over his problem - most notobably a Person A wanted to just cause shitstorm so we decided to edit this post". I could talk for hours what could be done differently and what was fucked up by atlantiss staff over the years. But now lets go to real stuff, what can we(the community and the staff) do to improve atlantiss right now. 1. Put all Netherwing developers for cata project for the time being of realeasing full t13 hc 2. In the meantime of devs which dont want to help with cata, delegate them to learning how to create crossrealm system (RDF, RBG, Arena, Raid Finder, AH). Why? point 3. 3. Create x50 (or x30) exp realm with current cata content. Firstly ofc advertise it for about 2-3 months, create hype for it. This needs to be like an alternative to x1 exp rate atlantiss. This way people will save time leveling which is crucial for new players and new players are crucial for this server. In the meantime of finishing crossrealm working mechanics it would immensely increase ats popularity - most notably pve players would join old atlantiss, new pvp players would join high exp for fast level to jump into rated bgs/arenas/random bgs. 4. The moment t13 hc progress ends (like 3-4 guild got their DS HC kills) start to advertise new opening cata realm x1 exp rates starting from t11 (in the meantime t11 content needs to be fixed ofc). 5. Desirable you could get new x1 server catch up to old atlantiss realm in 1.5year and then crossrealm it thus creating huge community of cata project. 6. In the meantime invest your time into more things into cash shop which doesn't affect end game but can help players. Also reduce the prices so more people can afford items from it (actually lower prices means higher income in games due to fact many of players are simply young and dont earn money). 7. From money gained from cash shop pay staff. Simple. You need to be rewarded with money for your efforts and thats totally normal. But earn this money. Do good scripts, take good decisions. Make developer contest - 2/3 best contestants win a paid seat in ats team. 8. The moment t13 hc is released there needs to be done alot of work of GMs. Most notably events, pve ones and pvp to keep community playing here and not leave for another servers (unless its another atlantiss realm). 9. dont be afraid of fucking XXX realm. Just embrace it - you fucked up and loss your chances for new players but now be ready to punch - and do it with good scripts and good advertising. Reddit in our times is a weapon of mass destruction, you can both build your server on it or destroy another - make use of that. 10. Start doing official statements on webpage. Its discouraging to not see anything new posted for so long time. tomorrow ill post alot more but now due to waking up early for work i got to put an end to this post. cheers @Herkor @Pelekon_dev
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    Release it with next ID reset. Otheriwise it will cause too much of a hassle with unfinished IDs and people will have to organise just for 1 boss, which will not be fun for anyone and will cause troubles for guilds with limited time/busy schedules. It gives you more time to fix stuff up as well. There is no rush to release content now, i'm sure people are happy to see work being done and that is enough. Slow and steady wins the race. I'd also like to salute Yggr for his new position, one of the staff members i have complete faith in, so happy to see you're already doing a good job. Fixing the gap between the community and the staff won't be easy, but i'm excited to see things finally going in the right direction.
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    My bad here, forgot to press recording button on start :/
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    Hello there Emtec, as GM of Madness, after talking with mr Efrel, GM of Immortal legion (thank you for your kindness as always my friend), and various people around the server, we felt the need to write this. (Special thank you to Immortal Legion community) A huge Thank You for your reply. Your answer is honest, transparent, well constructed, and I'm sure it took You some time. You have our gratitude. A lot! Again Thanks. Also Thanks for Your kind words towards us. I'm proud, as all Atlantiss staff should be, of this server community With what you just wrote, speculations are over hopefully. The main problem lately has been the rumors spread by those who "can look behind the scene". We now have an idea of what you guys faced, and how much struggles you had to overcome. Congrats on doing so! We'll wait for the Christmas update on how you plan on doing things then, and let me add that your words makes the difference. Many of my guildies already stated they appreciated your reply. Let me add we always spoke high about Atlantiss staff; your behaviour has always been correct, kind and more than once Devs, GMs and even head Admins took some time to reply to some of our requests of help. Once again you proved yourself here. About Dragon Soul, we'll wait for your Christmas update, but if I may, please choose wisely on what to do. Releasing Dragon Soul normal (wing by wing) and then after full normal version is live, Dragon Soul hc means the hc version of the raid will need some buffing to be challenge (As you guys brillantly did in FL hc and Rag hc). Another scenario could be you release both version of one wing: even in this case, at least the last 2 bosses of the raid will need huge buffing since we'll be t13 hc geared already. I'm not sure how I feel about it, but since its my personal opinion, it doesn't really matter. In conclusion, once again we really appreciated you dedicated some time to reply to our letter, and I'm glad you found it "positive", without flaming or without just pointing fingers and accusing; it wasn't our goal. Staying tuned for more exciting news, Best regards /Lone
