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    Why am i making a guide? Well, first of all, i do not consider myself to be a good player. I'm sort of a"meh" guy, decent at best, but i happen do be playing with some amazing players and people, and thus have experience with all the content available( we did 9/13 hc on t11 before FL, and the rest after, cleared 6/7 Firelands heroic and are currently slowly progressing Ragnaros heroic). My desire to not let my team down has had me study the class i am playing and try to be the best tank i can be. And so, i decided to share my thoughts and experience with you guys, and maybe get some improvements and new ideas going. I'd like to note on the start, that due to the nature of the class, i will not be able to give you a formula such as "Do this, then that, and you will perform well". Blood death knights are about the freedom to pick an approach depending on the fight, of your preference, and for your healers, and that's why i find it so amazing. I will give pointers and general directions, and will add as much info about how stuff works, to keep you informed, but you will have to make the desicions at the end. So... Here goes. Table of content: 1. Introduction 2. Races 3 Talents 4. Glyphs 5. Spells and priorities 6. Cooldowns 7. Stat priorities 8. Items 9. Enchants 10. Gemming 11. Consumables 12. Fight tips 13. Add-ons 14. Macros 1. Introduction The death knight is a trully different type of tank. By default, we are a lot less sturdy than the other tank classes, and constantly have to act and make proactive and reactive decisions to stay alive. The blood death knight is often described as the most "manual" tank. What comes as automatic to other classes, we often have to do ourselves. This, of course, has pros and cons. We are all about control, and making the right choice at the right time. If you do so correctly, you can perform amazingly. However, mistakes will strain your healers, make your HP spike a lot, and potentially get you killed. Our mastery is sort of a replacement for the lack of block, but it offers amazing fluidity and the ability to adjust to each and every fight. In general, the DK works well as a single target tank, has great control, unmatched self healing and is capable of taking extreme amounts of magic damage without trouble. On the downside, we are not ideal for AoE tanking and kiting, and we lack avoidance. It's not that you can not kite as a DK, it's just that other classes will do it better with less effort. I would also like to note that here, on Atlantiss, we're taking advantage of all the 4.3.4 changes to the class(listed ), removing a lot of the problems we had to face on 4.2. The current patch and content combination is highly favourable to us, and it is rather easy to get good results with a DK tank, even if you are far from being optimal both in gear and skill. 2. Races. I've never been a fan of picking a race on what is optimal. For me, to have fun in this game, you must actually like how your character looks, and the racial bonuses are mostly not decisive. Still, if you want to be optimal as a DK tank, you should probably pick a tauren on horde(+ 5% base hp, and an AoE stun) and a dwarf(stoneform) or a night elf ( 2% dodge) on alliance. 3. Talents. Here are the mandatory talents, those that make tanking possible(or ar the best option available). Taking the pic from tauri veins. We don't really have much choices to make here. Here are the optional talents: · Scent of Blood: gives you a small chance to generate extra runic power. Its useful to get you some more PR, which can in turn be used for some defensive cd's and/or some more runestrikes, which in turn can give you more DS due to the runic empowerement. Its a good talent to have. · Blood-Caked Blade:. This one is lame. I can’t find a reason to take it. · Abomination's Might: you should only take this talent if no one in your raid can provide the 10% increased attack power(unlikely) Otherwise, this talent is not useful. · Crimson Scourge: increases the damage dealt by Blood Boil and gives you a chance to gain cost-free Blood Boils. Damage is bad, its only good if you have agro issues while you AoE tank. · Epidemic: increases the duration of your diseases by up to 12 seconds . This talent point simplifies your tanking somewhat, ensuring you can keep your STDs up only with outbreak · Endless Winter, which makes your interrupt free of runic power cost; You will probably need this on some fights. 4. Glyphs: Prime: - Death Coil: Better self heals with it. Its a MUST if you are using the Lichbonre spec, and you should. It scales with AP, and can heal up really, really well. - Rune Strike: More damage, better aggro - Heart Strike: More damage, better aggro If for some reason you are AOE tanking, you can pick : - Death and Decay( longer duration- more damage- more threat) You might want to take Death strike glyph if you want some extra dps here and there, but it wont do much, since you will rarely have a lot of RP. Major: - Vamp Blood 40% increase to healing on you, but you lose the hit points gained. I glyph this in and out according to the fight we're progressing. If you want to support your healers in a tough spot, glyph it. If you feel like for some reason they won't be able to heal you for a while and you prefer to have a hp+ on demand, don't glyph it. I still prefer it glyphed on most fights, since it buffs up self healing too. - Rune Tap: helps with healing a bit. Was amazing on Chim hc back in the day. - Anti magic shell +2 sec duration. Helps with consistent magic damage, useless if it only comes in burst on the fight Dancing Rune Weapon: 50 % more threat while it’s on. Has some uses, nothing impressive. If for some reason you are AOE tanking, you can pick: - Pestilence: To increase the range at which you spread diseases - Blood Boil: To increase the range of your Blood Boil Minor: Blood tap is okay, it won't cost you hp anymore. (by default its 6 % of base hp, which doesn't really matter, but oh well, it's something.). The rest are all meh, pick whatever. 5. Spells and priorities. Cata doesn't have rotations, you have priority systems. Here's yours. Single Target 1) Outbreak on cooldown, keep STD’s up if you can afford it 2) Death Strike 3) Rune Strike 4) Rune Tap on cooldown (if 90% health or less) 5) Horn of Winter 6) Heart Strike Lets get into detail about each one here.
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    That attitude, yes. Thank you for making the example for me. Still, i will explain, although i know you are busy recruiting mages with legendaries. 15 mins was more or less estimated time, a general idea, you see, so i don't have to write down 13 min 27 sec, because you know, mature, well adjusted people won't try to pick on that. And about the rest, what i meant is that a guide to the fight will only help so much, since the mechanics are not intricate enough that people cannot understand how to do them. It takes time to practice them, and looking at others doing it only helps so much. Why its a DPS check? Because there is a certain dps requirement, and while some guilds have been trying for months, others just started their journey, and many others will come in the future. If you are having trouble to understand, i can draw it with crayons and post it again? With all that i mean no disrespect to the Madness guys, im sure they were getting a lot of whispers about help and that was their answer. What i was saying that while the guide can only help so much, the truly great thing is that they are thinking about the community and are willing to help. Which earns respect and makes them so much more valuable to the server. Apologies for even answering to all of this and diverting the attention from where it needs to be.
