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    Hello Atlantiss Players! Welcome to the 6th Developer Update. Many changes, many fixes, not all related to 4.3.4, but I will try to list as much of them as possible (and as much as I remember). So let’s get to it. Server / Security / Managment: We spent a lot of time last month on upgrading our servers, increasing their security and upgrading our backup system. This is the reason why the forum was off for so long. Here is a list of some of the things that were done: 1. We migrated to new machines. The spec of the machines are the same, but all the hardware is new. We updated the systems and all the software that we use. From now on we plan to update the systems and software every month (or sooner if any important updates are released). 2. We configured the kernel and firewalls on all of the servers. This will increase our security. 3. We created a private network between our servers. All data exchange between our servers is encrypted. You need to login via VPN to access the private network. All public traffic has been blocked (more security updates). 4. We bought a new machine in a totally different location than our production machine. This machine is used to keep backups. We improved the security of all our data. The main database is replicated in real-time. In case of a machine failure no data will be lost. All your progress and chars are safe. An additional full database copy is made every 6h. In case of a database malfunction, we can always rollback to the nearest working copy. 5. All static files - website, forum, logs also follow the rules above. 6. We also purchased another new machine (the same specs as the main machine) specially for PTR. We decided to divide them to make sure that any work done on the PTR won’t effect our main realm in any way. 7. We setup a few tools and an internal Bugtracker for Developers / some CFs. We hope this will help us with managing our work and make sure everyone within the team knows how our projects are going. T13 Content: 1. Well of Eternity It is currently still in development and test are done internally. We will try to hopefully within a week release it to the PTR. 2. Hour of Twilight Is available on the PTR. Our testers reported a few bugs, but overall the dungeon works pretty well. We hope to finish Hour of Twilight very shortly. 3. Dragon Soul Is currently in Development. Jenova and Herkor are working on bosses, Piklo and Trance are working with NPCs / text / sound effects and so on. Morchok - Herkor is currently scripting Morchok. He wasn’t available for a week or two but he is slowly getting back to work. We hope to add Morchok on the PTR within the next week or two. Warlord Zonozz - Jenova is responsible for this boss. He has almost finished all versions (10 / 25 / 10HC / 25HC). He is currently testing him internally, if everything goes well Warlord Zonozz will be available on the PTR next week. Yor'sahj the Unsleeping - Jenova is also responsible for this boss. For now he has been gathering data about the boss. He made sniffs from retail and made a video of the encounter (We hope this will speed up the Development process). For now only the basics are done. NPCs - Piklo is working with all the NPCs, making sure they have proper DMG, proper HP values, are targetable and so on. He has almost finished and soon his fixes will be available on PTR. Boss Texts / Boss sound effects - Trance is making sure that all the boss texts and boss sound effects are in the database. He is also creating a document that will later help Developers make the bosses say and play the right sound effect and the right time. 4. Darkmoon Faire Pelekon and Krecik tried to sniff as much data as possible on retail during the last Darkmoon Faire event. They also recorded the whole event and every single quest that they did. Pelekon has done around 75% of all the visuals / npcs and so on. Krecik is slowly working on the quests. Others: Many other fixes have been done. I think the most important one was fixing a bug that caused players killed in Ring of Valor to sometimes resurrect in the middle of the arena. A few quests have been fixed, some improvements were made to our BAI system (a tool that allows to script without having any programming knowledge, you only need to learn the tool and rules). If anyone is interested please have a look at our changelog - https://atlantiss.eu/changelog. That would be all for this Update. Have a nice day everyone and hope to see on Atlantiss. Cheers.
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    After IL invoked to above-mentioned decision and after I discussed it over with the rest of ATS team, as well as referring to proofs presented to us, we withdraw our previous decision in which we decided that IL guild used bugs to their advantage on the Firelands raid. That means that IL guild defeated Ragnaros in common and traditional way. That also makes IL the first guild to complete this raid. This subject is now closed to any further discussion. We will soon clean up the topic and reopen it.
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    Look, what I just randomly found on Youtube, might have some impact on votes, so I thought i will share it with you guys, to get a cleare voting.
