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    After many months of wiping, Ragnaros heroic is finally down. We killed it tonight, with 1 tank and 1 meteor. I'd like ot thank, first of all, to my co-gm Asmodei, who kept me going when i considered giving up. I am always the one who talks, and i often take credit, but she has been the true driving force behind the guild for the majority of the time, staying strong on all the ocations i was ready to give up. I'd like to thank our current officer and members of our old group, Cashforgold, Alexski, and Deadfoniko, for staying loyal and remaining firm when half the group left and the guild was torn apart, when it looked impossible that we will ever get the kill. I know how much it took for us all to go on, and i am thankful that you managed to stay when so many others left. I'd like to thank our unlikely allies and now friends, Sniprep and Kakaroto, for helping us get the kill even though they have killed it with Nef before. I'd like to thank Lunae, formerly of LAW, for coming back to the game to help us get the kill. I'd like to thank Paradise, formerly of BWL, for coming to help us get the kill and for making me eat my words ( i said that destro lock is not viable for FL hc progress, and was proven wrong) I'd like to thank Sayonara, Axelito, and Katharyna, who recently joined our guild from the alliance and proved to be the final spark we needed to get the kill. I'd like to thank our 2nd group, for always being available to cover when needed, and for logging just in case we need them, as well as Kryptogen from Ensidia and Pocketmage from WSI for helping us out when we lacked people. I'm proud of you all. Our plan now include putting it on weekly farm, farming the mount and the gear for everyone, and then slowly introducing people from the 2nd group to the fight as well, until every member eventually gets title and mount.
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    Hello. In this guide I'll show my ways how to play Feral Druid in Hybrid, which is essential for Ragnaros progression, due to it's raid utility and flexible playstyle, allowing players to always change something, and yet stay relevant. Advantages: -Good management of AoE Aggro (Swipe, Thrash, Challenging Roar, Berserk) -Raid Cooldowns bringing lots of utility (Rebirth, Innervate, Tranquility, Stampeding Roar) -Possibility of entering cat form and doing job of additional DPS -Mobility -Bear Form Dance Disadvantages: -Ferals might struggle a bit with catching adds that are far away for them. Their only tools to do so is Faerie Fire and Growl. -Ferals with hybrid build usually have less mastery, or sacrifice Spell Damage reduce from their talents in order to maximize damage, which makes them more squishy than usual Content table: 1. Talents and Glyphs 2. "Rotation" and Spell priorities 3. Cooldowns 4. Statisctics 5. Food, Flasks, Potions 6. Professions 7. BiS List 8. Fight Advices 9. How to Bear the Cat Form 10. Macros 11. Changelog 1. Talents and Glyphs Pure Bear Glyph of Barkskin and Glyph of Frenzied Regeneration can be freely swapped, depending on fight and preferences. In my opinion Glyph of Frenzied Regeneration is really usefull on Baleroc Heroic in order to increase your healing taken, and heal yourself, especially useful for Inferno Blade. From Minor Glyphs, Dash is optional, while Challenging Road and Unburdened Rebirth are essential. Script allowing to quick learn those talents: /run t,p,a={2,12,23,53,62,72,83,91,113,121,132,161,172,182,203,211,221,3,22,43,53,61,1,}SetPreviewPrimaryTalentTree(t[1],GetActiveTalentGroup())for i=1,#t do a=tif a<9 then p=a else AddPreviewTalentPoints(p,floor(a/10),a%10)end end Fluffy Hybrid Situation with glyphs is the same as for Bear. You can freely change between Glyph of Barkskin and Glyph of Frenzied Regeneration Quick Learn: /run t,p,a={2,12,23,53,62,72,83,91,113,121,152,161,172,182,192,203,211,221,3,22,43,51,61,1,}SetPreviewPrimaryTalentTree(t[1],GetActiveTalentGroup())for i=1,#t do a=tif a<9 then p=a else AddPreviewTalentPoints(p,floor(a/10),a%10)end end 2. "Rotation" and Priorities Feral Druid is based on priority style rotation, so you don't have to blindly press x 3 times, then y once, and repeat. Key role in Bear's spells is played by Mangle cooldowns refresh from Lacerate and maintaining 9% Critical Chance from Pulverize. Priorities: 1. Demoralizing Roar (You don't have to worry if you're tanking with someone else applying reduced Physical Damage debuff) 2. Mangle (Always when it's available) 3. Lacerate (At least 1 stack, so Mangle has chance to refresh) 4. Thrash 5. Pulverize (Reccomended each 18s, to maintain highest buff uptime. Advised to use on 3 stacks of Lacerate) 6. Lacerate (Maintaining 3 stacks of bleed) 7. Lacerate>Faerie Fire>Swipe (Fillers in order to decrease downtime, increase damage done and absorbs) 8. Maul (Dumping additional Rage) On AoE fights, your main tools to handle AoE aggro will be: 1. Thrash 2. Swipe 3. Challenging Roar 4. Mangle (Only with activated Berserk) 3. Cooldowns Huge addition to Feral toolkit are flexible raid cooldowns. They make Druid great support, doesn't matter which spec he's using. Personal Cooldowns: 1. Barkskin (20% reduced damage for 8 seconds. 60 seconds cooldown - ADDITIONAL DODGE AFTER REDUCTION WITH 4PT12) 2. Survival Instinct (50% reduced damage for 12 seconds. 180 seconds cooldown) 3. Frenzied Regeneration (Increase of HP Pool by 30%, healing up to 30% if we're below that number, converting Rage into additional healing (1 rage=0.3% maximum HP, up to 10 rage per second) for 20 seconds. 180 seconds cooldown) 4. Berserk (Bear's offensive cooldown. Removes Mangle cooldown, and makes it hit up to 3 targets. Lasts 25 seconds, 35 if glyphed. 180 seconds cooldown) 5. Challenging Roar (Druid's only AoE taunt. 150s cooldown) 6. Enrage (Instant 20 rage, 32 with Primal Madness talent, and additional 10 rage over 10 seconds. 60s Cooldown Raid Cooldowns: 1. Tranquility (Channeled heal, leaving HoT effect on raid members. Improved by Nurturing Instinct talent. 480s cooldown) 2. Innervate (5% mana regeneration for targeted player. 180s cooldown) 3. Stampeding Roar (60% movement speed lasting 8s for everyone in 10y range. 120s cooldown) 4. Rebirth (Combat Resurrection, which with glyphs brings dead player to life with 100% HP and 20% MP. 600s cooldown) 4. Statistics Preferred way to play druid is to change stats, dependant on use. There are statistics better and worse, but remember that even as tank stamina is inferior to everything else. It's also worth mentioning how Bear's mastery work, and why it's important. It simply improves absorbs from our Savage Defense ability, which has 50% chance on Critical Strikes, to give 35% Attack Power as absorb, lasting for 10s. And what mastery has to do with Savage Defense? It greatly raises absorb digits, making Bear fine choice for taking physical damage. Tank: 1. Agility 2. Mastery 3. Critical Strike 4. Dodge 5. Hit Rating until cap = Expertise Rating until cap 6. Haste Hybrid: 1. Agility 2. Hit Rating until cap = Expertise Rating until cap 3. Haste = Mastery 4. Critical Strike = Dodge In Hybrid's build it's prefered to have slightly bigger ammount of mastery, so Matrix Restabilizer has chance to proc into it, which won't be always possible, due to usage of The Hungerer trinket. 5. Food, flasks, potions Druid Feral doesn't have big choice in terms of consumables. The best choice is to maximize your Agility, because it's what makes Bears so great. Food: Skewered Eel or Mysterious Fortune Cookie (+90 Agility, +90 Stamina) Flask: Flask of the Four Winds (+300 Agility) Potion: Potion of Tol'Vir (+1600 Agility for 25 seconds) 6. Professions Professions are just a matter of someone's preference, however some of them are inferior combared to others. Burst professions: -Tailoring (1000 Attack Power enchant for Cloak) -Engineering (480 Agility for 10 seconds. 60 seconds cooldown) -Alchemy (480 haste for 20 seconds. 