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    Dear Atlantiss community, we all make mistakes, we are all wrong sometimes and we behave improperly from time to time. Getting punished for bad behavior is alright, but we all deserve second chances, don't you think? We would like to ask you about your opinion regarding this idea: Every player that got PERMA BANNED because of PVP RELATED ISSUE before 15. 9. 2018 would get an AMNESTY. Their ban would be fully revoked. What do you think? Do players deserve a 2nd chance? Rules: 1) If you will get unbanned (because of amnesty) and you will do literally ANYTHING against the rules, you will get an instant permaban on all your accounts. 2) You have to send mail to [email protected] to get your accounts unbanned. You also have to state you understand rule 1).
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    That is one of the dumbest idea ever in my opinion. What about all the people, who got perma banned cause of 2 bans in a row (2x abusing, 2x wintrading, whatsoever....) They did NOT HAVE a 2nd chance???????????? (1st ban = 1month) and then got banned again.
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    Mb they shouldn't have cheated or abused in the first place, ik you friends are losing players but this is not a way to get them back, sorry.
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    Hello, this is your Chief Lieutenant Pisslord Champk reporting in. This topic leaves me to wonder, if Emtec's everyday breakfast includes smoking a good bowl of crack in the morning. Everybody understands that the Staff tries to get population back / keep the current players playing, but this is certainly not the correct way of doing it. Banning these 2-5 dipshits with their 20 alts, that only inject negativity and bad manners to the game / community does only bad. The way to retain / get the players back is to actually do what the PVP community has wanted, such as removing certain pve items from arena / dampening to 2s / FFA bgs / 3v3 Soloq. I understand that these changes actually require some time and input, which is hard to achieve for Atlantiss staff. Clearly typing a 4 letter script into the system to unban a dipshit is easier. 3 weeks ago Yggr said that he will create a topic about the changes in PVP, to get better feedback from the average player here, which still has not been created. I havent played in Atlantiss since god knows when, but I believe that the community wants to see less glue sniffing and more listening to the community and actually implementing them to the game.
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    I must say, I find this poll kinda dumb. I do get the fact that you want the population to be bigger, but unbanning the players that have been proven to be cheaters is not really the way. Especially not those that got banned for exploiting etc on numerous occassions. And about the second chance, three people so far as a far as I know have been banned for exploiting despite a previous ban, and I think that's their "second chance" being tossed away. I just think people should experience the consequences of their actions. Think before you do things.
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    Hell no, cheaters can stay the fuck out.
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    Hello I'll copy something I just wrote to my dear friend Elan who been banned. First of all I voted "I agree" I didn't wanted to go public with that message and actually thought about sending it on email but since this topic is super important, I'll just share my opinion here: Basically it's suggestion about re-writting the Rules of PvP. I believe in people and their honesty to play right the game. Atleast that what I expect from myself when I play the game. I know you perma banned (IP banned even!) few people latest players I can name are Hatedlol, Elan and Arty. I deeply thought about that perma banning people is way too HARD to go on players. If I compare it to real world than perma ban is like death sentence in the "virtual world". We know how important today in present 2k18 the virtual value of people. We know that people can invest ammense time on their "Virtual things" and there is also "Virtual rights / credits" for virtual things. I think if we take accounts or