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    "Man i love ur saltness" How can I be salty hahaha? I'm not the one on atlantiss whos playing every possible comp with everyone and getting farmed in both 2v2 and 3v3 for 3 seasons in row LOL. I play 1 comp RMP. You're dogshit at this game. I'm not. I can't do more dmg with my class than what it allows me to do. As for "i got video with all your PERFECT BLINDS with yd one its now 23 ur blinds into my sacris" Must of took a while, How long 3-4 years?" "Best of Arty THE REAL TRUE ONE AND ONLY ATL GLAD rogue" PLEASE I got more titles and rank 1s on other server than what you'll ever get. I mean you probably couldn't even find 1800 player, same lvl of player as you on other server could you?? And as for YOU COMPARING ME TO LINGU. HOW DOES THAT OR WILL THAT MAKE YOU BETTER AT THIS GAME??!! MAYBE IT DOES YOU DOG TRASH FEEL BETTER SAYING THAT THO. AND AS FOR YOU TRYNA TRASHTALK ME. Here some shit I got for you asslicking and saying I'm so good blablabla before I ditched you. http://imgur.com/a/vNDSr JUST FOR YOU CALLADIN: THIS IS WHAT I GET DAILY: http://imgur.com/a/zklpG AND THIS IS WHAT YOUR OWN TEAMMATES TALK ABOUT YOU DOG: http://imgur.com/a/R9QE4 Not to mention all other 20 players. So now that we're clear. GTFO, Go eat your own shit DOG and and kill yourself. Pathetic trash. Never NEVER MESS WITH THE WRONG GUY. So how can I be salty?? Hahahahaha Salt much??? yes hmm No. Have a nice day.
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    Yes because it's fault that he has abnormal 3x dmg as all atlantiss rogues. Because you either ass licked GM for this dmg or using sofware eitherway. You still dogshit at the game tho. XD
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    We were patient, now we can show everything. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHETS8x1Li8 Ragnaros script looks like that. Boss hides not after cast, but after certain amount of time had passed. a) 4 cast of our engulfing flames with "slow" and other guilds "clean" aren't actually different. With 3,2s cast, engulfings hit the ground around +/-2,9s mark and next one is instant, without break at all. - Slow behaviour With blizzlike behaviour engulfings hit each 2,5s then happens ~0.3-0.4s break between waves. b) Splitting Blow Without Slow - boss casts transition phase for 8s, and hides after 11s after beginning of cast, because of open widow between cast and actual triger of boss hiding under the lava. With slow - Boss hids after ~11s, despite having longer cast, only because event is scripted that boss hides after certain ammount of time since beginning the cast, resulting in the same time window as without whole slow thing. ---- Time measured on PTR ---- Boss with slow - Time since first Flames till transition phase - 21s Boss without slow - time since first Flames till transition - Also 21s Time measurements were based on WSI and IL kill movies, since beggining of the World in Flames and moment when boss hides. Slight difference, smaller than 1s is caused by lags/rendering of the video/measurement error. Tl;dr Slow is just a visual thing. Boss casts do not change despite given circumstances. To our haters : Guys, u can say everything. U can still call us 'polish dogs' on world channel. Doesn't metter. If u don't believe just go to ptr and check everything what u want. It's not problem, u know about that. And no more drama please, it's sick. Just accept this facts. Cya in DS :)
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    #PodPatronatemMagicala Nasz aktualny progres Throne of the Four Winds The Conclave of Wind N / H Al'Akir N / H Blackwing Descent Omnotron Defense System N / H Magmaw N / H Atramedes N / H Chimaeron N / H Maloriak N / H Nefarian's End N / H The Bastion of Twilight Halfus Wyrmbreaker N / H Theralion and Valiona N / H Ascendant Council N / H Cho'gall N / H Sinestra H Firelands Beth'ilac N / H Lord Rhyolith N / H Alysrazor N / H Shannox N / H Baleroc N / H Majordomo Staghelm N / H Ragnaros N / H Co oferujemy? Uczestnictwo w cotygodniowej farmie T11 13/13 HC Uczestnictwo w cotygodniowej farmie FL HC (3 grupy 6/7, 1 grupa 7/7HC) Uczestnictwo w cotygodniowej farmie FL Norm dla osób nowych i altów Raidowanie 7 dni w tygodniu o stałych porach Całodobową pomoc Co czyni nas tak wyjątkowymi? Profesjonalne prowadzenie raidów w miłej (a nawet bardzo miłej, hehe) atmosferze, Jesteśmy bardzo aktywni w grze, jak równiez na Teamspeaku, gdzie