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    Tl:DR on the bottom of the page. I originally wasn’t going to make a goodbye thread, but I figured I spent a significant portion of the last three years and a half on this server, so why not. I’ve had many lows on this server and many highs. However, I’ve always enjoyed myself. From helping to build one of the biggest NA guilds on the server early on in 2015/2016, to getting my realm first Rag HC, then helping my guild (albeit in a small way) on progression for Rag 25 HC, it’s been a great ride here on Atlantiss. Being from Canada, it was always tough to play on a majority of servers, especially Cataclysm ones, as the population who plays is mainly from the EU or timezones more similar to EU timezones. However, I must thank Atlantiss for welcoming international players with open arms, even if it was a bit testy early on from the regulars who were a part of this server’s creation and launch. When I became a refugee early in 2015 from the server that shall not be named, I wasn’t sure if I would continue playing WoW, having a significant portion of my time completely taken away from me (and thousands of others). But, a few of my closest friends at the time convinced me to reroll on another server they heard about, one that was starting to get a more international population. They claimed that the scripting was significantly better than where we played before, so I figured why not give a shot. We all collaborated and created the guild we were a part of on Molten, <Collateral>, and leadership was appointed to me for a short time. I did not have a job at the time so I was able to play during EU times along with my fellow guildies. There was much strife and turmoil, especially as it related to one event, that I won’t mention here. My officers and I were faced with a tough decision and unfortunately, some players left and there was anger, frustration and bitterness. I just want to say that I apologize for anything that might of happened and if I took a wrong side, even if at the time I thought we were being as objective as possible. I wasn’t ready to lead a guild, and in fact probably never was. Anyways, after some time, I transferred leadership to Dorsinor, who I’m not sure still plays or not. It was at a time where I wasn’t really sure what I was doing with my life. I played on and off, but “quit” for some time. I couldn’t get over WoW, so naturally, as most of us do when we “quit”, started playing again. I then managed to find a menial regular job, meaning I couldn’t play on EU times anymore. I didn’t want to stop playing though and thankfully there was a smaller NA guild that was on the server. I applied and got in to <La Cosa Nostra>. I want to take the time and thank everyone I played with on <La Cosa Nostra>. Eulia, Vyse, Jygg, Drnick, Battlecry, Hoshi (sorry if I forgot the nickname!), Xaedric and a few others that I’m completely blanking on names (but you know who you are). You all were a JOY to play with and I am really glad you welcomed me with open arms at the time. From joining the 1st raid group, to splitting up and leading the 2nd raid group when we had more members, it was a fun experience while it lasted. I’m not sure where most of you are now but I wish you the best in life. After raiding and playing with <La Cosa Nostra> for some time, it was in 2017 when I got a new job. This job included shift work so it presented me with a great opportunity. At the time, I again “quit” and wasn’t playing too much. I must admit, I got fairly fed up after having continuous wipes on one of the easiest Heroic T11 bosses. I had a moment of thought where I wasn’t sure why I was dumping so much time into a game and just wasting my raid days away. I decided to “quit” and focus more on real life. However, as some of you already guessed, I came back from my “quitting” period. This is where my timelines get a little hazy.I decided that it was time I move on from <La Cosa Nostra> and I believe I joined a newer NA guild called <Nex Ero Suum Libertio>, or something like that. It was a larger guild who were planning on doing 25 mans. I didn’t last too long in this guild however. I joined a <Death Wish> raid at a very late time in the day, which I thought was odd. Turns out they were made up of some NA and EU players and raided at this time. I raided with them for a couple weeks, until the guild was disbanded. The majority of the members went to <Wipe Scene Investigation>, a guild I knew about. I remember when it first started up back when I was in <La Cosa Nostra>. Anyways, I really enjoyed playing with some of the better players I’ve played with in my private server career, so I applied to <Wipe Scene Investigation> and got an invite. From then on, I guess you can say it was history, at least until I got promoted at my job and started working regular 8-5 hours. I think it was at WSI where I finally was able to take a step back, let others do the leading, and just focus on my performance. It was quite exhilarating, finding new ways to do things, really work on rotations and figure out ways to maximize my class and