characters, than those characters are like "Project" of the People. whom investing hundred, thousand and even more hours on those "projects". Some people do mistakes that indeed right. But I think perma banning for example in case of Hatedlol for bombsmoking in Arena. or Elan for Heroic Leap in Arena or Arty which I still don't know what the accusion is about is way too hard. I think the "system" or "rule system" should has more Sections and be way more FORGIVNESS to players. I remember long time ago I been perma banned in Atlantiss for "Afking in BGs" that was 3 months after I started to play server which really broke me down. But It's past. Lets talk abou the future: I think we as Community and you as "Govermenet" of this world(the server) should be given more opportunites to Players. I know PvP is tough and competitve, passionate. and people sometimes do things to make other to get Ban or People cheat. Competition is good but we should remain it HEALTHY! I also believe that as the "gods" making the choices on the server you should also has more resposibility for other. Perma ban should be rarely used. About the rules: I thought about system which you as Server need to stand more Man power for it. which might be problem to find the right people to take it on their shoulders. Maybe more GMs and Investigators etc. I know on other server with lower population they tried everything to keep their players on the server. I think atlatniss need to listen to their community and playerbase otherwise we will see negative immigration and me and also you want to avoid it. For the rules you need to implementing two things in the server. Flexiable of the mind is necessary. the first thing is PvP Arena Spectator which allow people to watch Arena battles like we watch Blizzcon. It can help to track things and detterencing people of doing wrong things. The second thing is to implementing PVP History Match in the website similar to Tw!n* server. Which also allowing you to watch fights of DELETED teams and the players who was in the Fight. Good way to track Wintraders and other things we want to know. Ok so now for the rules and will has degrees. Player found doing something in PVP aspect: 1st time- 1. I think you should edit personal rate + team rate of teams equal to the fights that been found or suspected as "something happened there". You can also add 7d ban. Conquest points remove equal to games played or Items. 2nd time 2. In addtional to "1" - You can disqualifying players or entire teams from winning PVP rewards (same as you did last season). Also disqualifying players or teams from taking part of Arena competitions (The one you do each Friday). extending the time of ban from 7d to 1month up to 3months. Removing conquest, editing or completly reseting team / personal rate. 3rd time 3. In addtional to "1" & "2" - Longer ban duration and maybe COUNCIL vote (GMs/Admins/Investigators, etc) for option for permanent ban. 4th time 4. In additional to all above - IP ban accounts. In case of Elan perma ban you could just delete the rate the team won. and delete the rate the team that lost. give elan 7d-30d ban + -180 conq of the win. Like a re-roll / "going back in time". Losing such a good friend and player is not happy thing. I wish you good luck and I hope more people will vote for "I agree"!
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    not everyone was cheater tho
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    no ja tam sie nie znam, wiec srednio mi przychodza do glowy pomysly gdzie mozna reklamowac prywatny serwer world of warcraft xd na forum jest post z sugestiami co mozna dodac do shopu, ale fajnie by bylo, gdyby @Yggr zrobil nowy post, bo ten to juz troche taki 3 letni smietnik, ktory chyba zostal calkowicie olany https://community.atlantiss.eu/index.php?