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    Hello, very, very, very good open letter to Atlantiss Staff about really important things. Respect for u guys from Madness Guild. U've got our support, me, my officers and all the players from Immortal Legion. I hope, that now Atl Staff can give us some new informations about his plans about new content. Everyone knows that it's really boring still to do the same, i mean Firelands, even t11. In my opinion, to Atlantiss Staff. I think, TBC project can be important for you but i think that u should more focus too about Dragon Soul coz the main server of Atlantiss it's Cataclysm Realm. As a guild master of IL i guarantee any help in tests etc coz i know that everyone's got real life and players should help Administration in this case. Cheers, Efrel
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    Well regarding the amount of ppl who'd try to gather for a started id, which a release on friday would create, i personally would find it better to have blackthorn released in a week. this would make raid ids "cleaner" and you'll have more than enough time to fix the issues and the issues that these issues may cause. Let us play with ultraxion this week and laugh at shadowstepping rogues. give us blackthorn next week, and let us rage about ppl avoiding aoe then :D
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    9.Jako że minęło troszkę czasu to mam pytanie jakie są plany dotyczące DS-a ? Bossy miały wychodzić w partach ale widać plany się zmieniły z rożnych powodów, ale wpływa to na wyścig na hc - wiadomo można dodać custom buffy ale myślę że że większości gildi to za bardzo utrudnia przez co nie będą w stanie zbić połowy bossow. 10. Co z chainem na daggery, brak info kiedy cokolwiek z tego wyjdzie, i jak to będzie wyglądało ? Myślę, że większość ludzi wolałaby wiedzieć czy wyjdzie to razem hc czy po wyjściu któregoś bossa. 11. Coś planowane w pvp ? https://oddshot.tv/s/QHB4uB często się powtarzają podobne sytuacje ? Większość graczy zauważyła, że fire magowie mają za duży dmg na arenach, który wynika z liczby procków czy samego działania ignite'a . 12. Jakie plany co do Darkmoon Island , w jakim stopniu jest gotowe? Kiedy możemy się spodziewać na mainie ? 13. Czy doczekamy się dokończenia TH lub jakieś cześci Vashj'ir bo minęło już pare lat i zero wzmianek co do tego ? 14. Jakie zmiany zaszły w Gm-ach, że nagle nie mogą pomagać z polową rzeczy, które robili wcześniej.Rozumiem że gracz ma zgłosić jakiś bug ale chyba można mu pomóc zamiast czekać x czasu aż może będzie w stanie to zrobić ? Skoro jest grafik fajnie byłoby wiedzieć w jakim miesiącu będzie Madness :)
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    As some ppl asked me to do it... FINE! here it goes ... image uploader now fk off
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    Probably not many of you remember me, but I'm a pretty old Atlantiss player that for some time already doesn't play here. I spent here almost 3 years (3 great years), but no content and slow progress of the server eventually made me stop playing. A friend of mine sent me this topic hoping we might start playing here again. I really do appreciate the honest reply from the Admins, I know the guys care about the server and I hope Atlantiss can move on forward and be the same server it used to be. I don't know if I'll come back and if I do it'll probably be for a while to checkout DS, but I found this topic on reddit - https://www.reddit.com/r/wowservers/comments/7l31qc/should_atlantiss_open_a_fresh_cataclysm_realm_poll/. Honestly I myself would love to join a new fresh Cata Server knowing that most of the content is already finished and the server will progress alot faster and the actual PvE content will be alot less buggy than it was during the first releases. I hope it's not only me, so I ask everyone here to have a look at this reddit post, leave a comment there about what you think and vote in the poll. We gotta show them that they have our support, let's show them that we are a community they can count on! If we get enough hype around this we might be able to get the Admins to start a new fresh Cata Realm. I myself think this is the only way they can go. After DS they don't have any more raids to release so they have to eventually start a new server. Let's show them that this is the way to go, that a new server will have players and a fresh server is needed. Thank you Atlantiss for those 3 great years and let's make it another 3 great years. Give me that new Cata Realm! We gotta show them that they have our support, let's show them that we are a community they can count on!
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    So i think it would be really good if u put option to change xp rates at least for vanilla,tbc and wotlk zones if not all. I think that server would get more constant players with option to level faster and come to content they came here for. Beacues there are some ppl like me that leveled thru all that content 100 times and don't feel like doing is all over again with 1xp rate. Like it's ok to put xp rate 1 for cata zones, content we didn't go thru that many times. Pls consider this cuze leveling to cata takes long time and most ppl just stop leveling without even seeing cata content.
