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    Hello all, I want to discuss the latest situation here. Instead of deleting this topic I would expect an explanation about the current situation. I will not be offensive towards staff or anyone else, just put the facts here. As everybody knows, Arty aka Roguetrainer, Stealthbott, Rmpherox did use a HARD exploit. He did abuse the energy regeneration bug on his "alt" and said, that he will use it to snipe other teams in order to protect his title (see screenshots below). Why I said a hard exploit? He abused energy regeneration in order to deal a silly amount of dmg and CC in the same time, take a look at the following video: I will also add some additional screenshots, at one he even cleary admits the abuse: https://imgur.com/d4x3Adu https://imgur.com/a/CcY5n As we see in the PvP title rewards, he got the r1 title this season although it's clear, that he did abuse on alt and maybe also did on his main char. So my question to the Atlantiss staff is. Do you think banning that alt account for 1month and still rewarding his main char the title will do anything? I hereby hope for an explanation on how you can reward such a player unpunished. Greetings, Kaspii
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    Its time, This is a display of absolute skill, nothing in this video could be done better in any possible way. Feel free to be amazed, drool or even leave a comment, like or dislike. I promise you all right now, I will not go ahead and remove the option to express your opinions. ENJOY! If you enjoyed the movie you can support the company by purchasing from our webbshop. Currently we only have 1 T-Shirt design, however its a design worth a thousand. Links down below! https://www.spreadshirt.se/designa-sjalv?product=168222516&view=1#?affiliateId=1246955&orgn=CYO&netw=LI
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    My wedding today :D wish me good luck peeps hahaha.
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    Yeah, no, somebody gotta call you on your BS. We talked about you possibly joining SoW, i remember you. All i could offer is our 3rd run, which i mostly do to farm my legendary, and which is 2/7 hc. You almost immediately started explaining how terrible the community is and how no one would give an experienced player a chance, how the server will die tomorrow because no one will have new people in their guild. At that point i withdrew my ofer. You know what, new people are being recruited all the time into most of the major guilds. I can point you to 6-7 horde guilds that are recruiting right now. If they arent taking you, its not because the server is evil to new players, nor because you play frost. Its because recruiters deal with a lot of people and after a while can sniff out a persons attittude. You, my friend, smell of drama and entitlement. Take a damn hard look at yourself and change that and im sure things will work out.
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    Just a quick note to express my gratitude to the Atlantiss team for the amazing job they've done with the new 4.3.4 HoT dungeons!! This server rocks! I'm having a great time pugging dungeons again! Keep it up, Atlantiss!!!!
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    Look what i found ^^
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    HAHHAHAHAAHAH IS THIS REAL LIFE??? Nice man purse btw!!
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    There is no recovery known to mankind after these burns up here haha! Its beyond me how someone like demonhunter can trashtalk Blink/Champk, it just shows how delusional you are. Anyone with half a brain can look at the video and understand, that you are the true meaning of fail. Dont speak again. Also, you spend more time head down on the floor, than your mum does on the weekends. DROP MIC*
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    Yes .combatstate make it so that I can restealth whenever I want to. I got this on all my macros, its the best exploit ever. How sad that its out in public now, dammit! Also new record on dislikes on youtube, good job all!! :D New impressive record is set to: 8 (last time I checked) I'd also would like to take the time to thank all the people for commenting on this post, you guys mean the world to me and I DO take every word you say seriously. It does not matter who you are, what your forum name is or how many posts you made. You are all equally important to me. Last but not least, I salute you all for trying to keep this server exploiting/cheating free. You are all champs!