/topic/4630-new-items-in-atlantiss-shop-suggestions-thread/ z tym sie zgadzam, ale glownie dlatego ze nienawidze levelowania. Bylo juz duzo sugestii zeby zrobic komende w ktorej mozna by zmieniac exp rate dla ludzi ktorym bardzo zalezy na x1 to mi sie tak srednio podoba, chyba ze byloby to konieczne do punktu nizej wszyscy na atsie pracuja za darmo, wiec chec zatrudnienia dewelopera za pieniadze mogłaby sie rownac z tym, ze inni nie chcieliby juz robic za darmo. No i oczywiscie, jak komus chce sie placic to trzeba miec pieniadze, a zgaduje ze donate'y na atsie sa mniejsze niz na wiekszych serwerach. a co w tym zlego? Jego czas wolny to jego czas wolny, jak chce pograc w gre to mu tego nie zabronisz. Jakbys mial pracowac codziennie za darmo to tez chcialbys czasami porobic cos innego, szczegolnie kiedy gracze nie sa chetni do pomocy, tylko wymagaja od ciebie ze wszystko zrobisz sam Skryptuja DS'a HC bo to jest czesc raidu, ktory jest obecnym contentem. A to ze tylko 100 osob bedzie go raidowac to co poradzisz, jak komus nie zalezy na graniu pve to po prostu tego nie bedzie robic. To samo mozna powiedziec o BG, po co skryptowac jakiegos BG jak bedzie go grac moze 50 osob No tak wyglada cata, jak grasz pve to logujesz raz w tygodniu na 2h na raid i sobie idziesz robic cos innego mnie TBC nie interesuje, ale jak widzialem reddita to chyba ludziom sie podoba w przeciwienstwie do tbc, na cata ciezko jest przepisac absolutnie wszystko bo po prostu tego jest za duzo. Oczywiscie nie trzeba od razu calego swiata przepisywac, pewnie ludziom by wystarczylo zrobic to co teraz kompletnie nie dziala z tego low lvl contentu, no i dopracowac obecny content (questy 80-85). No, ale w wowie najwazniejszy jest end game, to jakby sie uprzec to wystarczy pare fixow do klas zrobic i przepisac T11 i wiekszosc osob bedzie szczesliwa, no ale kto to zrobi. to sie laczy z koncem wiadomosci wyzej. Latwo powiedziec ze ekipa jest problemem, ze devow jest za malo, ze za wolno to wszystko robia, ale czy ty chcialbys pracowac za darmo, kiedy moglbys ten czas spedzic w pracy i jeszcze bys za to wyplate dostal? Czy ty chcialbys pracowac kiedy ludzie nie chca ci pomagac? Czy ty chcialbys pracowac kiedy ludzie tylko narzekaja ze cos nie dziala? Bylem devem przez rok, wczesniej bylem content fixerem tez przez rok, oczywiscie nie jestem pelekonem ani wolfem, nie moglem przepisac ci raidu albo innych bardziej skomplikowanych rzeczy, ale nie wazne za co sie nie bralem to tylko slyszalem ze czemu robie to a nie cos innego, czemu tak dlugo, czemu dopiero teraz. Ludzie nie potrafia doceniac tego ze ktos poswieca swoj czas wolny po to zeby oni mogli sobie grac w komputer Co do tego ze devow jest malo, bo tak, jest ich wiecej niz pelekon na cata i wolf na tbc. Skoro wszyscy robia za darmo to robia kiedy chca i tyle ile chca, jak bildo sie obudzi w srodku nocy zeby oskryptowac badlandsy to moze to zrobic, a jak nie chce to moze nie robic absolutnie nic przez miesiace. Deva nie znajdziesz tak o na ulicy albo w biedronce na przecenie, szczegolnie przy takich wymaganiach jakie sa stawiane dla potencjalnych devow. Nikt ci nie da core pierwszego dnia bo ty chcesz sobie jakiegos questa przepisac. Najpierw musisz pokazac ze nie masz zamiaru wrzucic core na neta i powiedziec elo lamusy. Ja przez rok bylem CFem zanim zostalem devem, z tym ze ja na to nie mialem parcia ani wiedzy o programowaniu. Jak wiesz co robisz to pewnie pol roku by wystarczylo, no wlasnie pol roku. Przez pol roku musialbys robic bez core, bez tooli, bez sniffow. Praktycznie wszystko sam musisz ogarnac z neta, o pomoc w zrobieniu czegos ewentualnie mozesz zapytac, ale nikt nie bedzie robic tego za ciebie. Duzo latwiej jest zrobic rekrutacje na deva kiedy placisz mu pieniazki, no bo umowa i inne papierki, wiec szansa ze wrzuci core na neta jest zdecydowanie mniejsza no wiec co zrobisz jak nic nie zrobisz xd
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    2nd ATS Cataclysmic Season Started: 8th of May 2018 Ended: 7th of September 2018 3v3 Rank 1 (Cataclysmic Gladiator) = Wintrade Team II (Playson, Catchme, Qubzy) Rank 2 (Gladiator) = boostatlantissdotcom (Kaspiix) Rank 3 (Duelist) = RMPHEROS (Effrrel, Mackitza, Soulywood) Rank 4 (Duelist) = Shadow dream (Imbahxoxox) Rank 5 (Duelist) = SomeBadQ (Xblaz) Rank 6 (Rival) = TvrdaJeUGlavuKoBosanac (Bestcatadisc, Donlalx) Rank 7 - 10 = Noone else met requirements. 