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    Hello, actually logged in after ages on atlantiss ydaya and tried to q a bg 40v3... after waiting around 40 mins I logged off again. Have you considered taking crossfaction BG's into the game? It would increase the poprate of bgs by a lot. Ik not blizzlike but well retail has a way higher playerbase. + why are BGs forced at 10v10? why not 5v5 and let players join in, would help a lot with qs aswell. Ty
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    Hello! From what we saw a few weeks ago with the Hagara release, it can be a bit problematic releasing content so suddenly. (For us, we had to make 2 Hagara only runs). Also, sometimes it feels like it truly takes forever to fixes or updates to hit the server. Hence why I have this suggestion. What about you implement scheduled restarts? One together with ID resets and perhaps one during the night saturday/sunday? (sunday one only if there are things to be applied). This way we know when something will hit, and no more "Restart in 10 minutes" or w/e when you're about to pull a boss. And also, major things such as new bosses, should always be done when ID resets.
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    Sadly I do not have anymore access to logs, where were multiple Baleroc and Ragnaros heroic encounters, but reasoning why going haste with t12 4p, is just how they work well together, allowing you to fit in during berserk even more shreds, that result in more Combo Points, and even longer burst phase. If i get my hands on t13 2p, I will try to compare, if t12 4p or t13 2p+t12 2p is more beneficial to use. But no promises so far
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    The whole "I want hard progression, remove everything herp derp" point is just becoming incredibly silly now. It is only 1 step away from "remove combustion from mages, its too op". I get that you don't want it to be too easy, but people didnt farm legendaries so they end up being worthless. If i can't have fun with my shaman spamming chain lighting with the staff, i am 100 % leaving the server. And i won't be the only one. Nerf the staves if they were nerfed on blizz, sure, but anything else is just plain stupid. This recent trend of calling out how easy everything is just smells of vanity to me. I keep reading it as "Look Maa, i can do it with no hands". If you want harder progress, remove your staves. Problem solved. If you care about realm first, then join IL cause them seem like the only guild left that cares to compete for that stuff and will get them anyway. Problem solved again. The staff did a great job with the custom buffs on FL, i am sure they will do just as good with DS. Lets have a little faith. A custom buff is always better than removing blizzlike stuff that people worked hard to get. On the topic: I'd like it if the daggers come with HC. That seems obvious, actually.
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    Hello, As promised, we’d like to brief everyone in recent events and explain where we’re headed. Let me start off with the most important topic, Dragon Soul. We’re still planning to release it in the first week of January 2018, with the heroic version being available after all 3 parts are released. We’ve also begun working on the 2nd part. In case anyone missed, we’re having an event on our server starting on the 1st of January (https://atlantiss.eu/news/view/233). We really hope that this event turns out successful so that we can organize more of them in the future. Just as mentioned in the news, all important, specific information will be posted on the 1st of January before the event starts. Including one of major information that I can share with you is that Savek, a member of our team from 4.0.6a times has returned to help us out on the server. Greet him warmly! About PvP and the new season. Ranor will no longer be in charge of PvP section on Atlantiss. Here we’re changing our approach. Mainly, we’ll conduct an open dialogue with our PvP community on topics, such as, what can be changed or what do they view as a better option etc. so that the quality of gameplay would suit everyone’s expectations. I believe that such attitude will help us fix the current situation. We also won’t be having only one, individual person responsible for PvP. Since we’re explaining PvP matters. In this season, conquest points will be converted to honor points and honor points to gold. In the same fashion as during previous resets. I want to also move back to the 4.0.6a way of organizing our development. And slowly, we’re noticing progress as the whole team shows more activity. However, we don’t want to end here. We decided to open a new section on our forums, where only members of Atlantiss staff and guild masters of guilds consisting of more than 20 members will have access to. That doesn’t state that we’re closing onto all other players or that not everyone will be informed about certain changes, we simply think that since a GM of a certain guild is their representative, they will speak up in name of all its guild members. We switched to a new tool which will help usto manage the course of development. Here also leaders of testing groups will gain access, to discuss and talk through everything that’s under development. Our current bugtracker was thoroughly examined and many issues were properly tagged. We uncovered more than 500 duplicates in our reports. Now we’ll begin to clean all of it up and slowly merge them with our new tool, we’ll divide bugtracker tasks among few people so that existing issues will also be continuingly worked on. Regarding rumors and requests to release a fresh Cataclysm realm. For now, we don’t want to get into this topic, since there’s still Dragon Soul to finish, as well as many other, older issues. However, we saved up our old 4.0.6a core (operating on a 4.0.6a client), but we’re not entirely sure to whether use the old version or focus on fixing the 4.3 ver. We also appreciate immensely all the support and kind words, this topic, for now, is not closed but is not entirely open as well. Here we invite everyone to a discussion, and maybe your arguments will persuade us ;). http://www.strawpoll.me/14721242 This is only a handful of information to share with you, more of these coming soon.
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    I am temporarily closing this topic. I will write an official statement later today and will ublock this topic. Thank you for your patience.
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    on ats pvp on forum is better