120 seconds cooldown. Not reccomended for raids) Permanent benefit professions: -Skinning (160 Critical Strike Rating. Personally not worth picking up) -Blacksmithing (2 sockets, one for Gloves, one for Wrists. It will get a lot stronger on DS) -Enchanting (40 Agility enchant for Rings) -Leatherworking (130 Agility enchant for Wrists) -Inscription (125 Agility and 25 Mastery enchant for Shoulders) -Jewelcrafting (3 additional 67 Agility gems. Will get worse with epic gems release on DS) -Mining (120 Stamina. Still inferior compared to other professions) 7. BiS List Tank: Head: Obsidian Arborweave Headpiece - Ragnaros Heroic Neck: Choker of the Vanquished Lord - Ragnaros Heroic Shoulder: Obsidian Arborweave Spaulders - Majordomo Fandral Staghelm Heroic Cloak: Dreadfire Drape - Lord Rhyoith Heroic Chest: Obsidian Arborweave Raiment - VP Vendor+Alysrazor Heroic Wrists: Flickering Wristbands of the Windstorm (Crit+Mastery)- Alysrazor Heroic Gloves: Gloves of Dissolving Smoke - Shannox Heroic Belt: Riplimb's Lost Collar - Firelands Trash Mobs + Crystallized Firestone from Firelands Heroic bosses Legs: Obsidian Arborweave Legguards - VP Vendor+Shannox Heroic Feet: Sandals of Leaping Coals - Majordomo Fandral Staghelm Heroic Ring 1: Viridian Signet of the Avengers - Exalted z Avengers of Hyjal Ring 2: Widow's Kiss - Beth'Tilac Heroic Trinket 1: Matrix Restabilizer - Ragnaros Heroic Trinket 2: Spidersilk Spindle - Beth'Tilac Heroic ALTERNATIVE TRINKETS: Ancient Petrified Seed - Revered with Avengers of Hyjal // Mirror of the Broken Images - Exalted with Baradin Wardens, 125 Tol Barad Commendation Weapon: Fandral's Flamescythe - Majordomo Fandral Staghelm Heroic Relic: Covenant of Flame - VP Vendor+Crystallized Firestone from Firelands Heroic bosses Hybrid: Head: Obsidian Arborweave Headpiece - Ragnaros Heroic Neck: Choker of the Vanquished Lord - Ragnaros Heroic Shoulder: Obsidian Arborweave Spaulders - Majordomo Fandral Staghelm Heroic Cloak: Dreadfire Drape - Lord Rhyoith Heroic Chest: Obsidian Arborweave Raiment - VP Vendor+Alysrazor Heroic Wrists: Flickering Wristbands of the Zephyr (Haste+Mastery) - Alysrazor Heroic Gloves: Obsidian Arborweave Grips - VP Vendor+Baleroc Heroic Belt: Riplimb's Lost Collar - Firelands Trash Mobs + Crystallized Firestone from Firelands Heroic bosses Legs: Cinderweb Leggings - Beth'tilac Heroic Feet: Sandals of Leaping Coals - Majordomo Fandral Staghelm Heroic Ring 1: Viridian Signet of the Avengers - Exalted with Avengers of Hyjal Ring 2: Widow's Kiss - Beth'Tilac Heroic Trinket 1: Matrix Restabilizer - Ragnaros Heroic Trinket 2: The Hungerer - Majordomo Fandral Staghelm Heroic ALTERNATIVE TRINKETS: Ancient Petrified Seed - Revered with Avengers of Hyjal // Essence of the Cyclone - Halfus Wyrmbreaker Heroic // Fluid Death - Justice Points Weapon: Fandral's Flamescythe - Majordomo Fandral Staghelm Heroic Relic: Covenant of Flame - VP Vendor+Crystallized Firestone from Firelands Heroic bosses 8. Fight Advices Beth'Tilac: As Feral you will usually go up. Remember that you can AoE taunt the Spinners, so they come down from theirs' web. Don't be afraid to use Tranquility in second phase, but before getting boss on yourself once again, get into bear form and stack some Savage Defense absorb. Shannox: When tanking the boss, remember to use your Movement Speed bosts in order to drop Jagged Tear stacks. Wait with berserk until second tank runs away with dogs, because holding aggro of Riplimb and Shannox might give you some nasty bleeding. Lord Rhyolith: Always pick up Fragments of Rhyolith, so other DPS can easily AoE them down. If you have to steer the boss in cat form, remember to maintain 100% uptime of Savage Roar buff, and attack legs ONLY with Shred, Rake and Ferocious Bite. Alysrazor: Always on the beggining of fight, try to interrupt the first Blazing Talon Initiate. It will let your DPS to save interrupt for other Fieroblasts. Try to support healers on Firestorms, share Stampeding Roar happiness with your fellow raid members, and use Feral Charge to get to your side quicker (If there are any Initiates left, of course). Baleroc: When DPSing, taking first Shard of Torment will be your job. Be prepared to take it without any switching. Use your Barkskin around 8th stack, and Survival Instinct around 15th. If you're a tank, always use Barkskin 8 seconds before Inferno, or Decimation Blade. Additional 12% of Dodge will greatly raise your avoidance, and in advance you will be able to dodge some nasty hits. Majordomo Fandral Staghelm: Scorpion phase brings nothing in particular for ferals. Hold aggro, use cooldowns, don't leave bear form, and just throw in Stampeding Roar when spreading. The best way to catch Spirit of the Flame is using Growl+Faerie Fire+Maul in the same moment. Remember that Spirits often deal more damage than boss, and if DPS can't manage to handle them quick enough, just rotate your cooldowns and communicate with healers. Ragnaros: Our favourite Firelord is the reason, why Ferals are so essential for Firelands. Always begin 1st phase in Cat Form, and DPS until the other tank asks you to take the boss. Don't bother with finding position to shred, just play it safe. After initial burst in Cat Form, you will switch on 4-5 stacks of Burning Wound, or when debuff drops, depending how you communicated about that with healers and other tank. The best way to handle Transition Phases is bear form. Open your Son of Flame with Faerie Fire+Mangle+Maul. Then Lacerate+Maul, until your Mangle refreshes. Thrash is also a great addition, because of bleed. If Son of Flame comes too close to Sulfuras, just Feral Charge or Skull Bash to it, and stun with Bash. The second phase will begin with other tank, so once again you can get back into Cat Form and scratch Ragnaros a bit more. Remember to have enough Energy/Rage to use Stampeding Roar on 1st and 3rd pack of Molten Seeds. On Second Transition phase you grab your Lava Scion with Growl+Faerie Fire, and apply Lacerate on it. Why? Because it can refresh your Mangle, so it will be easier to handle Son of Flame, and stack Lava Scions earlier. Usually the other tank will take both Scions, so as Feral you just have to go Cat and Bite them until they fall. 3rd phase is a pure DPS check. The other tank, usually DK or Paladin will stand on one side of platform, and tank the boss alone. Your job in that moment is to stand on the other side, and do as much damage as you can. Tiger's Fury, Berserk, Rake, Rip, Shred, etc. After you push him into 4th phase, try to cast Stampeding Roar on as much people as you can, in order to make going into Breadth of Frost faster. Once you get on your position, support healers with Innervate and Tranquility. When kiting the boss into Entrapping Roots cast Growl+Faerie Fire, and run as fast into them as you can in Cat Form, preferably with Dash enabled. Once boss is in Roots, and your Superheated starts rising, get back into Bear Form. 9. How to Bear the Cat Form Cat Form is one of the biggest reasons what makes Feral so strong. In this section I'll do my best to explain basics, how to DPS as Cat. Take into consideration that this isn't Feral DPS guide, and I'll skip some more advanced things. DPSing in Cat Form is heavily influenced by your ability to maintime uptime of two bleeds - Rake and Rip, and one Self Buff - Savage Roar. To maximize your output as Feral, even best guide won't help you. The best thing to do so, is to fight on Dummy, do RHCs, BH, until you really understand the energy, Combo Points, and get used to the playstyle 9.1 Priorities Cat Form isn't different than other specs in terms of "rotation". Making it priority based forces player to pay bigger atention to what he clicks, and when he clicks. Maintaining Bleed Damage Taken debuff from Mangle (Also applied by hunters and warriors) Rip Rake Savage Roar Ferocious Bite Shred Mangle As Feral PvE you have only 3 Finishers, Rip, Savage Roar and Ferocious Bite. Savage Roar is so essential, that it's reccomended to use it even at 1 Combo Point. Rip is a strong bleed effect, prolonged with your Glyph of Bloodletting, so you have a bit more time for using your energy for something else. You should apply Rip always on 5 Combo Points. Around Boss 25% Health Points try to apply as strong Rip as possible. Ferocious Bite is instant damaging spell, dealing damage dependand on your Combo Points and ammount of Energy you currently have. With talent Blood in the Water, you will refresh your Rip, if target is under 25% HP, which makes Feral great DPS for later on, and is a valid excuse for keeping your Potion of Tol'Vir until boss Reaches ~25%. Mangle is viable filler ONLY when you can't attack target's back or when you have to refresh your Bleed Damage debuff. Otherwise Shred, compared to Mangle deals way higher damage, and has it's damage increased from Bleed Damage debuffs. 9.2 Cooldowns Feral DPS does have only 2 Offensive Cooldowns. Combined with Stampede talent and Feral Charge he has 3rd additional, cooldown, which actually isn't that useful Berserk Tiger's Fury Feral Charge Berserk in Cat Form reduces all of your energy costs by half, making maintaining bleeds and Savage Roar way easier for inexperienced players, and greatly increasing burst damage. Tiger's Fury is 15% Physical Damage increase, and 60 Energy regeneration with King of the Jungle talent, which is essential. It's worth noticing that you CAN'T USE TIGER'S FURY DURING BERSERK. Feral Charge serves as cooldown only in Bear form. The trick is, to Charge in Bear, and quickly swap into Cat, for additional 30% haste. 