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    Good morning Atlantiss-Community, I am not sure if opening another suggestion, while a big one is getting discussed right now, is a good idea, but I think Atlantiss will handle two discussions/suggestions at once. I've been browsing some private server websites lately and saw some simularitie on most of them. On their main Page they offer a button with "streams" - how this looks like can you see here: (I tried to censor the server names, If I missed any, let me know and I try to edit it asap) If you have any other Pros/Cons, feel free to post them here, so I can add them to the list. Ty. I know we already have in the forum a section for streams, why do I think this is not "good enough": First of all, the stream section in the Atlantiss-forum shares a forum with Market and Recruit a Friend, which automatically results in getting spammed since there is daily a post in the Market section. Even If "Streams" get it's own section in the forum, there gonna be around 20 Topics, of all the streamers Atlantiss has, and a new member has to click through every of those topics and check out every link, to find out which Streamer is currently online. Sure you could just post in your own thread as soon as you are streaming, but we have streamer who are streaming on a daily basis and are too lazy to log into forum and announce they are streaming just to stop the stream 30 minutes later. If we had a Streaming Section this would be automatically handled, Streamers who are currently streaming are gonna be shown on top, while streamer who are currently offline should be shown as offline and at the bottom of the section. I am really interested in the opinion of the community, even tho it probably has a small impact for most of the community but those who are streaming or who enjoy watching streams might be interested in this topic. Also I am espacially interested in those who are streaming on Atlantiss about their opinion. As you can see there are quite alot streamer on Atlantiss even tho I forgot a lot, espacially in the PvE section. Please let me know what you think about it, thank you in advance and a nice thursday to everyone. 🙂 Greetings Medalxz
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    Update Added new info: Because we have encountered several issues with "mass honor point adding". We decided to guarantee 7 day period for the rewards. - You will get your rewards until the next event (basically in 1 -> 7 days). Rewards for 8. 6. 2018: Premium points had been already given out to the majority of participants. Honor points and Conquest points will be added today before the new event!
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    I love that 1 crit from Tarecgosa
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    I think a stream button would be a great feature. Also you automatically advertise Atlantiss this way hence so many private servers have exactly that.
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    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPkLCmtncqr3ft6OljiLdSg - Ark Sta - he streams some pve from ATS, there are probably more yt streamers too.
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    Blizzzard UI rules, I've only removed the gryphons to have more space for chat/recount.
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    At best I would accept increased rates, for ppl who have at least 1x85 on account. We really do not need random noobs, that never leveled normally.