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    Hi :) Development of Hour of Twilight patch has already begun. In this topic I will post each day (for a limited time) 1 gif showing current state of our progress.    Here you will find only gifs but if you want talk about progress there is another topic on our forum. http://community.atlantiss.eu/index.php?/topic/13115-developer-update-1/       04.02.2017   05.02.2017   06.02.2017   07.02.2017
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    Due to the spread of scamming, we decided to face the problem. Please, send reports with proofs to [email protected] Only video proofs including chat, the course of transaction process and server info (by typing ".s info" command on chat) will be considered and investigated. Every perpetrator of scamming / cheating will be punished with the maximum penalty on our server - permanent ban. We want to warn you, that we will not return any items / gold lost during such transactions. Our primary goal is to eliminate the problem and to improve the situation on the server. By scamming we mean situations when a player does not keep the terms of an agreement (receiving gold /mats and not giving a service or crafted items).
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    Introduction Greetings Everyone! Welcome to Fafal Demonology Warlock Guide! Here, I will try to put almost everything you need to know about playing a Demonology Warlock in a raid environment. Being a good warlock requires micromanagement. Keeping track of all DoTs and debuffs, maintaining high health and mana, effectively controlling your demon, switching pets in right moment, renewing up to four kinds of Crowd Control, constant adjustments to positioning, all while inflicting high damage; Warlocks are the most complicated of all DPS classes, and have a large amount of utility. Our bag of tricks is deep, if you can master it, you can help your raid a lot, and you can also show people how to do real big damage on raids and dungeons. How warlock looks like in comparison with other classes? In cataclysm patch 4.3 Demonology is absolutely tier 1 spec (near combat/sub rogue, fire mage and arms warrior) with one of the highest burst in the game. Affliction is also good, especially on fights with 2-3 targets, fights with Haste Buff and on hard movement environments. Destro is not bad at all, but behind those two specs. This guide is a compilation of data from Elite Jenkins, retail logs and my own personal experiences.     FAQ I’m playing as Warlock first time, how about more things for beginners? Scroll down to “U want to know more?” topic there is a few links for new warlocks/ppl in cataclysm. Where is the section for T12 HC BiS List and also more about DS Encounters. T13p4 itc. Guide will be updated when something new will come to Atlantiss, this guide is for current content. What Spec for leveling?!?!?!?!?! Each one is cool, I like affliction. What Spec for Dungeons?!?!?!?! I prefer Demonology cause, most of time you are doing Cleave/Aoe Damage. When guide for Destruction or Affliction? For Destruction? Never. I don’t like this build. Zero Cool Mechanics, boring, the easiest one. It’s not that annoying like on 4.0.6 but still probably I will never create something about this spec. About Affliction? I need more experience in this build on cataclysm to share some tricks itc, actually I feel there is maybe few better than me and maybe they will create something. I know more about warlock, u sux, just wtf, why u r writing this guide lel?!?!?!?!?! I’m not the best! Share your own experience! Ask about something if it is not clear for you, or you want to know more. Why did I write this guide? Everyday, I’m receiving a lot of whispers with questions “how to do more dmg” and I’m actually tired of this. Also I have cleared 80% tiers as warlock in all expansions, here I tried to down all bosses as soon as it was possible on pre nerf 4.0.6 and 4.3.4 on 25 mans with Dragon Annihilation with nice results and I think its not a bad idea to share some experience.   Customizing your build and gear ==Talents== 0/31/10 3/31/7 So 0/31/10 with Shadow Bolt or 3/31/7 with Incinerate? 0/31/10 with shadow bolt! 3/31/7 is viable, finally for single target with Incinerate Filer on Tier 13 - Dragon Soul because: There is more viable trinkets than Moonwell Chalice, and this trinket we are using for Mastery Gear Switching (explanation below) We cast more single target spells, so statistics says Meta cooldown will down below 2 minutes. Shadow Bolt keep this CD with ~ 2 minutes so it is great for Moonlite Chalice in FL. We have more haste from gear and we dont need to sacrifice Haste for Mastery, so our Corruption does more damage cause cap (1993) so we have 1 more tick and talent also helps. Easier Rotation Also response from one of the best Warlocks: "Yea its correct its a small DPS gain to use incinerate now, so i would go for that. You can swap your Bane for Imp CORR, but the thing is, on some fights you have to multidot and/or spam immolate on multiply targets. It's really hard to tell whether bane is worth to drop or not then, because when you try to go without it, you will notice your Immolate is absolutely aids to cast. - Sparkuggz (Method)   ==Glyphs== PRIME: Glyph of Metamorphosis Glyph of Immolate and depents on build: Glyph of Corruption (0/31/10) Glyph of Incinerate (3/31/7) MAJOR: Glyph of Life Tap Glyph of Shadow Bolt (0/31/10) And some options: Glyph of Healthstone (more health from stone) Glyph of Shadowflame (for some fights when u need to control adds speed (Bethilac) or do something like on Nefarian HC - slow ur mates) Glyph of Soul Link (less dmg taken) Glyph of Soulstone (only if you really ressing someone often) MINOR: Glyph of Drain Soul Glyph of Health Funnel Glyph of Ritual of Souls ==Statistics and Cap Explanations== The stat priority for a Demonology Warlock is: Lower (iLvl 359 - 378) Gear Levels Int |=| Hit (to cap) |>| SP |>| Haste (1007 Rating) |>| Mastery |>| Haste |>=| Crit Mid (iLvl 378 - 397) Gear Levels Int |=| Hit (to cap) |>| SP |>| Haste (1573 Rating) |>| Mastery |>| Haste |>=| Crit Higher (iLvl 397+) Gear levels Int |=| Hit (to cap) |>| SP |>| Haste (1993 Rating) |>| Mastery |>| Haste |>=| Crit Why priority looks like that? Int like on all casters is best. Hit need obviously to be capped. Why we cap haste only on those caps, not like affli/destro to almost 2600? Cause we dont have that much synergy from additional tick for main dot. Also our strongest secondary stat is Mastery, we want max it, without losing that much, so we trying cap haste without sacriface a lot of stats. Even with 385+ capping 1573 haste is good, we dont need to be hasty with that, because 1007 and 1993 are out best to caps, so we need to choose one depents on gear. What those haste caps means: (DI and Wrath 1007) Immolation Aura - 18th tick Immolation Aura - 23rd tick (on BL) Immolate: Inferno - 11st tick (on BL) Immolate - 6th tick Immolate - 8th tick (on BL) Shadowflame - 4th tick What those haste caps means: (DI and Wrath 1573) Immolation Aura - 24th tick (on BL) Immolate: Inferno - 10th tick Shadowflame - 5th tick (on BL) What those haste caps means: (DI and Wrath 1993) Immolation Aura - 19th tick Corruption - 8th tick Corruption - 10th tick (on BL) #note: if you are looking for caps for goblin, scroll down and click “DOT/HOT Haste calculations 4.3.3” #note2: I highly recommend to use Simcraft to setup your gear, even with those caps above, your stats depends much on your actual gear.   ==Reforging== Reforge crit then mastery to hit until cap, getting as close to 1742 as possible. Reforge crit then mastery to haste until 1993 rating, getting as close as possible without going under. Reforge left over stats to mastery, including any hit or haste over the mentioned caps. It is important to note that optimizing your reforging may involve reforging away from haste or hit on gear to get as close as possible to the cap (without going under). It is recommended to use tools such as Reforgilate to assist you.   ==Gemming== Meta: Burning Shadowspirit Diamond (54int and 3% crit dmg increase) Red: Brilliant Inferno Ruby (40 int) Yellow: Reckless Ember Topaz (20int 20haste - if not haste capped), Artful Ember Topaz (20int 20mastery - if haste capped) Blue: Veiled Demonseye (20int 20hit) When to ignore the socket bonus? As a general rule of thumb, if the socket bonus is less than 20 Int or 30 of any rating stat, then it would be better to ignore the bonus and gem Brilliant Inferno Ruby. However, to be more accurate you would need to find the relevant scale factors for your individual gear setup (Using Simulationcraft) and multiply those scale factors by the stats you would gain with either gem. ==Enchants== Head | 60 Int/35 crit | Arcanum of Hyjal - Guardians of Hyjal revered Shoulders | 50 Int/25 haste | Greater Inscription of Charged Lodestone - Therazane exalted Back | 50 Int | Enchant Cloak - Greater Intellect Chest | 20 stats | Enchant Chest - Peerless Stats Wrists | 50 Int | Enchant Bracer - Mighty Intellect Gloves | 65 mastery | Enchant Gloves - Greater Mastery Legs | 95 Int/80 Stam | Powerful Enchanted Spellthread Boots | Run speed/35 mastery or 50 hit or 50 haste | Enchant Boots - Lavawalker / Enchant Boots - Precision / Enchant Boots - Haste Belt | Extra socket | Ebonsteel Belt Buckle Weapon | 500 Int Proc | Enchant Weapon - Power Torrent Offhand | 40 Int | Enchant Off-Hand - Superior Intellect ==Consumables== You should always be eating food that provides 90 intellect, whether this is in the form of: Severed Sagefish Head or Seafood Magnifique Feast or Fortune Cookie Your flask should be a Flask of the Draconic Mind. During the encounter, your best choice for a potion will be Volcanic Potion.   ==Professions==   With the exception of Tailoring, which is currently the best profession for casters, you will generally prefer a passive Intellect bonus over any of the temporary gains. Indeed, Lifeblood provides Haste Rating, which, as a Demonology Warlock, is much less valuable than any Intellect bonus. Synapse Springs is good, but if you already have an on-use trinket, the two effects cannot be used simultaneously and you will prefer that of your trinket, which is, most likely, a lot more powerful than that of Synapse Springs. My suggestion is to pick Tailoring and one of Blacksmithing / Enchanting / Inscription / Letherworking. ==Races==   For Alliance I suggest to pick Worgen For Horde Orc > Goblin > Troll ==Mastery Gear Switching== It is important Mechanic mostly for Dragon Soul (but u can also use it on FL HC BiS, but I do not recommend it for Ragnaros Heroic), but it is good to know how it works, cause in future each demo warlock need to use it if wants to be somewhere in top of dps :) First, you need gear with the highest Mastery and mastery gems/enchants. Second, you need Moonwell Chalice. Third, raid need to pull Boss on 0 (when u using DBM for example). if someone pull boss before u switch gear, u are just useless in encounter, so its also risky. In preparations to encounter u need to wear yours mastery gear. Before encounter starts, you need to use Moonwell Chalice, next use Metamorphosis and switch for your normal gear (yes also u need to switch Moonwell chalice and remember - using meta before switch gear thats important cause buff from chalice will gone away). Result? A lot of Mastery snapshotted gives you insane burst potential for next 36 seconds.   ==Actual Bis For Firelands Normal==     Note1: If your guild cant kill sinestra, also great alternative is easy to obtain “Rippling Flamewrath Drape” (Avenger of Hyjal reputation). Note2: Old BiS list have Set Chest as BiS and Gloves from Ragnaros (more intellect. Now much more mastery). Note3: Someone can notice that great alternative for feet slot is boots from Chimeron Heroic but in that slot I choose tailoring boots cause they give much more intellect and hit. Note4: Ring from Avengers of  Hyjal Exalted is obvious BiS :) Note5: Same as Legendary Staff (*)   ==Trinket Section==   Making a DAMAGE – Rotation, cooldowns and abilities ==Priority== Metamorphosis Demon Soul | Felguard Doomguard Immolation Aura | Metamorphosis Immolate Demon Soul | Felhunter Bane of Doom | If target will be alive atleast 15sec Corruption Shadowflame | Melee Range Hand of Gul'dan Shadow Bolt | Shadow Trance Soul Fire | Decimation Incinerate | Molten Core Shadow Bolt Make sure to apply Curse of the Elements on the target if no one else is providing this debuff (Assassination Rogues, Balance Druids, Unholy Death Knights or other Warlocks). About Haste Mechanics and Dot Clipping u can read about that here: https://cynwise.wordpress.com/2010/10/29/how-warlock-dots-work-in-cataclysm/ Worth to read, cause since wtlk haste mechanic works a bit different and good to know how to make close to 100% uptime for corruption/immolate/bane of doom. In future i will try to make short note about that. Incinerate via Molten core is over Soul fire only when no one apply 5% spell critical chance on target via talent Shadow and Flame. Don’t use yours CD as brainless guy! If u see there is close to some additional damage phase, to execute phase (and u are sure u won’t use Meta anymore in this fight) or some things to burst, wait with them. Try to plan yours CD and pet switching – it helps a lot in preparing for a fight and slightly increase your dps after practice! ==Fighting versus more than one enemy== Against 2-3 Targets You should keep DoTs up on all targets: Corruption, Immolate and Bane of Doom on the primary target. Corruption, Immolate and Bane of Agony on another target. Corruption and Immolate on the last target (if it exists). After your DoTs are up, you should continue with the rest of your single target rotation on one target. You should try to use Shadow Bolt on each of the targets, alternatively, to keep up the Shadow and Flame debuff. If the enemies are together and you are in melee range, you should also use Shadowflame. Against 4-5 Targets Against 4-5 enemies, you should apply Immolate and Corruption to the enemies and then channel Hellfire while standing among them. Shadowflame should still be used. If you are aiming to maximise your DPS for this particular stage of the fight, you should use your Felguard minion and cast its Felstorm. Against 6 or More Targets Against 6 or more enemies, you should stop using your DoTs and instead you should simply channel Hellfire and cast Felstorm and Shadowflame. Short-lasting Enemies If the targets you must AoE will live for such a short amount of time that applying your DoTs on them is not worth it (10 seconds or less), then simply use Shadowflame and channel Hellfire among them.   ==Optimal Opener== Have your Felguard out. 1 second before the pull, use your Volcanic Potion. As soon as the boss is pulled, cast the following spells: Curse of the Elements (unless someone else is providing the debuff), also its cool with macro on Felstorm. activate your Moonwell Chalice trinket (if you are using it). cast your Felguard's Felstorm. Cast Metamorphosis. Cast Demon Soul: Felguard and every buff you have. Apply Immolate Apply Bane of Doom on the target. Apply Corruption on the target. Instant summon your Felhunter using macro. Cast Hand of Gul'dan. Cast Immolation Aura (provided you are in melee range). Cast Shadowflame (provided you are in melee range). Summon your Doomguard, if you have enough procs (Enchant Weapon - Power Torrent and Lightweave Embroidery, Volcanic Potion itc, and Moonwell Chalice all up at once, ideally). ==Moonwell Chalice and Darkmoon Card: Volcano== A lot of people wonder, why those two trinkets are so good and are over other trinkets available on the Firelands. The reason is pretty clear. You can Moonwell Chalice and macro up with Blood Fury and Demon Soul. Also that control is cool, cause u can use it before Metamorphosis and in next 36s will be stronger by over 20% damage. Sounds cool? Yeah! DM:V gives us important mastery and has 45 cd on Proc on pretty nice int bonus. BIG VALUE! Also we need proc trinkets for doomguards – more procs, more stats snapshooted, more DAMAGE! #note: Never put Moonwell chalice and Metamorphosis in one macro.   ==Defensive Cooldowns== Death Coil – its always 5-7% hp, if some thrash/adds are not immune, horror effect, u can break cast or somethin or just CC it for a moment. On Metamorphosis heals u for 10-18% HP :) Healthstone and Soulburn:Healthstone – Gives u ~15% HP, second one macred increase your hp by 20%. With Soulburn its your best cooldown, use it wisely. Shadow Ward – Absorb a few shadow damage. Poor version ward from destruction :( Soulshatter – best skill to drop some threat, when tank dies and its going to be drama kill, best one ^^     ==Few raid tips== T11 HC: Magmaw: Put Portal on one side of Magmaw, it can helps u a bit dont wasting time for movement. Use Meta on Head phase if there is close to it. Switch pet for felguard on 2+ skeletons. If u need to move and dps down little ones - 24/7 felguard and safe his felstorm for little adds spawning (dont use felstorm on start cause adds will come after 30s). Also Seed of corruption is safety option, hellfire more risky. DoT Skeletons/Magmaw when u need to move. Ofc switch for felhunter for last head phase. ODS: Go affli or destro. If u cant, just burn Meta on Arcanotron buff if possible, use Bane of Agony instead of Bane of Doom, cause imps activate barriers. Left dots on old robot, just dont do it on Magmatron. Chimeron: Go for melee range and enjoy wathing your DPS. Be careful with life tap, use it if u know u ll have no less than 10% hp. Atramedes: U can use succub for flying phase (she can reach Atra with lash of pain). Before/After Flying phase u can switch pet for felhunter/succub itc. Shards u can take from imp. Dont use CD on flying phase, just wait to ground phase. Maloriak: Start with puting portal in place where tank will place adds to kill in green phase. Dont DPS on start, send pet and wait till Black phase then burn everything. After First Black switch pet for felhunter and dps Maloriak. Dont use meta on red and blue phase. 1s before green phase, switch pet for felguard, and set "move to" command to maximalize ur dps from felstorm. Use Metamorphosis and dps down adds. Stay with felguard for next black phase. Cause u dont have meta for 2nd black phase, burn infernal for it. After 2nd black again switch for felhunter (if raid still need to dps maloriak). Wait till 2nd green phase, use portal, burn meta and kill all adds. Then just execute Maloriak. Nefarian: Jump on platform and left portal there (oh wait, atlantiss textures, dont do it...), Burn all for onyxia on start then left DoTs on her when Nefarian comes. Good to use here Glyph of Shadowflame to help slowing other ppl. Also Glyph of Soul Link is is awesome here cause a lot of damage taken. On P2 use all defensive cooldowns, and multi dot Nefarian also. On P3 u have 2 choices - Use Meta on CD or risk waiting for buff and wathing insane burst. Halfus: Burst like crazy with aoe (Hand of guldan, Meta, Aura, Felstorm, Shadowflame. Infernal, Hellfire) Enjoy with 2xx k burst. Multidot after whelps everything. Put Bane of doom on halfus. Keep Felguard until last last dragon then switch for felhunter. U can also after whelps damage only halfus, done huge dps and take -dkp <3 V&T: Go affli or Destro. If u can’t, burn all CD on the beginning and be close to melee range. Portal place on middle or on place where raid stacks with debuff to dispell. After Phase 1, u have 2 options: Waiting outside with meta for buff if u are lucky. Or just be in close range and burn meta on CD. I recomended to use Meta after first buffs, u dont need to waste CD and risky u dont get any buff on P2. Also doing adds in portal is much better option for Destro/Affli, but if u rly need just multidot everything and leave. u can also damage a bit more adds till 15-20 stacks. AC: Go affli or Destro. This in not fight for demo on Heroic, going demo there is suicide, don’t do it. DON'T EVEN TRY. Chogall: Burn everything on start. With Guardian u can wait to last phase to stun tentacles. Multidot every elemental and Adherent. Put Portal in place where Chogall is with tank. Switch for second(25m) or third pack(10m) of small adds for felguard cause felstorm doin there crazy damage (u can from start dps each pack but IMO is waste of DPS). Also Meta+Hellfire is worth it, but rly risk idea to dps them cause u can stack like crazy there so u need to be careful. For first tentacles u can stay with felguard to possible felstorm them and then switch for felhunter to finish chogall. Also remember about death coil - it can interrupt also that cast from tentacles. Sinestra: Go affli if u dps only Sinestra. If u need to dps down whelps Demo is great. Try to save Meta CD for each pack of whelps u need to dps down. U can also burst on eggs if needed, if u are lucky with CD to first whelps on p3 will reset. Also be prepared to save all your def CD to burn them when new whelps will come after old dies. Use Bane of Agony on Sinestra in P3. Also using DG before buff in P3 is cool, oh wait, DG doesn’t work, SHADOWFLAME EVERYTHING U CAN <3 (not boss, sadly, atlantiss rip). Conclave: Demo is usefull if needed to dps down flowers. U can also go for stormshield on rohash, but destro will be much better for this. Alak’ir: P1 is extreme unfriendly for demonology, expecially on Atlantiss with not working melee range spells. Prepare Portal and watch out for everything. If u survive this later is much easier to make DPS. But because P1 mostly is better go Affli there. Firelands Normal: Bethilac: Use meta on spiderlings but be careful cause debuff can easily kill u. Depents on what dps doing there, multidot all spiders on web or focus on drone. Use a lot of times move to command for u felguard to dps down spiderlings asap on their spawn points. Switch For felhunter when execute phase start. Lord Ryolith: Don’t burn everything on start, wait for small adds. After that u can switch your felguard to felhunter and dps down legs/spark. Then repeat. Use Meta on small adds is most effective there. Shannox: Affliction is mostly better there unless u trying to burst everything close to each one. Multidoting is a key. Alysrazor: Go AFK as Demo. Pick Affliction if u love to fly. Baleroc: : Next boring fight for demo, enjoy your dps… Majordomo Stagheim: Next boring fight for demo, enjoy your dps… Ragnaros: Prepare portal to detonate traps, u need to use it before u going down (u can be also worst saper EU <3) but look on raid HP. Use meta on start and for little adds on P2 and for Sons on second intermission, after that on cd in P3. Use Felstorm on P2 for adds, also u can use him for intermission cause additional stun.   ==Macros== #showtooltip Banish /cast [target=mouseover,exists] Banish; Banish U can macro any skill to faster CC/Doing damage without targeting #showtooltip Healthstone /cast Soulburn /use Healthstone Best Defensive Macro there #showtooltip /cast [pet:imp] Flee; [pet:succubus] Whiplash; [pet:voidwalker]; [pet:felhunter] Devour Magic; [pet:felguard] Felstorm; Clicking on pet bar is time to time to slow. Name pet spell, bind a key for that, enjoy because u are faster #showtooltip /castsequence !Fel Armor, !Demon Armor Cast Sequence for Armors, more for PvP than PvE #showtooltip Curse of the Elements /cast Curse of the Elements /cast [pet:Felguard,target=target] Felstorm Pretty cool to start on melee range /use Soulburn /cast Summon Felhunter Use with any pet, insta summon, also u can mix this with: #showtooltip /cast [mod:alt] Summon Voidwalker(summon) /cast [mod:shift] Summon Succubus(summon) /cast [mod:ctrl] Summon Felhunter(summon) /cast [mod:nomod] Summon Felguard(summon) Also like that u can for example create macros for Demonic Circle Teleport/Summon, Drain Soul/Life itc #showtooltip Soulshatter /stopcasting /use Soulshatter When u need to drop threat asap #showtooltip Immolate /petattack /cast immolate I recommended to use 2 kinds of spell - with macro petattack and not, its helps with pet control without manual spam and additional macro #showtooltip /cast [mod] Soulburn; Demonic Circle: Teleport; [nochanneling] Demonic Circle: Teleport More PvP than PvE Macro, after teleport u have additional speed #showtooltip Dark Intent /cast [target=Informator] Dark Intent Casts DI without targeting, helps when target/you die before or when u change phase (like on Valiona for example) #showtooltip /castsequence reset=2 Soulburn, Soul Fire Macro for destruction and future T13 bonus #showtooltip Seed of Corruption /castsequence reset=2 Soulburn, Seed of Corruption For affliction #showtooltip /cast [@mouseover,harm,nodead][] Soul Swap or #showtooltip /Cast[nomod]Soul Swap /Cast[@focus; mod:shift]Soul Swap For affliction More? Soon :) ==PowerAuras==   http://imgur.com/a/r5XTX - Decimation Aura, T11P4   Decimation Aura - Version:4.23; b:0.0039; anim1:2; icon:Spell_Fire_Fireball02; buffname:Decimation; r:0.1216; begin:3; texture:60; alpha:1; inVehicle:0; speed:0.1; size:1.72; y:0; texmode:1; ismounted:0; finish:2; timer.HideLeadingZeros:true; timer.h:2.83; timer.enabled:true; timer.cents:false; timer.Relative:CENTER; timer.y:150   http://imgur.com/5SyqkCp- Ready to use: Metamorphosis, Hand Of Guldan, Moonwell Chalice   Meta - Version:4.23; b:0.9647; anim1:2; icon:Spell_Shadow_DemonForm; buffname:Metamorphosis; r:0.9529; x:-372; customname:Metamorphosis; bufftype:15; texture:60; aurastext:Metamorphosis; speed:2; aurastextfont:8; customtex:true; combat:true; size:0.67; y:422; texmode:1 Hand - Version:4.23; b:0.149; anim1:2; icon:INV_SummerFest_FireSpirit; buffname:Hand of Gul'dan; r:0.8667; x:7; customname:Hand of Gul'dan; bufftype:7; texture:10; aurastext:Hand of Gul'dan; speed:2; aurastextfont:8; customtex:true; combat:true; size:0.39; y:296; texmode:1 Moonwell - Version:4.23; b:0.8157; g:0.4392; icon:inv_potion_01; buffname:Moonwell Chalice; r:0.3804; x:-225; customname:Blessing of the moonwell; bufftype:7; texture:78; alpha:1; speed:0.1; combat:true; size:0.46; torsion:1.01; y:411; texmode:1; finish:0   http://imgur.com/WkbFqjg- Timer for: Metamorphosis, Moonwell Chalice, Demon Soul(both versions) and Volcanic Potion   Meta - Version:4.23; b:0.9647; icon:Spell_Shadow_DemonForm; buffname:Metamorphosis; r:0.9529; x:-372; customname:Metamorphosis; isAlive:0; texture:60; alpha:0.5; aurastext:Metamorphosis; inVehicle:0; speed:2; aurastextfont:8; customtex:true; size:0.67; y:422; texmode:1; ismounted:0; finish:0; timer.HideLeadingZeros:true; timer.h:5.37; timer.enabled:true; timer.cents:false; timer.Relative:CENTER Moonwell - Version:4.23; b:0.8157; g:0.4392; icon:INV_Elemental_Mote_Water01; buffname:Blessing of the Moonwell; r:0.3804; x:-228; customname:Blessing of the moonwell; texture:34; alpha:1; symetrie:3; inVehicle:0; speed:0.1; size:0.46; torsion:1.01; y:404; texmode:1; ismounted:0; finish:0; timer.HideLeadingZeros:true; timer.h:2.69; timer.enabled:true; timer.cents:false; timer.Relative:CENTER; timer.y:98 DS Felguard - Version:4.23; b:0.2863; g:0.0157; icon:spell_warlock_demonsoul; buffname:Demon Soul: Felguard; r:0.8157; x:-112; customname:Blessing of the moonwell; texture:45; alpha:1; inVehicle:0; speed:0.1; size:0.46; torsion:0.99; y:403; texmode:1; ismounted:0; finish:0; timer.HideLeadingZeros:true; timer.h:2.69; timer.enabled:true; timer.cents:false; timer.Relative:CENTER; timer.y:98 DS Felhunter - Version:4.23; b:0.6745; g:0.8157; icon:spell_warlock_demonsoul; buffname:Demon Soul: Felhunter; r:0.0627; x:-112; customname:Blessing of the moonwell; texture:45; alpha:1; inVehicle:0; speed:0.1; size:0.46; torsion:0.99; y:403; texmode:1; ismounted:0; finish:0; timer.HideLeadingZeros:true; timer.h:2.69; timer.enabled:true; timer.cents:false; timer.Relative:CENTER; timer.y:98 Volcanic Potion - Version:4.23; b:0.1922; g:0.6196; icon:inv_potiond_3; buffname:Volcanic Power; r:0.8157; x:6; customname:Volcanic Potion; texture:116; alpha:1; inVehicle:0; speed:0.1; size:0.46; torsion:1.01; y:403; texmode:1; ismounted:0; finish:0; timer.HideLeadingZeros:true; timer.h:2.69; timer.enabled:true; timer.cents:false; timer.Relative:CENTER; timer.y:98   Bonus Pack:   Conflagrate - Version:4.23; anim1:4; icon:Spell_Fire_Fireball; buffname:Conflagrate; x:-69; customname:Conflagrate; bufftype:7; alpha:0.6; customtex:true; combat:true; size:0.25; y:-14; texmode:2 Chaos Bolt - Version:4.23; anim1:4; icon:Ability_Warlock_ChaosBolt; buffname:Chaos Bolt; x:78; customname:Chaos Bolt; bufftype:7; texture:114; alpha:0.6; customtex:true; combat:true; size:0.25; y:-16; texmode:2 Haunt - Version:4.23; b:0.149; anim1:2; icon:Ability_Warlock_Haunt; buffname:Haunt; r:0.8667; x:10; customname:Haunt; bufftype:7; texture:10; aurastext:Hand of Gul'dan; aurastextfont:8; customtex:true; combat:true; size:0.4; y:293; texmode:1   Raid buffs/debuffs soon :)   ==What good to have?== SimulationCraft – Necessary for optimization your Character. https://code.google.com/p/simulationcraft/downloads/detail?name=simc-433-1-win32.zip&can=1&q= Rawr – for SimulationCraft, to copy your character into it. http://www.curseforge.com/media/files/562/865/Rawr-v0.72.zip Reforgelite – helps with reforge http://addons.cursecdn.com/files/564/978/ReforgeLite-v1.10.zip DBM – helps with timers in encounter http://wow.curseforge.com/addons/deadly-boss-mods/files/1198-4-10-14/ ExtraCD – tracking yours CD http://wow.curseforge.com/addons/extracd/files/30-0-9-6/ I also recommended: Raid Frames (to fast resurrect someone if needed) Recount / Skada and WoL – to check and to analyse ur logs Powerauras/weakauras – for better tracking Cooldowns/Abilities/Debuffs/Stacks etc   ==Some of my DPS Logs==   About old content: I dont have logs from t11 (after 1 month logs expired), also screens because there was no reason to do them before  :D Last update: 30/01/2016 I can only say on fights like: Magmaw, Maloriak, Chimerion, Nefarian, Halfus, Chogall, Sinestra its possible to make first DPS. Those are my only 2 logs atm: http://i.imgur.com/qDoTXQe.jpg- Magmaw 37.5, my best 39.5 (with 368 ilvl pre fl), its possible to reach 40-42k, problem is stoppping DPS before last head phase, because always raid have too much dps on 4.3. http://i.imgur.com/3BJSxpi.jpg - only 43k, almost 1min dead, on my best i did 46k(with 368 ilvl pre fl), i think its possible to reach 50k+, u know aoe rox, also bugs with melee range spells its a bit dps decrease. On fights like: ODS, Valiona, Ascendant Council, Alakir better to go as affli  :) About Firelands: Beth'tilac      31.6k -> in next update Lord Ryolith  32.3k -> http://i.imgur.com/pT6ms8k.jpg (372) Shannox       40.5k -> http://i.imgur.com/npaj5A2.jpg (375) Alysrazor       ------------ Baleroc         33.8k -> http://i.imgur.com/hg5rmaP.jpg (368), 35,5k in next upload Majordomo    31.5k -> http://i.imgur.com/96yVtoP.jpg (372) Ragnaros      32.1k in next update -> http://imgur.com/uP88bYC   ==What is wrong with Demonology Warlock on Atlantiss?== T12P2 – imps -> https://github.com/Atlantiss/BugTracker/issues/5669 Doomguard doesn’t snapshoot spell power, instead do it dynamical also do not scalling with gear haste, for mastery already fixed, crit to check Infernal needs to be rewrited (hes doing to much actually, wrong scalling with stats i think, sp looks good) On some fights like Ragnaros / Sinestra / Alakir you can’t use Shadowflame on boss or you need to be very close Dont summon pets on elevators :))))) There is few blind spots for pets where they cant attack (left road on firelands, chimeron if boss is too far tanked in water, nefarian whole platform - but only time to time, usually works good, u can always resummon pet near boss, should help U cant use Demon Circle on Nefarian, w/e its platform or colums - u fall under textures after using it Soul link doesnt stay if you switch pet -> https://github.com/Atlantiss/BugTracker/issues/5365 Hand of guldan applies aura on friendly targets -> https://github.com/Atlantiss/BugTracker/issues/4989 ==U want to know more?== Few things for beginners http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Warlock_PvE_guide Dark Intent Ranking http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/813759-Mechanics-Dark-Intent-%284.0.6-2011-02-07%29%29 Alternative Guide from EJ http://forums.elitistjerks.com/forums/topic/109417-demonology-in-cataclysm-43-release/ The decline and fall of warlocks in cataclysm https://cynwise.wordpress.com/2012/03/30/the-decline-and-fall-of-warlocks-in-cataclysm/ Warlock complexity and the magic number https://cynwise.wordpress.com/2012/04/11/warlock-complexity-and-the-magic-number/ Dots and Hots calculation 4.3.3 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WLOZ1YevGPw_WZs0JhGzVVy906W5y0i9UqHa3ejyBkE/edit#gid=25 Legendary Staff Guide: http://www.wowhead.com/guides/raiding/guide-to-dragonwrath-tarecgosas-rest Mastery Gear Switching by Sparkuggz [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-iLDDNBRPe8]   #note: I will add more links to items soon #note2: maybe more images also ^^   Last thing - if you really feel I have not wrote about something or maybe not much, tell me about it! Im still waiting for your feedback guys and your ideas to make this guide better! Greetings Fafal
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    Welcome to the second Developer Update. The last two weeks have been very busy for us, we got some important updates already on the server and more important updates are coming. 1. War Games All Arenas and Specific Arenas are now available on the main realm. PvP players can now train / play with their friends without losing / gaining rating. Like I said before War Games will be used in the future for our PvP Tournaments. Have fun and if you find any bugs report them to me or leave a report on our Bugtracker. 2. T11 (BWD & BoT & TotFW) Within the last two weeks I tried to focus on fixing all of the game breaking bugs that showed up within the last year. I solved I think most of the bugs from BWD that have been reported to me as game breaking. I know that the bosses aren’t perfect, but they are for sure in a better state. I hope to have a quick look this week at TotFW and try to do some quick fixes. I also want to rewrite some bosses in the future, but for now we need to move on. 3. T12 The next milestone for me is Firelands. I plan to spend the next 1 - 2 weeks working with both normal and HC. I already did some fixes, but I expect the first update to FL to be mid/end of this week. I hope to fix as much as possible before moving to T13. 4. T13 As you can see there has been some work going on with 4.3 Dungeons and Dragon Soul. Bildo created a topic where he has been adding gifs from his work - http://community.atlantiss.eu/index.php?/topic/13114-sneak-peeks-43-content/. He currently is making sure that every NPC is spawned properly, has his proper waypoints, visuals, events and spells. Bildo also found some time to have look at bosses from the last dungeon in 4.3 "Hour of Twilight". The first boss "Arcurion" is currently fully scripted. Asira Dawnslayer and Archbishop Benedictus are both ~75% done. In addition the whole Thrall versus environment event is almost fully scripted (missing just a few visuals). I will be joining Bildo once I finish working on the current tier - Firelands. 5. Scripting System Two weeks ago I mentioned about Bandy working on our scripting system and building a special editor that will speed up our Development. Last week Bandy surprised us all and showed us a Beta Version of his tool that can automatically script quests / scenes. For the tool to auto generate a script we need to do the quest on retail with a sniffer running in the background and later throw in all the data that the sniffer gives us into the tool and it creates a simple script for us. This is still in Beta and is currently for simple quests / scenes, but we hope that Bandy will continue working on it and help us speed up our development. Here are two videos showing how the tool works. In the first video you can see Bandy copy / pasting the whole sniff we got from doing the quest on retail into the tool. The second video shows you the scene that has been automatically generated from the tool. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAmr29ypGRs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FCA7VGiQ18
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    Armory OpenWoW Tooltip The armory has been officialy fixed. No more need to use this script. I'll leave it here just for reference. Moved all information to github: Current version - 0.6c https://github.com/2jasemx/Atlantiss-OpenWoW-Armory
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    Welcome to the first Developer Update. I will be trying to create topics like this every now and then to inform you about what we are currently working on, how much time we want to spend on given tasks, what are our future plans, how much did we get done and so on. In the first Developer Update I would like to talk about our recent fixes, tell you what are my current plans and show some of our work done for 4.3.4. 1. War Games For those that don't know what War Games are - War Games are basically arena and battleground skirmishes. Players can group up in a team of say 3 and target a second player that also is in a 3 man group and using the War Games interface challenge the target player to a 3v3 arena match on a map selected by them. The target player gets a popup saying "Player XYZ has challenged you to a 3v3 match - Map: Random Arena" if the target clicks "Accept" both teams get teleported to an arena. These are unrated battles so no conquest points nor rating is granted. Players do not have to create or be in an Arena Team. I have been working on War Games for the last month (month and a half). War Games are now available for testing on our PTR (Public Test Realm). For now only Arenas work (both Random Arena and specific arenas). 2v2 has been tested and works, 3v3 caused a server crash that I have already fixed and War Games will be farther tested this week. There was a problem with the Scoreboard, after every fight it crashed the WoW Client for all players, but with a little bit of luck I was able to fix this today. If the next tests show that there are no more crashes and everything works fine I will be adding this version of War Games to the main server. It isn’t perfect, but players that will want to train, play skirmishes will be able to do so. The planned release is next week or the week after that. Why did we spend time working on War Games? The plan was that War Games would help us with any future PvP Tournaments. Players will be able to fight vs each other using War Games, War Games work the same way Arenas work, this means no one from outside can interrupt them, only spells that are available in normal Arenas are usable (no instant res, no 20 minute cooldowns, no potions). With this players can fight without the need of a GM checking everything. After every fight players would make a SS of the scoreboard showing who won / who lost and post it in say some special topic and we would take care of all the rest. We don't have any plans for a PvP Tournament right now, once War Games are done and working we will have a think about this. 2. T11 Content (BWD and BOT): We know that there are many new bugs that showed up during the last year. We are sorry for the current state of BWD and BOT and plan to spend some time trying to fix as much as we can. The current plan is to spend around a week or two trying to fix the most important aspects of both BWD and BOT. I have already gotten a report from players about what are the biggest problems and I have found some on our Bugtracker. I cannot say how much will be fixed but I will for sure have a look at Magmaw, Atramedes, Chimaeron, Nefarian from BWD and Valiona & Theralion from BOT. Once I'm done with these fixes I will create a new Developer Update where I will inform you what has been fixed, and what are our next plans. 3. T13 Content: We get many questions asking about T13 and many players think that we haven’t done anything from T13 yet. Yes we have been working on T13, one of our Developers started working on T13 boss fights last year while I was working with T12. I myself haven’t tested the scripts so I can not say how advanced they are and how much has been done. Meanwhile Bildo has been working on scripting NPCs that are within the instances (waypoints, health, spells, events, visuals and more). I plan to start working on T13 within a month (let's hope nothing changes my plans), at that time i will try to inform you about how much is done, how much works, how much needs to be rewritten, and I will try to keep you informed about our progress. Bildo created a topic where he will be adding gifs showing how 4.3.4 is going - http://community.atlantiss.eu/index.php?/topic/13114-sneak-peeks-43-content/ 4. Scripting system In the last few months Bandy has been working on updating our scripting system along with building a special dedicated editor. The original idea behind SmartAI by TrinityCore is really good but it requires a few tweaks. The changes are quite big and preserving backwards compatibility was not an easy task. Luckily the upgrade went pretty smoothly (there were no crashes) and only a few scripts broke (and they are being constantly fixed!). The Updated Smart AI system with the special editor makes scripting much easier and faster than before. Time we had to spend on compiling core can now be spent on… writing more scripts. Editor preview: http://imgur.com/a/M0rIs
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    Armory have been partly fixed (items appear as they should) and achievements tab is now available. Rest of the features will be on our new website.