9.3 Tips and Tricks Keep your second potion until 30% - 25% of the Boss. It will allow you to leave higher Rip on target, and then simply refresh it with Ferocious Bite. Try to reapply your bleeds always after Tiger's Fury. 15% Damage Increase portion of spell, will also increase your Bleed's Damage Try to macro Tiger's Fury and Berserk together, giving you 15% increase damage during 6 seconds of Berserk. Ready macro should look something like that: Refresh Rake and Rip before last tick (Respectively, Rake on 0-2s debuff, Rip on 0-3s debuff) Under 25% of the Boss, refresh Rip with Ferocious Bite. If your Rip is about to fall down, and you don't have 5 Combo Points ANYWAYS use Ferocious Bite. Make Bleeds and Savage Roar visible by using Power Auras, or any other tracking addon. Having control of those is really important. And the most important thing, practice! I played a lot of specs during my WoW "career". Some were easier, some were harder, but in my opinion, Feral amongst all of other specs is the most punished for players not practicing at all. You really have to understand your energy, which is accomplished by trying all the time to improve yourself. 10. Macros Huge thank you to Polaroid, who shared with us his macros, and made this section possible Because I'm a noob who doesn't use much macros. Entering Cat Form, using Prowl and Pounce if in stealth: Switching into Bear Form, and using Frenzied Regeneration and Enrage: Using Survival Instinct in either cat or bear, switching into Bear Form if you don't have any: All of your offensive cooldowns (including Troll's Racial): Faerie Fire Family Pack: 2 Skulls 1 Exploding Shrooms: Taunt, Ravage, Wild Mushrooms (placing): Charge if in Cat or Bear form, else Regrowth: Swipe for Cat and Bear, Rejuvenation for caster: Stampeding Roar for Bear and Cat, Thorns for caster: Demoralizing Roar for Bear, Tiger's Fury for Cat, Remove Corruption for caster: Neat macro for trolls, Now your utility tranquility is even faster! One big macro to cancel all of the nasty stuff: 11. Changelog 19.05.2017: Changed misinformation about glyph (Thank you Padthai!), fixed some typos 20.05.2017: Added additional section about Cat Form 4.06.2017: Added Macro section (Thanks Polaroid!) That's all from me (at least for now). I'd like to thank to everyone who encouraged me to write this guide, Mogromir in particular, and to Notosiup for teaching me how to play Feral for progression. Also huge props to Padthai, for encouraging me to write Cat Section, and Polaroid for huge ammount of useful macros! If you have some other tips, or remarks, feel free to share.
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    Download and install those softwares: CMake 3.7.2 https://cmake.org/files/v3.7/cmake-3.7.2-win64-x64.msi (other versions may cause errors in the process) Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2017 https://www.visualstudio.com/downloads/ During installation, select Visual C++ (Classic C++ Apps) installation. I'd recommend to also install C#/.Net for compiling some tools that could be found over the Internet and might help in further development. MySQL Community Server http://dev.mysql.com/get/Downloads/MySQLInstaller/mysql-installer-web-community- During installation, select "Custom", then click "Next" then you need to add under "MySQL Servers": "MySQL Server X64" and under "Applications": "MySQL Workbench X64". Then click "Next" and wait for the install. After the installation, you need to configure the server. In "Type and Networking" leave the default values. In "Accounts and Roles" you need to specify the password for the "root" default account. For example, give "root" as a password. This password and the login "root" will need to be written down in configuration files (plain text) for your server so do not use your favourite password. After giving the password and its confirmation, click "Next". In "Windows Service" check "Configure MySQL Server as a Windows Service" and click "Next" and then "Execute", "Finish", "Next", check "Start MySQL Workbench", click "Finish". Now MySQL Workbench is started. We configure it to use the server connection. At the top, click menu "Database" and "Manage Connections..." A window opens, click at the bottom left "New". Give a name to "Connection Name" for example "Root". Leave the other values to default (Hostname, Port 3306, Username root). For Password click button "Store in Vault..." and give the password you used during installation. Then click "Test Connection" to verify it works and then click "Close" Bellow the menu, at the left of "MySQL Connections", click the icon at the right of the +, then select your connection you just created and click "Close". Your connection now appears bellow "MySQL Connections". If you click on it, MySQL Workbench will connect to your local MySQL server. To make sure that your server is running, in the left panel under "instance" click "Startup / Shutdown" and it should be written in green "running". (The steps written in gray are optional/troubleshooting) Go in the folder "C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.7\include". See if the two files "binary_log_funcs.h" and "binary_log_types.h" are present. If not, create two text files with those names in your Desktop folder. Then fill them with the content available here: https://github.com/m...ogevents/export. And finally move them in the include directory were they are missing. You have to do this because of a mistake made by the creators of the installator of MySQL in Windows. Win64 OpenSSL 1.0.Xx (64bit, not "Light" and not 1.1.Xx!) https://slproweb.com/products/Win32OpenSSL.html Git https://github.com/g....2.11.0-64-bit.exe During installation, you need to choose "Use Git from the Windows Command Prompt", all other options can be left as default ZeroMQ 4.0.4 (64bit) http://miru.hk/archi...miru1.0-x64.exe Boost 1.64.0 mscv14.1 (64bit) https://sourceforge.net/projects/boost/files/boost-binaries/1.64.0/boost_1_64_0-msvc-14.1-64.exe/download After the installation you need to add a system variable to allow CMake to know where to find Boost. Open the System page of your computer: by using the shortcut WINDOWS+PAUSE or in the explorer with right click on "Computer" and click "Properties" In the left panel click "Advanced system settings" A window appears, select tab "Advanced" and click button "Environment Variables..." A window appears, click button new under "System Variables". As name give "BOOST_ROOT" and as value give "C:\local\boost_1_63_0" (this has to be the directory where boost was installed). While you are here For step 5 of the (Git) guide to make sure Git is detected later, check "PATH" variable if it has C:\Program Files\Git\cmd inside it, if not add it manually. Then click "ok" and close all windows. download those resources: The core sources https://gitlab.com/trinitycore/TrinityCore_434/tree/1a3911163285968d93c2d0d1dc97618b5d74a19c (click button "Download ZIP") The world database archive: "TDB_full_world_434.19_2017_05_16.rar" Archive "Data.7z": files required by the server (dbc, maps, vmaps, mmaps) installation Create a folder where you will put everything related to your local server(s). I assume you named it "ServerWow". Put this folder preferably on your desktop folder or documents folder due to windows administrator rights. Extract the core sources zip in ServerWow. You obtain the folder "TrinityCore" Create an empty folder named "TrinityCore434-4.3.4-build" in ServerWow Create a shortcut for MySQL Workbench (located here for me C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Workbench 6.3 CE\MySQLWorkbench.exe) and put it in the folder ServerWow and run it and connect to your MySQL server with the connection you created. Here we create the three databases needed for the Wow server. At the top left, click menu "File", "Run SQL Script..." and select the file "TrinityCore\sql\base\auth_database.sql" A window appears, at the bottom for "Default Schema Name" we need to give the name of the database. Give this name "auth434", then click "Run" and click "Close" when finished Click "File", "Run SQL Script..." and select the file "TrinityCore\sql\base\characters_database.sql" As "Default Schema Name" for this database give "character434" Extract TDB_full_world_434.19_2017_05_16.rar somewhere, you obtain the file TDB_full_world_434.19_2017_05_16.sql Click "File", "Run SQL Script..." and select the file "TDB_full_world_434.19_2017_05_16.sql" As "Default Schema Name" for this database type "world434" We can manually apply updates for the world database, but if you did not disable autoupdates in worldserver config it should not be necessary). Go to TrinityCore\sql\updates\world. All SQL files directly here needs to be applied. You can create one file from all of them by concatenating them: on keyboard type WINDOW+R. The execute window appear, type "cmd" inside and enter. It opens the command line. Copy the full folder path containing your SQL file and type this command "cd fullFolderPathContainingYourSQLfile" (to change the directory in the command line). Then paste this command "copy /b *.sql full.sql", full.sql will then contain the concatenation of all SQL script in this folder. You just need to apply the single script "full.sql" to your world434 database now instead of separate files. Click "File", "Run SQL Script..." and select the file "full.sql" As "Default Shema Name" to apply the fix give "world434" You can delete TDB_full_world_434.19_2017_05_16.sql and full.sql now Close MySQL Workbench In your Wow client (version 4.3.4), go to "Data\enGB", then open "realmlist.wtf" with a text editor and replace all its content by "set realmlist". This is the address "localhost" meaning the address of your own computer Create a shortcut for CMake-gui (located here for me C:\Program Files (x86)\CMake\bin\cmake-gui.exe) and put it in the folder ServerWow and run it. Click button "Browse Source..." and select the source folder "TrinityCore_434-1a3911..." Click button "Browse Build..." and select the folder (create if not exists) TrinityCore434-4.3.4-build Click button "Configure". A window appears. In the list, select "Visual Studio 15 2017 Win64" and select "Use default native compilers". Then click "Finish" and wait the configuration is finished. If you obtain an error because MySQL was not found: In the panel above "Configure" button you should see "MYSQL_INCLUDE_DIR-NOTFOUND" in red. You need to give to CMake the folder of the include directory of MySQL. Click on "MYSQL_INCLUDE_DIR-NOTFOUND". At the right a button "..." appears, click on it and select the folder "C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.7\include" in the window that appeared. (be carefull, the value then is "C:/Program Files/MySQL/MySQL Server 5.7/include": / instead of \ ) You should also see below "MYSQL_LIBRARY-NOTFOUND". You need to give to CMake the path to the .lib file of MySQL. Click on "MYSQL_LIBRARY-NOTFOUND" and then on the button "..." and select the file "C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.7\lib\libmysql.lib" in the window that appeared. (be carefull, the value then is "C:/Program Files/MySQL/MySQL Server 5.7/lib/libmysql.lib": / instead of \) Click button "Configure" again. If everything goes right, at the end you obtain the message "Configuring done". Otherwise post your error to get help. Click button "Generate". If you have "Generating done" at the end, this is good, otherwise post your error to get help. Close CMake Go inside folder "TrinityCore434-4.3.4-build". Lots of files have been added with the CMake generation. Open the file "TrinityCore.sln" (with Microsoft Visual Studio 2017) Make sure that "x64" is selected at the top and just left of this, choose "RelWithDebInfo" instead of "Debug" by default In the "Solution Explorer" (if you do not see it, click menu "View" then "Solution Explorer"), right click on "Solution "TrinityCore"", and click "Build solution". This is the compilation of the server, it can be long (4 minutes on my computer) and it slows down other programs. At the end of the compilation, if everything goes right, you should see something like "========== Build: 17 succeeded, 0 failed, 0 up-to-date, 1 skipped ==========". If you have compilation errors, ask for help. Close Visual Studio Go inside the newly created folder "TrinityCore434-4.3.4-build\bin\RelWithDebInfo\". In this folder you have worldserver.exe and authserver.exe (created during the compilation) Copy in the current directory the file libmysql.dll (located here for me C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.7\lib) Copy in the current directory the file libzmq-v120-mt-4_0_4.dll (located here for me C:\Program Files\ZeroMQ 4.0.4\bin) Extract here the archive named "Data.7z" containing the 4 folders dbc, maps, vmaps and mmaps. You can then delete "Data.7z" Create a copy of the file "authserver.conf.dist" in the same folder and name it "authserver.conf" Create a copy of the file "worldserver.conf.dist" in the same folder and name it "worldserver.conf" Open "authserver.conf" with a text editor. You need to modify the line LoginDatabaseInfo = ";3306;trinity;trinity;auth to the name I told you to use is "auth434". LoginDatabaseInfo = ";3306;trinity;trinity;auth434 The first thing is the address of the authentication server (leave it like that (it must be the same as your address from your MySQL server)). Then 3306 is the port to connect to the MySQL server (leave it like that (it must be the same in MySQL)). Then there is the login of your MySQL server. Replace it with "root". Then this is the password corresponding to the login in MySQL. The password I told you to use is "root". Then this is the name of the authentication database. Close this file Open worldserver.conf in your text editor. It is almost the same Here, change the three lines LoginDatabaseInfo = ";3306;trinity;trinity;auth" WorldDatabaseInfo = ";3306;trinity;trinity;world" CharacterDatabaseInfo = ";3306;trinity;trinity;characters" with those lines LoginDatabaseInfo = ";3306;root;root;auth434" WorldDatabaseInfo = ";3306;root;root;world434" CharacterDatabaseInfo = ";3306;root;root;character434" (in case there are still problems change one more line) Updates.EnableDatabases = 7 to Updates.EnableDatabases = 0 Close this file You need to create an account on your local server to be able to connect. Open the application worldserver.exe. It should load the server from the database and keeps being opened. (If the window close suddenly, open a command line, go inside this folder with the command line and launch the exe by typing its name in the command line. This way the command line will still be opened after the crash of the server, and you can ask for help with errors you see if you need, the server should generate Server.log file which shows where it stopped). In this command window type "enter". A prompt appears. You can type commands here. The command to create an account is the following: ".account create LOGIN PASSWORD". It can be handy to give short login and password to help you go faster. For example, you can type ".account create a a". Then you can change your gm level for this account by typing this command: ".account set gmlevel a 3 -1". it gives to account "a" the maximum gmlevel (3) on all realms (-1) To accelerate your tests, you might want to start your server and your Wow client with one double click. And as a player of Atlantiss, you also use your Wow client 4.3.4 to play on the server. So you also want that the realmlist is updated automatically. In your Wow client, in the folder Data\enGB where you have realmlist.wtf, create a new file named "realmlist_atlantiss.txt" and as content give "set realmlist play.atlantiss.eu". Create a new file named "realmlist_local.txt" and as content give "set realmlist". In the same root folder of your client where you have Wow.exe, create a new file named "Wow.bat" (you need to change its extension). Edit this file with a text editor and put those lines as content @echo off copy /Y "D:\Wow4.3.4.15595\Data\enGB\realmlist_atlantiss.txt" "D:\Wow4.3.4.15595\Data\enGB\realmlist.wtf" start D:\Wow4.3.4.15595\Wow.exe exit 0 Make sure to replace "D:\Wow4.3.4.15595\" by the path to your Wow.exe in your 4.3.4 Wow client folder. Now you can create a shortcut for Wow.bat and when you want to play on Altantiss, use this shortcut. In the same folder as worldserver.exe, create a new text file. And rename it to "434local.bat" (you need to change its extension). Edit this file with a text editor and put those lines as content @echo off copy /Y "D:\Wow4.3.4.15595\Data\enGB\realmlist_local.txt" "D:\Wow4.3.4.15595\Data\enGB\realmlist.wtf" start authserver.exe start worldserver.exe start D:\Wow4.3.4.15595\Wow.exe exit 0 Make sure to replace "D:\Wow4.3.4.15595\" by the path to your Wow.exe in your 4.3.4 Wow client folder. Then create a shortcut for "434local.bat" and name it "434local" and finally put this shortcut directly in your ServerWow folder. Now is the end, to run your server, use your shortcut. And in the wow client, use the login and password you created in the worldserver command line.