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    nice movie, I just wonder about your low energy reg rate, did not see that in a while
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    Yes. We're Firelands bots. This week : Ragnaros 25 HC x1 Ragnaros 10 HC 7x + T11HC ofc! I think we can start prepare for 2nd group Ragnaros 25 Heroic. // immortallegionats.enjin.com
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    PVP SEASON END. GG FOR OUR PLAYERS : - ROGUETRAINER (MIA..BLEBLE..) - ARTY - QUODAN - ELAN - BRAHA - QAYB (FURKAN <3) - ONLYCARROTS (PYRO) - BLINKMASTER - BROKENSHARD - FEITTAN (MANGETSU) - DEMON! - SATSUMA Proud of u guys! NOT ONLY PVE, PVP TOO. // u've got my blessing! (noob pvp) haha jk.! Efrel mage > Quodan! // ARENA TACTCS #KITEANDDIE //immortallegion.
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    Please refer to https://atlantiss.eu/pages/3 Using anything related to the holocaust or anything that is of that nature is a very controversial topic and should never really be joked about. Be a respectable player then you won't be muted/banned simple. We never mute/ban without a eligible reason
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    I kicked you because we were cleary farming legendary and i specifically said we will not do achievement run, yet you kept asking for the few achievs you are missing, whined until half the group was whispering to me "kick him already FFS" and then when someone ninja pulled Freya before we killed the guardians (or whatever they are called) i was pretty sure it was you. Don't go spreading false info because you are mad about something that happened in 2016. Sorry for the offtopic.
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    Nice, that you agreed on acc-sharing for a title :) My RBGs were all legit, feel free to report me or watch all the vods from the streams where I played on boomy. Atleast I don't need others to carry me or even play my char for me :)
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    I can only talk from an Alliance pov. Many guilds, including my own, are very open to give people a chance if they come of as friendly and talkative. I do not know Sathus personally. However, his reputation is more than enough to conclude that something must be wrong with you, your approach to people or something else. Horde and Alliance should not differ a lot, so I can assume the same applies on the inferior () faction. I am aware that I am basically repeating other people in this thread. I just hope that you will realise it if you hear it enough times.
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    https://ibb.co/k3iw8w Next goal: 250k :)
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    You confirmed that you on many occasions knowingly abused a bug to get an edge over other people. If this isnt banable then what is :D Anyways you are pretty deep in autism spectrum and while investing 16h a day / 7 days a week into world of warcraft you still been stagnating skill wise for 2 years.
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    @Narilrave Dont want to sound disrespectful but really dude I am playing here for 3 years pretty much logging on every single day. KT was working only for one week during all those 3 years. Ye I do get it old raids are not that important but actual bosses being killable vs waiting years for proper script on old content... You know what i mean. Making them somewhat killable if its easier than proper scripting then ye I dont see an issue on that. In private servers the most important thing is for current expansion content to work perfectly. Everything before that is meh. Ulduar is broken af a lot of achieves dont work some bosses are fucked up (looking at Flame Leviathan) Trial of the crusader floor bugged Icecrown Citadel LK on heroic one of the phases bugged out (on top of all non working achieves) and lets not start with Lootship. But the thing those raids have in common is that you can actually kill the bosses one way or another. BWL first boss? Does anyone even think about him? But you still can pass him ye without loot but at least you can finish the raid. I know you guys are all about blizzlike and shit. Trust me i get it pretty much thats the reason why i am playing here and why i am still here but for older content tweak or two here and there doesnt matter at all. Well I guess thats my opinion :D
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    Yes, leave your friend when it gets rough and now change focus, you truly are a fucking pathetic child. You and this demondog should be banned from PvP section of forum, you are a waste of space.
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    Its a server bugg, I swear!!!
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    Hello everyone, I decided to post this video in Class Corner because for many players it may be a very useful guide - rotation, using cooldowns, behaviour on Ragnaros heroic. If you have any questions about warrior, feel free to ask in this topic or contact with me in game :-) I hope you will enjoy :>
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    Good video but i want to see gunship battle Arms Pov.
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    PvE seems to be the main incentive of this server anyway due to it's reputation of supposedly being a horrible pvp server. So i'd like to see it be a PvE realm too.