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    Something about myself Hello, my name is Djordje I'm 19 yold and i come from Krusevac, Central Serbia. My WoW experience started approximately 8 years ago, tho I've started maining Hunter 4 years ago. Starting with casual play on server called Astral-WoW where i've been maining Marksmanship Spec, then a bit more Semi-Hardcore raiding on WoWReach where i mained Beast Mastery, and after that i settled here, on Atlantiss. I am playing here for 2 years already, changed few guilds in a process untill i've created my own guild with a few friends. During this 2 years I've played Survival alongside many hunters good and bad ones, and from them i learned that you can never be the best, but also that you can always improve and be BETTER. The most influential hunters who helped me become what i am today are; Jimmey, Riyuk, Tribo, Naabseeker, Nedev and Shankypanky. They have taught me to be patient, to listen to any advice, to consider everything, to track/look everything that they do and potentially improve on it, and most importantly to PRACTICE with every new item, every new thing that comes on to my mind. And for that i thank them, it was a pleasure playing alongside them! Since Fafal made his guide I've been tempted to make mine to. But decided to wait for Firelands Heroic and eventually forgot about it. Now that i saw Sathus's Guide it came back to me. And now i will try my best to teach you the trick for becoming a master hunter. I hope you will learn something from this guide and have fun reading it! I will separate this guide into 4 sections: 1.Hunter - Basic info that includes things which all specs share. 2.Survival - Basic info, Talents, optimization, bis optimization, rotation, tips and tricks. 3.Marksmanship - Basic info, Talents, optimization, bis optimization, rotation, tips and tricks. 4.Beast Mastery - Basic info, Talents, optimization, bis optimization, rotation, tips and tricks.. Note: Currently i will only post survival guide, Marksmanship and Beast Mastery will be posted on some further date. 1.Hunter Introduction Hunter is a Range DPS class, revolves around shooting enemies from a distance while controlling a wild beast which will fight along your side. Hunter can choose between 3 specs; Beast Mastery, Marksmanship and Survival. All three specs seem similar but they are not. Every one of them has its own gimmicks and playstyle that differentiate them one from another. For the current content Survival is spec that deals most damage followed by MM, and last is Beast Mastery. Hunter’s only resource is Focus and all specs revolve around it. It works similarly to Rogue and Feral Cat energy bar, except it has slower regeneration rate which is increased by your haste and some abilities can grant it back. Main attribute is Agility, it provides RAP (Range Attack Power) and Crit (Critical Strike Rating) to the hunter. Because Hunters operate and co-op with beasts they have power over the Aspects which aid them in combat, those are: Aspect of the Hawk - Increases your RAP. Aspect of the Fox - Allows you to cast Cobra or Steady Shot while moving. Aspect of the Cheetah - Gives you 30% movement boost, but on damage you get dazed. Aspect of the Pack - Gives your party/raid 30% movement boost, with same condition. Aspect of the Wild - Gives your party/raid 195 Nature Resistance. Other Hunter Utility abilities: Feign Death - Removes all threat on the hunter. Disengage - Leap backwards, *should be used while kiting*. Deterrence - Deflects all incoming damage and decreases the one that isn’t deflectable by 30%. Concussive Shot - Slows down the enemy target, *doesn’t work on bosses*. Master’s Call - Removes all slows and roots on you. Misdirection - All damage you do will add threat on the party/raid member with your misdirection. Ice Trap - When an enemy non-boss steps on it, it triggers an ice patch which will slow all non-boss enemies on it. Trap Launcher - It gives you the ability to throw traps in up to 40 yard radius. As said above, hunters operate and command beasts to aid them in fight. For PvE best pets are Ferocity. You either want to have a Wolf or a Lion depending on raid setup. They both provide hunter with Call of the Wild buff, while Wolf gives 5% Crit and Lion 549 Agility and Strength to the raid. Cookie cutter DPS pet build: For BM build scroll down to BM section. Useful Addons JS Hunter’s Bar *Link* - This addon helps you track your Focus better, you can move the focus bar wherever you want, enlarge it etc. Tell Me When *link* - It allows you to track you DoT’s and Buffs, wherever on the screen in term of icons. It works similarly to WeakAura but it’s easier to use. OmniCC *link* - Displays cooldown numbers on action bars. Recount *link* - Displays the DPS you do. This is most important addon, since if you want to improve you have to practice a lot, and w/o this you can’t see any change. Known PvE Related Hunter Bugs Cobra generates focus on hit and not on cast. *link BT* - Should work properly after 5229 update thanks to Lama! On some bosses pets constantly die, ex. Get 1 shotted on Majordomo Cat phase. Useful Stuff Links Basic Hunter Guide for starters *Link* Naabseeker’s Guide, here you can find all calculations/coefs and some interesting facts that i didn’t want to copy from him (kudos to him!) *link* 2.Survival Survival is the best choice for single target DPS. It mostly revolves around DoT’s while having a short period bursts provided by Lock And Load each 8 to 12 seconds. Standard Stat Priority: Hit Chance - 8.00% (960) | It increases your chance to hit the target. For hunters and most melee classes 8.00% or 960 hit is needed to be able to hit boss level targets (88) without missing a single time, so there is no point to have more than said 8%. | Critical Chance - | It increases the chance to critically hit the target. Crit equals 203*% of ability/tick damage (206% with Meta Gem) so the more you have it the better. Tho there is a breakpoint where crit gets less value. My friend Naabseeker explained it here. | Haste - 20-23% | It increases the focus regeneration rate, auto attack rate and reduces the cast time of Cobra Shot. 1.62-1.66 Cobra Cast time gives you the opportunity to cast 3 Cobra Shots in-between each Explosive Shot cd. | Mastery - | It increases your magical damage done. Each point of Mastery increases it by 1% hence why its lowest in priority and it has DR (the more mastery points you have, the more mastery rating you need to achieve next point). | Survival Hunter core abilities: Explosive Shot - Fast three ticking burst DoT. Black Arrow - Slow ticking DoT, procs Lock and Load. Serpent Sting - Slow ticking constantly refreshed DoT. Cobra Shot - Damaging ability, grants focus upon cast and refreshes Serpent Sting. Arcane Shot - Focus dump damage ability. Kill Shot - High damage execute ability. Hunters Mark - Target debuff which increases RAP of all attackers on that target. Multi Shot - AoE damage ability. Explosive Trap - AoE damaging trap, *should be used if enemies you are aoe-ing will live for 20 to 30 seconds since it shares cd with Black Arrow*. Optimization Horde: 1.Orc - 1170 RAP for 15 seconds on 2 minute cooldown. Best Choice since you can align it with certain cooldowns and current bis trinkets and use it more times than berserking. 2.Troll - 20% Haste for 10 seconds on 3 minute cooldown + 1% Crit chance while using bow. Since in this gear you will have a lot of haste, you won’t need this, and also you can’t really time it with anything, if you want maximum potential out of it you must postpone it for 2nd matrix or 2nd rapid fire. Alliance: Worgen - 1% Crit. Draenei - 1% Hit. Gems: Meta - Agile Shadowspirit Diamond [54 Agility + 3% Critical Damage Effect] Red - Delicate Infernal Ruby [40 Agility] Yellow - Deadly Ember Topaz [20 Agility + 20 Crit] *Only if the second gem socket is Red and 20+ Agility socket bonus, if not 40 Agility instead* Blue - Glinting Demonseye [20 Agility + 20 Crit] *Only if the second gem socket is Red and 20+ Agility socket bonus, if not 40 Agility instead*. Enchants: Head - Arcanum of the Ramkahen [60 Agility + 35 Haste] Shoulder - Greater Inscription of Shattered Crystal [50 Agility + 25 Mastery] Cloak - Enchant Cloak - Greater Critical Strike [65 Critical Strike Rating] Chest - Peerless Stats [20 All Stats] Wrists - Enchant Bracer - Agility [50 Agility] Gloves - Enchant Gloves - Major Agility [20 Agility] Belt - Ebonsteel Belt Buckle [Extra Gem Socket] Legs - Dragonscale Leg Armor [195 ARP + 55 Critical Strike Rating] Feet - Enchant Boots - Major Agility [35 Agility] Melee Weapon - Enchant 2H Weapon - Mighty Agility [130 Agility] Range Weapon - Flintlocke’s Woodchucker Professions Engineering - You can use it alongside other cds and time it almost for every Matrix and some other trinket procs. Tailoring - Proc can align itself with other Procs and CD's for bigger power spikes. Talents Tier 1: Pathing 3/3: Haste is Valuable stat so this is a must talent. Improved Serpent Sting 2/2: Instant Damage and More Crit of the spell. Tier 2: Trap Mastery 3/3: Black Arrow Damage Increase. Entrapment 2/2: This is optional talent, but best optional talent. Tier 3: Thrill of the Hunt 3/3: Random Big Focus Regeneration. Lock And Load 2/2: The most important talent of the spec, it gives you a decent burst each 8-12 seconds. Tier 4: Resourcefulness 3/3: Reduces the cooldown of Black Arrow. T.N.T. 2/2: Improves your chance to proc Lock and Load. Tier 5: Toxicology 2/2: Periodic Damage increase. Wyvern Sting 1/1: Useless but required for another talent. Noxious Stings 2/2: Damage increase: Hunting Party 1/1: Increases Agility + AP Raid Buff. Tier 6: Sniper Training 3/3: More crit on Kill Shot, and Cobra shot damage improvement. Serpent Spread 1/2: Why 1 point? Cause you will spam Multi-Shot on targets until they die. Tier 7: Black Arrow 1/1: Great DoT. Tier 1 MM: Go For The Throat 2/2: Pet Damage Increase. Efficiency 3/3: Lowering Focus cost for certain spells. Tier 2 MM: Sic’ Em! 2/2: Pet Damage Increase. Tier 1 BM: One With Nature 3/3: Damage Increase. Glyphs Prime Glyph of Kill Shot - Provided your target is 20% or below, if you’r kill shot doesn’t kill it, you will be able to instantly re cast it. Glyph of Explosive Shot - Explosive shot is your highest damaging ability, increasing its crit chance is a must. Glyph of Arcane Shot - Increases damage of your Arcane Shot. Major They are not DPS impactful, choose whichever you want. Minor Glyph of Feign Death - Reduces cooldown of Feign Death, useful! Glyph of Revive Pet - Your pet will die a lot on certain bosses (bugs) *khm*, so this is useful. BIS Gear list and BIS optimization Head: Flamewaker's Headguards [Ragnaros Heroic Token] Enchant: 60 Agility + 35 Haste (Arcanum of the Ramkahen) Meta Gem: 54 Agility+3% Critical Strike Effect (Agile Shadowspirit Diamond) Gem: 20 Agility + 20 Critical Strike Rating (Deadly Ember Topaz) Reforges: Haste to Mastery Neck: Choker of the Vanquished Lord [Ragnaros Heroic] Reforges: Haste to Critical Strike Rating Shoulders: Flickering Shoulders of the Stormblast [Beth’tilac Heroic] Enchant: 50 Agility + 25 Mastery (Greater Inscription of Shattered Crystal) Gem: 40 Agility (Delicate Inferno Ruby) Reforges: Hit to Mastery Cloak: Dreadfire Cape [Lord Rhyolith Heroic] Enchant: 65 Critical Strike Rating (Enchant Cloak - Greater Critical Strike) Gem 1: 40 Agility (Delicate Inferno Ruby) Gem 2: 40 Agility (Delicate Inferno Ruby) Reforges: Mastery to Critical Strike Rating Chest: Flamewaker's Tunic [Alysrazor Heroic Token] Enchant: 20 Stats (Peerless Stats) Gem 1: 40 Agility (Delicate Inferno Ruby) Gem 2: 20 Agility + 20 Critical Strike Rating (Deadly Ember Topaz) Reforges: No Reforges Wrists: Bracers of Forked Lightning [1650 Valor Points] Enchant: 50 Agility (Enchant Bracer - Agility) Reforges: Mastery to Haste Gloves: Flamewaker's Gloves [Baleroc Heroic Token] Enchant: 20 Agility Gem: 40 Agility (Delicate Inferno Ruby) Reforges: Haste to Mastery Waist: Star Chaser Belt of the Stormblast [Conclave of Winds Heroic] Enchant: Ebonsteel Belt Buckle Gem 1: 40 Agility (Delicate Inferno Ruby) Gem 2: 40 Agility (Delicate Inferno Ruby) Reforges: Hit to Mastery Legs: Flamewaker’s Legguards [Shannox Heroic] Enchant: 195 ARP + 55 Critical Strike Rating (Dragonscale Leg Armor) Gem 1: 40 Agility (Delicate Inferno Ruby) Gem 2: 20 Agility + 20 Hit (Glinting Demonseye) Reforges: Hit to Critical Strike Rating Feet: Decimation Treads [Baleroc Heroic] Enchant: 35 Agility (Enchant Boots - Major Agility) Gem: 40 Agility (Delicate Inferno Ruby) Reforges: No Reforges Ring 1: Splintered Brimstone Seal [1250 Valor Points] Reforges: No Reforges Ring 2: Viridian Signet of the Avengers [Avengers of Hyjal Exalted] Gem: 40 Agility (Delicate Inferno Ruby) Reforges: Haste to Critical Strike Rating Trinket 1: The Hungerer [Majordomo Fandral Staghelm Heroic] Trinket 2: Matrix Restabilizer [Ragnaros Heroic] Melee Weapon: Fandral’s Flamescythe [Majordomo Fandral Staghelm Heroic] Enchant: 130 Agility (Enchant 2H Weapon - Mighty Agility) Reforges: Mastery to Hit Range Weapon: Arathar, the Eye of Flame [Ragnaros Heroic] Enchant: Flintlocke’s Woodchucker Reforges: Haste to Hit Note: For Draenei you can probably fit in a Crit+Mastery Conclave Belt. So, BIS stats should look like this: Hit 8% (961) | Haste 21.17% (889) | Crit 36.23% (2625) | Mastery 16.10 (1452) Note: 37.23% Crit if you are Troll or Worgen. Q:Why use VP wrists, ring and Conclave belt when there are HC wrists, ring and belt from Avengers of Hyjal reputation? A:Cause none of those two HC versions and belt from rep have Crit. You need to achieve difference between Crit and Haste higher than 1730 so you could use Matrix with Hungerer but those 3 shifty items have haste and you simply can’t do this with them. You lose 24 agility, but it’s totally worth since you get so much crit from those items and being to proc Crit on Matrix while having Hungerer proc is so fvking good. Rotation Important! For maximum dps potential you should use Explosive Shot & Black Arrow on cd (not even gcd more). Pull: Since every sane guild/raid uses DBM Pull announcer, start by casting Hunter’s Mark on the boss at around 5 seconds, Potion at 2 or 1 second, Serpent Sting at 1 (don’t worry it has travel time so it’s safe from ninja pulling) then cast Explosive Shot and apply Black Arrow. If bloodlust is up use Rapid Fire (or Berserking if you are troll, but not both at the same time!) and Call of the Wild (and Blood Fury, if you are an Orc). While you have those buffs up, you are free to spam Arcane Shots until your Explosive Shot goes off cooldown. If you go below 50% Focus, start casting Cobra Shot. During Fight: If both Black arrow and Explosive Shot are on cooldown and you have less than 50 focus you should cast Cobra Shot to be able to cast either of them, especially Explosive Shot since it has 6 second cooldown. If both are on cooldown and you have more than 75 focus you should first check if Black Arrow will come of the cd in 8sec or less you should save focus for it and Explosive Shot, if Black Arrow is on cd with more than 9sec cast 2 Arcane Shot. Execute Phase (20% or Below Target HP): At 20% instantly cast both Kill Shots, now they become your biggest priority so they should be used of CD while maintaining normal rotation. During Lock and Load: Black Arrow can proc Lock and Load buff which allows you to cast 2 free Explosive Shots and will reset the cooldown for 3rd (full focus priced): If you have 0-45 focus your rotation during goes like this; Explosive Shot>Cobra Shot>Explosive Shot>Cobra Shot>Explosive Shot followed with 2 Cobra Shots If you have 45-65 focus and your Black Arrow will come of cd in less than 6sec; Explosive Shot>Cobra Shot>Explosive Shot>Cobra Shot>Explosive Shot>Black Arrow (If cd of Black Arrow ends during LnL you can use it instead first Cobra Shot, but NEVER do it instead the 2nd one) If you have 45-65 focus and your Black Arrow is on cd with more than 7sec; Explosive Shot>Arcane Shot>Explosive Shot>Cobra Shot>Explosive Shot If you have 65-100 focus; Explosive Shot>Arcane Shot>Explosive Shot>Arcane Shot>Explosive Shot (If Black Arrow comes of cd you can use it instead of any Arcane Shot) If Target is below 20 percent health; Explosive Shot>Kill Shot>Explosive Shot>Kill Shot>Explosive Shot (If Black Arrow comes of cd during lnl you should use it after 3rd Explosive Shot,or if boss is about to die just forget about it and spam Arcane Shots) Tips and Tricks General: Snapshotting Serpent Sting: This is really easy one, tho i never see anyone doing it. At the start whenever you have all buffs (Call of The Wild,Potion,Blood Fury and whatever Trinket Proc) on you, simply re-cast Serpent sting and it should be snapped with those buffs till the end of encounter. Call of the Wild pre pull: Another simple one. Cast Call of the Wild at 5 seconds of DBM Pull Timer and switch to another pet, then re-cast Call of the Wild when first buff ends. Extreme Tryhard Prowl Pet: Simple, Put pet in prowl before the pull and it will do 20% more damage on first attack! 2nd Pot: If you are fighting single target boss like Baleroc, best time to use 2nd pot is when your 2 Matrix procs, then Hungerer Proc will follow (and Blood Fury if you are an Orc) Boss Tips and Tricks: *Assuming that you know tactics and what you have to do as a hunter in those encounters, those are some extra tips and tricks that can help you* T11 Blackwing Descent Heroic: Magmaw - Here you will probably be on the Parasites, use potion on pull but don’t use any other cooldown. When Magmaw’s head is exposed, use 2nd potion and all cooldowns. *MM is better for this fight*. Omnitron Defense System - Nothing special here, try to maximize your uptime in Power Generator pool. Chimaeron - If you get Caustic Slime postpone your Black Arrow and Explosive Shot until the debuff ends. Atramedes - Nothing special here, try to minimize movement in Flight phase. Maloriak - Nothing special that can boost your DPS here, except that you can use all cooldowns in first black phase. Nefarian - Maximize your Stolen Power Stacks, apply Serpent Stings after and spam Arcane Shots. T11 Bastion of Twilight Heroic: Halfus Wyrmbreaker - He should always be your main target for cobra shots. Valiona and Theralion - Keep Serpent Sting on both Valiona and Theralion, use 2nd pot and all cooldowns available if you get Engulfing Magic, if not use them with first matrix proc after Valiona comes down second time. Ascendant Council - Keep Serpent Sting on both active Council members. Cho’gall - Attack the Fire and Shadow elemental only with 1 to 2 Arcane Shots. Use scatter shots to break people out of mind control. Sinestra - Don’t use Rapid fire at the start, save it for Egg or Spitecaller. In last phase minimize your Cobra Shots and spam Arcane Shots. T11 Throne of the four Winds Heroic: Conclave - Nothing special to boost your DPS here, use Master’s Call to break the slow on Nezir’s Platform. Al’Akir - Snapshot your Serpent Sting each or last stack of Feedback before entering last phase. T12 Firelands Heroic: Beth’tilac - Taunt the Spinners with Distracting Shot, nothing special that can boost your dps here. *MM is better for this Fight* Shannox - Nothing really special except DPS whoring with having Serpent Sting on both dogs. Lord Rhyolith - Nothing really special that can boost your DPS here. On second stomp in 2nd phase use deterrence to absorb it and postpone your death. Alysrazor - If you’re not flying there is nothing really special to boost your DPS, however if you are, when you enter Burnout Phase use Pot and Call of the Wild (and Blood Fury if you are an Orc) and Snapshot Serpent Sting. Baleroc - Nothing really special that can boost your DPS here. Majordomo Fandral Staghelm - Wait till you get 100 Concentration and Snapshot Serpent Sting. Ragnaros - Nothing really special that can boost your DPS here, except that you should keep Serpent Sting on both Scions. Macros Burst Macro: #showtooltip Rapid Fire /cast Rapid Fire /cast Berserking /cast Blood Fury /cast 10 (engi gloves) /cast call of the wild Focus Arcane/Serpent Sting #showtooltip Arcane shot /cast [@focus] Arcane shot #showtooltip Serpent sting /cast [@focus] Serpent Sting Mouseover Distracting Shot for Beth #showtooltip distracting shot /cast [@mouseover] distracting shot Thanks for reading. Feel free to leave a comment if i missed something or if i made some mistake. Also sry for bad grammar!