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    AYY WE GOT THIS BOYS #SayoAxel1600IQDuoCarry #AtleastDoubleTheGroupsIQ #Kats21KRetriHealingPhase4
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    Immortale jeżdżą Multiplą !!!
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    Hi I just started to work as dev on our beloved Dragonwrath, so I will post here screenshots from my work, I hope you will like that 1. Baradin Hold 4.3 boss Alizabal: 2. Firelands Trash(more soon): 3. Only the Penitent(just need to polish some things )
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    GIT GUT Warning: Casual racism and/or sexism may occur, please reconsider joining if you are: Mongoloid, Negroid, Bisexual, Homosexual or Female The worlds greatest PvP guild is here. Created by the finest of Horde, GIT GUT is here to make Horde GUT. The guild was created on 2nd of June and since then has been activly running Premade BGs. We will continue to run Premades and get prepared for Rated BGs and then proceed to dodge them like every other Horde guild, also will create PvP events in the future. Some of our premades here. We have even encountered an 8 man premade of our friend guild on Alliance - Prostowrjy PvP, needless to say, they too have fallen on ther knees by the power of GIT GUT Forget all of the other guilds! We are everything you need! <Infected> ? More like lolfected, carried by legendaries <Dignity> ? More like dognity, you lasted whole 2 months <Resurrected> ? More like deadussected, where are you now <Prostowrjy PvP> ? More like kurwaPvP, beat your premade, didnt even flex lol <GIT GUT> ? Simply... GUT.. TM DISCLAIMER: This is obviously a joke, no hard feelings towards any of the mentioned guild or their members... Except Infected So, of course, you must know how to join the god guild that is GIT GUT, well our requirments are quite simple: -1300+ Rated BG rating -2200+ in 2v2 -2000+ in 3v3 -If caster, you must have a legendary -If you're a healer you get an instant invite as we are in desperate need of healers -If you're a Blood DK you get ignored -You must be extremely arrogant and obnoxious User experience If you are still not interested in joining our guild, here are some comments from our guildies: Whitesong - "This guild is slowly healing my depression. It is not healing my pathological lying though." Kaspiix - "I was a boy before I joined this guild, I am a man now." Elianor - "This guild got my country Greece out of debt." Fahrad - "I may not be a member, but just by playing with these guys, my penis has doubled in size." Heatz - "I was no GUT before, I am GUT now. Thank you GIT GUT." Alajos - "I was always GUT, idk." Satsuma - "They are doing their best to keep UK in EU. I am very thankful and I think Kirraq is very cool." Blinkmaster - "Hurr Durr iz any1 over 7 rating here xdxd ur buthurt not me xd lol." Pst, if you wanna be added here, /w me ingame GIT GUT Staff List -Whitesong, Hero of the Horde -> The GM -Challenger Alajos -> The Advertiser -Kaspiix, Hero of the Alliance -> But with an x -Heatz -> Translator and doubleagent Please feel free to contact anyone mentioned above, the requirments mentioned may or may not always apply. We hope to see you soon With zero respect: Alajos Changelog: Sponsored by Infected
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    Happy to help y'all morally as my mage is garbage. You're a great group of people. Enjoyed every second of the two progress days needed to get it down. Much love <3
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    Greetings! I am Game Master Yggr, and this topic is about how to fire up your game. For starters, make sure you've downloaded our torrent which contains the game, if not you can get it from here: http://atlantiss.eu/pages/1 If you are experiencing errors such as : or Et Cetera This is what you should try, there are 2 possible fixes. Fix #1: 1. Open your main WoW folder 2. Locate "Data" folder, then right-click it 3. Go to "Properties" and un-mark "Read-only" option. 4. Click "Apply", then "Ok" 5. Fire up your game Fix #2: Go to your wow folder, locate 3 files: 1 .Wow.mfil 2. Wow.tfil 3. Wow_434.exe These files should be in the main wow folder, just delete them. Later go here http://www.atlantiss.eu/pages/1 Download the mini-client, open it with WinRar and copy the same 3 files and put them in your main wow folder Also right click on your Data folder, go to "properties" and unmark the "Read-only" option. Run the game using wow_434.exe
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    (Last updated 21.06.2017) Symphony of war is an international guild, level 25. It was founded back in 2014, when the server had just turned international recently and the non-polish community was extremely small. Our rivalry with the other, bigger at the time, international guild, meant we have to fight for every active player, so it was easy for us to see that everyone has value and needs to be respected and helped. We developed the strategy to not only form a guild of people with the same goals, but to create a community inside the game, based on providing for eachother and making bonds while playing. It was extremely hard at first, but we managed to survive and grow to be one of the big guilds on the horde side. In that time, we killed some bosses, we met some interesting people, made some friends and some enemies, developed bonds, and had a lot of fun. With time, people developed skills, and some experienced players joined us, so we became a raiding guild- the first horde international guild to have own raid groups at the time(to my knowledge). If you're interested in joining us, well, this is what we offer: PvE- our main thing. Our heroic progress group raids at fridays, saturdays and sundays, at 7pm. Progress is 13/13heroic at t11 and 7/7hc at Firelands ( Progress on t11 heroic before the release of FL was 9/13, this needs to be noted) Our second group is raiding monday nights with a more casual aproach. Progress there is 6/7 heroic PvP: We are not a pvp guild, but have some talanted pvp players who can push the rest of us to do stuff. We have a couple of good arena teams in guild, people are grouping up for battlegrounds a lot, and you can always find some guildie to duel in Durotar if you get bored. Some other rules ya need to know about: We do not trade with guildies. If you can provide for free, you should, and you should expect the same in return. If its an expensive item, you can make it for the guildie, if he/she provides you with the mats needed. Help others and you will be helped too. Glyphs are free, gems are free, items are free, if you provide mats for the expensive ones, mechanohogs and vial of the sands are free, if you provide mats again. The average age of our guildies is twenty-something, with a group of a bit more mature people too, also a couple of quite younger ones.We enjoy having fun, even goofing around sometimes, and we try to be helpful, but people who troll idiocy or take advantage of our willingness to provide, will swiftly be removed. You have been warned. If all of this sounds good to you and you want to join in, Whisper some of these people(our officer team) ingame and they will get you started: Sathus, Asmodei, Cashforgold, Alexski (Recruiting is currently OPEN for casual members ) As a member of the heroic progress group, you are expected to know your class inside out, to be skilled and geared enough for a weekly 6/7 farm and Rag heroic progress. As a member of the 2nd raiding group, you are expected to join our raids on monday nights( sometimes thuesdays as well) at 7 pm server time. Progress is 6/7 heroic. As a casual member, you will not get a certain raid spot, but you are more than welcome to join the community, be a part of our xmog runs, mount and legendary farms, etc http://atlantiss.eu/armory/guild/1214#view-pageOur armory page See ya ingame Sathus, officer of Symphony of war.
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    That is a lot of hype, actually. Thank you all. Shame i can only give 10 likes a day. We will try to get everyone the kill in due time, Mizu Don't hype me though, i solo tank because our healers are great enough to make it happen. Took us 434 wipes total and taught me some lessons. I havent edited for a while: we are no longer recruiting raiders, but are always open for casuals.