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    Hello. In this guide I'll show my ways how to play Feral Druid in Hybrid, which is essential for Ragnaros progression, due to it's raid utility and flexible playstyle, allowing players to always change something, and yet stay relevant. Advantages: -Good management of AoE Aggro (Swipe, Thrash, Challenging Roar, Berserk) -Raid Cooldowns bringing lots of utility (Rebirth, Innervate, Tranquility, Stampeding Roar) -Possibility of entering cat form and doing job of additional DPS -Mobility -Bear Form Dance Disadvantages: -Ferals might struggle a bit with catching adds that are far away for them. Their only tools to do so is Faerie Fire and Growl. -Ferals with hybrid build usually have less mastery, or sacrifice Spell Damage reduce from their talents in order to maximize damage, which makes them more squishy than usual Content table: 1. Talents and Glyphs 2. "Rotation" and Spell priorities 3. Cooldowns 4. Statisctics 5. Food, Flasks, Potions 6. Professions 7. BiS List 8. Fight Advices 9. How to Bear the Cat Form 10. Changelog 1. Talents and Glyphs Pure Bear Glyph of Barkskin and Glyph of Frenzied Regeneration can be freely swapped, depending on fight and preferences. In my opinion Glyph of Frenzied Regeneration is really usefull on Baleroc Heroic in order to increase your healing taken, and heal yourself, especially useful for Inferno Blade. From Minor Glyphs, Dash is optional, while Challenging Road and Unburdened Rebirth are essential. Script allowing to quick learn those talents: /run t,p,a={2,12,23,53,62,72,83,91,113,121,132,161,172,182,203,211,221,3,22,43,53,61,1,}SetPreviewPrimaryTalentTree(t[1],GetActiveTalentGroup())for i=1,#t do a=tif a<9 then p=a else AddPreviewTalentPoints(p,floor(a/10),a%10)end end Fluffy Hybrid Situation with glyphs is the same as for Bear. You can freely change between Glyph of Barkskin and Glyph of Frenzied Regeneration Quick Learn: /run t,p,a={2,12,23,53,62,72,83,91,113,121,152,161,172,182,192,203,211,221,3,22,43,51,61,1,}SetPreviewPrimaryTalentTree(t[1],GetActiveTalentGroup())for i=1,#t do a=tif a<9 then p=a else AddPreviewTalentPoints(p,floor(a/10),a%10)end end 2. "Rotation" and Priorities Feral Druid is based on priority style rotation, so you don't have to blindly press x 3 times, then y once, and repeat. Key role in Bear's spells is played by Mangle cooldowns refresh from Lacerate and maintaining 9% Critical Chance from Pulverize. Priorities: 1. Demoralizing Roar (You don't have to worry if you're tanking with someone else applying reduced Physical Damage debuff) 2. Mangle (Always when it's available) 3. Lacerate (At least 1 stack, so Mangle has chance to refresh) 4. Thrash 5. Pulverize (Reccomended each 18s, to maintain highest buff uptime. Advised to use on 3 stacks of Lacerate) 6. Lacerate (Maintaining 3 stacks of bleed) 7. Lacerate>Faerie Fire>Swipe (Fillers in order to decrease downtime, increase damage done and absorbs) 8. Maul (Dumping additional Rage) On AoE fights, your main tools to handle AoE aggro will be: 1. Thrash 2. Swipe 3. Challenging Roar 4. Mangle (Only with activated Berserk) 3. Cooldowns Huge addition to Feral toolkit are flexible raid cooldowns. They make Druid great support, doesn't matter which spec he's using. Personal Cooldowns: 1. Barkskin (20% reduced damage for 8 seconds. 60 seconds cooldown - ADDITIONAL DODGE AFTER REDUCTION WITH 4PT12) 2. Survival Instinct (50% reduced damage for 12 seconds. 180 seconds cooldown) 3. Frenzied Regeneration (Increase of HP Pool by 30%, healing up to 30% if we're below that number, converting Rage into additional healing (1 rage=0.3% maximum HP, up to 10 rage per second) for 20 seconds. 180 seconds cooldown) 4. Berserk (Bear's offensive cooldown. Removes Mangle cooldown, and makes it hit up to 3 targets. Lasts 25 seconds, 35 if glyphed. 180 seconds cooldown) 5. Challenging Roar (Druid's only AoE taunt. 150s cooldown) 6. Enrage (Instant 20 rage, 32 with Primal Madness talent, and additional 10 rage over 10 seconds. 60s Cooldown Raid Cooldowns: 1. Tranquility (Channeled heal, leaving HoT effect on raid members. Improved by Nurturing Instinct talent. 480s cooldown) 2. Innervate (5% mana regeneration for targeted player. 180s cooldown) 3. Stampeding Roar (60% movement speed lasting 8s for everyone in 10y range. 120s cooldown) 4. Rebirth (Combat Resurrection, which with glyphs brings dead player to life with 100% HP and 20% MP. 600s cooldown) 4. Statistics Preferred way to play druid is to change stats, dependant on use. There are statistics better and worse, but remember that even as tank stamina is inferior to everything else. It's also worth mentioning how Bear's mastery work, and why it's important. It simply improves absorbs from our Savage Defense ability, which has 50% chance on Critical Strikes, to give 35% Attack Power as absorb, lasting for 10s. And what mastery has to do with Savage Defense? It greatly raises absorb digits, making Bear fine choice for taking physical damage. Tank: 1. Agility 2. Mastery 3. Critical Strike 4. Dodge 5. Hit Rating until cap = Expertise Rating until cap 6. Haste Hybrid: 1. Agility 2. Hit Rating until cap = Expertise Rating until cap 3. Haste = Mastery 4. Critical Strike = Dodge In Hybrid's build it's prefered to have slightly bigger ammount of mastery, so Matrix Restabilizer has chance to proc into it, which won't be always possible, due to usage of The Hungerer trinket. 5. Food, flasks, potions Druid Feral doesn't have big choice in terms of consumables. The best choice is to maximize your Agility, because it's what makes Bears so great. Food: Skewered Eel or Mysterious Fortune Cookie (+90 Agility, +90 Stamina) Flask: Flask of the Four Winds (+300 Agility) Potion: Potion of Tol'Vir (+1600 Agility for 25 seconds) 6. Professions Professions are just a matter of someone's preference, however some of them are inferior combared to others. Burst professions: -Tailoring (1000 Attack Power enchant for Cloak) -Engineering (480 Agility for 10 seconds. 60 seconds cooldown) -Alchemy (480 haste for 20 seconds. 120 seconds cooldown. Not reccomended for raids) Permanent benefit professions: -Skinning (160 Critical Strike Rating. Personally not worth picking up) -Blacksmithing (2 sockets, one for Gloves, one for Wrists. It will get a lot stronger on DS) -Enchanting (40 Agility enchant for Rings) -Leatherworking (130 Agility enchant for Wrists) -Inscription (125 Agility and 25 Mastery enchant for Shoulders) -Jewelcrafting (3 additional 67 Agility gems. Will get worse with epic gems release on DS) -Mining (120 Stamina. Still inferior compared to other professions) 7. BiS List Tank: Head: Obsidian Arborweave Headpiece - Ragnaros Heroic Neck: Choker of the Vanquished Lord - Ragnaros Heroic Shoulder: Obsidian Arborweave Spaulders - Majordomo Fandral Staghelm Heroic Cloak: Dreadfire Drape - Lord Rhyoith Heroic Chest: Obsidian Arborweave Raiment - VP Vendor+Alysrazor Heroic Wrists: Flickering Wristbands of the Windstorm (Crit+Mastery)- Alysrazor Heroic Gloves: Gloves of Dissolving Smoke - Shannox Heroic Belt: Riplimb's Lost Collar - Firelands Trash Mobs + Crystallized Firestone from Firelands Heroic bosses Legs: Obsidian Arborweave Legguards - VP Vendor+Shannox Heroic Feet: Sandals of Leaping Coals - Majordomo Fandral Staghelm Heroic Ring 1: Viridian Signet of the Avengers - Exalted z Avengers of Hyjal Ring 2: Widow's Kiss - Beth'Tilac Heroic Trinket 1: Matrix Restabilizer - Ragnaros Heroic Trinket 2: Spidersilk Spindle - Beth'Tilac Heroic ALTERNATIVE TRINKETS: Ancient Petrified Seed - Revered with Avengers of Hyjal // Mirror of the Broken Images - Exalted with Baradin Wardens, 125 Tol Barad Commendation Weapon: Fandral's Flamescythe - Majordomo Fandral Staghelm Heroic Relic: Covenant of Flame - VP Vendor+Crystallized Firestone from Firelands Heroic bosses Hybrid: Head: Obsidian Arborweave Headpiece - Ragnaros Heroic Neck: Choker of the Vanquished Lord - Ragnaros Heroic Shoulder: Obsidian Arborweave Spaulders - Majordomo Fandral Staghelm Heroic Cloak: Dreadfire Drape - Lord Rhyoith Heroic Chest: Obsidian Arborweave Raiment - VP Vendor+Alysrazor Heroic Wrists: Flickering Wristbands of the Zephyr (Haste+Mastery) - Alysrazor Heroic Gloves: Obsidian Arborweave Grips - VP Vendor+Baleroc Heroic Belt: Riplimb's Lost Collar - Firelands Trash Mobs + Crystallized Firestone from Firelands Heroic bosses Legs: Cinderweb Leggings - Beth'tilac Heroic Feet: Sandals of Leaping Coals - Majordomo Fandral Staghelm Heroic Ring 1: Viridian Signet of the Avengers - Exalted with Avengers of Hyjal Ring 2: Widow's Kiss - Beth'Tilac Heroic Trinket 