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    Why am i making a guide? Well, first of all, i do not consider myself to be a good player. I'm sort of a"meh" guy, decent at best, but i happen do be playing with some amazing players and people, and thus have experience with all the content available( we did 9/13 hc on t11 before FL, and the rest after, cleared 7/7 firelands heroic). My desire to not let my team down has had me study the class i am playing and try to be the best tank i can be. And so, i decided to share my thoughts and experience with you guys, and maybe get some improvements and new ideas going. I'd like to note on the start, that due to the nature of the class, i will not be able to give you a formula such as "Do this, then that, and you will perform well". Blood death knights are about the freedom to pick an approach depending on the fight, of your preference, and for your healers, and that's why i find it so amazing. I will give pointers and general directions, and will add as much info about how stuff works, to keep you informed, but you will have to make the desicions at the end. So... Here goes. Table of content: 1. Introduction 2. Races 3 Talents 4. Glyphs 5. Spells and priorities 6. Cooldowns 7. Stat priorities 8. Items 9. Enchants 10. Gemming 11. Consumables 12. Fight tips 13. Add-ons 14. Macros 1. Introduction The death knight is a trully different type of tank. By default, we are a lot less sturdy than the other tank classes, and constantly have to act and make proactive and reactive decisions to stay alive. The blood death knight is often described as the most "manual" tank. What comes as automatic to other classes, we often have to do ourselves. This, of course, has pros and cons. We are all about control, and making the right choice at the right time. If you do so correctly, you can perform amazingly. However, mistakes will strain your healers, make your HP spike a lot, and potentially get you killed. Our mastery is sort of a replacement for the lack of block, but it offers amazing fluidity and the ability to adjust to each and every fight. In general, the DK works well as a single target tank, has great control, unmatched self healing and is capable of taking extreme amounts of magic damage without trouble. On the downside, we are not ideal for AoE tanking and kiting, and we lack avoidance. It's not that you can not kite as a DK, it's just that other classes will do it better with less effort. I would also like to note that here, on Atlantiss, we're taking advantage of all the 4.3.4 changes to the class, removing a lot of the problems we had to face on 4.2. The current patch and content combination is highly favourable to us, and it is rather easy to get good results with a DK tank, even if you are far from being optimal both in gear and skill. 2. Races. I've never been a fan of picking a race on what is optimal. For me, to have fun in this game, you must actually like how your character looks, and the racial bonuses are mostly not decisive. Still, if you want to be optimal as a DK tank, you should probably pick a tauren on horde(+ 5% base hp, and an AoE stun) and a dwarf(stoneform) or a night elf ( 2% dodge) on alliance. 3. Talents. This is my prefered spec for maximising survivability (the actual tank spec). Talents are chosen with regard to keeping you alive and minimising the damage you take, and with disregard of DPS done. Let me list some of the optional ones. · Scent of blood: gives you a chance to generate extra runic power. Its useful to get you some more PR, which can in turn be used for some defensive cd's and/or some more runestrikes, which in turn can give you more DS due to the runic empowerement. Its a good talent to have, but you can also go without it. · Blood-caked blade Tiny DPS increase. Really tiny. Not worth it. · Abomination's might: you should only take this talent if no one in your raid can provide the 10% increased attack power(unlikely). You should take it if you are trying to max out your dps too, since it will give you 2 % STR. · Crimson Scourge increases the damage dealt by blood boil and gives you a chance to gain cost-free Blood Boils. Damage is bad, its only good if you have agro issues while you AoE tank, and the little downtime we do have is already used for Horn of Winter, so there is not much point in getting it just for the free casts either. · Epidemic :increases the duration of our DoTs for 4 sec per talent point. It saves us runes by allowing us to keep DoTs up only via outbreak. · Endless Winter, which makes your interrupt free of runic power cost; It was mandatory on t11, mostly useless on FL. Edit: The lichboune spec is not really mandatory, you can function well without it and do higher dps if you do not have it. However, its a really strong self heal on demand and i advice to spec for it. The fucking bloodworms like pulling. A lot. Everything. All the time. It sickens me. You can remove them if it bothers you too much, and if you want to skip a lot of trash, but keep in mind they are still very helpful to have on actual raid bosses. 4. Glyphs: Prime: - Death Coil: Better self heals with it. Its a MUST if you are using the Lichbonre spec, and as i said, i believe you should. It scales with AP, and can heal up really, really well. - Rune Strike: More damage, better aggro - Heart Strike: More damage, better aggro If for some reason you are AOE tanking, you can pick : - Death and Decay( longer duration- more damage- more threat) You might want to take Death strike glyph if you want some extra dps here and there, but it wont do much, since you will rarely have a lot of RP. Major: - Vamp Blood 40% increase to healing on you, but you lose the hit points gained. I glyph this in and out according to the fight we're progressing. If you want to support your healers in a tough spot, glyph it. If you feel like for some reason they won't be able to heal you for a while and you prefer to have a hp+ on demand, don't glyph it. I still prefer it glyphed on most fights, since it buffs up self healing too. - Rune Tap: helps with healing a bit. Was amazing on Chim hc back in the day. - Anti magic shell +2 sec duration. Helps with consistent magic damage, useless if it only comes in burst on the fight Dancing Rune Weapon: 50 % more threat while it’s on. Has some uses, nothing impressive. If for some reason you are AOE tanking, you can pick: - Pestilence: To increase the range at which you spread diseases - Blood Boil: To increase the range of your Blood Boil Minor: Blood tap is okay, it won't cost you hp anymore. (by default its 6 % of base hp, which doesn't really matter, but oh well, it's something.). The rest are all meh, pick whatever. 5. Spells and priorities. Cata doesn't have rotations, you have priority systems. Here's yours. Single Target 1) Outbreak on cooldown, keep STD’s up if you can afford it 2) Death Strike 3) Rune Strike 4) Rune Tap on cooldown (if 90% health or less) 5) Horn of Winter 6) Heart Strike Lets get into detail about each one here. 1. Outbreak- Doing it to keep your DoTs on the boss, since they apply the standard tank debuffs, and of course, you need those. Here are the benefits of having them up. A) They do damage B ) They cause Heart Strike to do more damage C) Frost Fever slows attack speed, Blood Plague reduces damage by 10% You still need to be smart about it, of course. While you would want 100 % uptime of your DoTs, if for some reason you have to apply them not via Outbreak, it wil cost you the runes for a DS, which keeps you alive. If you need to survive now, prioritise that DS over some uptime of the DoTs. 2. Death Strike- Functionally, this is your top priority, as it is our main survival mechanic. Lets talk about it more. First of all, lets clearly explain how does DS work. You use it, then: 1. First, the server calculates the damage you have taken in the previous 5 seconds. 2. Next, the server takes 29% of this value. (20%*145%=29%). 3. This calculated value is compared to 7% of your HP. a. If 7% of your HP is greater than the calculated value, the server will set your heal to be 7% of your maximum HP. b. If 7% of your HP is less than the calculated value, the server will set your heal to be the calculated value. 4. Heal value is set and used for Blood Shield. Blood shield is applied. 5. Any healing addition/reduction is applied to the heal value. 6. You are healed for that amount. Things to note: Blood shield will not protect us from magic. More Stamina will mean better heals, only if they are the minimal 7% value. in a 5 second window, you will most likely get 3 swings against you(average boss attack timer is 1.8 sec), and one of them will likely be dodge/parried. So how do we time our DS's then? There are 2 ways people tend to go about it. Some players prefer to time every DS perfectly, maximising the damage they take, therefore the healing they get, therefore the value of the shield. Get the maximum out of each strike, spread your shields out.The drawback here is that waiting too much might mean you do less DS's overall, which can become a loss at the end. Other players tend to try to maximise the number of DS's they do, going for pure quantity and generally, never waiting more than 2sec on a DS. Problem with that is that DS's will often "clip" eachother, with you absorbing the damage from the bosses attack, thus making the next DS's heal and shield weaker. Also, if those DS's are not timed with a damage spike, you might end up in a bad situation with less resourses to go out of it. You also need to note that you can really overgear the current encounters, in which point bosses won't be able to break your Blood shield easily, and waiting on DS for too long will surely net a loss. So what should you do? I can't give a formula or say an approach is better. What works for one player might not work for another, what works for one fight might not work for another, what works in a partnership with some healer might not work with another. You need to be able to adapt and decide on the spot, the class offers this amazing fluidity and that's that's the beauty of it. 3. Rune strike. I'd be honest, i dislike the rune system, we're one of the few classes that uses so many different resourses, and its all a result of Blizz not being sure if they wanted to make a Necromancer, a Runemaster or a Death knight... so they ended up just shoving all their ideas into one class. Still, how you manage your stupid runes is vital for your performance as a DK. We have 6 of them, 2 frost, 2 unholy, and 2 blood runes, and some mechanics change them to death runes, which can be used for everything. We use runestrike for the threat it generates, but also because of the runic empowerement- the chance that it will restore a fully depleted rune. As Blood death knights, our job is to make sure we get more Death strikes, so we will aim to get back the runes needed for it- frost and unholy. Which means we will always try to have only 1 blood rune out, so it cannot be a target of the runic empowerement. 4. Rune tap. Why are we using a cooldown on our priority-rotation thingy? Will of the Necropolis- That's why. It will get reseted if we need it, so we can go crazy with it every time we can. The only rule here- don't overheal yourself with it. If you're at 90 % HP or less, use it. 5. Horn of winter- free RP, and STR( which means parry and more threat). It also looks cool. Not much to add about it, other than you should keep using it for those reasons, even if your group already has the buff. Its for those moments in which you have nothing else to do. 6. Heart Strike Clears up a blood rune, helps with aggro and damage. Multi-target: 1) Death and Decay 2) Outbreak, if possible 3) Pestilence if you used Outbreak, otherwise to hell with this. 4) Death Strike 5) Rune Strike 6) Blood Boil / Heart Strike- aggro and damage reasons. 3 or less- Heart Strike. More- Blood boil. 6. Cooldowns: Tanks use CD's to stay alive(duh). We are the class with the most. Lets look into them all. Proactive Cooldowns Anti-Magic Shell Reduces all magic damage taken by 75% (up to a maximum of 50% of your maximum health- note this- more stamina- stronger AMS). Also prevents most magic debuffs from being applied on you- awesome for avoiding some mechanics. It allowed us to solo BH's new boss for a long time, till they worked on it. In general. it's one of our signature skills, and its amazing, allowing us to survive heavy magic attacks with ease. The thing about it, though, is that you need to time it right. Need to use it just before the magic damage hits you, so you have to be aware of the bosses cast times. If you feel you're bad at it, or if you play with high latency, you might want to glyph this for extra 2 sec duration. Icebound Fortitude Grants you a 50% damage taken reduction from all sources. Plain and simple, really useful and strong cooldown. It will protect you against all damage and you can use it a couple of times in the fight. Use it before the damage comes. Dancing Rune Weapon Grants +20% chance to parry. It's nice and give us some avoidance- something we really lack. Our t12 bonus improves on this, giving us 15 % parry for a few more sec after the buff expires. Issue with this is that it just takes too much runic power, and you will need to pool some to use it. You can use it to lower the damage you will take, or to avoid getting stacks that come with attacks which actually hit you. Again, try to use it before the damage comes. Need to also note that it can increase threat generation with Glyph of Dancing Rune Weapon). I have recently started using this glyph, after an accident on Sinestra in which our mage was bursting for 80k and i lost aggro, resulting in his death. It felt obsolete and unneeded before that, but if your DPS players are doing high numbers(only an issue if the fight starts with a burst phase) and you fear losing aggro, glyph it. Army of the Dead This is often overlooked as a defensive cooldown. It can actually protect you quite well. While you channel it, you will take less damage, equal to the sum of your parry and dodge. This will be around 35-38% with good gear, most likely. As you channel, you will not be able to dodge or parry, so this is only a good cooldown against magic damage. You can always use Death pact on one of the adds later. Oh, they also taunt when they spawn. Didn't until recently, when it was fixed. So if you're dealing with adds, it will also give you a few seconds to catch your breath while the adds die out. Bone Shield 20 % less damage taken, 6 charges, +2% damage done. You will also move faster if you glyph it. Keep it up as much as you can. Try to have it both up and ready to use again on the start of the fight. Reactive cooldowns; Those are are the ones you need to use after you've been hit, mostly to heal back up. Lichborne For 10 seconds, your Death Coil is empowered with self-healing capabilities and only costs Runic Power. Really strong self heal here, especially if you pool a lot of RP before you use it. It will also remove fears and shit. Death Pact Heals you for 25% of your maximum health after sacrificing a ghoul (from raise dead or army of the dead). Nice self healing, keep in mind Death Pact costs runic power too. Rune Tap Converts a Blood rune into 10% of your health (remember that the 30-second cooldown of Rune Tap is sometimes reset by Will of the Necropolis when your health drops below 35%) As we talked before, use it on cooldown, as long as it's not overhealing you. Other Cooldowns Vampiric Blood Grants you 15% additional health, increases the healing you receive by 25 % .With Glyph of Vampiric Blood, you gain no health but the healing you receive is increased by an additional 15% . Decide if you want to glyph is or not, i'd reccomend glyphing it for most of the fights. Empower Rune Weapon Instantly regenerates all runes and grants 25 Runic Power, sort of an emergency if you find yourself facing high damage with no resourses left. Big cooldown, though, usually 1 use per fight, rarely 2 Blood Tap Instantly regenerates a Blood rune and converts it into a Death Rune for the next 20 seconds. Perfect for an extra DS, Rune tap, or even to refresh your bone shield. As you can see, we have a shitton of cooldowns to use. Now, a few macros here and there will help you(will list mine at the end), but in general, i'd advice to keybind them all separately. Sometimes you might want to combine Vamp blood with Lichbone, or Dancing rune weapon with Army of the dead, to deal with magic damage, but at other time such actions might be huge overkill. Mix and match cd's according to what you face, but at the same time don't go crazy burning too many on 1 damage spike. Just don't create lazy, lame panic macros that burn half the stuff you got in 1 sec. 7. STAT PRIORITY: 1. Stamina. It translates to HP. We need enough to not get oneshot and that is our top priority, afterwards it no longer is. We have a few other benefits from it, as death knights. - Our Blood shield is capped at our HP value. - our AMS will absorb 50 % of our hp - Our 7 % (minimal) DS's heals are improved by it. Still, you should never go out of your way to get stamina, you will get enough from your gear and from those enchants you have no other options on. 2. Mastery. Bigger blood shields. Smoother damage intake, completely dependant on you, completely under your control. It's amazing and its your actual most prioritised stat. Now, unlike dodge and parry, mastery doesn't have diminishing returns. Still, in practice, the more of it you get, the bigger your shields become, the more damage is absorbed and the less you selfheal, making your next shield weaker too. Even so, mastery remains your best stat by far. All your reforges, enchants and gems should aim for it. 3. Dodge and Parry. Your avoidance. We want to keep those equal, because of the diminishing returns, and we will usually have more parry, due to the fact that we get 27 % of our STR as parry. Alternate DPS tanking spec: If you are somehow lacking DPS in your raid but have very strong healers, or if you have a huge ego and want to fight for a top DPS spot as a tank(lets face it, its usually the ego thing), then you should be happy because that is also possible as a Blood death knight. If you're aiming for DPS, you should first get your caps, expertise and hit, to ensure you will not be missing, or the boss wont be dodging your attacks. Parry is still an issue, since there is no way to go behind the boss as you tank it, but there is not much we can do about that. Afterwards, you can aim for either a Crit>Haste build, or a Haste>Crit build, mastery always comes last. I've seen people do well by going for either haste or crit, so i suppose it is up to your preference. Crit will give you high numbers, DS has a high crit chance anyways and when you stack more, it will crit often, but haste will provide you with more runes, therefore more DS's overall, therefore making you sturdier. I prefer the haste build, but you can try for yourself, i've noticed crit does better on some fights DPS-wise. Never forget, though, you will be taking a lot more damage this way. Your improved DPS is something your healers suffer for. Consider all of this well. 8. Items Can't say we have a specific BiS list, its often a matter of choice and personal preference. Do you want to max mastery out at the expense of some avoidance, or do you want to go point for point, avoiding getting anything with hit or expertise on it? Not so easy to say. My personal preference is to go for mastery all the way, yet I’ve made some compromises with it. I currently have around 4100 mastery, but it’s possible to get more, at the cost of stamina, dodge and parry. I will list the available options, you will decide what you want to pick. Head Helm of Blazing Glory with parry and mastery. Point for point it's the best one. Drops from Baleroc. Elementium Deathplate Faceguard is our tier 12 helm and requires a token off of Ragnaros. It has huge parry on it, but also expertise, which you don't want. Even the parry isn’t so great, since your parry will suprass your dodge by a lot anyways. Neck Firebound Gorget is the zone drop option from Firelands. Has great mastery, but also expertise. Is the mastery worth it? My answer is yes, but you decide for yourself. Caelestrasz's Will – is a drop from Sinestra. Pretty good. Stoneheart Necklace for VP. Good stats, nothing wrong with it. Shoulders Pauldrons of Roaring Flame - Mastery and Dodge. Too much dodge, though, and too little mastery. Yet point for point, its the best choice. Highest item level too, if you want to ilvl whore. It drops from Rag. Elementium Deathplate Shoulderguards are your tier 12 shoulders. Mastery, great. Hit...not so great. But that mastery though. Drops from Staghelm. Spaulders of Recurring Flame dodge and parry, pretty balanced. No mastery though. Chest The Elementium Deathplate Chestguard, which can be purchased with VP, has a nice little balance of dodge and parry. No mastery though. The Carapace of Imbibed Flame has mastery and dodge, which is nice Back Ruthless Gladiator's Cloak of Prowess - mastery and ressilence. Its pvp, of course, but it looks better than the pve options, since it has mastery, and the pve one has hit, which is also worthless. Might be good to pick up this one, even if it means you have to do some pvp for it. Durable Flamewrath Greatcloak has parry and hit. It's okay, and it's extremely easy to get. Wrist Bracers of the Fiery Path Mastery and parry, pretty nice. A lot of it is wasted on STR though. The heroic version is the best choice, but the normal might be inferior to the VP option due to all the itemization wasted on STR. Bracers of Regal Force are your VP option, with lots of dodge rating and a bit of parry rating. Vp, and you can buy it with an alt or for some gold. No mastery, though. Gigantiform Bracers you can wear this DPS bracer, i guess, if you want the mastery and the majordomo one doesn't drop. I wouldn't reccomend it, though. Hands Elementium Deathplate Handguards Nice stats, set bonus, easily BiS item with no discussions. Fireskin Gauntlets Mastery and hit, no set bonus. Tier one is better for sure. Name sounds too much like foreskin gauntlets, which is also a big minus. Flickering Handguards - random stats, you might get lucky, i guess. Belt Uncrushable Belt of Fury Lots of mastery, which is great. Expertise with it again though. We really gotta pay if we want our mastery maxed out on this tier, it seems. Girdle of the Indomitable Flame Rep one, easy to get, decent stats, no mastery. Legs Elementium Deathplate Legguards Mastery and parry, and tier bonus. Perfect. Lavaworm Legplates too much hit. They are okay, but go for tier as soon as you can. Legplates of Frenzied Devotion no mastery, but otherwise okay. Feet War-Torn_Crushers drop from sinestra. They don’t have mastery, but they do have 2 sockets, so that’s 80 mastery right there. With the reforges, you minimize the mastery loss, while getting a lot of avoidance out of them. Best choice in my opinion. Mirrored Boots great stats, and you can create/buy them. You should. Cracked Obsidian Stompers Lotta dodge, but expertise with it again. I wouldn’t even take the heroic version. But oh well, if you don't have anything better, it's something. Fingers I consider those 2 BiS right now. Too lazy to list other options. Adamantine Signet of the Avengers Don't know what's up with those dodge/hit rings in cata. Welp, it is the highest ilvl item you can get, and at least you can gem it for some mastery. Deflecting Brimstone Band VP one. Good stats, get it. Trinket I didn't bother to list t11 items, since most of them have better, easier to get alternatives. With the trinkets, that's not the case, and you might want to farm some of the older ones. Mirror of broken images - Tol Barad tank trinket. Its great. It's better than anything else you can get. The effect is a strong anti-magic cooldown. Wanna take even more magic damage with ease? Wanna laugh as the bosses’s pathethic magic betrays them? Want to be the god of taking magic damage? Go farm it. It also has mastery on it. You farming it yet? Stop reading now and go do the dailies. I can't stress how good this one is. Symbiotic worm heroic- great stamina trinket, with a mastery proc. It will activate when you're low on hp, giving you a stronger shield just when you need it most. Works really nice for us. Drops from Magmaw hc. Vial of Stolen memories - drops from Valiona heroic. Stamina + a lot of dodge on activation. Not especially our thing, but on a few encounters we can use the avoidance. Might be worth getting it. Fl trinkets are bad. Better stats, of course, but underwhelming effects. Listing them in no particular order. Spidersilk Spindle drops from Beth'tilac, (duh). If we only look at the mastery, it's amazing. Im picking it up on most fights. The effect is bad, though. 