spędzamy dużo czasu, nawet poza grą, Każdy z nas posiada specyficzne poczucie humoru, zboczenia i inne fetysze, Większość z nas jest koneserami dalekowschodniej animiacji (Onii-chan pull it out!!! Baaaka Onii-chan <33 ) Wymagania i rekrutacja Naszymi minimalnymi wymogami do rozpatrzenia rekrutacji jest gear PVE +370 ilvl (możemy zrobić wyjątek) oraz znajomość taktyk FL norm. Ponadto wymagamy mikrofonu oraz Teamspeaka. W sumie to nikogo nie rekrutujemy, po prostu chcieliśmy się pochwalić xD Kontakt W sprawie rekrutacji proszę pisać do: Colenzo/Nerriv/Yareyare Silnychlop/Äyebolayay/Xaríes Síndra/Syleandra/Pottm Juzasznikov (innymi nie gra :c ) Nasze ostatnie osiągnięcia #ez4kill #radeknafarmie #dajcienamprzeciwnika
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    50% love to me and 50% to protect your girlfriend boostedlol<33
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    After break, we're back. i have the best people, proud. // IMMORTAL LEGION
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    Yeah a dog like you with no brain doesn't know what sarcasm is, but hey nice comeback btw.
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    I would like to mention all of rep was made on Atlantiss, with 1x rates, it took some time, but it's finally done. New goal: 100k honor kills :)
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    Anyone who can translate this?
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    "Lama is back" is the only change I needed
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    Despite all this, I am still the best <3
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    Lingu was best. Now i will put here statement of ATL expert about his dalaran rat pet :D http://imgur.com/a/sHVeZ
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    Apart from all the weird hentai in your Teamspeak descriptions, you all seem like really nice people. Continued good luck in FL and in the upcoming DS!
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    What can i say guys - One of the most popular guild nowadays in Polish community. Pple from BWL stand together helping each other - such a great team. If u want to farm old content one of the best place for you. 10/10 wish u LUCK !!!!!
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    @ChampkActually it was 2nd win in a row and after this one u both went offline but w/e who cares. Ur ego is 2high for ur skills and deal with it. U can call me whaterver u want. Fact is that u r still loosing games to me QQ. And Today u showed u r mad skills again Dying without trinketting(As usual)* that reflected hex on ur face omg. U r biggest hypocrite.
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    While this is nice to have, i need to say that how one goes about pressing his buttons really, really doesn't matter. As long as one performs well, i don't care if said person has every spell bound to a key, if he pressed them all with the mouse, if he bangs his head on the keyboard or if he yells at a pet hamster who presses the keys for him. Discussing how one plays is empty rethoric, you can obviosly perform well enough to kill Rag hc while clicking and Tidehuntar proved that with the video. "ohoho you're a clicker you are so bad " is a mentality of the typical 12 year old elitist and you really should know better.
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    +1 Vote for Thorwall
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    HERMANDAD Cowboy Bebop ¿Quiénes somos? Cowboy Bebop, es una guild hispanohablante de la Horda , la mas grande y con mas trayectoria, conformado por un grupo de amigos ambiciosos y motivados, con el fin de avanzar y descubrir todo lo que este juego nos ofrece. Están invitados todos aquellos de habla hispana de cualquier nivel. Ayudamos a aquellos nuevos en el servidor dando consejos sobre profesiones, talentos, glifos, encantamientos y demás. Prestamos apoyo para las RDF y RHC, y regularmente hacemos raids Tier 11 y Tier 12. Todo preparando a los miembros de guild para los distintos grupos de la raid del parche 4.2: Firelands. (actualmente se arman raids todos los dias de 10n y hay 2 grupos de 10hc) Obtenemos los siguientes logros en raids de Cataclysm: * Baradin Hold: Pit Lord Argaloth. (N) Occu'thar. (N) * The Bastion of Twilight: Halfus Wyrmbreaker (N/HC) Theralion y Valiona (N/HC) Ascendant Council (N/HC) Cho'gall (N/HC) Sinestra (En proceso) * Blackwing