1: Matrix Restabilizer - Ragnaros Heroic Trinket 2: The Hungerer - Majordomo Fandral Staghelm Heroic ALTERNATIVE TRINKETS: Ancient Petrified Seed - Revered with Avengers of Hyjal // Essence of the Cyclone - Halfus Wyrmbreaker Heroic // Fluid Death - Justice Points Weapon: Fandral's Flamescythe - Majordomo Fandral Staghelm Heroic Relic: Covenant of Flame - VP Vendor+Crystallized Firestone from Firelands Heroic bosses 8. Fight Advices Beth'Tilac: As Feral you will usually go up. Remember that you can AoE taunt the Spinners, so they come down from theirs' web. Don't be afraid to use Tranquility in second phase, but before getting boss on yourself once again, get into bear form and stack some Savage Defense absorb. Shannox: When tanking the boss, remember to use your Movement Speed bosts in order to drop Jagged Tear stacks. Wait with berserk until second tank runs away with dogs, because holding aggro of Riplimb and Shannox might give you some nasty bleeding. Lord Rhyolith: Always pick up Fragments of Rhyolith, so other DPS can easily AoE them down. If you have to steer the boss in cat form, remember to maintain 100% uptime of Savage Roar buff, and attack legs ONLY with Shred, Rake and Ferocious Bite. Alysrazor: Always on the beggining of fight, try to interrupt the first Blazing Talon Initiate. It will let your DPS to save interrupt for other Fieroblasts. Try to support healers on Firestorms, share Stampeding Roar happiness with your fellow raid members, and use Feral Charge to get to your side quicker (If there are any Initiates left, of course). Baleroc: When DPSing, taking first Shard of Torment will be your job. Be prepared to take it without any switching. Use your Barkskin around 8th stack, and Survival Instinct around 15th. If you're a tank, always use Barkskin 8 seconds before Inferno, or Decimation Blade. Additional 12% of Dodge will greatly raise your avoidance, and in advance you will be able to dodge some nasty hits. Majordomo Fandral Staghelm: Scorpion phase brings nothing in particular for ferals. Hold aggro, use cooldowns, don't leave bear form, and just throw in Stampeding Roar when spreading. The best way to catch Spirit of the Flame is using Growl+Faerie Fire+Maul in the same moment. Remember that Spirits often deal more damage than boss, and if DPS can't manage to handle them quick enough, just rotate your cooldowns and communicate with healers. Ragnaros: Our favourite Firelord is the reason, why Ferals are so essential for Firelands. Always begin 1st phase in Cat Form, and DPS until the other tank asks you to take the boss. Don't bother with finding position to shred, just play it safe. After initial burst in Cat Form, you will switch on 4-5 stacks of Burning Wound, or when debuff drops, depending how you communicated about that with healers and other tank. The best way to handle Transition Phases is bear form. Open your Son of Flame with Faerie Fire+Mangle+Maul. Then Lacerate+Maul, until your Mangle refreshes. Thrash is also a great addition, because of bleed. If Son of Flame comes too close to Sulfuras, just Feral Charge or Skull Bash to it, and stun with Bash. The second phase will begin with other tank, so once again you can get back into Cat Form and scratch Ragnaros a bit more. Remember to have enough Energy/Rage to use Stampeding Roar on 1st and 3rd pack of Molten Seeds. On Second Transition phase you grab your Lava Scion with Growl+Faerie Fire, and apply Lacerate on it. Why? Because it can refresh your Mangle, so it will be easier to handle Son of Flame, and stack Lava Scions earlier. Usually the other tank will take both Scions, so as Feral you just have to go Cat and Bite them until they fall. 3rd phase is a pure DPS check. The other tank, usually DK or Paladin will stand on one side of platform, and tank the boss alone. Your job in that moment is to stand on the other side, and do as much damage as you can. Tiger's Fury, Berserk, Rake, Rip, Shred, etc. After you push him into 4th phase, try to cast Stampeding Roar on as much people as you can, in order to make going into Breadth of Frost faster. Once you get on your position, support healers with Innervate and Tranquility. When kiting the boss into Entrapping Roots cast Growl+Faerie Fire, and run as fast into them as you can in Cat Form, preferably with Dash enabled. Once boss is in Roots, and your Superheated starts rising, get back into Bear Form. 9. How to Bear the Cat Form Cat Form is one of the biggest reasons what makes Feral so strong. In this section I'll do my best to explain basics, how to DPS as Cat. Take into consideration that this isn't Feral DPS guide, and I'll skip some more advanced things. DPSing in Cat Form is heavily influenced by your ability to maintime uptime of two bleeds - Rake and Rip, and one Self Buff - Savage Roar. To maximize your output as Feral, even best guide won't help you. The best thing to do so, is to fight on Dummy, do RHCs, BH, until you really understand the energy, Combo Points, and get used to the playstyle 9.1 Priorities Cat Form isn't different than other specs in terms of "rotation". Making it priority based forces player to pay bigger atention to what he clicks, and when he clicks. Maintaining Bleed Damage Taken debuff from Mangle (Also applied by hunters and warriors) Savage Roar Rake Rip Ferocious Bite Shred Mangle As Feral PvE you have only 3 Finishers, Rip, Savage Roar and Ferocious Bite. Savage Roar is so essential, that it's reccomended to use it even at 1 Combo Point. Rip is a strong bleed effect, prolonged with your Glyph of Bloodletting, so you have a bit more time for using your energy for something else. You should apply Rip always on 5 Combo Points. Around Boss 25% Health Points try to apply as strong Rip as possible. Ferocious Bite is instant damaging spell, dealing damage dependand on your Combo Points and ammount of Energy you currently have. With talent Blood in the Water, you will refresh your Rip, if target is under 25% HP, which makes Feral great DPS for later on, and is a valid excuse for keeping your Potion of Tol'Vir until boss Reaches ~25%. Mangle is viable filler ONLY when you can't attack target's back or when you have to refresh your Bleed Damage debuff. Otherwise Shred, compared to Mangle deals way higher damage, and has it's damage increased from Bleed Damage debuffs. 9.2 Cooldowns Feral DPS does have only 2 Offensive Cooldowns. Combined with Stampede talent and Feral Charge he has 3rd additional, cooldown, which actually isn't that useful Berserk Tiger's Fury Feral Charge Berserk in Cat Form reduces all of your energy costs by half, making maintaining bleeds and Savage Roar way easier for inexperienced players, and greatly increasing burst damage. Tiger's Fury is 15% Physical Damage increase, and 60 Energy regeneration with King of the Jungle talent, which is essential. It's worth noticing that you CAN'T USE TIGER'S FURY DURING BERSERK. Feral Charge serves as cooldown only in Bear form. The trick is, to Charge in Bear, and quickly swap into Cat, for additional 30% haste. 9.3 Tips and Tricks Keep your second potion until 30% - 25% of the Boss. It will allow you to leave higher Rip on target, and then simply refresh it with Ferocious Bite. Try to reapply your bleeds always after Tiger's Fury. 15% Damage Increase portion of spell, will also increase your Bleed's Damage Try to macro Tiger's Fury and Berserk together, giving you 15% increase damage during 6 seconds of Berserk. Ready macro should look something like that: Refresh Rake and Rip before last tick (Respectively, Rake on 0-2s debuff, Rip on 0-3s debuff) Under 25% of the Boss, refresh Rip with Ferocious Bite. If your Rip is about to fall down, and you don't have 5 Combo Points ANYWAYS use Ferocious Bite. Make Bleeds and Savage Roar visible by using Power Auras, or any other tracking addon. Having control of those is really important. And the most important thing, practice! I played a lot of specs during my WoW "career". Some were easier, some were harder, but in my opinion, Feral amongst all of other specs is the most punished for players not practicing at all. You really have to understand your energy, which is accomplished by trying all the time to improve yourself. 10. Changelog 19.05.2017: Changed misinformation about glyph (Thank you Padthai!), fixed some typos 20.05.2017: Added additional section about Cat Form That's all from me (at least for now). I'd like to thank to everyone who encouraged me to write this guide, Mogromir in particular, and to Notosiup for teaching me how to play Feral for progression. If you have some other tips, or remarks, feel free to share.