17k shield makes no difference at all. Stay of Execution A lot of dodge. Okay, but not a priority for us. The effect is weird, trading damage now for damage later. You can use it to deal with a spike of damage, but...you have better options in your arsenal. I consider this rather useless for us. Scales of Life lot of stamina, and a self heal on demand. We can use the self heal, and we will have it ready for use at all times, but one heal for less than 20k is not a big deal. I'd value both t11 stamina trinkets more than this one. Pick your trinkets for the fight. Think what you can use and what will be of most help. In general ,you might use more stamina on high magic damage fights. However, i would prefer the TB trinket above those, since the on use effect is amazing. Weapons: Can you dual wield? No, fuck you for even asking. There is no reason to, other than "it looks cool". And if you're the type of person that will screw himself and his group out of vanity, then well, fuck you. You will do less aggro and pugs will kick you. You deserve it. You suck. Sulfuras: - its your best option so far, due to the 2 sockets- 80 more mastery right there. Skullstealer Greataxe - has mastery, and of all the useless stats, haste is the least useless one. Sulfuras is better than the HC one as well. Akirus the worm-breaker: Nice stats, lower ilvl. Zoid's Firelit Greatsword - no mastery, you don't want this one. I suppose you can pick it, if you got nothing else, and want some extra aggro. Also, it works pretty well if you're going for a blood dps spec. The molten front BS weapon is nice to start with, and doesn't cost too much. 9. Enchants: Boooring. Just gonna list them Head: Arcanum of the Earthen Ring Shoulder: Greater Inscription of Unbreakable Quartz Cloak: Protection Chest: Greater Stamina Bracers: Dodge Gloves: Greater Mastery Belt: Ebonsteel Belt Buckle Legplates: Charscale Leg Armor Boots: Earthen Vitality / Lavawalker / Mastery Weapon: Rune of Swordshattering / Rune of the Stoneskin Gargoyle You will usually prefer Swordshattering. Can pick Stoneskin too, of course, especially when the fight you're doing has a lot of magic damage. 10. Gems: Meta: Austere Shadowspirit Diamond 81 stamina, 2 % armor OR Effulgent Shadowspirit Diamond- 81 stamina, - 2 % spell damage taken (credit goes to Kejmil for pointing out this one). Once i saw a guy with the 1% block gem. Don't be that guy. Yellow Socket Fractured Amberjewel- 40 mastery Blue Socket Puissant Dream Emerald -20 mastery, 30 stamina Red Socket Fine Ember Topaz 20 mastery, 20 parry Most of the time, you would want to just get 40 mastery everywhere, especially if you are already making some compromises with it by getting dodge/parry items. I actually have a 40 mastery gem on every single slot. 11. Consumables. I'm bored of this, so will make it short- Eat mastery food, use matery potion + prismatic elixir. Fuck the cauldron and the flasks. Food: Lavascale Minestrone - 90 Stamina/90 Mastery Battle Elixir: Elixir of the Master - 225 Mastery Guardian Elixir: Prismatic Elixir - 90 Resistance to all schools of magic Potion: Golemblood Potion - 1600 Strength for 25 seconds 12. Fight tips: Now, most of the time, standard tanking guides will cover everything. So i won't go in details here, just a few words on each boss, in case there are some DK specific tips. t11 Heroic: BWD: Magmaw: If you're the boss tank, just rotate your cd's. Keep in mind the armor loss as the fight progresses, and burn cd's as intended. If you're on the adds, glyph your death grip. If you're having aggro problems, spam the skill on each new skeleton until they get to you and you can get proper aggro. If you have to run in the fire to get a skeleton, use AMS. ODS: Simple fight, only issue for you as a DK will be that you cannot attack the boss you tank while his shield is up. Be prepared for that, and for dealing with damage while you cannot DS. You can talent for interrupts here, and help the group with chains of ice on the poisonous adds. Chimaeron Loved this fight as a DK tank. We are great during the first phase, allowing us to max out our shields with massive self healing after the attack that leaves everyone on 1hp. Time your DS's well here, it makes a huge difference. On the second phase, though, we cannot self heal. That leaves us at a disadvantage. If your tank partner is a druid, hope he tanks first. They are a lot better than us here, being able to dodge stuff all day. To help our situation, go crazy on the shields( they still work, even though you cannot heal up), stack them the hell up, kepp them up and try not to die. Pop up your Dancing rune weapon as soon as possible, keep your shield up in any way you can (Empower rune weapon, blood tap). It's still worth it to keep the bone shield up too. Atramedes: Simple, really easy fight. You probably won't need to use many cd's, the tank damage isn't high. You can strangulate the adds. Do so. Maloriak: You can do a pretty good job on the boss during the black phase. Keep in mind the aoe on the ground, and think about where you stand. If you fuck up, you won't be able to reach the boss for DS's, and you're going to be in trouble. Still, we have a lot of antimagic cd's to rotate. Talent for interrupts, if you will be dealing with releasing and interrupting the adds. You can also do great on the black phase adds. Take a few seconds to get decent aggro when you take them, spread diseases, pop Death and Decay up. Rotate cd's, keeping something up at all times. The damage is serious, especially if that one special dps insists to walk on your path and cover it with black sludge. If you're to take the regular adds, disable your mic on TS/discord, so your team can't hear you cry. When a lot of them spawn, you won't be able to go to them to DS, so here goes most of your defensive power. Grip any adds that come to the group. You can set up DnD to get them up too. One fuck up and it's a wipe. All the other tank classes are going to be better than you at this, with warrior arguably being the best. If you have to do it, it might be better to just do it with frost spec. Nefarian: Nothing too special we can do here. Rotate cd's properly and you should be fine. You can do interrupts on a platform by yourself with no backup needed- if you have to jump out due to the debuff, you can still interrupt from range with Strangulate. BoT: Halfus: Easy fight, you can take both boss or adds. Interrupt the novas, pop Dancing rune weapon to avoid stacking up the debuff too fast, yell at your team to release the Nether Drake. Valiona: You can transfer diseases via pestilence if the bosses are right under eachother. Be a man and stack with the group for the blackout, you can take it with AMS or TB trinket or whatever. Help the group when you go into the realm, kill a couple of adds. You can take the damage, you're a DK. Council: Ignatious is your preffered boss on the 1st phase, you can deal with his fire breath easily. Interrupt the shield. If you're on Feludius, do your interrupts and ask for a ranged interrupt right after the first Glaciate. If you're on the lighting guy, Aerion or whatever, he will teleport away and cast a skill on you. AMS It out, it will do heavy damage. Cho'gall We're good at doing the adds here, you can grip them away to move them fast. AMS blocks out one of the debuffs from Cho. Otherwise, it's pretty basic. Sinestra: You should be the boss tank here. Rotate cd's properly, have something up for each breath. Save something big for Wrack+Breath. 2nd phase, Grip that drake next to the boss, so you don't have to turn your back to anything. If they decide to put you on the adds, keep aggro on them with Blood Boil. Forget about DS's, they die really fast, and you don't want them dead until the time is right. Your defense will be crippled, try your best to deal. Blame it on the healers when you die. Throne of the 4 winds: Boring raid.Boring bosses. Who wants to fight air? Pfff. Conclave: Do whatever you're asked to do. Nothing special to do as a DK. You might want to be on Nezir, you can take a lot of magic damage. Al'Akir: A lot of damage coming, rotate your cd's properly. Plan for the stacking debuff on 2nd phase. No matter how much you need to pick up the add or move away of the tornadoes, don't turn your back on the boss. I did once and i'm still ashamed. Firelands heroic: Shannox: Your DS is strong enough to break facerage. Make extensive use of chains of ice to keep them dogs slowed. Baleroc: This is your boss. You were made to tank it. Our defenses scale with the damage we take, AMS is based on our HP, so are the blood shields. The only defense we lose is the lichbone healing, since it’s AP based. Rotates cd’s like a boss and take less damage than any other tank. Link the recount healing after the fight and pretend you’re a pro. Note after the fix, TB trinket only helps on the fire blade. Use it on every single one. If you use AMS on the start of each blade, you will have it up on the next as well. Bethílac: You can deathgrip all the adds on the webs if you’re down. You have so many cd’s to take the magic damage with, rotate them properly during phase 2, and never pull the boss with no cd. On 20+ stacks, you might be oneshot if you are not careful. Rhyolith: Spam death grip on the Sparks, then take good aggro when they come close. DnD on the little adds. Nothing else special as a DK comes to mind. Alysrazor: Nothing really interesting as a tank. You can survive the firestorm if you fuck up, use AMS and the TB trinket. You can interrupt the add on 3rd phase with : your interrupt (duh), death grip, strangulate. You will be able to get 4 or 5 interrupts before the next phase. Majordomo: If you are low geared, tanking boss in cat form and an add at the same time might be a problem, so if you're in danger of dying, spam grip on the cat and kite it away in the oposite direction of the one in which the boss is jumping. Add will die before Staghelm goes back. Make extensive use of AMS. Ragnaros: I honestly really hate to say it, but you should put all your dps gear with Str>hit/exp>haste>crit priority and go dps the boss as a tank. The tank damage he does is so low its boring, and with the other tank giving you 6-7 stacks( with care, you will die on more) you can push great numbers. Its really anticlimactic as a tank to have such a boss as the last one, and with the buffs on Atlantiss it might be one of the few ways to push last phase with only 1 metors. If your parthner tank is a hybrid feral, even better. Still, fuck all of this for being non tanky. Detailed info of Rag hc fight and what you should do there: Your Stat priority should be STR>Hit and expertise to cap>Haste> Crit>Mastery. I know it was stated that Crit> Haste is better, but now that i have tested it for myself, haste is by far the better option, providing you with a lot of DPS as well as with more defence. You should also use the Death strike glyph, since a lot of haste will provide you with a lot of RP. Using all the dps gear available, i got 2600 haste unbuffed, i am missing items though, so more is possible. This provides you with a lot of runic power and your runes come back quite fast as well. As for trinkets, i use Apparatus and the Rep one. Two on-activation effects, it is weird, i know. But you dont want them simply for the burst, you want them because they provide both offensive and defensive value. As the fight starts, prepot, use your rep trinket, wait for procs from your weapon enchant and whatever else you have and pop your ghoul. Save AMS for every trap, once you get 10+ stacks you will likely die unless you AMS the trap damage. Rotate your other cds and use apparatus during the 1st phase for the haste bonus both for damage and to increase your regeneration. The incoming damage will be crazy at the end, if your raid has other CD's, ask for help ( Our paladin helped me here with Sacrifice). Yell out for healing as you rush to kill transition adds or just use your lichbone if you have it. My dps on the end of phase one looked like this(on a really good attempt) Keep in mind the actual DPS players are not trying hard on this phase, they are all capable of a lot more. The screenshot is not from the kill night, we had a feral here and didnt have one for the kill. During the transition, you are capable of killing adds easily, especially if your stacks havent expired yet( in that case, you can 2shot an add). During the 2nd phase, dont forget about AMS-ing the traps, but start saving cd's for the 3rd, especially your trinkets. You can and should reset your stacks at some point, our Arms warrior helped me by taunting for 1-2 sec after the first seeds. You probably wont need to reset more than once, i had around 9-12 stacks on reaching 2nd transition. 2nd transition is tricky, since you will likely need to kill an add and take both scions within a few seconds. I was killing an add close to the hammer as i take aggro of the scion next to the hammer, then run and death grip the other scion, pop Dancing rune weapon ( you need it now, never on 3rd phase), and kill the adds asap. Ideally both of them should be dead before Rag comes back up, but one dead will also do. If they are all alive, pop cd's and hope you dont die( they do a lot of damage and you are not a tank, not really). During the 3rd phase, your dps will likely not match what you are doing on the 1st phase. There is just too much stuff the boss is casting, so a lot of downtime on the tank damage, your Vengeance might drop, your stacks are likely to expire, and so on. On my best tries i was doing 40k there, but on average, it was closer to 30-32, which would put me last on dps( But hey, last with over 30k is not that bad). 4th phase can be scary. You have to do the usual tactics, while also tanking the boss alone. I had our Arms warrior help me here again by leaping away and putting the boss in the first roots. This will likely help your stacks reseting, but if unlucky, they just wont. Another issues is our lack of mobility, if the roots spawn too far. Ask a raid member for a speed buff and make sure you have bone shield up and glyphed. AMS and Lichboune can save your ass as you run in and out of the frost patch. If your stacks dont reset, remember your rotations from phase 1, use both trinkets as defensive CD's as well. Unlike p3, you want to use Dancing rune weapon too. I did die last night, near the end of the fight, with 19 stacks, after our healers put insane efforts to keep me alive. After all, dont forget that doing the big dps and solo tanking is more to the healer's credit, than due to your skill. Thank them for keeping your paper ass alive, they deserve it. Video of one of my first kills: 13. Addons: Only listing some addons, specific for a DK, that will help you do better as blood. 1.Blood shield tracker: https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/blood-shield-tracker It’s awesome, it’s vital, get it. It will show you information for your death strike- estimated heals and shield. Really helps to time those Death Strikes and smoothen you damage intake. 2.Magic runes: https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/magicrunes Bigger, better display for your stupid runes, so you can be more efficient in your stupid rune management. God I hate the runes. Anyways, this helps. There are a million of alternatives for it, I just use this one. You can look around if you don’t like it. 3.Devoured by vermin: http://community.atlantiss.eu/index.php?/topic/6351-addon-devouredbyvermin/ Ever wanted to know how many worms you have, and how much they can heal for? Now you can. Will it help? Not all that much, but it’s still good to know. Lanrutcon made it. 4. Bloody addon- sooo pretty. http://expirebox.com...d89a39304e.html Lanrutcon fixed it for cata, credit goes for him again 14. Macros: As I said, you don’t want to macro too much. Here is what I have. 1. Mouse over battle ress: #showtooltip Raise Ally /cast [target=mouseover,help][target=target]Raise Ally Point to the dead scrub, push the button- he’s alive again. 2. Lichbone: #showtooltip Lichborne /cast Lichborne /cast [target=player] Death Coil First press activate Lichborne, every next one casts death coil on you. Spam it, pretty much. 3. Death Pact /castsequence reset=30 Raise Dead, Death Pact One button for summoning a ghoul and eating it. Press twice Damn, you actually read the whole thing. Thank you. Hope it was useful for you.
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    So I pvp quite a lot and I've been doing some random battlegrounds since april fools on alliance side. I kept track of all the battlegrounds I got into and got these results: Alterac Valley 11 Arathi Basin 5 Warsong Gulch 3 Eye of the Storm 6 Battle for Gilneas 1 Twin Peaks 4 1. The problem These are 30 random battlegrounds I played and completed, which is quite a lot for most people (probably even a week or two for ocassional pvpers). Most of these battlegrounds were played from the very start of the battle. As you can see there are 11 AVs on the list. This is problematic for couple of reasons: 1. People don't really know how to play AVs here. Most of the time they just turtle and defend their own objectives instead of trying to burn towers. They value minibosses over towers and sometimes even camp their own objectives to avoid any rogue sabotage. Because of this it feels like an eternity of fighting 30vs30 in the middle. 2. Many players are so bored of the battleground that they just leave it at some point of the battle. This creates space for more people to join, which deepends the impression of constant AV in RBGs. 3. Even if you finish the battle after like 40 minutes there's a fair chance that the next one has already started and you'll join it, resulting in AV chains.   2. Working as intended? While you can find some retail threads about AV frequency it's often said that alliance was joining it on purpose as it was apparently easier to win for them because of map shape and pathings. When played properly, without 30 players turtling AV might actually be a fast and pleasant battleground, as it would take less than 10 minutes to burn every enemy tower and about two minutes more to finish the boss. This is not the case on this server and has never been on any private server I played on (4 total that had AV enabled). It's quite obvious that in order to make PvP more fluid and interesting chance of random AV has to be lowered. There may be some AV lovers out there that will disagree, but let them play 100 AVs more and most of them will change their minds. I can estimate my AV played count to be over 300 across servers because of bugged ratios, so if you make it right it will be huge quality of life change for pvp.   3. The solution One solution is to set battleground random chance based on it's max player capacity battleground_chance = 1/battleground_max_capacity In this example alterac valley would get randomed 5.45455% of the time [ 1/40/(1/10*3+1/15*2+1/40) ] (about 6 times less frequent) Another solution would be to base the wage on the average time a battleground is played. This would favor fast battles but needs some data first. Maybe even implement some battleground lock to cap alterac valleys at 2 per day in random? This would mess up queuing a bit I guess. Choice is yours of course, I'm sure you can think of better solution.   Anything you choose to do, please do something about it, it would make a lot of pvp people happier.