Descent: Magmaw (N/H) Omnotron Defense System (N/HC) Chimareon (N/HC) Atramedes (N/HC) Maloriak (N) Nefarian (N) * Throne of the Four Winds: The Conclave of Winds (N/HC) Al'Akir (N/HC) * Firelands: Beth'lilac (N/H) Lord Rhyolith (N/H) Alysrazor (N/HC) Baleroc (N/H) Shannox (N/H) Majordomo Staghelm (N/H) Ragnaros (N) ______________________________________________________________________________ Buscamos gente para Avance de nuestros grupos de FIRELANDS HC y crecimiento de nuestro rooster para todo tipo de raids de 25 jugadores ademas de terminar los progresos en las raids heroicas Tier 11. BoT, BWD y To4W. Somos jugadores muy activos, buscamos hacer logros, creamos grupos en momentos de aburrimiento para hacer dungeons y raids de expansiones pasadas: Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, Black Temple, Magtheridon's Lair, Grull's Lair, Tempest Keep, Karazhan, Ulduar, Trial of the Crusader, Icecrown Citadel y demás. Somos un grupo de personas que juegan desde hace mucho tiempo y mantienen relaciones de confianza y amistad, y se mantiene el respeto ante los demás, el personal está enteramente dedicado y comprometido a hacer que todos los jugadores avancen progresivamente y, de una manera óptima. Estamos ayudando y vamos a ayudar a nuestros compañeros de la guild para aprender y perfeccionar sus clases. Todo lo que necesita es estar motivado para dar el 200% de lo que su clase puede hacer. ______________________________________________________________________________ ¿Cómo raideamos? Para hacer alguna raid dentro de la guild, se exige tener: Gear completamente encantado. Gear completamente gemado. Tener el mínimo de Item Level requerido para dichas raids. Uso obligatorio del Discord - El canal se encuentra en la información de la guild. No importa si no tienes micrófono, al menos podrás escuchar nuestras tácticas y aprender el cómo hacemos nuestras raids para minimizar errores. Para Enchants/Gemas, ayudamos dentro de la misma guild. Así que no dude en preguntar y obtener ayuda de nosotros. ______________________________________________________________________________ ¿Cómo unirse? Dentro de la guild tenemos varios oficiales, sólo deberás whispearles, en cualquier momento del día: Pxntera Thymos Perfume Mæs Sephiroth Mixcoatl Argmarh Qwërty Aathena Seinmorf Aandrómeda ______________________________________________________________________________ Esperemos que dentro de la guild, su estancia sea agradable, bromeamos, contamos chistes y demás. -- NUESTRO GRUPO DE FACEBOOK: > Guild Cowboy Bebop < | Sólo para integrantes de la guild. -- -- NUESTRO DISCORD https://discord.gg/4yQu5EF
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    Been a while, so an update: First group is doing 7/7 hc every week with no issues, also managed to get Firelord title for a few people outside of the group. Second group is doing 6/7hc every week, and slowly working on Rag heroic. It is possible to get a couple of recruits either for the 2nd group or as replacements. Contact me if interested.
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    Considering how much you talk about him, it seems more likely you want to be his girlfriend.
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    Im so surprised that people are actually offended by the lack of key binds. I'm using only 1-5 and mouse for the rest and I'm fine. I guess I'd need to record my ugly POV sometime then :D.
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    Zastanawiałem się kiedy w końcu odkopiecie gildyjny temat i nie zawiodłem sie. Gorąco polecam tą bande krejzoli :D
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    :D Buy me a sixpack and i will write u a PDF how to never lose a game as Feral Resto against dk h pal. Step 1 would be to replace the shaman. http://imgur.com/a/N5yCw
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    "Triggered" as a term started as someone being offended over nothing and evolved into a defence when someone calls you on your bullshit. I'm not angry in the slightest, i'm just trying to teach a child to behave. No, i am not a clicker. I'm also not trying to pick a fight. Its just that you will have to grow up at some point and honestly, i was trying to help with that. I'm done now.
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    Imperius spotted irl. In the background you can see elwynn forest and hatedlol fake afking behind the barn. This gives a clear 1-0 to imperius in my book.