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    Hello! My name is Axelito and I'm a mainspec Combat Rogue. I decided to write this mini-guide since there weren't any real informative ones out there. This will cover the most essential things, as Combat in essence is very easy to play, but to maximize DPS is something else. Easy to play, hard to master. Table of content: 1. Basics 1.1 Glyphs 1.2 Stat Priority 2. Opener & Rotation 2.1 To-do's and no-to-do's (?) 3. FLHC Encounters 3.1 Shannox 3.2 Beth'tilac 3.3 Baleroc 3.4 Lord Rhyolith 3.5 Alysrazor 3.6 Majordomo Staghelm 3.7 Ragnaros 1.1: Glyphs are Sinister Strike, Adrenaline Rush and Slice n' Dice. Minors are Tricks of the Trade, Blade Flurry and Kick/Feint. Kick for Alysrazor since you can basically solo the Talon's on Heroic with it. Feint on basically everything else. 1.2: The stat priority is Agility > Hit 8% (will be reached without any problems due to Precision) = 26 Expertise > Haste > Mastery > Critical Strike You can also go Agility > SpellHit 17% = 26 Expertise > Haste > Mastery > Critical Strike I have not tested which one is the best, but the difference is minimal. 2: The opener as Combat is near useless, unlike a Retribution Paladin who likes critting during burst. It has nearly no impact on your overall damage at the end, although the bigger burst the better nonetheless. Something I've seen people ask is why their burst is basically the same as their stable, which is mostly because of poor cooldown usage. Contrary to what other rogues would say, I highly suggest your opener to be this: Prepot -> Sinister x4 (to get Green Insight) -> Killing Spree -> SND -> Adrenaline Rush 2.1: The reasoning behind this opener is that you want your cooldowns to be down as much as possible, as long as the time they're up you're maximizing damage. As you know, classes like Fire Mage can have an explosive burst which can do upwards to 110k bursts on Recount. Sadly we got no explosive burst, but we can make the best of it. Killing Spree at the start reduces that disgusting ramp-up time that occurs as Combat, and mitigating it a tad. With this you use it with all your enchant procs, pots etc and best of all, your second Killing Spree should be up by the time you're in your Red Insight on the second Insight rotation. One thing that some Combat rogues do is that they instantly Adrenaline Rush once it's off CD. You may do this, although I would advise to do it at the start of an Insight rotation, so you won't pop it during downtime, where you have no damage bonus. Other than this, the rotation resembles an Arcane mage with 1.5 buttons. Sinister x4 -> Revealing Strike -> Eviscerate. I have also changed my mind on Rupture. I spent the Baleroc Heroic kill this week to try to keep uptime on Rupture, somewhat. The end result was that an Eviscerate does more damage than a Rupture, but is a lot less energy efficient. Therefore you can if you want, use Rupture during no haste procs or Adrenaline Rush. This seemed to increase my DPS by quite a bit, as I was ending P3 on Ragnaros with stable 36-37k on every pull and I finished Baleroc at 38.6k. We're not so good at single target DPS, but it works. NEVER use Rupture on cleave as it does not benefit from Blade Flurry, only use it on pure single target. You should also NEVER use Revealing at any point apart from at 4 CP's. Both using it early or when you have 5 CP's, will cause slower cooldown regeneration, due to wasting a combo point. One example of this could be (3 CP's -> Sinister Strike -> 5 CP's -> (here you should Eviscerate, not Revealing Strike). 3: Firelands Heroic encounters There isn't much to know about the fights in Firelands as a Combat Rogue, but some things are to keep in mind. 3.1: Shannox: Here there is basically nothing to do, just make sure you won't get trapped. You are on no duty here as you can't crit for very high. You're basically just sitting on Shannox. 3.2: Beth'tilac: Here you will most likely go up on the roof. Sad but true, we just simply don't offer anything down apart from pretty insane cleave with Blade Flurry. Therefore, if you have enough taunts down you should stay down. The cleave with Blade Flurry can make it so that you end the fight with some pretty ridiculous numbers (40k+). Simply follow the rotation mentioned above, for the drone. 3.3: Baleroc: Crucial fight to use the opener that I mentioned. This is not your favorite fight tho, as it may surprise you. Combat single target is meh at best (beaten by both Assassination and Subtlety). Here it's just about maximizing your DPS output. If you wanna do stupid shit, you can go into Subtlety spec and let your healers give you 5 combo points and then swap back to Combat, for a Slice n' Dice from the start. IMPORTANT: Vanishing when a Shard is up will make you Immune to it. You shouldn't use Vanish as Combat for a DPS increase, but it's important to keep in mind nonetheless. This may cause a wipe. 3.4: Lord Rhyolith: Here you got some really nice leg damage with Blade Flurry, but you're just like any other MDPS, apart from your Feint which might be my favorite ability in the game. If you don't end the fight with the least damage taken, you're doing something horribly wrong. Also good stable damage, which might help the driver. 3.5: Alysrazor: Oh boy, you're a great DPS here. You got some good burst with Adrenaline Rush and Killing Spree. If you take Mind-Numbing Poison and the Kick glyph you can solo Talon's with no problem. Cloak can also save you if you slack on the way to the meteor. 3.6: Majordomo Staghelm: Same story here, DPS as much as you can, swap to kitties and use Feint regularly (scythes). Nothing out of the ordinary. 3.7: Ragnaros: Here is the fun part. You're very useful here because of your extremely stable DPS. Due to Atlantiss stuff, you cannot use Killing Spree on Ragnaros in P1-3, which sucks although we try to make the best of it. Cooldown usage depends on the group DPS. My cooldown usages for Adrenaline are the following: 5 seconds after pull (approx.), at 75%, after first transition, then save one for the Lava Scions at second transition. Go ham on them, do atleast 1.5 milion damage. Then use one whenever you have it in P3. You simply have zero burst at this point, so killing Lava Scions faster will help your group a lot more than you sitting on boss. You'd rather have a fire mage without debuff bursting 100k, than you sitting there with 40k burst while your mage is running around like a headless chicken. When you pop the Adrenaline Rush during the second transition, you NEED to keep in mind that you can Cloak the debuff, so you'll always sit on em no matter what. Cloak can also be used as a lifesaver if you're gonna get hit by Engulfing (which your shouldn't). This is a great addition to your group as it allows for instant and reliable cleave. Killing Spree should IMO be used on Son of Flames, the faster you kill em the more you can help your teammates. DPS ALWAYS AND WHENEVER YOU CAN. Due to your poison and Insight it's essential to keep as much uptime as possible on the boss At P4 you should use Feint to mitigate the Superheated damage, when you're waiting for a frostpatch to spawn. Don't use Killing Spree during the 3-3-3 formation as it may cause issues if the tank moves to the Entrapping Roots. Otherwise just do your regular DPS rotation. The DPS should not be an issue, just focus on not messing up. If you need any help or have any suggestion on what I should add, lemme know. You can pull some pretty nice DPS here. The picture below is from P3 into P4. (The DPS is painted over incase the people involved felt like they weren't doing the best.)