finally enjoy what I was doing. At the time, I was raiding on and off with them during normal Firelands. We did many T11 HC clears that time, something I’ve never been able to do, which was extremely exciting. I guess they liked what they saw from me as I was included to their main 10 man roster for Firelands HC progression. I was extremely fortunate that Firelands HC was released at the very same time I was on scheduled days off from my shift work. We used to work a pretty shitty schedule, where I would work for 7 days straight but then get 7 days off. The release was on my 7 days off, meaning I could raid uninterrupted for a very long time. I also was, at the time, in a very new relationship IRL, but both of us were working different schedules. This gave me the time needed to really “poopsock” it and progress through Firelands HC. That week of Firelands HC release was one of the best times of my entire WoW career (and I’ve played WoW for approximately 14 years). I remember the long days and nights on Ragnaros HC, slowly chipping away, slowly becoming more accustomed to how PERFECT you had to be on release. We finally killed him on September 11, 2016, a day I will always remember. This was my first realm first kill ever since I killed 10 man Sartharion with 3 drakes alive on retail and claimed the server first "Of the Nightfall". From then on, it was a joy to clear Firelands HC every single week, slowly getting more and more proficient each time. After a month, we were comfortably clearing HC within 1.5 hours. This is something I’ve never been a part of, a playing level of this high quality. I’d like to personally thank all members of this group for some of my greatest times playing WoW: Prophet, Game, Cveta, Sniffle, Kotis, Nilak, Jamish, Marilak, Habits, Vayns, and even Skygod. I know things went south quite quickly, but I do wish you the best Skygod. Anyways, I never was able to have a legendary staff on retail, so I was really excited when they let me know I would be the second group member to get their essences. This was before Alys HC was fixed, so essence gathering was a pain in the ass for those in 10 mans. I got my legendary staff, and I was amazed at how much fun I was having using it. There were lots of laughs, especially from those amazed at how OP they were with mushrooms. Something I was telling them from the beginning, before I got my staff lol. I decided at this time that, upon seeing many Moonkins on the server not really knowing what to do, especially not really knowing they had a spell called Wild Mushrooms, I wrote the very first comprehensive Moonkin guide on this server (or at least what I thought was the first comprehensive guide). My intention was to make sure that I spread the knowledge of how effective Moonkins can be in the Firelands patch and that we were not always just there for our Spell Haste, Tranquility and knockback. From this guide I met a wide variety of really awesome Moonkin players and aspiring Moonkins. As I wrote in my final post in the guide, I hope that it was very useful for you and that you continue to push the class to where it’s never been before. I’d like to thank some great Moonkins for the advice, talks on mechanics and BIS items and alternative playstyles: Wrisa, Aloise, Micka, Kaspii and a few others I am forgetting the name of. Back to WSI, from September 2016 to about February 2017, we raided every week. It was decided by the officers that they would start pursuing 25 mans. I was really excited to do this as I knew we also wanted to compete for Ragnaros 25 HC. However, I got a promotion at my job in March and started the new job in April. It was a regular 8-5 job, so other than MAYBE being able to join a raid at the end at around 1030PM server, I did not raid very much during the week. I was only able to play during weekends and at the time, WSI did not raid then. I want to also let others in the guild know I enjoyed my time with them as well for the time I was able to play with them. People such as Pocket, Roseheart, Fahrad, Raenae, Toopac, Ido, etc. I wont name you all but you all know who you are. You guys helped make up the bulk of the very successful 25 man team. I would forever keep my main druid in WSI guild, as I have quite an inseparable bond between the first main group I raided with and I owe them a lot, but I was fortunate enough to have another Moonkin I was able to play on. Also, a hunter. In the Summer of 2017, I joined an alliance guild on my other Moonkin and hunter who raided NA times. Unfortunately I forget the name of this guild, but I did have an enjoyable time with people such as Brugster, Scar, Weirwood, Kally and the like. Please forgive me if I butchered your names. I enjoyed my time there playing with you guys, but unfortunately it did not work out in the long run. In the latter part of 2017, I still wanted to play here and there on the weekends. As I was only able to play during the weekends, I decided to give another guild back on Horde a shot, which was the longstanding <Symphony of War>. I must apologize to you Sathus, as you did give me an invite into this guild, but