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    Hello Atlantiss PvP-Community, Even tho only a few of you guys play Rated Battlegrounds, I encountered something yesterday that I want to share with everyone. As some of you may know Horde is doing a lot of Rated BG drafts this season, same as alliance. To explain a Rated BG draft in short, its basically that you invite 20 people into 1 big raid, and then split the raid into 2 group of 10 each, que up at the same time and fight each other. If you take a look at the ladder you will see a lot of horde players being in the top spots. And now we arrive at our problem. As soon as we(alliance) start queueing Rated BGs, horde will instantly stop queueing and will start dodging. Of course dodging is allowed and not forbidden even tho it shows how scared they are of playing against us. When asked about this, several players of the horde has said the following things: ”We only que to have fun”, ”We wanna play vs our mates”, ”Its a guild event” etcetc. I know for a fact Kaspii and several other alliance players have asked horde for events and it has never really taken off. The thing that really grinds my gear is that If they(horde) realize fast enough we are sniping (queuing into them) they will just not enter the Rated BG at all. You might think that is not a problem for us, some free points without any effort? However the problem here is since this server is known to have some flaws they DONT LOSE ANY POINTS if they do NOT ENTER a Rated BG or LEAVE while it is running. They(horde) are abusing this bug to climb the Rated BG ladder. There is no need for us to call out any names on the horde side for this, Im pretty sure everyone got a good feeling who is to blame for this. TLDR: They are bugusing and wintrading, and GM's dont care about that fact since it was reported multiple times. We have recordings (STREAM AND VOICE) + about 20 screenshots. (play some epic music for this part please) One message to the horde, we will not allow that you keep wintrading and bugusing, you think you can get HotH? We wont allow that, we will snipe everytime you are going to queue. If needed we will factionchange at the end of the season to get HotH by outself so you cant get it. You kicked half of your guild because you think we have spies in there? WE STILL HAVE PEOPLE IN YOUR GUILD, WE EVEN HAVE SPIES IN YOUR OFFICERS RANKS, WE WILL KNOW WHEN YOU QUEUE AND WE WILL BE THERE. I wanted to make the last part a little dramatic, i hope you liked it <3 Greetings DKGODX
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    /clap for ATS, ever since it went international it's been killing the same community they wanted to grab. I've played for almost 4 years and lul this just hit the bar.
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    Tłuszczyku, ten addon to: Healers have to die.
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    Brilliant :))))) Now I want to see the compilation of popping dance + offensive trinket every opener and getting CC'ed every time.
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    Btw Boostedlol made this video xD it's obvious asf
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    "Take me down to the Paradise City, where the skills are clicked and recounts are pretty..."
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    This kid will eat every bait i throw to him :D But on a real note imperius just take some time down, fix your mindset and you might actually improve, since it hasnt happened for the last 1.5 years :D
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    Man the best example of SARCASM is when u r calling yourself Rogue God.
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    U dont even know who was playing on aktanga this day and it was not my friend but i can show u what r typing ur firends to u xD http://imgur.com/a/M64au Enjoj u dalaran rat. If i only could meet u irl i would not even spit on u coz its such a waste. Have a nice day.
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    Man i love ur saltness. Even when u know that i got video with all your PERFECT BLINDS with yd one its now 23 ur blinds into my sacris. I think i will realise this material as "Best of Arty THE REAL TRUE ONE AND ONLY ATL GLAD rogue" R.I.P
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    Hahhahaha the drama is real xD
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    Since it's Arty vs Imperius might aswell http://imgur.com/a/jc0il http://imgur.com/a/svIPo Have more but thats not the point
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    Wait, is bragging about having every fucking (or virgin) spell bound to something some kind of making a DNA rifle bigger? D: I guess viagra dealers will hate me now x) @Paradise please record your POV, and show everyone that destro lock is awesome dps spec :3
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    Now it's short and funny, much like your penis.
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    lose vs Smite? I would quit server, shame af
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    @Elann , i understand that seeing mouse clicker is cancer. Its fine everyone has his/her own opinion. But calling (i couldnt watch your video, it hurts my eyes xD) for a 1040p HD :( and trying to point on ppl as mouse clickers whose defending the argument , thats low. The problem u didnt pick any healer to mess with , u just picked a God healer. If your a core in that main guild what ever its called on alliance or horde side , bring ur healer on FL hc or ur friend to make him/her cry . Words are nothing , i demand action. SO il be waiting ,take your time to pick the healer to get RIKIT
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    Hadralt vs Hatedlol we have to repeat it cuz Hadralt still didnt get payment from Boostedlol
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    What we have here...