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    Welcome to the 4th Developer Update. The last Developer Update was around a month ago, a lot of changes were made in the last month so let’s get started. 1. Developer Team: Let’s start by saying Hello to our new Developer - Herkor. Herkor was a GM till now and would help every now and then with some fixes, we decided to add him to our Developer Team and teach him all we know. Let’s wish him bug free code. 2. PvP: Strand of the Ancients Thx to lama’s hard work we were able to release Strand of the Ancients. Sorry it took so long, but it’s finally here. We tried to fix almost all known bugs from last year + we fixed the transports which were the main cause of closing this BG. If you experience any bugs please report them on our Bugtracker. Ring of Valor Also released and available on our main server. Again we need to thank lama for his hard work. We hope you will have fun on this new Arena. As above, if you experience any bugs while playing Ring of Valor please report them on our Bugtracker. Isle of Conquest lama will now be working on Isle of Conquest. We will be informing players via discord / forum about any progress and tests on PTR. 3. Class Fixes: Fixed teleport / summoning spells - you can now summon players that are on a different map. Portals are no longer usable in BGs. Glyph of Grounding Totem will now reflect 1 spell Power Word: Barrier and Hand of Guldan will work properly in BGs and Arenas We will be trying to fix a few class / spell bugs every now and then while fixing other stuff. 4. T12 Content: We aren’t actively working with T12 Content, but every now and then we will be trying to do some minor fixes to some bosses. This month I think there were only 2 changes: Ryolith will now search for volcanoes every 90 degrees and activate one if found (90 - 180 - 270 - 360) Cloudburst is now clickable and will buff players with Deluge after click I would like to thank Pelekon for fixing these bugs. 5. T13 Content: End of Time Available on PTR with all bosses. The list of fixes is enormous so I won’t be adding them here - if anyone is interested in the whole list please have a look at our Changelog. Most of the bugs left are mainly small bugs / visuals. I will try to finish End of Time this week. I would like to thank all the players that helped test End of Time on the PTR. Hour of Twilight Available on PTR with all bosses. As above the list of changes is enormous, so anyone that is interested please have a look at our Changelog. Bildo is in charge of this Dungeon. He currently has less time, but we plan to also finish this Dungeon within the next weeks. I would like to thank all the players that helped test Hour of Twilight on the PTR. Well of Eternity Once I finish End of Time I plan to start working with Well of Eternity. Raknar did some work with Well of Eternity a year ago, he recently sent me a few update to 4.3 content, I’ll be doing tests I hope next week, I will try to keep players informed about any progress and any needed tests on PTR - for those that don’t know who Raknar is - he is one of our old Developers, he is less active now. Dragon Soul Raknar sent me a few scripts to Dragon Soul. I still don’t know how much is done, but for sure this will help us speed up development. 6. World Herkor in his free time tries to fix some smaller issues from the bugtracker, he fixed a few quests, added a few missing loot tables and did some other small visual fixes. Herkor will be working with all these smaller fixes and I hope to teach him more and have him help me with End of Time / Well of Eternity.
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    I think the issue isn't that it was not enough. The event itself was amazing and I'm happy you guys invested so much time in it. The reason for why many people are pissed is that you changed the rules in the middle of the game. And that you didn't communicate it. Implementing transmog-items we could not otherwise obtain was awesome. But we farmed Ashbringer for a whole day before we realised you had removed it. We farmed all these badges for weeks without any idea whether there actually was a point in it. And when we all got the PP, that was amazing, but hours later you took that away as well. I understand the PP-chaos was a mistake. But you've made it, so embrace it. Let them have it so it's fair not only to those who happened to notice quick enough, but also give it to those who were at work at that time or busy otherwise. I understand you removed Ashbringer because it was bugging, but some got the chance to get it, and then nobody else did. If it's ok for some to have it - and I really am happy for them that they were lucky to get it - why not let everyone have the chance, even if it's not working perfectly. The issue isn't that the event was bad. The event was awesome. The issue is that it was unfair to many, and that you didn't communicate your steps. That's why everyone stopped farming the bosses, that's why everyone is pissed now. Nobody would have complained about 1200 VP. But if you relate it to the previous reward of 600 PP, it suddenly becomes really shitty in comparison. Nobody would have complained about Ashbringer not being in the loottable, or low droprates if it had been like that from day one. But you changed these things mid-game, and thus it's natural that people now don't feel like you GAVE them something, but that you TOOK something away from them. I think you could have alleviated most of that by communicating it clearly, by being open about it. But this way, it just felt like you didn't care. And that reinforces the general critique on things like Firelands or PVP, which people also think you don't care about. Which clearly you do, since you're doing this voluntarily, in your free-time. But I think I've read a post of you guys some time ago in which you acknowledged that your communication needs improvement and caused a lot of frustration. I think the Birthday event was a perfect example for this. The Azshara crater overview on the forum was a great move in the right direction, also the Developer's updates. I wish that for such big events, you'd also spend ten minutes to write a post on what is actually going on. And that when you do screw up, and that's inevitably and human, that you don't break things more trying to fix it, but leave it as it is.