unfortunately I was not able to raid with you and your guildies. I was not sure what I was doing at the time, if I was quitting or not, and then I left the guild without saying much, which I do apologize for. In any case, after this I decided to join <Celestial>, which pretty much brings us to where we are now, give or take a couple of months. I had plenty of fun raiding with <Celestial> and I do want to thank everyone who helped me get my second DTR staff on my second Moonkin: Axel, Wrisa, Vlad, Atroxes, Frost and others that I forget the name of. Firstly, I’d like to thank you very much, as I know I did not raid much after a few weeks after I got the staff. It’s tough to help someone that would just quit after getting it. I do hope that each and every one of you has a great time still on this server as it was fun raiding with good players for a short time. That brings us to now, or pretty much now. Me and my other half are still going strong and we are deciding that it might be time to settle down and plant some roots. I think that it is for the best that I actually quit this time. WoW has been a part of my life for, well, almost a decade and a half, so it will be tough to say goodbye. However, it is for the best as I enter the last year of my 20s. I have other priorities in my head right now. That being said, I just wanted to write out my feelings, emotions and thought processes. But more importantly, I wanted to thank each and everyone who has played with me for their time. We might have shared angry arguments, you might have hated me (and still do), you might not respect me, you might like me, you might appreciate me, hell you might not even know me, but I want you to know that in every case I wish you the best. I don’t want to leave a bad impression with anyone right now and I’m sorry if that was the case in a random RHC, raid or battleground. However, we must remember that we are all just playing a game and that life is much greater than that. Lastly, I’d like to specifically thank the Atlantiss team, from 2015 to now. You also had some turmoil and turnover but I just want to say thank you for sticking with the community of players here and providing the best private server experience I’ve had, ever. There were some times when not much was being communicated to the players, but I want to say that I am REALLY liking where the server is heading now. There has been an increase in communication to the playerbase and things look like they are actually getting done now. Even if I might have said some bad things about the staff over the years, and there are certainly Discord logs to support this fact (I’m not trying to discount this), deep down I appreciate how the staff welcomed international players with open arms. If it wasn’t for the kind reception I received when I first was a refugee from the server that shall not be named, I probably would have found another server to play on. Now that my fingers are dead, I bid you all farewell and warm wishes on wherever your travels may lead you. You may catch me online here and there, but I am just checking mail and/or talking with friends. After some time I will probably stop logging in all together. Tl:dr – This is my goodbye thread. I love you all and wish you all the best. Cheers, Padthai
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    It should be for both 10 and 25, while 10 is just as hard as 25 and no more. Here's how i see it: Making it 25 only will clearly state you have a preference and will offend the 10 man guilds. I believe you don't want to make such a statement. It makes no sense at all to limit it to 25. I dont know how this all started, but my guess would be that the usual suspects, the people who never tire to cry about realm first related stuff, have cried again, and you have given them the time. You shouldnt, there is no reason to favour 25 over 10, there is literally 0 basis for a discussion that can be renamed "Should we exclude the majority of the server from this thing". You are caving to demands made by people who: 1. Are likely to get realm first anyway since they might be the only ones that care for it; 2. If they lose it, they will lose it to a 25 man guild, since again, so few compete, and most of them are 25man guilds; 3. If those people lose, they will cry. No matter what. I never cared about realm firsts, i won't start now. Yet i find the fact that this is even a serious disscussion extremely dissapointing. I expect better from you.
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    So i think it would be really good if u put option to change xp rates at least for vanilla,tbc and wotlk zones if not all. I think that server would get more constant players with option to level faster and come to content they came here for. Beacues there are some ppl like me that leveled thru all that content 100 times and don't feel like doing is all over again with 1xp rate. Like it's ok to put xp rate 1 for cata zones, content we didn't go thru that many times. Pls consider this cuze leveling to cata takes long time and most ppl just stop leveling without even seeing cata content.