2v2 Rank 1 (Gladiator) = Yikes (Stega, Dkgodx) Rank 2 (Duelist) = Hulk (Vushapla, Painfull) Rank 3 (Duelist) = Gragaz (Mackitza) Rank 4 (Duelist) = Jeabac bide (Smite, Feittan) Rank 5 (Rival) = Wintrade team (Catchme, Qubzy) Rank 6 (Rival) = No creche no skill (Pitbite, Nexxy) Rank 7 (Rival) = vdwadvaw (Constantinn) Rank 8 (Challenger) = wjmna (Arson) Rank 9 (Challenger) = dwadaw (Aypeepol) Rank 10 = Noone else met requirements. Rated Battleground No titles this season. // 3v3 situation // Aahhj had more rating than Wintrade team II, but because of bug abusing of their leader (Hatedlol) they failed to reach requirements for the title (Hatedlol got banned and noone else from the team had 50% games played). They stated they would get required games if they could que 1 week ago (but they could not because of namechange), but it would not matter because of Hatedlol ban anyways. They stated they were confused by rules on main page, but official rules were already 4 months released on forum, so it is not a valid reason. Nevertheless, despite all of this, we sympathised with them. They were not being responsible for their team leader ban and we tried to use human approach regarding this issue (outside of the rules) and proposed other members of Aahhj finale vs Wintrade team II for rank 1 on tournament realm. But two people out of three were strongly against it in Wintrade team II... Stating they will not play the games under any circumstances. For next seasons, we suggest teams to not get their leaders banned and prevent issues that happened this season and last season, both because of people getting banned for abusing. Why Hatedlol got banned (it was his 3rd ban): Video here // Rules changed in "last days" // Rules were remade May 26th by Lastguardd (link) and they were OFFICIAL. Several mistakes happened during transcription to main page (mostly because of switching to new system -> beta.atlantiss.eu). We were even considering for a few days that we will let those "mistakes be" and allow players with 20% games played take the rewards (instead of 30%), but in the end we decided that rules being official for 99% of the season should not be tempered with at all. Everything will stay exactly the same as stated 4 months ago. No changes.
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    Seems like desperation a little bit... Due to fact that community is becoming smaller and smaller it's looks like you are trying to get "new" players by unbanning the ones who abused the rules, not seems like the best idea. On the other hand I think that ppl who got banned a long, long time ago don't even remember about atlantiss. Anyway, why only "pvp amnesty"? Isn't it a little bit unfair?
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    Must be retard o'clock.
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    not kind of amnesty iv fought for
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    I am fine with it. As long as any future problems will be ‘rewarded’ with a permanent ban as you state. anyways this poll is kind of a joke. If the ban was correct then keep it, if you guys made a wrong decision, undo it
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    So while back last year I was bored beyond hell and I've downloaded all addons (2322) I could find that are compatible with 4.3 client and just made a collection of it. If you are looking for some addon it is certainly here. Most of addons work! Yes I've tested most LOOOL. I will update it someday when I get even more bored and import pics and addon descriptions but hell, that will take time. Here Cheers, Sniprep
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    [Sorry but I cannot create a new topic. Srsly, i dont see any button for this, so if modes can split my comment to a post I will be so happy] I have question. Why, when online oscilating between 500-700 max, you do not try crossfaction dungs? Its sometimes very annoying when I need to wait 15-20 minutes for hc, one time I waiting 1 hour. This solution has more pluses than minuses and I think isnt hard to implement. I think that its main problem on this server - If new player want to gear up, he need to wait a lot of time to find a dung. Also when somebody want to leveling, there is a lot of level ranges where we cant do any single dung, because at this moment nobody from our faction is online. I know that its not so blizzlike, but at this time, when online is not so high, I think that its a good solution. Prove me wrong
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    Cataclysmic season 2 - 3v3 event summary During last PVP season we have experienced the biggest 3v3 activity in Atlantiss history! Here are some fun facts for you: Unique games played during all 3v3 events: 4 006!!!