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    Encounter Tips: This is assuming you are already familiar with the encounters and you know how to play your class in this environment. These are some extra tips I have found. General Tips: Fire Elemental Snapshotting: You will want to use your Fire Elemental when you have as many intellect/spell power buffs up, as it will snapshot your spell power when used and keep that spell power for its full 2-minute (20% more if using Totemic Focus build) duration. You also want to use it before using Bloodlust, as your Bloodlust will affect it as well. The same goes for your Earth Elemental. Also, think about whether the standard build or the Totemic Focus build is better at the encounter. Tier 11 Bastion of Twilight Heroic Blackwing Descent Heroic Throne of the Four Winds Heroic Tier 12 Firelands Heroic: Macros: Wind Shear (focus): This macro cancels what you are currently casting, and casts Wind Shear at your focus (if you have one). If you do not have a focus target, it will be cast at your current target. Purge (focus): This macro cancels what you are currently casting and casts Purge at your focus (if you have one). If you do not have a focus target, it will be cast at your current target. Fire Elemental and Earth Elemental in one cast: Before making this macro, make sure that your Call of the Ancestors have both Fire Elemental and Earth Elemental in it. This way you can use both of them with only one GCD used, instead of two. Bloodlust: Thunderstorm: Stops what you are casting and casts Thunderstorm. Can sometimes save your life “cough†“cough†Ragnaros Heroic “cough†“coughâ€. It is useful since the range of the knockback is so short. Cho’gall Heroic Wind Shear: This macro is pure gold for Cho’gall Heroic, normal as well, as it targets raid members marked as enemies. This means that the macro does all the work for you: finds out who is mind controlled and interrupts that player. Does the same as the aforementioned macro, just simpler (and you can use this for 25 Cho'gall, where the other cannot be used). Shoutout to Ashrasmun for the Macro. Rohash Heroic healing macro: If you are soaking Rohash Heroic's Ultimate, you can use this macro if you do not want to waste a Elemental Mastery cooldown on it. Note: will prevent further use of Volcanic Potion. Shoutout to Ashrasmun for the Macro. Addons: Recount/Skada: not much explanation needed. This addon tracks your DPS. It is hard to improve if you cannot see how you are currently doing. Tell Me When: an addon that allows tracking of cooldowns, buffs, DoTs, etc. I use this cooldown to show my Internal Cooldown on my trinkets, Lightweave Embroidery and Power Torrent. This is very useful for snapshotting your Elementals, especially if you have to do it in the middle of the fight like at Ragnaros’ 3rd phase on heroic difficulty. You can easily and quickly see whether there is time for your procs to come off cooldown before your current procs end. TotemTimers: a very useful addon for shamans all-in-all. However, I disable most of the stuff from the addon and just use it to view how long my totems last. Oh, and if my reincarnation is ready or not, and how long before it is ready. This addon also allows easy switching of your totems. Power Auras Classic: this addon’s possibilities are almost endless. Personally, I use this addon to track my charges of Lightning Shield, uptime of Synapse Springs, tier 12 four-set bonus, etc. This addon is highly advised. Mik’s Scrolling Combat Text: a re-design of your damage/haling output. In my opinion this is way better than Blizzard’s standard damage/healing output. It also shows how many targets where hit by your attacks, how many your attacked critted, etc. For instance, this is very useful for Magma Totem and Chain Lightning. Deadly Boss Mods: if you are raiding, you really should use this addon. It shows you all you need to know during the encounters. It can really improve your cooldown management by a lot. Oh, and also makes any encounter a lot easier, so win/win. Current Bugs for Elemental Shamans: Fire Elemental and Earth Elemental’s avoidance is not working properly at Ragnaros’ 3rd phase. This can greatly devalue their use, sometimes even make them completely useless when they die after 5 seconds. Honestly pretty annoying for a 10-minute cooldown. Link to bug report: https://github.com/Atlantiss/BugTracker/issues/8213 Importance: Major (in some fights) Feedback currently reduces the cooldown of Elemental Mastery on spell landing instead of spell cast. This makes encounters with a long travel time like Ragnaros and Al’Akir a little more annoying. Link to bug report: https://github.com/Atlantiss/BugTracker/issues/7028 Importance: Minor Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest’s proc rate is currently 10% for all classes instead of balanced like it was on retail. For Elemental Shamans the proc is supposed to be 17% making us miss out on a whooping ~7% overall damage increase. This sucks when some (most) classes actually gets a buff due to this. Link to bug report: https://github.com/Atlantiss/BugTracker/issues/8085 Importance: Major (for those who have the staff) Fire Elemental and Earth Elemental do not attack unless you are in melee range, and never attacks a neutral target, even if in combat. This sucks on some bosses since you will have to run into melee to place them and then run back again. Also, quite annoying regarding training dummies, as they never attack those due to it being a neutral target. Importance: Minor Unleash Elements provides buff on next spellcast and not spell landing which it should. This makes the ability totally useless as an elemental shaman, as the only way this is used for a DPS gain does not work due to this. Importance: Minor If I have missed some bugs that affect Elemental Shamans in any way, please let me know and I will add them to the list. This concludes my guide so far. I will continue updating it to keep it relevant. Any feedback or constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. And please point out mistakes. Since I wrote a damn novel, mistakes are expected.
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    wszyscy bohaterowie i bohaterki z pierwszej grupy dosiadają już ognistych ptoków. po całym tym czasie wciąż jakimś cudem się tolerujemy i nie zagryźliśmy. a piękna przygoda wciąż trwa
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    I understand where you are coming from. Here, T11 was pretty great. A lot more fun than Firelands if you ask me. Now that most of the gear there is useless, no one runs it anymore. So as I said, I understand your point. However, what you are offering will simply not help. Most players already have fl achievement, and those who don't will just run it once. That won't change a thing. Im a " no" on this one. We just need to learn to move on. We will have to, anyway.
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    So following the recent changes with how gms decide to go with t10, no hate, i wanted to make a topic on how t10 pre-pull set was present and working in Cataclysm and even in MoP. I looked over the internet and heres what i found https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/13124768187 Its a rogue topic that has a guy named Zae saying: " Remember putting on a full set of mastery greens and popping deathwish before pull as a fury warr start of Cata? Mages using t10 for empowered Mirror Images pre pull in MoP? Rogues using t15 as sub pre pull to get lengthier slices from premed atm? " Mages unite link what you find , #savethemage
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    Bugtracker link: https://github.com/Atlantiss/BugTracker/issues/9116Describe your fix: Rework of cloudburst's script and add spellclick, now players will get Deluge after click on cloudburst. Account name: pelekon DELETE FROM npc_spellclick_spells WHERE npc_entry=54147 AND spell_id=100759; INSERT INTO npc_spellclick_spells(npc_entry, spell_id, cast_flags, user_type) VALUES (54147, 100759, 2, 0); UPDATE creature_template SET flags_extra=2, type_flags=2098212, npcflag=16777216 WHERE entry=54147; DELETE FROM creature_template_addon WHERE entry=54147; INSERT INTO creature_template_addon(entry, path_id, mount, bytes1, bytes2, emote, auras) VALUES (54147, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, '100758'); enum nCoudburst { SPELL_CLOUDBURST_DUMMY = 100759, SPELL_DELUGE_AURA = 100713, SPELL_DELUGE_AURA_25 = 101015, }; class npc_rag_cloudburst : public CreatureScript { public: npc_rag_cloudburst() : CreatureScript("npc_rag_cloudburst") { } struct npc_rag_cloudburstAI : public ScriptedAI { npc_rag_cloudburstAI(Creature* creature) : ScriptedAI(creature) { instance = creature->GetInstanceScript(); castCounter = 0; } void SpellHitTarget(Unit* target, SpellInfo const* spell) override { if (target && spell->Id == SPELL_CLOUDBURST_DUMMY) { Player* player = target->ToPlayer(); if (player && player->GetMap()->Is25ManRaid() && !target->HasAura(SPELL_DELUGE_AURA_25)) { switch (castCounter) { case 0: case 1: me->AddAura(SPELL_DELUGE_AURA_25, player); ++castCounter; break; case 2: me->AddAura(SPELL_DELUGE_AURA_25, player); ++castCounter; me->DespawnOrUnsummon(100); break; } } else { if (player && !player->HasAura(SPELL_DELUGE_AURA) && castCounter < 1) { me->AddAura(SPELL_DELUGE_AURA, player); ++castCounter; me->DespawnOrUnsummon(100); } } } } private: uint8 castCounter; InstanceScript* instance; }; CreatureAI* GetAI(Creature* creature) const override { return new npc_rag_cloudburstAI(creature); } }; Edit: forgot to put SpellMgr.cpp code, big switch to overload spells attributtes: case 100759: // Spell Cloudburst Dummy spellInfo->Effects[EFFECT_0].TargetA = TARGET_UNIT_TARGET_ANY; break;
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    Winners will also be inspected and their logs will be checked in order to make sure they are eligable for the rewards. beware.