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    Hello, Instead of having a race for heroic, I would like to suggest an "Atlantiss-mode" which is basically mythic mode but better! because it is cataclysm. Very simply, after a guild defeats Heroic Madness of Deathwing they will be tasked to the raid again but on a new mode (Atlantiss mode). In Atlantiss mode all the bosses are prefixed with heroic mechanics and stats except extra difficulties would be added on. The bosses would look something like this: Morchok: Splits into 3 bosses. (“Morchok,” “Kohcrom,” and “Regigigas” from Pokemon) Yorsahj: All oozes come out, raids must kill 2. Zon’ozz: 2 balls will appear, and if both hit at the same time, the boss enters a new phase where a d.i.s.c.o. ball goes off in the middle of the room and the boss has x2 haste. Hagara: The adds for the lightning phase are spawned during the frost phase, they can not be killed or else they can not be used for lightning phase. Ultraxion: Ultraxion summons a mirror image of any raid member that phase shifts. Blackhorn: 5 sets of adds and sappers still spawn in phase 2. Spine: Amalgamations cannot be thrown off of Spine. (Have fun) Madness: After Deathwing dies, a custom Emtec character (possibly with Nefarian’s human form avatar) comes out and tries to defeat you. Emtec will have the same mechanics of Baleroc, Ultraxion, and Morchok; with a 6 minute berserk timer.
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    I still dont know why it should be available for 25m only and why this poll even has been made.
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    My 2 cents Before you continue reading let me state that we DO NOT care about realm first race. Its just our pov, we not gonna change our raiding schedule, or increase our raiding hours. 1: Make the poll more clear. Some ppl Im talking to understood it wrong: => "however 10 man will be as tough as on Retail" - the 10 man mode would receive no debuff whatsoever (same as on Retail) => They understood it as "removing" any custom buff to 10 man to make it easier. Maybe use the word nerf instead of debuff? 2: I strongly believe the best solution is to leave 10man harder than 25man. For 2 main reasons: A. Its the final raid of the expansion. Most of the guild raids 10 man in this server, having 10 man as it was on retail (harder than 25 man) will only make the progress live longer for many ppl. Before the Ragnaros hc nerf, population was still high, guilds were still raiding a lot, because they had a goal, they were striving for something. So, having the most raided mode being harder, its not a bad idea. B. Doesn't matter how good dev will be, realistically its gonna be hard to tune 10 mode same as 25 mode. It will either be still harder or easier. Lots of drama, insults, etc. (Guild X does RF 10man, guild Y does RF 25 man => they gonna argue which one is harder etc etc). And for what? I understand that guilds who wanna raid 10 man and go for RF will have tougher times, but it will be recognized by the server. Plus, its as it was on retail, so we just going blizzlike. About if making 2 different RF or not, I don't really care so not gonna comment about it
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    Atlantiss 1v1 Tournament Registration (Starting 18.06.2018, Ending 05.07.2018) Main event (07.07.2018 17:00ST on the tournament realm) More dates can be added (for example 14.07.2018), depends on the amount of signed up players. Registration into the tournament: Every person needs to register HERE After registration, step by step: 1) After your successful registration, you will go prepare your character on the tournament realm. 2) After you have successfully prepared your character. You will show up 07.07.2018 at 17:00 (5 PM) server time on the tournament realm. 3) The Tournament Supervisor will invite you to his team and queue random arena against your opponent. 4) If you win, you will wait for your next opponent (You will be able to check the bracket live at https://challonge.com/atstournament1) Rules: - All PvE gear is forbidden! There will be vendors with free Cataclysmic gear, gems, enchants and glyphs in Shattrath. - You can have only your own buffs. - You cant have any profession bonuses. - You cant remain in stealth longer than 30s. - Games have to be played on the PvP tournament realm. - You must be a DPS. Healers are not allowed. - If player DC/freezes during arena, the other player doesn't have to start over, he can kill you and it will count as a legit win. On the other hand, he doesn't have to do it. He can wait and ask for rematch. - Tournament will be using a https://challonge.com/ platform for its structure. - Games can be stopped at any moment by any GM or a Tournament Supervisor. - If the game lasts too long, GM, Tournament Supervisor and the affected players will find a way how to resolve the issue. Final decision will be always made by the GM. Additional rules for druids and rogues: Druid vs Druid = Both start in bear form. Druid vs Rogue = Druid starts in bear form, rogue starts in stealth. Rogue vs Rogue = Both start without stealth and one of them open with a gouge. Prizes: 1st place: New royal rank on the forum + SoR (an 80 level boost) + 80PP + official interview with a commemorative photo with heroes from our trailer + (Vicious ELITE gear for transmog OR full Ruthless S11 gear for any character boost) 2nd place: New royal rank on the forum + SoR (an 80 level boost) + 70PP + (Vicious ELITE gear for transmog OR full Ruthless S11 gear for any character boost) 3rd place: New royal rank on the forum + SoR (an 80 level boost) + 65PP + (Vicious ELITE gear for transmog OR full Ruthless S11 gear for any character boost) 4th-5th place: 50PP 6th-8th place: 40PP 9th-10th place: 30PP EVERYONE who participates: 20PP Royal titles and the new PvP community system: Everyone with the rank Gentleman or higher will have access to the new, special section on the forums, where will be debated the future of the Atlantiss PvP, events, bugs, etc. Learn more about the royal titles HERE. Bracket: https://challonge.com/atstournament1 - The bracket will be randomized before the start!