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    Okay, so since all of you are going crazy what's going on in Elanns video. 1. If you reforge full haste as a rogue and you use NORMAL Matrix or Hungerer on top, You will get more than 5 ambushes off in a Shadow Dance. It's not supposed to be like that, even on warmane with full haste you couldn't have this energy regen as you do on ATLANTISS. YES it's a server bugg, that they didn't fix haste for Rogues and Ferals properly. 2. Once your energy is above 13.00 It buggs out crazy as you can see in Elanns video. This is also a server bugg. Nobody knows how to do it, I believe it all happens when you eat too much CC in arena and or it's a talent bugg with Recuperate. I don't know. Also, If a warlock cc's you too much in arenas, you get this server buggs that makes you immune to all stuns, roots etc. Dying or Relogging fixes it. 3. All the screenshots that's flying around. It's to make it look "Cool" but yeah I really don't know how to do it, it's a server bugg that happened like 4 times to me in whole 3 years of playing. I noticed something was wrong, when Lingu and Qbab, and a horde rogue called Zatana or smth was doing crazy damage. There you got it, Stop crying and all the HATERS come at me if you want. Beside this you can see on my TWITCH and VIDEO, everything so. IN THE END WE'RE PLAYING ON RETAIL CALLED ATLANTISS, WHERE THERES NO BUGGS AND EVERYTHING IS PERFECT but yeah L2P and have a good day. Ps. I guess you've got your excuse now when you lose to me in arena^^
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    Hi folks, made a simple poll about the future of rov map in atlantiss. Lets see what people think of it. Hopefully the atlantiss staff will take this seriously and listen to the community, as time have shown then they have listened in the past. For the better of everyone. Gonna keep it open for 7 days. http://www.strawpoll.me/14001064 1) shortly removed in cataclysm due to the unbalanced gameplay it promotes. 2) Currently also the pillars are bugged that most of the time you can CC through the pillars aka los not working. 3) There isnt one person in the arena community that likes the map besides the thug/jungle players that get wins default because of the map. 4) The biggest concern to everyone is the pop rate of this map. You can do 15 arenas and i guarantee you that 8-10 of these maps are gonna be ruins of valor. Every high rated player has taken a word on these issues and nothing has been done about it since it was Jenovas made and he defends it like his own baby. High rated arena players who voted to keep the map - explain reasons?
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    Bugtracker link: https://github.com/Atlantiss/BugTracker/issues/9310 Account name: Pikloraf Fix: https://gist.github.com/Piklo/50f6c35481194ad3daadfc60a0777f10
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    Yes like those 3 wins make the whole difference from all the 40+ games played on alliance side. I will continue playing with horde even after the season, my longterm plan is to make rated BGs between alliance and horde more competitive again and I talked to the leader of <Dignity> about it also. I did know, that alliance will snipe (but only a couple hours before the rated BGs on horde side). I also told the leader of <Dignity>, that they will before we even started gathering the group. We talked about either making a 10m group with strong players or drafts. We decided to make drafts and play. If you really think, that I did that all only to "feed" alliance then you are wrong. I also want to play alliance vs. horde in the future with me playing on horde side and I can guarantee you, we are going to beat alliance. PS: Since today I can not understand why people from one faction MUST hate on people from the other faction or hate on people who play both faction. Most people on this server play on alliance AND horde.