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    Hello! My name is Axelito and I'm besides co-GM of the extraordinary banking Alliance guild Cookies Factory, also a Combat/Subtlety Rogue main. I came here from another server, due to it dying. Back there I never really played Rogue, so I decided to play it here since well, why not? Five months after I started playing here I killed Ragnaros Heroic (late April ish), and I wish to share my knowledge of everything I learnt on this trip and since there weren't many guides I found very useful. Therefore, this is a detailed guide over Combat and a bit lesser detailed on Subtlety and Assassination, although when school lets loose a bit I'm planning on making them equally as detailed. Do note that this guide will mostly be for people already quite familiar with how the class works (with things such as Honor Among Thieves), and the guide itself is to make those 385 rogues that do 25k+ do a little bit more. If you're new, then I would recommend to go Assassination until you get gear, and swap to Combat. Although if you can focus on the fight and do optimal DPS as Subtlety then you can play that aswell. I will also explain a little bit indepth about how poisons work, as they are also something people wonder about. Table of content: 1. General information about rogues 1.1 Poisons and how they work 2. Combat 2.1 Glyphs 2.2 Stat Priority 2.3 Talents, and optional talents 2.3 Opener & Rotation 2.4 To-do's and not-to-do's 2.5. Firelands Heroic Encounters & Dragon Soul Normal 2.5.1 Shannox 2.5.2 Beth'tilac 2.5.3 Baleroc 2.5.4 Lord Rhyolith 2.5.5 Alysrazor 2.5.6 Majordomo Staghelm 2.5.7 Ragnaros 2.5.8 The Dragon Soul ones (short) 3. Assassination 3.1. Glyphs 3.2. Stat Priority 3.3. "Rotation" 4. Subtlety 4.1. Glyphs 4.2. Stat Priority 4.3 Talents 4.4 Firelands Heroic encounters 4.4.1 Shannox 4.4.2 Beth'tilac 4.4.3 Baleroc 4.4.4 Alysrazor 4.4.5 Lord Rhyolith 4.4.6 Majordomo Staghelm 4.4.7 Ragnaros 4.4.8 Dragon Soul Encounters 4.5. "Rotation" 4.5.1. Shadow Dance 5. Useful macros 6. Known bugs The guide! 1: General information about rogues Rogue is a DPS that revolves around combopoints and melee swings. All rogues share the same thing in common: generate combo points, to use to keep up buffs and using damaging finishing moves. They're based around the idea of 'death by a thousand needles' as they generally have a lot of different damage sources such as poisons, melee swings and such. 1.1: Poisons and how they work Poisons is what for me, makes a rogue a rogue. They are bought from vendors and are applied to your weapons, and generally just makes your attacks stronger. Although they do have some extra interaction for Assassination. All rogue specs uses Instant Poison mainhand and Deadly Poison, although more on exceptions below. Instant Poison is the most basic of the poisons. It simply does damage. It does however have a connection with Deadly Poison. When your Deadly Poison is maxed to 5 stacks on a target, every had instead has a 30% chance to proc the attack on the other weapon. This makes it so that Instant is the most desireable of all the poisons since the mainhand generally is the weapon you use the most. You also want this on your mainhand as most of your combo point generators are based around your weapon damage. This in turn is why you want to have as slow as possible mainhand, due to the instant poison application rate being depending on your weapon speed. A slow weapon afflicts this poison more often per attack, but since it attacks slower, doesn't happen that often. On the other hand, a fast weapon has a low application rate and therefore you need a lot of hits to apply the poison. Deadly Poison is your offhand poison of choice. This is because Deadly Poison doesn't care about the speed, compared to Instant Poison. Deadly has a fixed application rate, so the faster the weapon is, the more applications you can get through. This is why 1.4 speed dagger is what is required in the offhand. Your offhand by nature does less than mainhand, which again is why the fast weapon should be in the offhand. Wound Poison is a poison that applies a healing reducing effect. Though this is not desireable for standard DPS, it could come to some use on Combat/Subtlety on fights where only burst truly matters, such as Spine of Deathwing. This is because Wound has an extremely high application rate. Double Wound Poison is only beaten by Instant/Deadly if your Deadly Poison gets time to stack up. Crippling Poison has no use in PvE, unless you desparately need something slowed. Mind-Numbing Poison only has use on Alysrazor as it slows the adds casting time. 2: Combat Here it starts for Combat. I will list some things, not all. This is for good Combat rogues who are willing to get better, not for beginners. 2.1: Glyphs: The glyphs are Sinister Strike, Adrenaline Rush and Slice n' Dice. Minors are Tricks of the Trade, Blade Flurry and Kick/Feint. Kick for Alysrazor since you can basically solo the Talon's on Heroic with it. Feint on basically everything else. 2.2: Stat Priority: The stat priority is Agility > Hit 8% (will be reached without any problems due to Precision) = 26 Expertise > Haste > Mastery > Critical Strike You can also go Agility > SpellHit 17% = 26 Expertise > Haste > Mastery > Critical Strike I have not tested which one is the best, but the difference is minimal. The following information comes from Elitist Jerks. This is NOT confirmed by me, but I do think they're a valuable source. Do your own testing incase you don't find this trustworthy, as I cannot confirm it to be. 2.3: Talents and talent options This is the Eviscerate build for Combat. This is one that is ONLY focused on Eviscerate, and no rupture. This on the other hand, is the rupture setup (more information about rupture down below in the 'to-do' section). You ditch % damage on your Eviscerate, for increased crit damage on your Sinister Strike, since the damage of your Eviscerate matters less now that you have another finisher weaved into the 'rotation'. Another quite not so severe option of talents is the Improved Sprint one. I personally like it, since it breaks CC and what not. You can also go for the Blade Twisting, which makes your melees have a % chance to daze the target, reducing the movement speed. This one does not work in most PvE situations but eh, if you wanna PvP on the way to Baradin Hold go ahead. 🙂 2.3: Opener & Rotation: The opener as Combat is near useless, unlike a Retribution Paladin who likes critting during burst. It has nearly no impact on your overall damage at the end, although the bigger burst the better nonetheless. Something I've seen people ask is why their burst is basically the same as their stable, which is mostly because of poor cooldown usage. Contrary to what other rogues would say, I highly suggest your opener to be this: Prepot -> Sinister x4 (to get Green Insight) -> Killing Spree -> SND -> Adrenaline Rush 2.4: To-do's and not-to-do's: The reasoning behind this opener is that you want your cooldowns to be down as much as possible, as long as the time they're up you're maximizing damage. As you know, classes like Fire Mage can have an explosive burst which can do upwards to 110k bursts on Recount. Sadly we got no explosive burst, but we can make the best of it. Killing Spree at the start reduces that disgusting ramp-up time that occurs as Combat, and mitigating it a tad. With this you use it with all your enchant procs, pots etc and best of all, your second Killing Spree should be up by the time you're in your Red Insight on the second Insight rotation. One thing that some Combat rogues do is that they instantly Adrenaline Rush once it's off CD. You may do this, although I would advise to do it at the start of an Insight rotation, so you won't pop it during downtime, where you have no damage bonus. Other than this, the rotation resembles an Arcane mage with 1.5 buttons. Sinister x4 -> Revealing Strike -> Eviscerate. I have also changed my mind on Rupture. I spent the Baleroc Heroic kill this week to try to keep uptime on Rupture, somewhat. The end result was that an Eviscerate does more damage than a Rupture, but is a lot less energy efficient. Therefore you can if you want, use Rupture during no haste procs or Adrenaline Rush. This seemed to increase my DPS by quite a bit, as I was ending P3 on Ragnaros with stable 36-37k on every pull and I finished Baleroc at 38.6k. We're not so good at single target DPS, but it works. NEVER use Rupture on cleave as it does not benefit from Blade Flurry, only use it on pure single target. You should also NEVER use Revealing at any point apart from at 4 CP's. Both using it early or when you have 5 CP's, will cause slower cooldown regeneration, due to wasting a combo point. One example of this could be (3 CP's -> Sinister Strike -> 5 CP's -> (here you should Eviscerate, not Revealing Strike). 2.5: Firelands Heroic encounters There isn't much to know about the fights in Firelands as a Combat Rogue, but some things are to keep in mind. 2.5.1: Shannox: Here there is basically nothing to do, just make sure you won't get trapped. You are on no duty here as you can't crit for very high. You're basically just sitting on Shannox. 2.5.2: Beth'tilac: Here you will most likely go up on the roof. Sad but true, we just simply don't offer anything down apart from pretty insane cleave with Blade Flurry. Therefore, if you have enough taunts down you should stay down. The cleave with Blade Flurry can make it so that you end the fight with some pretty ridiculous numbers (40k+). Simply follow the rotation mentioned above, for the drone. 2.5.3: Baleroc: Crucial fight to use the opener that I mentioned. This is not your favorite fight tho, as it may surprise you. Combat single target is meh at best (beaten by both Assassination and Subtlety). Here it's just about maximizing your DPS output. If you wanna do stupid shit, you can go into Subtlety spec and let your healers give you 5 combo points and then swap back to Combat, for a Slice n' Dice from the start. IMPORTANT: Vanishing when a Shard is up will make you Immune to it. You shouldn't use Vanish as Combat for a DPS increase, but it's important to keep in mind nonetheless. This may cause a wipe. 2.5.4: Lord Rhyolith: Here you got some really nice leg damage with Blade Flurry, but you're just like any other MDPS, apart from your Feint which might be my favorite ability in the game. If you don't end the fight with the least damage taken, you're doing something horribly wrong. Also good stable damage, which might help the driver. 2.5.5: Alysrazor: Oh boy, you're a great DPS here. You got some good burst with Adrenaline Rush and Killing Spree. If you take Mind-Numbing Poison and the Kick glyph you can solo Talon's with no problem. Cloak can also save you if you slack on the way to the meteor. 2.5.6: Majordomo Staghelm: Same story here, DPS as much as you can, swap to kitties and use Feint regularly (scythes). Nothing out of the ordinary. 2.5.7: Ragnaros: Here is the fun part. You're very useful here because of your extremely stable DPS. Due to Atlantiss stuff, you cannot use Killing Spree on Ragnaros in P1-3, which sucks although we try to make the best of it. Cooldown usage depends on the group DPS. My cooldown usages for Adrenaline are the following: 5 seconds after pull (approx.), at 75%, after first transition, then save one for the Lava Scions at second transition. Go ham on them, do atleast 1.5 milion damage. Then use one whenever you have it in P3. You simply have zero burst at this point, so killing Lava Scions faster will help your group a lot more than you sitting on boss. You'd rather have a fire mage without debuff bursting 100k, than you sitting there with 40k burst while your mage is running around like a headless chicken. When you pop the Adrenaline Rush during the second transition, you NEED to keep in mind that you can Cloak the debuff, so you'll always sit on em no matter what. Cloak can also be used as a lifesaver if you're gonna get hit by Engulfing (which your shouldn't). This is a great addition to your group as it allows for instant and reliable cleave. Killing Spree should IMO be used on Son of Flames, the faster you kill em the more you can help your teammates. DPS ALWAYS AND WHENEVER YOU CAN. Due to your poison and Insight it's essential to keep as much uptime as possible on the boss At P4 you should use Feint to mitigate the Superheated damage, when you're waiting for a frostpatch to spawn. Don't use Killing Spree during the 3-3-3 formation as it may cause issues if the tank moves to the Entrapping Roots. Otherwise just do your regular DPS rotation. The DPS should not be an issue, just focus on not messing up. 2.5.8: Dragon Soul Encounters The Dragon Soul encounters are pretty straight forward. None have fancy mechanics, although there are some things to keep in mind. Morchok You can stay a little bit in the Black Blood here due to Feint + Cloak of Shadows, although I do not recommend it. You won't need the DPS in normal. Also remember you can help soak stomps if the kitty is behind the boss. Warlord Zon'ozz Nothing special here either, use the same opener as I mentioned for single target. Do keep in mind that you need to use Cloak of Shadows to remove the debuff. This is just to ease the healers job. Yor'sahj the Unsleeping Remember to Redirect to Yor'sahj right when the globule is about to die. This is because the corpse of the globule despawns when killed, and you therefore lose any combo points you had on it. Also remember to Blade Flurry here when Mana Void/Forgotten Ones spawn. Helps a lot. Hagara the Stormbinder Use KS before AR when she's stunned to apply your poisons faster. You're honestly pretty bad here, as a Combat Rogue your burst is long but decent, rather than short and amazing as Subtlety. 3. Assassination Here it starts for our poison loving, fresh lvl 85 spec. In all seriousness, this spec isn't very good at higher itemlevels. It's decent and can pull around 39k DPS on Baleroc, but that's it. It's very bad at swapping, and doesn't have any cleave. 3.1 Glyphs Mutilate, Rupture and Backstab/Vendetta. Use Backstab if you know you can actually sit behind the target for the remaining 35% of the fight, otherwise go with Vendetta. 3.2 Stat Priority Agility > 17% hit > Mastery > Haste > Crit I would suggest getting SOME Expertise for the sake of your Mutilate, but to be honest, it's a pretty awful stat. The reasoning for this is because dodged Envenom's still gives the poison application buff, which is really good. Free damage. 3.3. Rotation This is pretty straight forward for Assassination, nothing too annoying like the Insight mechanic for Combat. The general opener is this: Prepot -> Stealth -> Garrote -> Mutilate -> Rupture -> Slice n Dice if the Rupture gave a free Combo Point, otherwise Mutilate -> Slice and Dice -> Mutilate 2x -> Vendetta -> Cold Blood -> Envenom You wanna keep 100% uptime on both Slice n' Dice and Rupture. Also you wanna have a lot of uptime on the Envenom buff. I suggest using your finishers at either 4-5 Combo Points, due to your Relentless Strikes, which refunds energy, higher chance per combo point used. Swapping should be with Redirect, and Rupture should be your highest priority then. Vanish should be used in conjunction with your Vendetta, as the Garrote procs a lot of extra Venomous Wounds (more damage, and more energy!) and also because Overkill, gives 30% energy regeneration aswell. Below 35% you should use Backstab, since because of your Murderous Intent talent, which gives you a lot of energy back when you use Backstab. If you have any sort of haste trinkets and Bloodlust is up, you might have to weave in Mutilates to not completely energy cap. CP builders: Garrote > Backstab (if <35%) > Mutilate 4. Subtlety The so called "hardest DPS spec in the game" is in essence very easy. The hard part is getting used to the whole keeping up buffs deal, but it comes with time. 4.1 Glyphs You should have Backstab, Slice n Dice and Hemorrhage. First two are self explanatory, but the third one is just there to make swapping (and the opener) be easier and do a bit more damage. The Hemorrhage glyph makes it so that your Hemorrhage does 40% of the damage over 24 seconds on the boss. This is counted as a bleed and therefore applies Sanguinary Veins, which increases your damage to bleeding targets. 4.2 Stat Priority Agility > 8% hit = 26 expertise > Haste > Crit > Mastery I prefer to get expertise cap, due to how annoying it can become if your Eviscerate gets dodged and you drop your Rupture, it's just a lot more convenient. This is why I recommend everyone to go for Expertise, as a dodged Eviscerate is a massive loss to your DPS. 4.3 Talents 4.4 Firelands Heroic 4.4.1 Shannox Dummy boss, you can soak traps with Cloak but that's all, really. No problems here. 4.4.2 Beth'tilac You can use pot every time you're up (cd resets when you jump down), also here as Subtlety you should be up as you provide nothing to the group down. 4.4.3 Baleroc Use the 'rotation' below. Otherwise, take charge here and call out shards. You have a lot of downtime so it's good that you call out stuff instead of people with more active DPSing. 4.4.4 Alysrazor Dance on the Talons, bla bla bla. Also get the Blind major glyph, so that you can CC a side for the whole duration (Blind actually CC's for a minute here). 4.4.5 Lord Rhyolith Feint for Stomps, easy stuff. 4.4.6 Majordomo Staghelm If you're not outside, you can position yourself near his claw in order to backstab from the front. 4.4.7 Ragnaros Seriously, don't play Subtlety on this fight unless you like Hemo spam, which you shouldn't. 4.4.8 Dragon Soul Encounter Morchok Same as Combat here. Warlord Zon'ozz Use first Vanish at first Black Phase, although don't use your Preparation after this. Save that for the BL that comes at the 3rd Black Phase, so you can chain 2x Vanishes and a Shadow Dance. Yor'sahj the Unsleeping Same with the globule. Do note that since you have to be behind the target, tell people to move away if you get green+x. Hagara the Stormbinder Use Dance in the opener here. Don't bother with Rupture during the increased damage phase, since you want damage there and then. Do note that because of this you need to apply a Hemo quickly before Dancing, for the Sanguinary Veins talent. I will update this section as it's own one once all the bosses come out on heroic. Guess I will also update on normal aswell. 4.5 Rotation So, now to how to play this crap. For starters, keep in mind that you always wanna have the Hemorrhage DoT and Rupture on the target, together with Slice n Dice and Recuperate on yourself. The whole idea of how to DPS is basically to keep up as much Find Weakness on your target as possible while not dropping your buffs or debuffs. Find Weakness is a 70% armor debuff that you apply with either Ambush, Cheap Shot or Garrote. For PvE sake you only use Ambush as Cheap Shot doesn't do any damage, and Garrote does very little. It also bases itself around energy 'pooling', basically the way you save energy for a later scenario. This is done because of your talent Honor Among Thieves, which reads "When any player in your party or raid critically hits with a spell or ability, you have a 33/66/100% chance to gain a combo point on your current target. This effect cannot occur more than once every 2 seconds." Because of this you kinda base yourself around not wanting to waste combo points, for quite obvious reasons. The opener should be something like this: 5 CP from your healers -> Prepot -> Stealth -> Slice n Dice -> Premeditation -> Recuperate -> Shadowstep -> Ambush -> Hemorrhage (now you should have 5 CP's) -> Rupture -> Backstab to 4ish -> Recuperate -> Shadow Dance once you pooled energy -> Ambush 2x -> Eviscerate -> Shadowstep, Premeditation, Ambush (if off cooldown, shouldn't be though, just Ambush 2x otherwise) -> Eviscerate Once your Find Weakness reaches 1s duration, Vanish and Shadowstep, Premeditation, Ambush and Eviscerate. Try to chain Find Weaknesses, especially during Time Warp. Alternative to this opener, which I have started using lately, is this: 5 CP -> Prepot -> Stealth -> Slice n Dice -> Premeditation -> Shadowstep -> Ambush -> Rupture -> Hemorrhage -> Backstab to 5 CP's -> Recuperate -> Energy pooled Shadow Dance, at this point just continue the rotation from above. When it comes to combo points, try to make it so every 5th combo point is given your Honor Among Thieves talent. This is to make sure you don't lose a CP while you're waiting for GCD so you can use a finisher at 5cp. Although you can if you want, get the fourth one and Backstab -> finisher really fast. This is what I do because I can't help myself from spamming Backstab. ALWAYS do as much damage as you possibly can during Find Weakness, don't waste these CD's to reapply your buffs, it's a huge loss of damage. Although if you need to, do it. CP builders: Ambush > Hemorrhage for the DoT > Backstab > Hemorrhage Small few tips: Don't be afraid to take chances, that's what makes a spec fun to play. Ever felt like the satisfaction of putting in another Eviscerate despite SND about to drop, and you end up having enough time to get both? Truly satisfying, and again, makes it a lot more fun. Always apply Rupture with the 10% damage buff you get from exiting Stealth. Use mouseover macros for Tricks of the Trade, not focus. You probably want to Tricks the tank at pull, and a dps later. /cast [target=mouseover] Tricks of the Trade should do the trick. (get it?) 4.3.1 Shadow Dance Your general Shadow Dance rotation should be Ambush 2x -> Eviscerate -> Premeditation,, Shadowstep, Ambush macro -> Eviscerate -> Ambush 2x -> Eviscerate This is to make your Shadowstep Ambush buff the most efficient as posssible. Thefore you should also time your Tricks of the Trade (with T13 2p) with this. If this simplifies it in any way, I simply mash it in this order: 1 1 3 2 3 1 1 3. This will come with muscle memory, and it will be really fun once it does. This is only a guideline. This is the path you wanna go when you Dance, altohugh you will NOT reach the end of it. Just try to get along the path as much as you can. 5. Useful macros For Tricking on mouseover: #showtooltip Tricks of the Trade /cast [target=mouseover] Tricks of the Trade The Ambush macro #showtooltip Shadowstep /cast Premeditation /cast Shadowstep /cast Ambush 6.Known bugs 1. Burning Wounds does not stack properly, and loses about half it's value (give or take 1k dps loss), with fights like Alysrazor the bonus recieves even more of beating. https://github.com/Atlantiss/BugTracker/issues/9827 2. Redirect does not transfer your Insight progress. You have to start over. https://github.com/Atlantiss/BugTracker/issues/2147 (polish doe) Ana is an epic rogue
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    INTRODUCTION So, you want to play a Moonkin eh? Are you ready for continuous jokes about your big fat ass and your garbage DPS? If you are, then I welcome you to the Moonkin Club. All joking aside, Moonkins provide a variety of abilities in their arsenal that aids a raid in many ways. Additionally, we’re pretty much #1 and #2 in terms of DPS on a couple fights in FL HC, yet pretty much last in all the others (provided the rest of the group is also as good as you). This huge discrepancy in damage dealt is both a blessing and a curse and that’ll be explained as we go along. In all honesty however, playing a balance druid is in my opinion one of the most enjoyable specs to play in this expansion, largely because of the high skill set it requires, the amount of spells/abilities at your disposal, and the fact that your rotation is entirely dependent on the circumstances presented to you at that very given moment in time. It is a spec that is probably one of the most telling in terms of skill level in this expansion and how well you have mastered the finer points. It takes quite a while to learn, practice and immerse yourself in the variety of situations you’ll find yourself in, but if you’re willing to be patient, then I invite you to a spec that is second to none in terms of enjoyment! Why a guide on a Balance Druid? Simply put, the guide currently on the forums is good for... well only for beginners. It’s great on outlining the very basics of the spec, rotation, glyphs/talents and enchants/gems/stat priority. Other than that, it does not outline how to maximise your Moonkin abilities in a PVE environment. This guide aims to help you to min/max your Moonkin and understand the more subtle points of playing a Moonkin. With the right knowledge of the class and maximizing it's weaknesses, you'll be one of the most valued raid members. As someone who has progressed through FL HC on a Moonkin without a legendary staff, becoming the first Moonkin on the server to kill Ragnaros HC in the process, I hope to impart some of my wisdom to you. In any case, this just serves as a more in-depth guide to the spec and I encourage everyone who’s interested in the spec to SIM their character, play around, read MMO/EJ, ultimately discovering new things yourselves. That’s how some of us learn anyways. This guide is meant to be an addition to an already basic understanding of Moonkins and their talents, spells and abilities. *** DISCLAIMER: This is a T12 guide and NOT a T13 guide! Some of the information listed below will need to be updated for T13 set piece bonuses and boss mechanics. *** INDEX MF = Moonfire SF = Sunfire IS = Insect Swarm WM = Wild Mushroom WMD = Wild Mushroom Detonate SS = Starsurge StF = Starfall SE = Solar Eclipse LE = Lunar Eclipse DMC = Darkmoon Card: Volcano DTR = Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest TABLE OF CONTENTS Race (1.11) Talents/Glyphs (1.12) Fun Facts (1.13) Stat Priority, Gems, Enchants and Reforging (1.14) Professions (1.15) Best in Slot Items (1.16) Rotation (1.17) Specific Encounter How To (BoT) (1.18) Specific Encounter How To (BwD) (1.19) Specific Encounter How To (Tot4W) (1.20) Specific Encounter How To (FL) (1.21) Specific Encounter How To (DS) (1.22) Bugs on Atlantiss (1.23) Extra Information, Addons and Macros (1.24) Conclusion (1.25) RACE (1.11) TALENTS/GLYPHS (1.12) Now, as far as most Moonkin talent guides out there are concerned, it seems pretty cut and dry. However, this is not the case. If you truly want to maximise your DPS potential as a Moonkin, you should be rotating between two Moonkin specs, one without Lunar Shower and one with Lunar Shower. It is actually arguable that you can survive without the Lunar Shower talent all-together. Before going through the two builds, I will explain the reason for and against Lunar Shower in detail below. FUN FACTS (1.13) STAT PRIORITY, GEMS, ENCHANTS AND REFORGING (1.14) PROFESSIONS (1.15) BEST IN SLOT ITEMS (1.16) ROTATION (1.17) SPECIFIC ENCOUNTER HOW TO (1.18) In this section, I’ll be explaining what I do on each boss encounter in both T11 raids and the T12 raid. Hopefully you can learn from this guide and apply it to your Moonkin. All of these guides are for Heroic mode. The normal versions of the fight are either the same or easier for YOUR role. Other classes/roles may have different responsibilities depending on the mode of the encounter. I will not be going over the bosses abilities. There are general boss guides out there for that reason. Additionally, the guides on the T11 raids are designed for players who aren’t necessarily over-gearing the content. Keep that in mind. However, they still apply for those with T12 gear as well. These are EXTREMELY important things to remember as they will be commonly talked about. They separate bad Moonkins from good Moonkins. When you have to move due to a boss mechanic, always always always make sure you are doing something while moving, such as re-dotting, casting an instant SS, placing/detonating mushrooms, typhooning, etc. We do not have a skill that allows us to cast while moving so we need to maximise our DPS as best as we can with instant cast abilities when we are forced to move due to a boss mechanic. Use Barkskin! This ability should be on CD and used when you will be receiving periods of damage. Keeping your healers happy always helps. Use Thorns on the tank if there are a lot of adds! While a big mana cost, at high enough ilvls, you can deal with the mana cost during a period of high tank damage. This will also help the tank’s DPS and the raid’s DPS overall, albeit marginally. It has actually helped our group when we needed to squeeze a tiny bit more DPS in an encounter. Use Tranquility! Use this when your raid leader calls for it. Due to your high intellect and haste, this spell is actually really powerful for a damage class. Use Lifebloom and Rejuv if you find yourself or other players needing a heal when you’re moving during a stressful situation (e.g. Rag HC Phase 4, twilight realm V&T HC). Use your Innervate on yourself when you have to stay in one eclipse for the majority of the encounter. Try to time it with any intellect procs (power torrent, potion, engineering gloves, etc.) for maximum mana gain potential. If you are about to die, always remember you have other forms. You can shift to bear form, use Enrage and use Frenzied Regeneration to keep yourself alive. Desperate times call for desperate measures! If you need to get somewhere quick, shift to cat form and use Dash! Or if you're group needs to get somewhere quick, shift to cat/bear and use Stampeding Roar! Be a Druid and actually use your forms, don't just sit in your Owl form Blackwing Descent (1.18) Bastion of Twilight (1.19) Throne of the Four Winds (1.20) Firelands (1.21) Dragon Soul (1.22) BUGS ON ATLANTISS (1.23) EXTRA INFORMATION/ADDONS/MACROS (1.24) CONCLUSION (1.25) Thank you for those of you who actually got through reading this entire guide. If I made any mistakes, please feel free to correct them in a post and I’ll edit accordingly. I might be leaving the server for a bit soon so I figured I’d share my knowledge if I don’t end up coming back to the server and this forum was lacking a T12 and under Moonkin guide. My fingers are absolutely dead right now so I find it a bit of a struggle to type out anything else, but I do thank you deeply for taking the time to read this and I hope this guide helps you out in some small or large way in the future. As always, stay strong and stay Moonkin! CHANGELOG