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    Atlantiss 3v3 Event (every week) When (FRIDAYS 6PM -> 10PM ST) About the event: Every week, at Friday, 6PM -> 10PM server time will be the main time for PvP players to que 3s. We want to focus as many games as possible into this time period and we hope for fast que times for everyone! To take part in this event, all you have to do is QUE AND PLAY REAL 3V3 GAMES (not wargames) at Friday 6PM -> 10PM ST. Weekly rewards: 10 games played = We will grant 3 000 honor points to any of your characters. 20 games played = 10 premium points. 30 games played = We will grant another 1500 honor points to any of your characters. Most TEAM WINS during the event = We will grant 750 conquest points to any of your characters. Most GAMES PLAYED during the event = We will grant 750 conquest points to any of your characters. Rules: - You can que any comp you want. - You do not have to send proofs about your games to anyone. - You have to que and play real games. Wargames do not count. - All rewards stack. Which means you can get 10 games played + 20 games played + 30 games played rewards, etc. - All rewards are player-wise (You can play on several characters, we count all games played on the IP adress). - You can get rewards every week. - You will get your rewards until the next event (basically in 1 -> 7 days). - You can't just join the que and dont play the games at all. Games without an actual gameplay will be taken as wintrading. You will get banned and all your hp, cp and gear will be removed.- The rewards might change in the future weeks of this event.
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    He drops a fresh cata server
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    Why is there even such a poll. Realm first was always for 10 OR 25m HC. Enabling it for 25hc only would take away all the competition from 10m guilds.
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    Results of the Realm First poll will be filtered, as we have noted an attempt to manipulate those results.
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    Hi Atlantiss players! I've decided to post a guide on how to play Unholy in PvP situations since there aren't many Unholies that understand what they're supposed to do. NOTE: This is not an in-depth guide on how to play Unholy and this guide will not walk you through every single step. This guide is meant as a starting point for players who want to learn Unholy because I believe every person has their own playstyle and trying to copy a playstyle from someone else by doing everything exactly as they say is ridiculous and will never get you to the desired level of play! -------------------------- ToC ---------------------------- 1. Overview 2. Talents&Glyphs 3. Reforging&Gems 4. Rotation 5. Pet Management 6. Macros ----------------------------------------------------------- 1. Overview Unholy is arguably the strongest DK PvP spec in Cataclysm. It relies on building up its damage rather than high crits, has high survivability, a lot of CC, and just shits on casters in general. Pros: - Extremely good against casters - Good CC - Consistent damage from pets even when CCd - Very strong in both Arenas and BGs Cons - Extremely bad against melees that rely on physical damage - Low mobility - Significantly harder to learn than Frost or Blood 2. Talents&Glyphs There are multiple specs you can use as Unholy in PvP. Necro spec(arena): https://atlantiss.eu/armory/talent-calculator#k002.17-3200102.13-23020321032301121221!0,16,29,2,5,20,27,13,10 Scourge strike spec (for low geared DKs or works better than necro against some arena comps): https://atlantiss.eu/armory/talent-calculator#k.20-3200102.13-23020321032331121211!0,29,16,2,5,20,13,15,27 Aids spec(solely for BGs): https://atlantiss.eu/armory/talent-calculator#k003.17-32001.15-23302321230301021211!0,12,16,9,5,20,10,7,27 3. Reforging&Gems Hit cap: 5% After reaching the hit cap of 5% reforge everything to Haste(for necro and scourge strike specs) or Mastery(for aids spec) Stat priority for Unholy is: Str > Haste or Mastery (depending on your spec) > rest Gemming: You