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    Burbon tyle się uzbierało od około listopada 2k16 w "pierwszej grupie" druga grupa ubiła po 11 wipach , heh
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    I dont know why i still even engage in these discussions. Its like beating your head to a wall and expecting results. Even when they dont have anything relevant/meaningful to respond to your statement they will say stuff like ehe xd i fker ur mother. Anyways ill do it short. Demonhunter, ask imperius why he quitted so suddenly, i bet he wont tell you that he got farmed so badly that he was on suicide watch, name and race changed instantly. Did i read it right that you said something about anyone dodging you? People will dodge hadralt before anyone would ever dodge you lmao. Better hit that que button while noone relevant is playing the game. Too bad you havent played any 3s after you got boosted in 3s by your other balkan friends. You are the real boostedlol not hatedlol. You been saying same shit like you are rusty & just came back to the game for over 3-5 months already, while being 20 fps capped on your laptop that santa brought in year 2004. Kabash aka random guy trying to be relevant : what did you not understand in that statement? Anyways demonhunter holla at imperius the gas station guy for me, hopefully he got promoted from making hot dogs all day and on new adventures of washing cars now. LAY LAY
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    Halito PvP'erz Lets start q'ing on Tuesdays with our Twinkz. Currently I have an Ally 19 & a Herd 29. Installing oqueue will make finding games ezpz. Shank you, Gankerz * oqueue is in Lanrutcon's Corner I just reinstalled & it works fine, use [Cata Backport] oQueue 1.6.0 v2.2.rar plz may need to do /oq to bring up. There is an icon on the mini map.
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    You don't wanna add raid finder, but what happened to "muh blizzlike"
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    Do you even believe this yourself? I was never going for r1 in 3s or tryharded for that, the only season I played 3s kinda serious was back then with Potholder / Mgmage. And there we beat Quodan and Braha on RMP 2x in a row and Braha lost -20 rating twice. That season he did not get elite weapons and quit the server for 1month ++. But sure, I do understand you. Quodan, Arty and Braha helped you to receive Gladiator in 2s. Heck, he even logged your account and played games so you can receive it. I am sure you are not biased towards this issue ;)
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    so you were aware of your "fix" but somehow noticed it 2 years later, feelsfuckingbad i have not loged after the update to see if curent norm energy gain is fuck'd up hope its not. Having a friendly conversation with some1 who was reported for bugabuse instead of looking into the case seems pretty odd. That video is far enough proof if one uses stuff such as for 1 char he would prolly use for other. I like how u said bug can happen to anyone but never seen it happen to me or any other rogue unlike the one in the video. I have no hate to players who abused nor to devs/gm's but whats going on here is not ok, this is my opinion on this topic.
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    All those are ONE person and that is confirmed. You can go and read the whole thread again (screenshots). My question was, how can somebody doing those exploits, WHO GOT CONFIRMED receive any kind of titles on other chars? Also he mentioned abusing the bug in order to secure r1 position. He was clearly aware what he was doing, did it on purpose. The fact, that he knew all that should only get him a 1month ban on alt rogue while being rewarded on the main rogue, can you imagine how this looks for the whole community?
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    Not being a whining baka helps too, I'd like to mention.
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    Kirra is still busy, he is stacking necrotics on Mannoroth
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    I can only recommend everyone buying one of those T-shirts. I was a virgin before, had no friends and couldnt get a job. After I bought one I instantly found friends, had sex and found a job. All only because of #TEAM #HATED #T-Shirts. Video is okay, I guess. That part at 12:40 was kinda bad imo, rest was sick. (AS I HAVE TOLD YOU LIKE A THOUSAND TIMES)
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    Ez, we're ready. We need good opponents (waiting for best guild in horde - WSI - but in the best team.)!
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    we just check that do they read same like they count Kappa
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    Decide which Warchief you would pledge your allegiance to, or which one would it be if you decided to switch to another fraction. I'm definitely all in for Vol'jin after experiencing his history in Shadows of the Horde!
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    IMO they should just implement the loot in these bosses, and if they want to test new devs, just tell them to script the boss. Whatever the new programmer would do, there's still this dummy with loot which is what everyone is waiting for since fucking eternity. Oh sorry, I forgot, we can suck essences from Alysrazor HC, after 11 months. I just demand too much from developers. Let's wait another 11 months for nameplates above Molten Elementals. Yeah, that's a good pace to have for fixing stuff that people actually care about.
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    pls someone sell that caster to him before he goes full omae wa mou shindeiru ;_;
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    Im not saying oponents are bad but the video seemed so one sided. Did not see any part with amazing recovery or what I would like to expect from rogue video. I belive Quodan pov could be more entertaining to watch.