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    2017, people still get offended by words on the internet from a guy you will most likely NEVER see.
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    Fair is fair, here is yo payment! https://vid.me/VWgD
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    EVERYBODY GET ABOARD THE HYPE TRAIN RIP BALEROC 25 HC RIP MAJORDOMO 25 HC 25HC 6/7 Dziękujemy całej koks ekipie i liczymy na dalsze sukcesy IMMORTALE, WIPESCENY - SZYKUJCIE SWOJE LOKOMOTYWY! Jednocześnie proszę o przeczytanie poprzedniego posta bo WARTO. PEACE
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    most retarded thing i've ever read... enough Atlantiss for today i guess x)
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    Well I'd rather have a less Blizzlike server that is alive than a Blizzlike server that is more dead than a Texas sallad bar.
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    Greetings, i would like to share my version of ElvUI, its based on the WoD Backported version for the 3.3.5 client, backported by Bunny67https://github.com/ElvUI/ElvUI. If you want to try this UI, first you need to to backup your WTF folder just in case and then delete it, also delete the cache folder. By doing this you are wiping every single saved settings of your previous addons and this will help you do a clean Instalation of this UI when you log into the game. If you would like to report an issue please do it on GitHub or leave a comment here. Known Missing / Bugged features Nameplates Mark Known Enemy Battleground Healer - Server Side problem. For some reason its not working on this server. (Tested it in 4 different servers and it works) Same as ElvUI v3.9. Minor Issues Void Storage item border quality colors won't show the first time you open it after you log/relog. Very rarely when you change profiles or if you have dual profile enabled to change everytime you respec, there is a chance to give you some Lua errors, (if you have lua errors enabled ofc) you need to /reload. (This is a common bug in retail version too) Github Link: https://github.com/ElvUI-Cataclysm
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    Daily reminder: every thread like this delays DS release by 1 Soon™.
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    Would be nice to reward the voting players that support with more lvl stars with reduce cost of items in vote shop the more star lvl u are the bigger reduce price
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    Hello developers and Atlantiss staff. I hear DS dungeons are almost fixed and ready to be released to us, the players. And I am very grateful for your service that you provide us to allow us to experience the content that Cataclysm has to offer. However, I would like for you to consider this suggestion, to keep old content from becoming obsolete, which to me, is a very important aspect of any private server that wishes its players to have an endless (well.. a very huge amount) supply of content to enjoy. I have been playing private servers on and off for 5 years now, and I can't help but notice the lack of dedication to the old raids once the last content of the patch has been released. All of those months or years of hard work being put into previous tiers have been all for nothing because players are able to bypass for this instance, T11 and T12. This in turn have seen a huge decrease in population and later making servers become empty because the content has been played far too much and people have become bored of what has been offered. My suggestion is to implement an "attunement" to access DS dungeons and the raid of Dragon Soul. Even if its character or account based, this will allow raids to still be alive despite DS being released, it gives those who raid an incentive to actually raid T11/T12 without jumping the queue into DS dungeons, which will mean less content to enjoy apart from those rare transmog runs that no one has a clue about. Yes, some players might be stuck but after dedication from those group of people they will be able to delve into DS content. My proposition is this. I used to play a WotLK server that had this attunement process in place, however it wasn't account wide but character based. You were required to achieve the full clear achievement of the raid to enter the next. This includes: Naxx10 - Uld10 - ToC10 - ICC10 (Uld10 keepers = ToC dungeon + Korva10) Naxx25 - Uld25 - ToC25 - ICC25 (Uld25 keepers = ToC dungeon + Korva25) Since this server is still in ToC patch, they have confirmed the ICC dungeons will require ToC clear Considering we have one lockout for each raid and T11 has already been made obsolete in a way, I propose you implement a feature that requires FL NM full clear achievement to be permitted access into DS dungeon and raid, in return players will have more content to delve into rather then just T13. I will make this topic a poll, to enquire the members of the community of their opinion on this suggestion
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    So that's Atlantiss PvP nowadays? What have you become...
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    wtb better title and clothes
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    Hey I am Årty, also known as Roguetrainer and Rmpherox in game. I would like to host a 2v2 Tournament since I am quitting Atlantiss finally! I will be Streaming on twitch.tv/artyego during the Tournament. I will not be in the Tournament. The Tournament will start on 28th May which is a Saturday 8PM and onwards. There is 2 weeks because I need to have info on teams and who will be joining etc. The Prize Pool: First Place: 60000Gold and a Fel Drake Second Place: 40000Gold Third Place: 20000Gold For the Tournament to take place there must be a minimum of (TEN) Teams. Rules: 1. You can Participate with any comp you would like Except for Double Healer. 2. If you disconnect before The Arena starts you can come back and play but if you dc (MID GAME)Your enemy doesn't need to wait for you to comeback and the match will go on. 3. No exploits, no bugs and no cheating in anyway. All matches will be played as Wargames and every first match will start in The Nagrand Arena and then losers chose their map for second match and the third will be All Arenas. You can bring you friend or whoever your partner is then You EMAIL ME IN GAME (Roguetrainer) OR MY PRIVATE MESSAGE HERE ON FORUMS if you're horde with your partners name and yourself ofcourse. There will be no Reserve players or substitutions, the guy you chose to play with will be the one and only person you play with. After all teams been decided I will randomize the bracket for who will be facing who. I've added time mark on the matches, the matches will be MAX 15 minute and if you didn't kill eachother by then it will come down to who did the most dps and his team will gain +1 win You will be playing best out of 3 matches and the Finals will be best out of 5. In our Tournament it will be Double Elimination basically which means that you have another chance to comeback for finals if you lose your first match. More info to come stay Tuned! I know it's a small Tournament but I just wanted to do somethng before I quit as a memory. Feel free to leave a comment to Discuss certain things that you wanna know if I am missing something! Good Luck Atlantiss Gladiators! ;D New Rule:You can que any comp you want aslong as it's you and your partner, but you have to tell me what comp you will que before the match start!
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    YOU OWE HADRALT 30K GOLD DUDE http://atlantiss.eu/armory/character/991728#view-page YOU CAN'T GET AWAY
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    i wouldnt trust a rat, in the end he will scam u somehow XD
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    Dude is trying to do something positive in this already autism infested pvp community and still some retard(s) finds time in his dull life to come and bash Hadralt. Big ups hadralt btw. Wish your mothers happy mothersday.
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    List of winners of ended PvP season. 3v3 Ruthless Gladiator & Ruthless Gladiator's Twilight Drake Quodän Ireneadler Rmpherox Roguetrainer Boomkingx Sacjktrinket Gladiator & Ruthless Gladiator's Twilight Drake Blinkmaster Champk Hatedlol Duelist Wingnanx Aviann Lingu Ostrymo Elannx Vqpz Managixe Maxielicious Haribø Rival Hadralt Miakhalifax Shadylove Doomz Azuthoris Stega Challenger Bustyplz Galko Jpegx Dildohammer Huntyoudownx 2v2 Duelist Archelíon Smìte Elannx Rival Aviann Aryghos Challenger Quodän Roguetrainer Dmgerpirest Drfilømd Players that already have the Ruthless titles and mounts will be rewarded with the Brutal equivalents. Titles will be given at friday during the server maintenance. Best regards.
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    I am not a mage, but I support this. Using pre-sets like that should not be bannable and was for sure usable at Blizzard 4.3.4 content.