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    Introduction Hello. In this guide I'll show my ways how to play Feral Druid in Hybrid, which is essential for Ragnaros progression, due to it's raid utility and flexible playstyle, allowing players to always change something, and yet stay relevant. Advantages: -Good management of AoE Aggro (Swipe, Thrash, Challenging Roar, Berserk) -Raid Cooldowns bringing lots of utility (Rebirth, Innervate, Tranquility, Stampeding Roar) -Possibility of entering cat form and doing job of additional DPS -Mobility -Bear Form Dance Disadvantages: -Ferals might struggle a bit with catching adds that are far away for them. Their only tools to do so is Faerie Fire and Growl. -Ferals with hybrid build usually have less mastery, or sacrifice Spell Damage reduce from their talents in order to maximize damage, which makes them more squishy than usual Content table: 1. Talents and Glyphs 2. "Rotation" and Spell priorities 3. Cooldowns 4. Statistics 5. Food, Flasks, Potions 6. Professions 7. BiS List 8. Fight Advices 9. How to Bear the Cat Form 10. Macros 11. Changelog 1. Talents and Glyphs Pure Bear From Major Glyphs it's reccomended to use Glyph of Rebirth and Glyph of Maul, while having 3rd glyph whichever suits you the best. It could be Glyph of Feral Charge, or even Glyph of Faerie Fire. From Minor Glyphs, Dash is optional, while Challenging Road and Unburdened Rebirth are essential. Script allowing to quick learn those talents: /run t,p,a={2,12,23,53,62,72,83,91,113,121,132,161,172,182,203,211,221,3,22,43,53,61,1,}SetPreviewPrimaryTalentTree(t[1],GetActiveTalentGroup())for i=1,#t do a=tif a<9 then p=a else AddPreviewTalentPoints(p,floor(a/10),a%10)end end Fluffy Hybrid Prime Glyphs goal is to increase your Damage Output, through supporting your cat form spells. On fights where you can't use Shred at all, glyph of Mangle is also a decent choice, increasing your filler damage, which could make up for lost Rip ticks. Major Glyphs are only player's preference, though Glyph of Rebirth is the only "must have". Minors Glyphs, as always do not affect your playstyle, and you can choose whichever you prefer. Quick Learn: /run t,p,a={2,12,23,53,62,72,83,91,113,121,142,161,172,182,192,203,221,3,22,43,52,61,1,}SetPreviewPrimaryTalentTree(t[1],GetActiveTalentGroup())for i=1,#t do a=tif a<9 then p=a else AddPreviewTalentPoints(p,floor(a/10),a%10)end end 2. "Rotation" and Priorities Feral Druid is based on priority style rotation, so you don't have to blindly press x 3 times, then y once, and repeat. Key role in Bear's spells is played by Mangle cooldowns refresh from Lacerate and maintaining 9% Critical Chance from Pulverize. Priorities: 1. Demoralizing Roar (You don't have to worry if you're tanking with someone else applying reduced Physical Damage debuff) 2. Mangle (Always when it's available) 3. Lacerate (At least 1 stack, so Mangle has chance to refresh) 4. Thrash 5. Pulverize (Reccomended each 18s, to maintain highest buff uptime. Advised to use on 3 stacks of Lacerate) 6. Lacerate (Maintaining 3 stacks of bleed) 7. Lacerate>Faerie Fire>Swipe (Fillers in order to decrease downtime, increase damage done and absorbs) 8. Maul (Dumping additional Rage) On AoE fights, your main tools to handle AoE aggro will be: 1. Thrash 2. Swipe 3. Challenging Roar 4. Mangle (Only with activated Berserk) It's also useful to switch targets with Tab and apply on each of them at least 1 stack of Lacerate, for free Mangle procs, and additional DoT generating threat. 3. Cooldowns Huge addition to Feral toolkit are flexible raid cooldowns. They make Druid great support, doesn't matter which spec he's using. Personal Cooldowns: 1. Barkskin (20% reduced damage for 8 seconds. 60 seconds cooldown - ADDITIONAL DODGE AFTER REDUCTION WITH 4PT12) 2. Survival Instinct (50% reduced damage for 12 seconds. 180 seconds cooldown) 3. Frenzied Regeneration (Increase of HP Pool by 30%, healing up to 30% if we're below that number, converting Rage into additional healing (1 rage=0.3% maximum HP, up to 10 rage per second) for 20 seconds. 180 seconds cooldown) 4. Berserk (Bear's offensive cooldown. Removes Mangle cooldown, and makes it hit up to 3 targets. Lasts 25 seconds, 35 if glyphed. 180 seconds cooldown) 5. Challenging Roar (Druid's only AoE taunt. 150s cooldown) 6. Enrage (Instant 20 rage, 32 with Primal Madness talent, and additional 10 rage over 10 seconds. 60s Cooldown Raid Cooldowns: 1. Tranquility (Channeled heal, leaving HoT effect on raid members. Improved by Nurturing Instinct talent. 480s cooldown) 2. Innervate (5% mana regeneration for targeted player. 180s cooldown) 3. Stampeding Roar (60% movement speed lasting 8s for everyone in 10y range. 120s cooldown) 4. Rebirth (Combat Resurrection, which with glyphs brings dead player to life with 100% HP and 20% MP. 600s cooldown) 4. Statistics Preferred way to play druid is to change stats, dependant on use. There are statistics better and worse, but remember that even as tank stamina is inferior to everything else. It's also worth mentioning how Bear's mastery work, and why it's important. It simply improves absorbs from our Savage Defense ability, which has 50% chance on Critical Strikes, to give 35% Attack Power as absorb, lasting for 10s. And what mastery has to do with Savage Defense? It greatly raises absorb digits, making Bear fine choice for taking physical damage. Tank: 1. Agility 2. Mastery 3. Critical Strike 4. Dodge 5. Hit Rating until cap = Expertise Rating until cap 6. Haste Hybrid: 1. Agility 2. Hit Rating until cap=Expertise Cap until 20 rating (601) 3. Haste 4. Critical Strike 5. Mastery 6. Dodge Apparently Mastery despite being favoured by T13 2p, loses LOTS OF value under 65% of Boos Health Pool. This way, Haste>Crit>Mastery is still prefered playstyle, which actually gains a lot from Kyroptyric Sigil passive haste, and huge ammounts of agility on use . 5. Food, flasks, potions Druid Feral doesn't have big choice in terms of consumables. The best choice is to maximize your Agility, because it's what makes Bears so great. Food: Skewered Eel or Mysterious Fortune Cookie (+90 Agility, +90 Stamina) Flask: Flask of the Four Winds (+300 Agility) Potion: Potion of Tol'Vir (+1200 Agility for 25 seconds) 6. Professions Professions are just a matter of someone's preference, however some of them are inferior combared to others. Burst professions: -Tailoring (1000 Attack Power enchant for Cloak) -Engineering (480 Agility for 10 seconds. 60 seconds cooldown) -Herbalism (480 haste for 20 seconds. 120 seconds cooldown. Not reccomended for raids) Permanent benefit professions: -Skinning (80 Critical Strike Rating. Personally not worth picking up) -Blacksmithing (2 sockets, one for Gloves, one for Wrists. It will get a lot stronger on DS) -Enchanting (40 Agility enchant for Rings) -Leatherworking (130 Agility enchant for Wrists) -Inscription (125 Agility and 25 Mastery enchant for Shoulders) -Jewelcrafting (3 additional 67 Agility gems. Will get worse with epic gems release on DS) -Mining (120 Stamina. Still inferior compared to other professions) 7. BiS List Tank: Head: [Deep Earth Headpiece] - Warmaster Blackhorn Neck: [Choker of the Vanquished Lord] - Ragnaros HC Shoulder: [Underdweller's Spaulders] - Morchok Back: [Dreadfire Drape] - Rhyolith HC Chest: [Deep Earth Raiment] - Ultraxion Wrist: [Bladeshadow Wristguards] - Leatherworking Weapon: [Spire of Coagulated Globules]- Yor'sahj Relic: [Ripfang Relic]- VP Vendor Gloves: [Deep Earth Grips]- Zon'ozz Belt: [Belt of Hidden Keys] - VP Vendor Legs: [Deep Earth Legguards]- Yor'sahj Boots: [Rooftop Griptoes] - VP Vendor Ring 1: [Emergency Descent Loop] - VP Vendor Ring 2: [Seal of Primordial Shadow] - Dragon Soul Shared Boss Loot Trinket 1: [Kiroptyric Sigil] - VP Vendor Trinket 2: [Matrix Restabilizer] - Ragnaros HC ALTERNATIVE TRINKETS: Indomitable Pride - DS Shared Boss Loot // Soulshifter Vortex - DS Shared Boss Loot // Vial of the Shadows - DS Shared Boss Loot // The Hungerer - Majordomo Fandral Staghelm HC // Ancient Petrified Seed - Revered with Avengers of Hyjal // Mirror of the Broken Images - Exalted with Baradin Wardens, 125 Tol Barad Commendation Hybrid: Head: [Deep Earth Headpiece] - Warmaster Blackhorn Neck: [Choker of the Vanquished Lord] - Ragnaros HC Shoulder: [Deep Earth Spaulders] - Hagara the Stormbinder Back: [Dreadfire Drape] - Rhyolith HC Chest: [Shadowbinder Chestguard] - VP Vendor Wrist: [Bladeshadow Wristguards] - Leatherworking Weapon: [Spire of Coagulated Globules]- Yor'sahj Relic: [Ripfang Relic]- VP Vendor Gloves: [Deep Earth Grips]- Zon'ozz Belt: [Belt of Hidden Keys] - VP Vendor Legs: [Deep Earth Legguards]- Yor'sahj Boots: [Interrogator's Bloody Footpads] - Yor'sahj Ring 1: [Signet of Grasping Mouths] - Hagara the Stormbinder Ring 2: [Seal of Primordial Shadow] - Shared Boss Loot DS Trinket 1: [Kiroptyric Sigil] - VP Vendor Trinket 2: [Matrix Restabilizer] - Ragnaros HC // [Starcatcher Compass] - Warmaster Blackhorn ALTERNATIVE TRINKETS: Vial of the Shadows - DS Shared Boss Loot // The Hungerer - Majordomo Fandral Staghelm N/HC // Arrow of Time - End Time (Murozond) // Ancient Petrified Seed - Revered with Avengers of Hyjal // Essence of the Cyclone - Halfus Wyrmbreaker Heroic // Fluid Death - Justice Points Disclaimer: Starcatcher Compass vs Matrix HC results may still vary, due to how Compass will work on live retail post release. 8. Fight Advices Beth'Tilac: As Feral you will usually go up. Remember that you can AoE taunt the Spinners, so they come down from theirs' web. Don't be afraid to use Tranquility in second phase, but before getting boss on yourself once again, get into bear form and stack some Savage Defense absorb. Shannox: When tanking the boss, remember to use your Movement Speed bosts in order to drop Jagged Tear stacks. Wait with berserk until second tank runs away with dogs, because holding aggro of Riplimb and Shannox might give you some nasty bleeding. Lord Rhyolith: Always pick up Fragments of Rhyolith, so other DPS can easily AoE them down. If you have to steer the boss in cat form, remember to maintain 100% uptime of Savage Roar buff, and attack legs ONLY with Shred, Rake and Ferocious Bite. Alysrazor: Always on the beggining of fight, try to interrupt the first Blazing Talon Initiate. It will let your DPS to save interrupt for other Fieroblasts. Try to support healers on Firestorms, share Stampeding Roar happiness with your fellow raid members, and use Feral Charge to get to your side quicker (If there are any Initiates left, of course). Baleroc: When DPSing, taking first Shard of Torment will be your job. Be prepared to take it without any switching. Use your Barkskin around 8th stack, and Survival Instinct around 15th. If you're a tank, always use Barkskin 8 seconds before Inferno, or Decimation Blade. Additional 12% of Dodge will greatly raise your avoidance, and in advance you will be able to dodge some nasty hits. Majordomo Fandral Staghelm: Scorpion phase brings nothing in particular for ferals. Hold aggro, use cooldowns, don't leave bear form, and just throw in Stampeding Roar when spreading. The best way to catch Spirit of the Flame is using Growl+Faerie Fire+Maul in the same moment. Remember that Spirits often deal more damage than boss, and if DPS can't manage to handle them quick enough, just rotate your cooldowns and communicate with healers. Ragnaros: Our favourite Firelord is the reason, why Ferals are so essential for Firelands. Always begin 1st phase in Cat Form, and DPS until the other tank asks you to take the boss. Don't bother with finding position to shred, just play it safe. After initial burst in Cat Form, you will switch on 4-5 stacks of Burning Wound, or when debuff drops, depending how you communicated about that with healers and other tank. The best way to handle Transition Phases is bear form. Open your Son of Flame with Faerie Fire+Mangle+Maul. Then Lacerate+Maul, until your Mangle refreshes. Thrash is also a great addition, because of bleed. If Son of Flame comes too close to Sulfuras, just Feral Charge or Skull Bash to it, and stun with Bash. The second phase will begin with other tank, so once again you can get back into Cat Form and scratch Ragnaros a bit more. Remember to have enough Energy/Rage to use Stampeding Roar on 1st and 3rd pack of Molten Seeds. On Second Transition phase you grab your Lava Scion with Growl+Faerie Fire, and apply Lacerate on it. Why? Because it can refresh your Mangle, so it will be easier to handle Son of Flame, and stack Lava Scions earlier. Usually the other tank will take both Scions, so as Feral you just have to go Cat and Bite them until they fall. 3rd phase is a pure DPS check. The other tank, usually DK or Paladin will stand on one side of platform, and tank the boss alone. Your job in that moment is to stand on the other side, and do as much damage as you can. Tiger's Fury, Berserk, Rake, Rip, Shred, etc. After you push him into 4th phase, try to cast Stampeding Roar on as much people as you can, in order to make going into Breadth of Frost faster. Once you get on your position, support healers with Innervate and Tranquility. When kiting the boss into Entrapping Roots cast Growl+Faerie Fire, and run as fast into them as you can in Cat Form, preferably with Dash enabled. Once boss is in Roots, and your Superheated starts rising, get back into Bear Form. Morchok: Tank and spank. Stack together with your MT/OT in order to reduce stomp damage, switch usually on 2 stacks of Crush Armor, hide behind the spikes on Black Blood of the Earth Warlord Zon'ozz: Start the fight stacked with melee DPS. When he summons first Void of the Unmaking go a bit to the side, so Psychic Drain hits only you, reducing raid damage taken, and health restored by the boss. After raid is done with bouncing, and Zon'ozz starts applying Black Blood of Go'rath stack with everyone in order to make healing easier. Yor'sahj the Unsleeping: Tank the boss preferably in the middle, when globues come out switch into cat form to help with DPSing them down. Remember to keep your cooldowns for Void Bolts, since they might hurt on higher ammount of stacks. 9. How to Bear the Cat Form Cat Form is one of the biggest reasons what makes Feral so strong. In this section I'll do my best to explain basics, how to DPS as Cat. Take into consideration that this isn't Feral DPS guide, and I'll skip some more advanced things. DPSing in Cat Form is heavily influenced by your ability to maintime uptime of two bleeds - Rake and Rip, and one Self Buff - Savage Roar. To maximize your output as Feral, even best guide won't help you. The best thing to do so, is to fight on Dummy, do RHCs, BH, until you really understand the energy, Combo Points, and get used to the playstyle 9.1 Priorities Cat Form isn't different than other specs in terms of "rotation". Making it priority based forces player to pay bigger atention to what he clicks, and when he clicks. Maintaining Bleed Damage Taken debuff from Mangle (Also applied by hunters and warriors) Rake Ferocious Bite (Under 25% of Boss HP. Preferably used on 5CP and 60 energy, but can also be cast earlier, so you don't have to refresh Rip) Rip Savage Roar Ferocious Bite (When boss has over 25% HP. Only when @60 Energy, 5 Combo Points and Rip+Savage Roar both have more than 10s on them) Shred Mangle As Feral PvE you have only 3 Finishers, Rip, Savage Roar and Ferocious Bite. Savage Roar is so essential, that it's reccomended to use it even at 1 Combo Point. Rip is a strong bleed effect, prolonged with your Glyph of Bloodletting, so you have a bit more time for using your energy for something else. You should apply Rip always on 5 Combo Points. Around Boss 25% Health Points try to apply as strong Rip as possible. Ferocious Bite is instant damaging spell, dealing damage dependand on your Combo Points and ammount of Energy you currently have. With talent Blood in the Water, you will refresh your Rip, if target is under 25% HP, which makes Feral great DPS for later on, and is a valid excuse for keeping your Potion of Tol'Vir until boss Reaches ~25%. Mangle is viable filler ONLY when you can't attack target's back or when you have to refresh your Bleed Damage debuff. Otherwise Shred, compared to Mangle deals way higher damage, and has it's damage increased from Bleed Damage debuffs. 9.2 Cooldowns Feral DPS does have only 2 Offensive Cooldowns. Berserk Tiger's Fury Berserk in Cat Form reduces all of your energy costs by half, making maintaining bleeds and Savage Roar way easier for inexperienced players, and greatly increasing burst damage. Tiger's Fury is 15% Physical Damage increase, and 60 Energy regeneration with King of the Jungle talent, which is essential. It's worth noticing that you CAN'T USE TIGER'S FURY DURING BERSERK. 9.3 Tips and Tricks Keep your second potion until 30% - 25% of the Boss. It will allow you to leave higher Rip on target, and then simply refresh it with Ferocious Bite. Try to reapply your bleeds always after Tiger's Fury. 15% Damage Increase portion of spell, will also increase your Bleed's Damage Try to macro Tiger's Fury and Berserk together, giving you 15% increase damage during 6 seconds of Berserk. Ready macro should look something like that: Refresh Rake and Rip before last tick (Respectively, Rake 0-3s before debuff ends, Rip 0-2s before debuff ends) Under 25% of the Boss, refresh Rip with Ferocious Bite. If your Rip is about to fall down, and you don't have 5 Combo Points ANYWAYS use Ferocious Bite. Make Bleeds and Savage Roar visible by using Power Auras, or any other tracking addon. Having control of those is really important. And the most important thing, practice! I played a lot of specs during my WoW "career". Some were easier, some were harder, but in my opinion, Feral amongst all of other specs is the most punished for players not practicing at all. You really have to understand your energy, which is accomplished by trying all the time to improve yourself. When you know that you won't be able to cast 3rd Berserk during encounter (for example on Baleroc), use it when Boss gets under 25% Health. When your desired target reaches ~24% HP Mark, use your Potion of Tol'Vir, Tiger's Fury, Berserk, apply Rip and spam Ferocious Bite on 5 Combo Points like crazy (of couse remember about Savage Roar and Rake). As you can see in following screenshots, that way to DPS as Cat is very reliable, although requires lots of practice from you to execute it on at least decent level. 10. Macros Huge thank you to Polaroid, who shared with us his macros, and made this section possible Because I'm a noob who doesn't use much macros. Entering Cat Form, using Prowl and Pounce if in stealth: Switching into Bear Form, and using Frenzied Regeneration and Enrage: Using Survival Instinct in either cat or bear, switching into Bear Form if you don't have any: All of your offensive cooldowns (including Troll's Racial): Faerie Fire Family Pack: 2 Skulls 1 Exploding Shrooms: Taunt, Ravage, Wild Mushrooms (placing): Charge if in Cat or Bear form, else Regrowth: Swipe for Cat and Bear, Rejuvenation for caster: Stampeding Roar for Bear and Cat, Thorns for caster: Demoralizing Roar for Bear, Tiger's Fury for Cat, Remove Corruption for caster: Neat macro for trolls, Now your utility tranquility is even faster! One big macro to cancel all of the nasty stuff: 11. Changelog 19.05.2017: Changed misinformation about glyph (Thank you Padthai!), fixed some typos 20.05.2017: Added additional section about Cat Form 4.06.2017: Added Macro section (Thanks Polaroid!) 26.06.2017: Finally fixed some misinformation about glyphs, added one tip about AoE tanking (Thanks Jenova!) 29.06.2017: Changed something in professions section, updated Cat cooldowns 30.08.2017: Fixed several typos related to the BiS list 19.09.2017: Fixed several glyphs mistakes, changed BiS list for offtank/hybrid. Added MYSTERIOUS poll. 30.01.2018: Updated encounter details and BiS list. Thank you once again @Piklo19 That's all from me (at least for now). I'd like to thank to everyone who encouraged me to write this guide, Mogromir in particular, and to Notosiup for teaching me how to play Feral for progression. Also huge props to Padthai, for encouraging me to write Cat Section, and Polaroid for huge ammount of useful macros! If you did enjoy this guide, please answer my poll: Would you like similar guide to Feral DPS? If yes, please tell me in the coments, what should I improve next time. Also, if you have some tips or remarks, feel free to respond. Let's make Feral great again!