need to reach 195 spell penetration and after that you can gem either flat strength or strength + resilience depends on which you prefer 4. Rotation Fixed rotation in PvP? LOL pls Just make sure you don't waste death runes with Festering Strike 5. Pet Management Pet should ALWAYS be on Passive and you control it with pet macros which you will find in the Macros section. Make sure you don't break soft CC with your transformed pet since it does AoE damage. Remember that you can eat hunter traps with your pet. 6. Macros Lichborne selfheal macro: #showtooltip Lichborne /cast Lichborne /cast [target=player] Death Coil CC, Dark Sim, Ghoul leap/interrupt etc. macro: #showtooltip spell name /cast [nomodifier] spell name /cast [target=arena1,mod:shift] spell name /cast [target=arena2,mod:ctrl] spell name /cast [target=arena3,mod:alt] spell name Presence dancing macro: /castsequence blood presence, unholy presence Gargoyle Macro: #showtooltip Summon Gargoyle /cast summon gargoyle /stopwatch /stopwatch 30 /stopwatch play Pet Heal Macro: /tar pet /use death coil /targetlasttarget Pet Move To Macro: /petmoveto Pet Follow Macro: /petfollow Pet Attack Macro: /petattack [nomod] target /petattack [mod:shift,target=arena1] /petattack [mod:ctrl,target=arena2] /petattack [mod:alt,target=arena3] Gnaw macro (best gnaw macro out there imo): #showtooltip Gnaw /petautocasttoggle claw /petautocasttoggle gnaw this macro switches between claw and gnaw so one doesn't interrupt the other. That's it for now I might make it more in-depth later. Sorry for the messiness I'm a messy person. If you have any questions or ideas on what I left out or should add feel free to comment.
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    Good guide. Just one note: should make it easier to use, I still have a toggle claw macro to turn it off 2 sec pre stun already to avoid energy or gcd lack, but if you start with dk, those macros will prob already fix it.
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    He goes on Warmane most likely, so I bet he wants to give away the Atlantiss character so he can boost his Warmane one. Qayb was playing on ATS for a really long while... R.I.P.
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    gl wherever u go. + if u need someone to take care of ur dudu till u come back and make it famous in pve , that person would be me :D
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    10man is harder by default, no need for extra buffs. Only hard thing in 25man (imo) is movement, everyones mistakes can be allowed when it comes to cd usage (except tanks) while in 10man raids if healer make mistake with some important cd, its way harder to fix it than in 25man. I will write my opinion of pros and cons of 10 and 25man raids : 25man pros : more healers = more cds =more chances to crit heal or crit dmg and save the day, mistakes can be allowed (except tanks) 25man cons : harder movement 10man pros : ? 10man cons : less cds, no cd usage mistakes allowed. I'd say more ppl = less problems, less ppl=more problems. If you think 25man is harder look at this : Dragon Soul 25man progression on retail Rank Guild Realm Progress Criteria 1 즐거운공격대 (25) KR-Kargath 8/8 (H) 45000.00 2 Stars (25 r) TW-Crystalpine Stinger 8/8 (H) 44333.33 3 Blood Legion (25 r) US-Illidan 8/8 (H) 20911.11 4 DREAM Paragon (10/25 r) EU-Lightning's Blade 7/8 (H) 20855.55 5 Method (10/25 r) EU-Xavius 7/8 (H) 20800.00 Dragon Soul10man progression on retail : Rank Guild Realm Progress Criteria 1 In extremis (10) KR-Norgannon 8/8 (H) 45000.00 2 Silent (10) EU-Illidan 7/8 (H) 21234.44 3 Crakers (10) KR-Hellscream 7/8 (H) 20957.22 4 Интервенция (10) EU-Свежеватель Душ 7/8 (H) 20891.11 5 Wings of Aurora (10) TW-Howling Fjord 7/8 (H) 20546.11 x3 25man raid guilds killed 8/8 while just 1 10man raid killed 8/8......
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    I can live with artificial buffs to match the overgearing problem, but nerfing 10 man to match 25 man is not Blizzlike and I would dislike that. Whatever you decide to do regarding achievements, keep the relative difficulty between 10 and 25 as close to retail as you can.