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    Can't you guys like think of Unique names instead of crying about this? The point of RPG game is to make your character unique in every possible way, starting with the name. I am so sick of people that like use something like ordinary name, brand name or merge two stale words together. Like; Darkangel, Picklejuice etc. Might have sound a bit hypocritical, cause my shaman name was Harsh, but as long as i was playing him i was being harsh towards everyone which just gave flavor to it. I have my own ways to deal with these types of people My 10 accounts with some of the "MOST UNIQUE NAMES" Love or hate me for this cba to care, if you want some of this shitty names offer me some gold xd.
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    I'm actually not trolling on this issue. I'm a firm believer in the idea that a game is supposed to be fun (what a shock). Now, 5man content I there for 2 things: To be done and to reward stuff. I'm simply enjoying a game as I deem fit by pulling the bosses. Last I checked, it was called world of Warcraft, not world of skipcraft. If you want solo content, go do solo content however you see fit. When it comes to group content, you can either run it or not run it, this notion of time wasting is ridiculous in an mmorpg. The problem is not you 'wasting time', the problem is that for various reasons (usually, you spread ran that content many many times already) you no longer find it fun. Asking someone to not do stuff that's meant to be done just because you don't enjoy it is incredibly selfish and shallow. That's why we have topics asking for people to police speech on public channels because their feelings have been hurt. now, I no longer play here, but when I did and I got a dungeon I didn't feels like doing or didn't have the time, I just left. What you are asking is for everyone else to leave because you're somehow special. you can do your FL HC however you damn well please. What gives you the right to tell me how I should enjoy the game AND what part of it I am allowed to enjoy or not? You don't want to run an instance? Then don't. You don't want to 'waste your time' with world of warcraft or a part of it? Then don't. Leave The instance, nobody is holding you there by force (i hope, otherwise maybe you should call The police)
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    We're sorry for all the mistakes and commotion / miscommunication around the event. This year we tried to get as much done as possible, tried to reward everyone in one way or another, we hope players found the event interesting and fun (even in this beta form) and we hope to continue these events in the next years, but making them better / funner and make sure we and players know everything before the event.
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    this gameplay is skillcapped, blind into evasion and radiness ROFLLLLLLLLLLL
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    Clearly i see top PvE players quoting me with appropriate arguments. Almost every god damn top raider preferred T11, and would gladly come back to play on it and stay if content is coming and always feels fresh. This long term content drought is the only reason why most of the people quit playing in first place, giving people more often chances to race for realm firsts would change that. I've watched so many friends, groups and guilds leave just because they were sick of raiding nm firelands for so damn long. Guilds like Dragon Anahilation, Amicorum, Law, Nefarious... they vanished. Yes, some of players are scattered around but the server raiding community suffered a great loss. The current population is the biggest illusion of Atlantiss, the only reason why the peak is 1.5-2k is because of Sunwell shutdown, if that didn't happen i swear that server would be still at 400-500 peaks (edit: would probably be 100 by this time). Because Atlantiss advertisement stopped existing after Silveris quit making Trailers for the server, since no one else did after him, tho there are some clips that take 3 min to edit in sony vegas that were posted through the year i must say! Anyways i understand that this seems retarded to you new players. But for me, I have been playing here since 2013. I've created one of the first good international guilds; Nefarious, I've seen its ups and downs and now that it's gone I am on verge of quitting, again. But I still play just because some friends asked me to, I never played on ATS because of the scripts (Yes, at the start) but after the creation of my guild I've played only because of the community no matter how long content drought was I stood by my guild side until eventually we all went on retail, and you see I never left the server despite me trashing it on forums. I am not selfish, i don't give a damn if i lose all gear/levels/achievement points, if something is gonna bring my peeps back I'm in.
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    You are right im sorry. Me not liking you is not a reason for me to be mean in public chats or forums or w/e. Peace
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    <Arena Junkies> Will be hosting a 1v1 tournament this Saturday at 11 PM server time! Entry Fee: 250 gold Will be streamed from: Twitch.tv/Hadralt Prize: 1st place 4000 gold, 2nd place 1000 gold, 3rd place 500 gold. The purpose of the tournament is for us to see where are guild members are in terms of skill, but we would like everyone who desires to participate! For more info view our guild website, darkfusion.spivtr.com or /w me or unluckyus in game!
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    The prices seems better than Atlantiss tournament after ending 2x r1 position getting only 1 title and mount pro idea whoever putted it gg anyway rly good about the idea hope to see some good teams in it.
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    Another kill is up on youtube ! Hope people are happy with the music selection!
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    Majordomo Hc solo healing!
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    Maintenance. Dragonwrath will be offline up to 1,5 hour.
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    Z powodu braku postaci na Firelandy, postanowiliśmy się wybrać na gildyjne BH XD
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    /wave @Kozakko honorowy członek >390 ilvl >46 chromosom <39 iq club 0:58 1:40 pamiętamy [*] rekrutacja w pierwszym poście, pozdrawiamy
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    What is your problem? I see you mentioned my guild twice in your post I don't even understand. We tried to make big event here, Rated BGs every saturday, for both Alliance and Horde to play together, but you refused that, and instead are playing against each other. So while we're getting both wins & losses, you just keep on gaining rating somehow with your 'legit' games. I won't bother with this anymore, if GMs think that you're not wintrading, then ok, who're we to say anything, right? And I really like how we're the ones that are 'spamming' and 'starting war' and will get 'rewarded' while you can freely bash us on your language.
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    The only progress with SotA is that you can blink on the boat and instead of being teleported 10 miles away it teleports you the the right position but under the boat instead of on it. I know you may think that who cares about blink on boats but SoTa was mainly closed due to 2 big bugs: 1. Players sometimes wouldnt be teleported on the ship and would land in the water (blink works as a teleport, so once I get blink fully working so should normal teleporting into the game work properly) 2. Players sometimes had a bug that a destroyed gate wouldnt be destroyed for them, this I couldn't reproduce but Wolf found the probable cause I wrote a fix for it (let's hope this fix works) There are some additional bugs with bombs not spawning properly, or when players place the bomb exactly in the wall players can't disarm them, but I think that once those two major bugs are fixed we can probably open SoTa again and in our free time do some work on the other bugs. When will this be? I have no idea, transports are very complex and after 100 fails I finally got Blink to work partially, so probably 100 more fails and I'll get it to work fully. Currently I only work with SoTa in my free time when I'm fed up with working with my current priorities, so you still need to wait a bit, but we have some progress done. As for Vashj'ir and Badlands - it will take time to get the tool to do more than some simple scenes / quests. For sure Vashj'ir and Badlands won't be done 100% by the tool, but for sure it will help with some quests. These zones are not a priority currently, we had a Team Meeting where we talked about these zones and we really want to do them, but we just don't have the man power and time to do that. Some more complex quests take a whole day to script them and get them to work good and look good, so there is really a lot of work that has to be done to get these zones working.
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    That is not completely true. While it does provide a +100 instead of a +80 primary stats once Dragon Soul hits making it superior to the other permanent stat increase professions, for some classes there are still better choices. For instance, for Elemental Shamans, engineering and tailoring are still better choices due to the possibility of snapshotting your spell power for your Elementals. This is of course only a better choice if you indeed do shapsnot your Elementals with all the procs, otherwise Blacksmithing (or Jewelcrafting if before 4.3) is a better choice. Also, an important ability you did not mention for Engineering is Nitro Boosts. A 3-minute cooldown tinker on your belt (you can still enchant your belt with an extra socket) which greatly increases your speed. This ability can often save lives and can also provide a DPS gain if you have to move somewhere, as you can get their quicker and also start to DPS again quicker. Otherwise, this is a good explanation, especially to those who are new to Cataclysm. Cheers