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    It's not "Blizzlike". But a very useful to many of us who want to watch Arena fights for fun. and also to learn tactics from the best of us. Every server I been played had it. And I think it would be nice to see it on Atlantiss. It will improve the Server from the Pvp aspects.   some of the servers had it with "grey" mode [of Ghost] and some without like in the screenshots below: Illustration screenshots   non "grey" mod arena:   http://imgur.com/a/FesVW   "grey" mod arena:   http://imgur.com/a/QMgmh
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    08.02.2017   09.02.2017   10.02.2017   11.02.2017   12.02.2017
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    GIT GUT Warning: Casual racism and/or sexism may occur, please reconsider joining if you are: Mongoloid, Negroid, Bisexual, Homosexual or Female The worlds greatest PvP guild is here. Created by the finest of Horde, GIT GUT is here to make Horde GUT. The guild was created on 2nd of June and since then has been activly running Premade BGs. We will continue to run Premades and get prepared for Rated BGs and then proceed to dodge them like every other Horde guild, also will create PvP events in the future. Some of our premades here. We have even encountered an 8 man premade of our friend guild on Alliance - Prostowrjy PvP, needless to say, they too have fallen on ther knees by the power of GIT GUT Forget all of the other guilds! We are everything you need! <Infected> ? More like lolfected, carried by legendaries <Dignity> ? More like dognity, you lasted whole 2 months <Resurrected> ? More like deadussected, where are you now <Prostowrjy PvP> ? More like kurwaPvP, beat your premade, didnt even flex lol <GIT GUT> ? Simply... GUT.. TM DISCLAIMER: This is obviously a joke, no hard feelings towards any of the mentioned guild or their members... Except Infected So, of course, you must know how to join the god guild that is GIT GUT, well our requirments are quite simple: -1300+ Rated BG rating -2200+ in 2v2 -2000+ in 3v3 -If caster, you must have a legendary -If you're a healer you get an instant invite as we are in desperate need of healers -If you're a Blood DK you get ignored -You must be extremely arrogant and obnoxious User experience If you are still not interested in joining our guild, here are some comments from our guildies: Whitesong - "This guild is slowly healing my depression. It is not healing my pathological lying though." Kaspiix - "I was a boy before I joined this guild, I am a man now." Elianor - "This guild got my country Greece out of debt." Fahrad - "I may not be a member, but just by playing with these guys, my penis has doubled in size." Heatz - "I was no GUT before, I am GUT now. Thank you GIT GUT." Alajos - "I was always GUT, idk." Satsuma - "They are doing their best to keep UK in EU. I am very thankful and I think Kirraq is very cool." Blinkmaster - "Hurr Durr iz any1 over 7 rating here xdxd ur buthurt not me xd lol." Pst, if you wanna be added here, /w me ingame GIT GUT Staff List -Whitesong, Hero of the Horde -> The GM -Challenger Alajos -> The Advertiser -Kaspiix, Hero of the Alliance -> But with an x -Heatz -> Translator and doubleagent Please feel free to contact anyone mentioned above, the requirments mentioned may or may not always apply. We hope to see you soon With zero respect: Alajos Changelog: Sponsored by Infected
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    Hello guys!   I decide to put some videos from healing PoV since i have seen only videos from dps perspective. :P Maybe you will like it,maybe you will not,maybe someone will learn something new (who didnt done it before). :P   Im going to post 2 videos every week,exept Rag Hc since we are still progressing on it  :ph34r:   Anyway enjoy!  ;)   Lord Rhyolith [media]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMeHNrxByaQ[/media]   Baleroc [media]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3tPgmjrTiKw&t=28s[/media]
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    My wedding today :D wish me good luck peeps hahaha.
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    Welcome to the 4th Developer Update. The last Developer Update was around a month ago, a lot of changes were made in the last month so let’s get started. 1. Developer Team: Let’s start by saying Hello to our new Developer - Herkor. Herkor was a GM till now and would help every now and then with some fixes, we decided to add him to our Developer Team and teach him all we know. Let’s wish him bug free code. 2. PvP: Strand of the Ancients Thx to lama’s hard work we were able to release Strand of the Ancients. Sorry it took so long, but it’s finally here. We tried to fix almost all known bugs from last year + we fixed the transports which were the main cause of closing this BG. If you experience any bugs please report them on our Bugtracker. Ring of Valor Also released and available on our main server. Again we need to thank lama for his hard work. We hope you will have fun on this new Arena. As above, if you experience any bugs while playing Ring of Valor please report them on our Bugtracker. Isle of Conquest lama will now be working on Isle of Conquest. We will be informing players via discord / forum about any progress and tests on PTR. 3. Class Fixes: Fixed teleport / summoning spells - you can now summon players that are on a different map. Portals are no longer usable in BGs. Glyph of Grounding Totem will now reflect 1 spell Power Word: Barrier and Hand of Guldan will work properly in BGs and Arenas We will be trying to fix a few class / spell bugs every now and then while fixing other stuff. 4. T12 Content: We aren’t actively working with T12 Content, but every now and then we will be trying to do some minor fixes to some bosses. This month I think there were only 2 changes: Ryolith will now search for volcanoes every 90 degrees and activate one if found (90 - 180 - 270 - 360) Cloudburst is now clickable and will buff players with Deluge after click I would like to thank Pelekon for fixing these bugs. 5. T13 Content: End of Time Available on PTR with all bosses. The list of fixes is enormous so I won’t be adding them here - if anyone is interested in the whole list please have a look at our Changelog. Most of the bugs left are mainly small bugs / visuals. I will try to finish End of Time this week. I would like to thank all the players that helped test End of Time on the PTR. Hour of Twilight Available on PTR with all bosses. As above the list of changes is enormous, so anyone that is interested please have a look at our Changelog. Bildo is in charge of this Dungeon. He currently has less time, but we plan to also finish this Dungeon within the next weeks. I would like to thank all the players that helped test Hour of Twilight on the PTR. Well of Eternity Once I finish End of Time I plan to start working with Well of Eternity. Raknar did some work with Well of Eternity a year ago, he recently sent me a few update to 4.3 content, I’ll be doing tests I hope next week, I will try to keep players informed about any progress and any needed tests on PTR - for those that don’t know who Raknar is - he is one of our old Developers, he is less active now. Dragon Soul Raknar sent me a few scripts to Dragon Soul. I still don’t know how much is done, but for sure this will help us speed up development. 6. World Herkor in his free time tries to fix some smaller issues from the bugtracker, he fixed a few quests, added a few missing loot tables and did some other small visual fixes. Herkor will be working with all these smaller fixes and I hope to teach him more and have him help me with End of Time / Well of Eternity.
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    Realm First and Title only for Ragnaros 25 HC!     Ragnaros 25 Heroic is one of the hardest fight in wow pve history, especially in pre nerf version. As far i heard, currently fl hc is scripted as pre nerf (so its huge difference between post nerf normal)   We should promote only challenges, i know atm 25-man guilds (including my DA) dont have any chance to kill that in that version even with bis gear from fl norm/sinestra. Let that kill in 25-man version mean something special, especially when we need to wait for it so long!   So i suggest to make RF and Title for Ragnaros be available only on 25-man version. Or make another RF/title for 25 (or 10). Not all blizzlike things are good. Please fix that blizzard fail with title/rf idea on Cata (as far i dont like semi-casual WoTLK, system for RF/Titles on 10/25 was much better), especially when we playin at pserv.   Greetings :)   ps dont focus on my poor english :D
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      That attitude, yes. Thank you for making the example for me.   Still, i will explain, although i know you are busy recruiting mages with legendaries. 15 mins was more or less estimated time, a general idea, you see, so i don't have to write down 13 min 27 sec, because you know, mature, well adjusted people won't try to pick on that. And about the rest, what i meant is that a guide to the fight will only help so much, since the mechanics are not intricate enough that people cannot understand how to do them. It takes time to practice them, and looking at others doing it only helps so much. Why its a DPS check? Because there is a certain dps requirement, and while some guilds have been trying for months, others just started their journey, and many others will come in the future. If you are having trouble to understand, i can draw it with crayons and post it again?   With all that i mean no disrespect to the Madness guys, im sure they were getting a lot of whispers about help and that was their answer. What i was saying that while the guide can only help so much, the truly great thing is that they are thinking about the community and are willing to help. Which earns respect and makes them so much more valuable to the server.   Apologies for even answering to all of this and diverting the attention from where it needs to be.
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    Q: Why support ignores reports of stolen accounts? There were several such tickets, and the administration has helped several people, but at my application I gave all the evidence to prove that I am the owner of the account and I wait a month for any answer or a clue. A: Terms of Use clearly state this matter, the user is responsible for protecting his account data. In most cases, the reason for an account being stolen is an exchange of accounts between two or more people. If an account theft takes place, the fault is on the account owner side. Nevertheless, we’re planning to implement double authentication, this means better security for your account. We also plan to create a market on our website where players will be able to safely exchange characters and items from the vote shop.   Q: I want ask about the TBC tester positions.Why not open it for more people to be allowed to test to get faster reports on bugs etc instead of picking couple. Or at least respond to the tickets that they are not accepted for the position. A: Currently, we’re in the Alpha testing state, in which we prefer to rely on quality of bug reports, which is easier to achieve when we have  a small and organized group of testers. As of right now, the amount of reports go along with the development, thus, we’re in no need of any new testers.   Q: What happened about the MOP project of Atlantiss? A: Our approach towards MoP realm has changed. It has been laid off, we decided to focus more on our  Cataclysm Realm and launching TBC to start our PTE project. All former expansions will result on how well we’re going to work on MoP. Work that has already been done on our MoP realm is still kept on our repositories (there are some mechanics that are not implemented on any other private server), and it’s awaiting future development. The MoP realm lies in our long-term plans, but due to incompleteness of previous expansions (including Cataclysm), working on it at the moment would be pointless, since all the work and time that’d be needed to put into it would be enormous, and it would take far too long to get the realm to the state of quality that our players are used to.   Q: What are GM's on this server/what kind of power do they have/are they even relevant as a staff with such limitations? A: We have several levels of permissions for Game Masters, differing by various commands and rights. Every new Game Master needs to prove that they’re in fact the right choice for this position. They also need to gain more experience and our trust before he’s given a higher level (to prevent abuses). During the trial phase every Game Master is able to manage tickets and do basic tasks. After some time, when we evaluate their work, they’re promoted to level 2 (currently most Game Masters have this level) and gain more rights and commands to help our players. There is also a level 3 but it’s reserved for Head Game Master. We review our Game Masters’ work continuously and eliminate every case of abuse.   Q: Why isn't Acore open source if its non-profit? A: Back in the day, our Head Admin used to run a different server, before the Atlantiss project, the project was open source,  that led to situations where he’d share his team’s work with other servers but they didn’t do the same in return. Atlantiss is years of hard work (notice that 4.3.4 TC or SkyFire in their current state are not even in 20% similar to what Atlantiss is now), which constitute the uniqueness of our server. It’s a result of our longstanding, hard and free work. We have no intention of sharing it with people who could benefit from it materially.   Q: Are there ever gonna be some kind of in-game events hosted by staff? A: We have a couple of ideas. Stay tuned.   Q: When are current Unfinished/Non-released Cata zones going to be worked on? (Vashj'ir etc.) A: Quests in Cataclyms are the most time consuming tasks. We prefer to dedicate this time to polish PvE and PvP content. We’ll resume our work on these zones once we’ll be able to operate with more free time. Our current priority on Cataclysm is the BugTracker and fixing annoying errors.   Q: Have you ever thought of working on a different realm type (other than blizzlike) in the future? If so, what type of realm? Are you open to suggestions? I am aware you're working on PTE project, though ever in future A: We never thought about that since we believe that such servers have no future. Since the beginning we were putting pressure on everything to be as blizzlike as possible, even though, as time passed by we started to look at certain things differently (yes, we’re still learning thanks to you). On the other hand, giving up on the Blizzlike idea could lead to derogations in how the server is working (since the rate is higher, why bother fixing stuff).   Q: Would you be kind enough to add another forum theme, darkish if possible? A: We’re not satisfied with our current forum theme and it’s highly possible that it will change in the near future. We do not enjoy our current forum theme as well as its contents and we’d like to bring back the older version, back when it worked all good, but this time, with a renewed theme (which will be legible, neat and pleasing to the eye). These changes can be expected together with the new website, because that is when we want to refresh everything that concerns our web.   Q: Are you planning on hiring more in-game staff? Ticket response time is horrible. A: We’re very satisfied with our support, many tickets tend to lengthen, since they require the presence of the Game Master and the player in the game. Despite this, we’re looking for options to extend our support group. Right at this moment, we have 22 open tickets of which 16 can’t be solved right away since they require the player to be online. Also, since the launch of Atlantiss, we managed to solve exactly 65 169 tickets, most of these tickets have been attended to in no longer than a week time. After the latest changes to our  Game Masters department (since 1st of September) we’ve received more than 5000 tickets and the time it took to solve them varied from 3 to 4 hours. We believe that it’s a great result when it comes to private servers.   Q: When will open the new market system? (http://atlantiss.eu/news/view/187) A: The Market system will be available together with the new website,  a lot of changes are about to come. Additionally we  need of a strong protection system as to limit any attempts of fraud or exploits.   Q: will movement system, spell cast system, leeway mechanics, stronger aura system etc be implemented on dragonwrath ? If yes, when? A: Yes, some of these mechanics already work on our TBC realm. We plan to eventually merge all the fixes from TBC to our Cataclysm Realm. We can’t specify the date, but it is on our TODO list.   Q: I want to ask about what will we get from Santa this year?  A: Users who logged in at least once after 15th of November, should now be able to see a surprise gift in their account panel on the website.   Q: Is Netherwing still on target for a release this year, or will it be more closer to early next year? A: There is a lot of stuff that needs to be fixed and we won’t make it this year.   Q: Will new arenas be released (2 are still missing) ? A:  These lacks in PvP are cause by lacks in our core, which is something we want to fix, but these are bigger projects and we need more time to take care of them.   Q: Will missing Battlegrouns be released? Will the staff focus more on PvP since PvE obviously just got FL HC, Legendary Staff, Hyal Questline, etc.? A:  The same as above. We already spent some time on rewritting SoTa, but the changes were bigger than we thought they would be and we need much more time to finish it and later test it to make sure nothing breaks. We plan to spend more time on PvP in the following weeks/months.   Q: Will Eye of the Storm be added to the rated BG pool? A:  We have no plans regarding Eye of the Storms. Adding Eye of the Storm to the rated BG pool would require us to script the map from scratch and that takes some time (which we barely have).   Q: Will there be any PvP-Events hosted by Staff in the future? 1v1 /3v3 Event A: We regret that we didn’t manage to organize it earlier, we’ll try to make it in the future. We have a lot of work on many various aspects of the server. However, we thought about creating a PvP community with whom we’ll be discussing the progress of PvP, as to be able to create a more exciting competition and to make it run itself at some point.   Q: Do you have an estimated time for the "new website" release with a trading section so scammers can be avoided? A: We’re near the end of creating molar modules on the new website. The web platform is being written from scratch, we are trying to make it easily expandable in the future.  We want the website to be as friendly to players as possible, we want it to inform players about all that is important and so to create a kind of competition. Creating an easy expandable platform that is friendly to the user takes more time, but it will be beneficial to us in the long run.   Q: Will you punish Scammers, who are known scammers and got reported several times even with video proof? A: Due to the spread of scamming, we decided to face the problem. Please, send reports with proofs to [email protected] Only video proofs including chat, the course of transaction process and server info (by typing ".s info" command on chat) will be considered and investigated. Every perpetrator of scamming / cheating will be punished with the maximum penalty on our server - permanent ban. We want to warn you, that we will not return any items / gold lost during such transactions. Our primary goal is to eliminate the problem and to improve the situation on the server. By scamming we mean situations when a player does not keep the terms of an agreement (receiving gold /mats and not giving a service or crafted items).   Q: Will there be a match history on the new website? (of arena games) A: We reflect on such a possibility.   Q: Do you have Events planned to promote Atlantiss more? (as example video events - the best Atlantiss-Youtube-Trailer wins) A: We did a lot of such stuff in the past and there was never much interest.We’re still open for the idea of such events, but only if there will be people willing to participate.   Q: Do we get ingame 2 step autenthicator? Youtube channel of atlantiss show we had once in testing but never implemented. A: Yes, we plan on giving our players a two-way authentication but not only. We want to implement a Guard system known from Steam or Battle.net, and the two-way authentication will only be a part of it.   Q: When can we expect 4.3 content? Especially with all the PTE stuff going on, what comes first? A: Let’s put PTE aside here, as there’s a different, dedicated team that’s not working on Cataclysm. As we mentioned, currently our priority on Cataclysm is the BugTracker,  before we move on further with the content (we’re sure it won’t happen this year), we need to fix first what’s annoying, tiresome and doesn’t work. Content 4.3 right now is simply waiting to be started.   Q: Will we get solidly scheduled release dates for patches and "expansions"? We all just want consistency to put our trust and support in these projects, I think. A: Taking into account the characteristics of the project, it’s not possible. We try to provide others with dates about which we’re 100% sure. The reason behind it is that we’ve already learned a lesson about giving false dates. Right now we’re trying to be more responsible about what we’re releasing.   Q: I would like to know what about "5th level shop's features". I guess that I'm not the only one who reached 5th lvl in the shop and would be great to get some additional features from this A: It’ll be introduced together with the new website.
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    Hello all, this is (unfinished) tutorial how to start scripting in wow. It contains general information about SQL, wow databases and explanation how to fix quest "Astranaar Bound"   Tutorial   Good luck!
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    Hello everyone,   Some of you might know me already, I'm Wingnanx/Sacjktrinket ingame. I had a video planned for a while but never got to it. Last couple of weeks I have been working on this. Without any experience in video editing it was all new for me but I did the best I could. Unfortunately I lost almost all my previous recordings on other servers (or seasons). Current footage was shot on Atlantiss exclusively. This video contains mainly ret paladin 3v3 gameplay from current season 10, I tried to put the more entertaining clips together. In the future I will most likely add games with skype but for now only games with music are there.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yk0dOeOHyiI If you enjoy the content subscribe or follow me on Twitch (I might stream more often now). Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Easteregg95 Twitch: http://twitch.tv/dateasteregg Tracklist: 1: IllSkillz - Gifts & Curses 2: Pendulum - The Island 3: Sebastian Carter - Angels 4: Hardwell - Spaceman 5: MitiS - Born 6: Feint - One Thousand Dreams [Free EP] 7: Rameses B - Game of Thrones
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      Hello, thank you for all the concern about the server. It is the players who we create the server for. We, the staff, have been following the thread from the beginning. Let me explain some things.    I think it is not surprising, we do not have unlimited manpower. What is more, we are a team of volunteers, who devote free time to fix content. Despite what some people say, we do not earn a penny from fixing the server. It is all our hobby. When you are playing wow, resting after whole day of work, school, university, we are coding, responding to the tickets, answering your emails... All the donations goes for the server advertisement and current hardware costs (+past hardware costs because for over 3 years head admin was paying for it).   I wouldn't say that lately there have been less changes to Dragonwrath than usually. There is a new fix in the changelog every 1-2 days. What is more, we do not put invisible changes to the changelog - but it doesn't mean they are not important. During last 14 days 20 new revisions have been added and 41 new commits to the core. I have compared it to the situation 10 months ago and I do not think there is a big difference.   I understand end game content is more important for some of you. Keep in mind every dev is specialized in something else. I cannot into raids while Quban doesn't like fixing quests. Ilama spends most of the time fixing the core and spells. I find your opinions that "we have abandoned the server really unfair. If you check the changelog, Quban has been fixing FL all the time for the last month. Some HC bosses are already in tests on the PTR.   About the legendary staff quests, I am sorry. You see, in order to script something we have to play it on retail (it may look like a great hobby - you can both play and code, but personally I would rather focus on coding rather than spending time on playing retail). And you know well how loong and boooring are the collection quests in the legendary staff. That's why we couldn't even start scripting the rest for such a long time. I assure you I am scripting it right now and I will try to release next part of the quest ASAP.   And to people who blame PTE for the current state of affairs, it is not really the case. We have few new separate (well, they are not new already :)) developers who are working on it. What is more, the amount of work required for Netherwing is incomparably less than for cata (just compare stock open source tbc mangos and cata mangos/trinitycore).   Speaking personally, I  (it is my honest opinion) feel like some people treat us, the staff, as slaves. But there is a big difference between business (when customers can demand) and volunteers' work (can we do a weekend break sometimes or should we ask you for this?). I find it unfair when people only moans and complains, and rarely do thank. And to be honest, one thank post, comment, message from a player gives me much more energy to fix more content than reading constant complains.