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    dawno się nie odzywaliśmy, ale mamy niesamowicie pozytywne wieści! otóż nasza gildia od dzisiejszego wieczora liczy 20 firelordów! kill w pełni wypracowany i zasłużony, jesteście zajebiści chłopaki! czas skupić się na wersji 25, a w tym temacie mamy dla was intratną propozycję. otóż nie pogardzimy M O C A R N Y M lekarzem, w szczególności dyskotekowym księdzem uwaga inscenizacja ale nie pogardzimy też świętym lub nawet jakimkolwiek hilem. byle leczył potężnie a wy czekajcie na film z super killa, soon™
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    Jakby ktoś się martwił co tam słychać u Old Campów, mamy kolejny progres Lord Hc padł! Brawo dla ekipy! Wstawiam również zaległy screen z Alyski
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    hi dear atlantiss staff! i hav officially reformed and my account finally got its restrictions out of the way! the only problem i am currently having is that i cant chat on the chatbox and i also cant see my messenger. what happened!!? can i please get that fixed asap? much love xoxo, sayo ps: i alrdy miss my friends, cant message them tho
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    Greetings, As some of you might be aware or not, I no longer actively play on Atlantiss. That is due to my failure to find groups for t11hc. This is in no way the fault of the staff. On the contrary, i still believe the staff are doing a great job overall, especially the developers. I know not everything is perfect, but this server still has quality to offer. I do believe that, even tho i'm no longer an active players here, i can still call myself a <insert qualifier here; toxic, idealist, pragmatic, whatever> member of this community. I really appreciate how jenova and other staff gave everyone the possibility to become a dev gradually and after being tested. Buti doubt jenova or any other member of the staff would recruit or co-opt as a dev someone with close to zero experience when it comes to fixing stuff/coding (i don't know the exact word, i'm not tech savvy) and is not willing to learn. My suggestion is that the same care be given to recruiting devs be given to recruiting GMs, especially those in power to assess what is and is not free speech, racism, hate speech, etc. If you would not like someone who knows little to no coding and is not willing to learn on your dev team, why would you give GM powers to people who make blatant and obvious mistakes (like equating nationality to ethnicity, or repeatedly, and despite being confronted with what is widely regarded as accurate information, spew false data about demographics) and is prone to fall prey to basic fallacies like misquoting, cherry-picking or selective quoting, logical fallacies, etc. It is my strong belief and suggestion that, in the same way a strong development team needs passionate, dedicated and qualified and/or willing to learn coders, so does a community needs managers who are knowledgeable, well read, and not prone to falling to middle school argumentation and logical fallacies and their evaluation will be based on more than availability and loyalty. I'm passionate about atlantiss, i'm dedicated to it, but i sure as hell am not knowledgeable about coding, nor do i have any interest in it. Should i ask jenova or whomever is responsible to make me a dev? Of course not. I do hope the staff and the community will continue to do a good job and i wish everyone all the best.
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    Bugtracker link: https://github.com/Atlantiss/BugTracker/issues/4807Describe your fix: Tailoring back enchants have too short ICDs.Post fix here using tag: Account name: hadeis1
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    OLD CAMP jest gildią nastawioną na PVE, a swoją przygodę na Atlantisie zaczęliśmy 5 października 2016. Początkowo była to kameralna inicjatywa składająca się z grupy znajomych, niektórych znających się z życia codziennego, innych grających razem już kupę czasu . Lubimy wspólnie porajdować, progressować, czasem po prostu spontanicznie zorganizować jakiś wypad TBC czy WotLK. W naszych szeregach pragniemy zgromadzić ludzi, którzy wyznają podobną filozofię gry - doceniamy tych, którym zależy na rozwoju gildii jak i osoby, które chcą z nami stworzyć zgraną ekipę, nie tylko rajdującą. Nasze obecne osiągnięcia to BoT 2/4 HC, BwD 6/6, ToT4w 2/2 oraz FL 5/7 HC Kogo szukamy? Przede wszystkim graczy ze zdrowym podejściem do życia, także tego wirtualnego. Obecnie dysponujemy jedną stałą progressową hc grupą FL, grupą drugą progressującą norm oraz trzecią- altową. W naszych planach jest również przyszły podbój T11 HC. Informacje na temat zapotrzebowania na nowych graczy będą na bieżąco ogłaszane pod tym postem. Co u nas jest fajnego? · Systematyczne rajdy, odbywające się najczęściej w tygodniu wieczorami oraz weekendowy chillout z t11 lub innymi spontanicznymi wypadami · Forum, gdzie znajdziecie opisy taktyk z filmami oraz najnowsze niusy dotyczące życia gildyjnego, nasze fotorelacje z rajdów lub eventów · Ludzie z poczuciem humoru i chęcią do pomocy Czego oczekujemy od Ciebie? · Aktywności, ogarnięcia swojej postaci, znajomości taktyk rajdowych · Czasu w środku tygodnia w godzinach 19-22 · Kultury osobistej, cierpliwości i dystansu do świata · Posiadania TS3 Osoby, do których należy zgłaszać się w sprawie rekrutacji: Wasett, Madever, Emeralde, Frevia, Saphiriia, Kudlaczka
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    Well I'd rather have a less Blizzlike server that is alive than a Blizzlike server that is more dead than a Texas sallad bar.
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    Funny. We all laughed. No, you won't be unbanned from chat and I'm also not having a bad day but thank you for asking.
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    Well, we killed Rag heroic last night, and i feel like i should add some more serious tips for the fight. First, forget all you know. You will have to adapt to playing differently and those of you, who, just like me, dont really like or have experience with Blood DPS, might not like it. The reality is that the tank damage taken is just not that much on this fight, while the DPS requirements are kinda crazy. In order to help your team, you will have to maximise your DPS. On the upside, we are the best class for the job by far. We are capable of tanking the entire fight solo, while doing great numbers on the DMG meter. Your Stat priority should be STR>Hit>expertise>Haste> Crit>Mastery. I know it was stated that Crit> Haste is better, but now that i have tested it for myself, haste is by far the better option, providing you with a lot of DPS as well as with more defence. You should also use the Death strike glyph, since a lot of haste will provide you with a lot of RP. Using all the dps gear available, i got 2600 haste unbuffed, i am missing items though, so more is possible. This provides you with a lot of runic power and your runes come back quite fast as well. As for trinkets, i use Apparatus and the Rep one. Two on-activation effects, it is weird, i know. But you dont want them simply for the burst, you want them because they provide both offensive and defensive value. As the fight starts, prepot, use your rep trinket, wait for procs from your weapon enchant and whatever else you have and pop your ghoul. Save AMS for every trap, once you get 10+ stacks you will likely die unless you AMS the trap damage. Rotate your other cds and use apparatus during the 1st phase for the haste bonus both for damage and to increase your regeneration. The incoming damage will be crazy at the end, if your raid has other CD's, ask for help ( Our paladin helped me here with Sacrifice). Yell out for healing as you rush to kill transition adds or just use your lichbone if you have it. My dps on the end of phase one looked like this(on a really good attempt) Keep in mind the actual DPS players are not trying hard on this phase, they are all capable of a lot more. The screenshot is not from the kill night, we had a feral here and didnt have one for the kill. During the transition, you are capable of killing adds easily, especially if your stacks havent expired yet( in that case, you can 2shot an add). During the 2nd phase, dont forget about AMS-ing the traps, but start saving cd's for the 3rd, especially your trinkets. You can and should reset your stacks at some point, our Arms warrior helped me by taunting for 1-2 sec after the first seeds. You probably wont need to reset more than once, i had around 9-12 stacks on reaching 2nd transition. 2nd transition is tricky, since you will likely need to kill an add and take both scions within a few seconds. I was killing an add close to the hammer as i take aggro of the scion next to the hammer, then run and death grip the other scion, pop Dancing rune weapon ( you need it now, never on 3rd phase), and kill the adds asap. Ideally both of them should be dead before Rag comes back up, but one dead will also do. If they are all alive, pop cd's and hope you dont die( they do a lot of damage and you are not a tank, not really). During the 3rd phase, your dps will likely not match what you are doing on the 1st phase. There is just too much stuff the boss is casting, your Vengeance might drop, your stacks are likely to expire, and so on. On my best try i was doing 40k there, but on average, it was closer to 30-32, which would put me last on dps( But hey, last with over 30k is not that bad). 4th phase can be scary. You have to do the usual tactics, while also tanking the boss alone. I had our Arms warrior help me here again by leaping away and putting the boss in the first roots. This will likely help your stacks reseting, but if unlucky, they just wont. Another issues is our lack of mobility, if the roots spawn too far. Ask a raid member for a speed buff and make sure you have bone shield up and glyphed. AMS and Lichboune can save your ass as you run in and out of the frost patch. If your stacks dont reset, remember your rotations from phase 1, use both trinkets as defensive CD's as well. Unlike p3, you want to use Dancing rune weapon too. I did die last night, near the end of the fight, with 19 stacks, after our healers put insane efforts to keep me alive. After all, dont forget that doing the big dps and solo tanking is more to the healer's credit, than due to your skill. Thank them for keeping your paper ass alive, they deserve it.