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    What is the point of having no 10-man realm first? Not everyone has the computers to even join 25-man raids.
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    As i know 25 raids are not harder but easier in terms of mechanics, dps and such things if you compare them to 10 man..the hard part about that is to gather the 25. Really no point to have realm first for one or the other only. Just have one of 10 and one for 25 so all will be able to race.\ If you put a debuff you should put on both 10 and 25. If you put a debuff only on one of them is unfair to the other.
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    10 is alot harder in terms of mechanics than 25m. Less options. Cannot afford to lose any player. Less combat ressurections. Less aor healing and mana management. Less raid cooldowns.. list goes on and on. As a former retail player of almost 10 years since vanilla, I can say with a 100% certainty that when it comes down to heroic version of most raids (especially raids like DS where it's all about the numbers and less for mechanics) 10m falls short. But regardless of that, I would highly reccomend you keep it blizzlike, retail-like without buffing 10m and leaving the race to go it's notmal course as it would on every retail server.
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    Seperate achies for 10 and 25 due to population and basically only 2-3 guilds raid 25 anyways so yea, all other would be left with.. umm nothing?
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    The Outsiders are a social/general purpose guild for the Alliance. We do a little bit of everything; PvP, PvE, etc. We help each other when we can and do random events and stuff. The guild is headed by a Garamir (me) and Akesha (my wife and Co-GM). We try to be friendly and helpful and we are very active. Everyone is welcome. We're an inclusive group but we do ask that everyone speak english in guild chat for communication reasons. We have members from all around the world. We are not strict but we do have a zero tolerance policy for bad attitudes and behavior. Be respectful to guild mates and there won't be a problem. If you are interested in joining with us please message Garamir or Akesha for an invite.
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    Make 10 men slightly harder so that the 2-3 guilds that play 25 don't get screwed over and forced to play 10 aswell but just slightly or it becomes too easy i guess.
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    Cataclysmic arena season schedule + rules Schedule 1st Cataclysmic season = 7. 1. 2018 - 7. 5. 2018 (Winners here) 2nd Cataclysmic season = 8. 5. 2018 - 8. 9. 2018 3rd Cataclysmic season = 9. 9. 2018 - 9. 1. 2019 4th Cataclysmic season = 10. 1. 2019 - 10. 5. 2019 Titles 2 vs 2 Rank 1: Gladiator (2200+ rating) + any mount from the previous 10 seasons + PvP Royalty rank-up on forum Ranks 2-4: Duelist (2200+ rating) Ranks 5-7: Rival (2200+ rating) Ranks 8-10: Challenger (2200+ rating) 3 vs 3 Rank 1: Cataclysmic Gladiator (1850+ rating) + any mount from the previous 10 seasons + PvP Royalty rank-up on forum Rank 2: Gladiator (1850+ rating) + any mount from the previous 10 seasons + PvP Royalty rank-up on forum Ranks 3-5: Duelist (1850+ rating) Ranks 6-8: Rival (1850+ rating) Ranks 9-10: Challenger (1850+ rating) 5 vs 5 Without rewards Rated Battleground Rank 1: Hero of the Alliance/Horde Team rules #1 = At least 50 games played in the arena season. #2 = There must be at least one player in the team with at least 50% of the team's matches played and he needs to apply to the condition of personal rating rule. #3 = At least 2200 rating for ANY title in the 2s bracket and 1850 rating for ANY title in 3s bracket. Player rules #1 = You must have played in 33% or more of the total games in your team. #2 = You must have a Personal Rating that is no more than 100 points lower than the Team Rating. (Your Personal Rating, however, may be higher). Penalties Wintrading (1st offence) = 1 month ban + removal of your PvP gear and conquest points + you wont be able to get any pvp title or rewards in the current season, on any of your characters. Wintrading (2nd offence) = Permanent ban + you wont be able to get any pvp title or rewards in the current season, on any of your characters. Bug abusing (1st offence) = 1 month ban + you wont be able to get any pvp title or rewards in the current season, on any of your characters. Bug abusing (2nd offence) = Permanent ban + you wont be able to get any pvp title or rewards in the current season, on any of your characters.
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