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    Cataclysmic arena season schedule + rules Schedule 1st Cataclysmic season = 7. 1. 2018 - 7. 5. 2018 (Winners here) 2nd Cataclysmic season = 8. 5. 2018 - 7. 9. 2018 (Winners here) 3rd Cataclysmic season = 8. 9. 2018 - 11. 1. 2019 4th Cataclysmic season = 12. 1. 2019 - 10. 5. 2019 Titles 2 vs 2 Rank 1: Gladiator (2200+ rating) + any mount from the previous 10 seasons + PvP Royalty rank-up on forum Ranks 2-4: Duelist (2200+ rating) Ranks 5-7: Rival (2200+ rating) Ranks 8-10: Challenger (2200+ rating) 3 vs 3 Rank 1: Cataclysmic Gladiator (1850+ rating) + any mount from the previous 10 seasons + PvP Royalty rank-up on forum Rank 2: Gladiator (1850+ rating) + any mount from the previous 10 seasons + PvP Royalty rank-up on forum Ranks 3-5: Duelist (1850+ rating) Ranks 6-8: Rival (1850+ rating) Ranks 9-10: Challenger (1850+ rating) 5 vs 5 Without rewards Rated Battleground Rank 1: Hero of the Alliance/Horde Team rules #1 = At least 50 games played in the arena season. #2 = There must be at least one player in the team with at least 50% of the team's matches played and he needs to apply to the condition of personal rating rule. #3 = At least 2200 rating for ANY title in the 2s bracket and 1850 rating for ANY title in 3s bracket. Player rules #1 = You must have played in 30% or more of the total games in your team. #2 = You must have a Personal Rating that is no more than 100 points lower than the Team Rating. (Your Personal Rating, however, may be higher). Penalties Wintrading (1st offence) = 1 month ban + removal of your PvP gear and conquest points + you wont be able to get any pvp title or rewards in the current season, on any of your characters. Wintrading (2nd offence) = Permanent ban + you wont be able to get any pvp title or rewards in the current season, on any of your characters. Bug abusing/Hacking/Scripting (1st offence) = 1 month ban + you wont be able to get any pvp title or rewards in the current season, on any of your characters. Bug abusing/Hacking/Scripting (2nd offence) = Permanent ban + you wont be able to get any pvp title or rewards in the current season, on any of your characters.
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    protip: Gurthalak's tentacles deal Shadow damage Try to guess what will happen if you reforge for more mastery x)
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    ༼ ºل͟º ༼ ºل͟º ༼ ºل͟º ༽ ºل͟º ༽ ºل͟º ༽ Took me awhile to find out you had to post 5 times to get permission to make a topic so here you go sorry for the wait: Conversion Rate: (Gold/=PP) .75pp = 1,000g _________________________________________________________________________ Specials: (7/1-8/1) Darkspear Pride (Horde) : 9.7kK Character Rename: 18.9k Character Transfer (Faction) Horde to Alliance: 50k Mount of the Month: Blazing Hippogryph: 70k _________________________________________________________________________ Prices Guarantee: Active Shop: Open _________________________________________________________________________ Due to the economy Conversion rate of my currency to PP Changes. The one listed is subject to change without notice. If you where quoted before Conversion Change, you will NOT be charged more, even if value of PP has increased. Want to make gold? Have an account with VP/PP? A character you want to sell? Want to sell it for In game Gold? Reply/Post your offer in the Market. ༼ʘ̚ل͜ʘ̚༽ Disclaimers: Although listed items on specials, are shown at a lower amount compared to conversion rate, that does not mean the Conversion rate has decreased. In the event of a scam, I hold the right to proceed and take action via the scamming policy provided by Atlantiss. In the event of Item being, but not limited to, Stolen, Sent to Wrong account, Misused, wrongly Requested (ex. wanting to go from A>H, but requesting H>A), account banned, or deleted via ingame, we are not required to provide compensation for time, money, or reimbursement. Unless required by staff and/or administration. NO REAL LIFE CURRENCY ACCEPTED. Ingame Gold only Trades are limited to Characters, Mounts, Materials (Epic Gems, BoE, Misc), Gear Payment for All Transactions is UPFRONT, there are no partial paymanets, or downpayments, or IOU's. These terms and conditions are due to change, replying to this post means you understand that transactions can only be taken place here on Forum. all Transactions are screenshot and recorded through all phases until delivery.
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    Fire mage is not all about rng Szary. Playing fire mage is pretty easy and with combustionhelper kinda braindead. So speaking about "basic, normal playthrough" i would put fire mage somewhere around arcane mage. Its not hard to play at all. If we would be speaking about mastering spec (any spec)... It would change your list drasticaly though.
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    I'm really glad after 2 years people still check this guide and i got over 14k views! :) Even tho i don't play anymore on atlantiss since i can't find good guild or good friends. Atleast i'm happy about this. Enjoy boys and girls, because this is the best PvP guide for War ever made. I'm so proud :3