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    was a hyped kill Sathus u beast 0% dodge solo
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    We're still looking for combat rogue, elemental shamman and holy paladin for progress Rag 25HC. Few informations about last tries : * the best try - 20% hp on 4th phase * always 2 meteors * 2nd meteors on 12,7% hp Rag on 3rd phase (best try) * We can do it with only 1 meteor. It's really possible. Looks good! Mayby tomorrow will be movie from this try. Application on : www.immortallegionats.enjin.com GO GO IL!
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    also as I said, I HAVE REFORMED!
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    Hey I am Årty, also known as Roguetrainer and Rmpherox in game. I would like to host a 2v2 Tournament since I am quitting Atlantiss finally! I will be Streaming on twitch.tv/artyego during the Tournament. I will not be in the Tournament. The Tournament will start on 28th May which is a Saturday 8PM and onwards. There is 2 weeks because I need to have info on teams and who will be joining etc. The Prize Pool: First Place: 60000Gold and a Fel Drake Second Place: 40000Gold Third Place: 20000Gold For the Tournament to take place there must be a minimum of (TEN) Teams. Rules: 1. You can Participate with any comp you would like Except for Double Healer. 2. If you disconnect before The Arena starts you can come back and play but if you dc (MID GAME)Your enemy doesn't need to wait for you to comeback and the match will go on. 3. No exploits, no bugs and no cheating in anyway. All matches will be played as Wargames and every first match will start in The Nagrand Arena and then losers chose their map for second match and the third will be All Arenas. You can bring you friend or whoever your partner is then You EMAIL ME IN GAME (Roguetrainer) OR MY PRIVATE MESSAGE HERE ON FORUMS if you're horde with your partners name and yourself ofcourse. There will be no Reserve players or substitutions, the guy you chose to play with will be the one and only person you play with. After all teams been decided I will randomize the bracket for who will be facing who. I've added time mark on the matches, the matches will be MAX 15 minute and if you didn't kill eachother by then it will come down to who did the most dps and his team will gain +1 win You will be playing best out of 3 matches and the Finals will be best out of 5. In our Tournament it will be Double Elimination basically which means that you have another chance to comeback for finals if you lose your first match. More info to come stay Tuned! I know it's a small Tournament but I just wanted to do somethng before I quit as a memory. Feel free to leave a comment to Discuss certain things that you wanna know if I am missing something! Good Luck Atlantiss Gladiators! ;D New Rule:You can que any comp you want aslong as it's you and your partner, but you have to tell me what comp you will que before the match start!
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    List of winners of ended PvP season. 3v3 Ruthless Gladiator & Ruthless Gladiator's Twilight Drake Quodän Ireneadler Rmpherox Roguetrainer Boomkingx Sacjktrinket Gladiator & Ruthless Gladiator's Twilight Drake Blinkmaster Champk Hatedlol Duelist Wingnanx Aviann Lingu Ostrymo Elannx Vqpz Managixe Maxielicious Haribø Rival Hadralt Miakhalifax Shadylove Doomz Azuthoris Stega Challenger Bustyplz Galko Jpegx Dildohammer Huntyoudownx 2v2 Duelist Archelíon Smìte Elannx Rival Aviann Aryghos Challenger Quodän Roguetrainer Dmgerpirest Drfilømd Players that already have the Ruthless titles and mounts will be rewarded with the Brutal equivalents. Titles will be given at friday during the server maintenance. Best regards.
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    Mamy zaszczyt ogłosić, że w tym tygodniu gildia dokonała małego progressu na FL, a mianowicie na dzień dzisiejszy wynosi on 3/7 HC (shannox, majordomo, baleroc) W związku z potrzebą umocnienia pierwszej grupy rajdowej potrzeba mocnego TANKA PALADYNA lub DRUIDA
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    I'm glad I could make it with you guys . Great guild.
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    Chyba, że coś mi umknęło...
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    Trying to create some hype haha, new movie comming out with remaster of old footage and unseen footage and new footage, Extra content that I cut from the arena movie with quo (More arena footage of Enhancement/fire 2s) and other stuff, hope it all goes good, here is a old trailer that I had for it since a couple of years ago xD, not sure how long the full movie will be, but it could be from 30 mins up to 1h or more anyway thanks for reading this.
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    I would like to present you our promotion video! video below
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    sorry mom im a criminal
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    seriously? me calling out gms being incapable of speaking English fluently got me banned on shoutbox? okay, fuck shoutbox, but give me my messenger back lmfao
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    Bugtracker link: https://github.com/Atlantiss/BugTracker/issues/9236 Describe your fix: Drain Soul wasn't proccing the Apocalypse buff given by tier 12 4-piece bonus. Account name: Ashrasmun Comment: Given the nature of channeling spells on Atlantiss, additional procFlag is set, so that the bonus can proc from Drain Soul ticks too (from what I know, that are behaving like dots). Update would probably suffice, but for completion sake I present the full insert that works for all four spells. Proof: SQL fix: -- [EN][Spell][Warlock] Drain Soul does not proc Warlock T12 4-set. -- Shadow Bolt [0] 0x00000001 [1] 0x00000000 [2] 0x00000000 -- Incinerate [0] 0x00000000 [1] 0x00000040 [2] 0x00000000 -- Soul Fire [0] 0x00000000 [1] 0x00000080 [2] 0x00000000 -- Drain Soul [0] 0x00004000 [1] 0x00000000 [2] 0x00000000 DELETE FROM spell_proc_event WHERE entry = 99229; INSERT INTO spell_proc_event ( entry, -- Item - Warlock T12 4p Bonus SchoolMask, -- Physical SpellFamilyName, -- SPELLFAMILY_WARLOCK SpellFamilyMask0, SpellFamilyMask1, SpellFamilyMask2, procFlags, -- PROC_FLAG_SUCCESSFUL_NEGATIVE_SPELL_HIT | PROC_FLAG_ON_DO_PERIODIC procEx, ppmRate, CustomChance, -- 5% Cooldown ) VALUES (99229, 0, 5, 0x00004001, 0x000000C0, 0, 0x00050000, 0, 0, 5, 0);
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    waymoka1: 1. T10 Pre Pull - T10 was fixed in patch 4.0.6, look at the Blizzard forums, you can easily find topics with some mages crying about it, others saying that it's good they finally fixed it, other asking why doesnt it work anymore is it a bug and so on. Also no logs past 4.1 from any bosses have mages gain the Quad Core buff (more evidence that it got fixed). This bug later appeared again in MoP. On Cata 4.3 Quad Core pre pull SHOULD NOT WORK and thats why we fixed it - BLIZZLIKE. 2. Hot Streak with Legendary Staff - there was a "bug" on 4.3 that caused the Legendary Proc to eat Hot Streak, this is also how it works on our server. This means we are BLIZZLIKE. Both of these issues have been fixed to work as they did during 4.3 on retail. Please tell me why do you think we aren't consistent. Both of these issue were solved in a BLIZZLIKE way I think that means we are being consistent, don't you? You claim that fixes aren't being done fast enough and we fix things players don't care about? Here is a quick list of stuff we did in the last month: 1. Started scripting WoE - yeah I know, noone cares about new content, we should stop wasting our time. 2. Finished End Time - yeah I know, no one cares about new content, we should stop wasting our time. 3. Almost finished Hour of Twilight - yeah I know, no one cares about new content, we should stop wasting our time. 4. Haste stacking bug fixed - yeah no caster really cares about 7% of haste missing during Heroism / Bloodlust. No one cares about haste breakpoints, why are we wasting our time. 5. DK Fixes - Gargoyle immunity, Gargoyle Crit, Frost Strike fix - I guess we dont have DKs playing on the server, waste of time. 6. Released Ring of Valor - no one cares about PvP, we only wasted our time. 7. Released SoTa - no one cares about PvP, we only wasted our time. 8. Fixed Power Word: Barrier in PvP - only crazy ppl play Priest PvP, we shouldnt have fixed it. 9. Fixes to Fireland - ppl still doing Firelands in 2017? Impossible! 10. Crash Fixes - well we are the ones that made stuff crash, so it's our fault we have to fix later crashes, stupid Developers... 11. Dozen of quest fixes, loot fixes, visual fixes, world fixes - only Achievment Bots care about this stuff! Developers stop fixing useless stuff! This month was one of the most active months in the last 6 months, but some ppl will still complain that we do shit, we do bad things, we fix useless things, we suck and so on. Just because you dont care about a fix doesnt mean other players dont, you're not the center of the universe, stop complaining that we fixed a bug and nerfed your class because of it. PS: Since no one cares about any of these fixes, please tell me what fix we should do to make everyone care about it?
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    Did you ever want to become a Content Fixer or a Developer? If the answer is yes you are in the right place. Let’s start by explaining how someone can become a Content Fixer. Learn how to setup a server - Learn the basics from our tutorials - https://community.atlantiss.eu/index.php?/forum/139-tutorials/ Search for some simple bugs on our Bugtracker - https://github.com/Atlantiss/BugTracker/issues Try to fix the bugs you selected for yourself and upload them to our forum - https://community.atlantiss.eu/index.php?/forum/90-post-your-fix/ Repeat 3 and 4 Every now and then, we try to check all the fixes, give some feedback and accept or reject them. If we see that you know the basics and have done a few fixes, we will make you a Content Fixer. After becoming a CF we will invite you to our Skype Group were our CFs and Developers are. There, you can learn new things from other CFs and Developers. If you’re really good, there is a chance for you to become a Developer (like our awesome TBC developer Toto!). Becoming a Developer is harder and requires more time, but it’s possible. If you have any questions, leave a post below. We will try to answer them. If we find some interesting questions, we might add them to this post. Cheers!
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    Gratulacje dla Was! Teraz pora na uczciwą rywalizację o FK Raga Powodzenia!
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    Baleroc HC robiony na jednego hila holy paladyna Kudłaczkę. Jak najbardziej do zrobienia pod warunkiem, że ogarnia on swoją klasę, a mogę zapewnić że Kudłacz świetnie ogarnia swoją postać Wielkie brawa dla całej ekipy, myślę że każdy z osobna zasłużył na tytuł mvp, to dla nas kolejny duży krok, a my się dopiero rozkręcamy
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    Hi. I been played in many servers and I saw this functions on a server named Freakz-wow.   The functions: http://imgur.com/9xiV9mQ   Let's explain. We can find things on the server. With this Database functions.   Let's for example I don't know how to find "Thorium Ore" on Server, because every server has difference Nodes for Mining. So I clicked "Object Finder"   Than I got this window: http://imgur.com/5lL2lsz   In this Screenshot, we have a List. I searched for "Thorium" And the search engine gave me those options to choose. In this case, I chose "Small Thorium Ore" (92 Spawns)   http://imgur.com/jOuqiH7   In the Next screenshot we can see it gave me all the Nodes for "Small Thorium Ore" on Map. include information where, when it spawned(by Time), usable Nodes mark in Green, and used Nodes are marked in Red.   We can see that Winterspring has (35 Spawns), Silithius has (30 Spawns) Etc, Etc.   http://imgur.com/Aj2K2lQ   It also has this List that show what you can Mine from those Nodes, and the Chance of items to drop Updated to the Server Rates.     There is also has another Finders, for Example "NPCs" Like here I searched for "Largo" http://imgur.com/GTb77Z8   It give me information like HP, Damage, Type etc. It really work similar to Wowhead just updated to correct server ingame locations.   Hope to see this soon on Atlantiss.
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    Resto druids suck? Maybe you suck because you don't know how to play the class. Don't underestimate other classes. Son
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    Dam sure is hard to be best BDK when youre the only one playing it Blood dk - kys Unholy dk - me Frost dk - me Boomy - Kaspiifan, not me Feral - my lvl 80 Resto - my lvl 80 Holy pala - Kaspiisucks aka me Ret Pala - also me Prot pala - kys Did i miss any class ?
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        Who are we?   Wipe Scene Investigation is an English speaking progressive raiding guild on Horde side.   When do we raid?   We currently raid: Wednesdays from 8PM to 11PM server time (currently CET) Thursdays from 8PM to 11PM server time Mondays from 8PM to 11PM server time For our main runs. More days will likely be added during progression phase.   Who are we looking for?   We are a guild dedicated to raiding and are looking for mature players that share the same dedication as us. We value players who learn from their mistakes and always strive to improve.  We require you to know and understand the mechanics behind your class, you are expected to know how to min-max your class. You should know how to at least play 2 specs of your class at a high level. Most importantly we value players who show up for raids on time, prepared and motivated to raid. Obviously if you sign up for a raid, you're expected to stay until the end of scheduled raiding time and to give your maximum during that time.   How to join us?   http://investigation.shivtr.com/ To join us, you will be required to fill out a quick application form on our website that officers will review and if your application is accepted we will invite you into the guild for a trial period, to evaluate your skill level. You can whisper an officer in game for more info on the application/trial process. Now recruiting for 25. We're still looking for a tank (pref Feral) as well as ranged DPS, but all exceptional applications will be considered.     Progression:    Tier 11 - (13/13 Heroic): Blackwing Descent: - Magmaw Normal + Heroic - Omnitron Normal + Heroic - Chimaeron Normal + Heroic - Atramedes Normal + Heroic - Maloriak Normal + Heroic - Nefarian Normal + Heroic   Bastion of Twilight: - Halfus Normal + Heroic - Valiona & Theralion Normal + Heroic - Ascendant Council Normal + Heroic - Cho'Gall Normal + Heroic - Sinestra Heroic    Throne of the Four Winds: - Conclave of the Wind Normal + Heroic - Al'akir Normal + Heroic   Tier 12 - (7/7 Heroic): Firelands: - Beth'tilac + Heroic (September 7th, 2016) - Lord Rhyolith + Heroic (September 7th, 2016) - Alysrazor + Heroic (September 7th, 2016) - Shannox + Heroic (September 7th, 2016) - Baleroc + Heroic (September 7th, 2016) - Majordomo Staghelm + Heroic (September 7th, 2016) - Ragnaros + Heroic (September 11th, 2016; Realm First!)   Tier 12 25man - (6/7 Heroic): - Beth'tilac + Heroic - Lord Rhyolith + Heroic - Alysrazor + Heroic - Shannox + Heroic - Baleroc + Heroic - Majordomo Staghelm + Heroic - Ragnaros
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    Bugtracker link: https://github.com/Atlantiss/BugTracker/issues/297 Some miscellaneous fixes. (Probably not reported.) Describe your fix: Edited the Yowler quest chain. Now the quests are accepted in the field. Added tooltips to the NPCs with questitem drops. Account name: User101 Comment: Clear cache. Most values for the quests are taken from sniffs. Credits to docholiday. SQL fix: https://gist.github.com/TranceAccount/fd8fcc85cd15698b21e5fe318683a2a1
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    Bump for some very good progression on Monday, google docs OP
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    just join isis and do smth useful with ur life?
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    It's the most unnecessary information you need, It sits right in the middle of the screen and since most of you prefer zoomed out view, you can't even read it, letters just become scattered pixels.
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    Gratulacje! Widać, że hunter potrafi biegać