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    fresh cata realm was announced some time ago, but due to tbc release fresh cata is not current priority. Imo there is almost no way to bring new people on old realm, especially with blizzlike rule. I wouldnt like to level new char on dead realm with x1 exp or even x3 with raf, especially when i know that the only thing I can do is ds once a week, and from what i know, many people wouldnt like to do this also. Some people wanted to play T11 again, thats why fresh cata was announced, but manpower is limited, so fresh wont be released any time soon
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    I played but its a very logn time ago! On Retail to vanilla times
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    Happy New Year 2019. This note is wishing . Keep DragonWrath up how long u can . I know it is hard.
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    I've been putting this off for quite a while. I guess it's time to officially say goodbye. I'd like to give a summary of my history here, so....huge wall of text incoming. I started playing on the server back in 2013, i remember it was still considered polish and not intenational, it was tough to be an english speaking player back then. I came with Asmodei, we wanted to start playing something together, and we joined an alliance guild called Spartans. We moved to the horde later on and played in Council of the forgotten, the only english speaking guild at the time. We made officers, and after me and another player by the name of Jaffar tried to take ownership over the guild, we were kicked. Thats how we ended up creating our guild, Symphony of War, back in 2014. The server became international and the population rose, we were getting people and learning to raid.... and to lead. We came up with the idea of community first, progress second. Yet our first ever raid group fell apart after some personal dramas, and we had to rebuild. At that point we more or less started understanding what we're doing and we actually started progressing into t11 HC, the current content at the time. Somewhere along that time Council of the forgotten died out, and Nefarious was born. It became our biggest competitor and eventually blew us away in progress, it was a guild built on being efficient and they were great at it. Though they had a reputation on being toxic, and we had a reputation on being kind and respectable. It was our advantage, and what actually kept us alive through the years. Not without drama, though. A couple of our members went to Nef, as they had better progress. One went away to make his own guild, failed and simply went away. We started rebuilding, and eventually managed to get to 6 heroic bosses. At that point we had Clemence, Prew and Paxi, Cash, Deadfoniko and Alexski in the guild, people i remember my best times in the game with. Jaffar and his brother, the people me and Asmodei made the guild with, were still around as well. Problem was, Jaffar was not on the same level as the group, and he was holding us back. I remember making the hard decision of pushing him away from the guild, something that bothers me to this day. It had to be done, but it was still the wrong thing to do. So we moved on... My proudest moment in wow to this day becomes the night we killed Nefarian heroic back on t11, we were at it for hours, people were angry and at the verge of yelling and leaving, so we took a break, came back 10 mins later, and killed the boss on that attempt. I was proud of these people, of the work we did together, and assumed we will go through the entire Cata content with them. In the same time, someone whom we named officer, was abusing his power in secret, threathening people, offending and attacking, simply being rotten. I allowed that to go on for too long, and eventually he made his own guild. That was the only time i trully considered someone my enemy, i did not stop until his guild was destroyed and he was gone. I turned his officers around him one by one, taking everything from him that i could. Yet it didn't made me feel better for not acting earlier, for giving him power within SoW, for not protecting my people from him.... Anyways, FL came out, and it was released on normal only. For a very long time... Guild after guild around us died out, moved away to a different server, or simply lost interest in the game. The only thing that kept us going was the company of the guild people, we logged in to play together, for the sake of the guild and the community, not the content. Yet it was tough and people were often lost. I think the server lost 1/3 of its population during that time, and most of the guilds that existed before that were gone afterwards. FL heroic came, and WSI took the spot as the top guild from Nefarious after a huge storm of rumors about bug abuse. Our progress was slow, we werent interested in realm firsts, just wanted to work through the content together. We went 6/7hc easily, but Rag HC was simply too much for the group. We had people that were not going to manage, and others that were out of patience to give them more time to practice. The boss got the better of us, anger and frustration as well, and the group split. We lost half of our core people, it made me think i was wrong to prioritise personal qualities over game skill, so we got those kind of players, and the boss died within a few days. Yet most of the people we got ended up being wrong for the guild, and that just led to more dramas. We ended up getting 1 really great person in the guild as a result, so no regrets at the end though.... We set up two good groups, the 2nd one killed rag HC pretty fast, then we blazed through DS normal when it came out... and HC didnt. It was the FL normal only situatuon over again. This time, i wasnt sure if the guild would survive. We started losing people by the week. The server was looking barren as well. I remember looking around one day, and seeing none of the old faces. My "enemies', my friends, my allies, all were gone, and i was a dinosaur of a time that was no more. I was loyal to the server for many years, and a part of me felt that my trust was betrayed, that we were abandoned, that my years spent here were for nothing. I would not let that be, i felt like my guild still had more to experience, so....we moved on. A couple of months ago we moved to another server with newer content. I am happy that some of the oldest, most trusted members of the guild, followed us. So while we are leaving, SoW will not die. And while Atlantiss has nothing more to offer to us, and there is a lot of dissapointment as to how some things were handled, i have a lot of love for the server. It hosted me and my friends for 5 years, it was the platform on which so many things played out, it was home. So i'd like to thank to everyone who made our journey here what it was. Those of you who want to keep contact with me or join SoW once again in the future, might find me on discord- Sathus #3040. I'd also like to thank the staff for their hard work, i do hope many will experience what i did here, once the new progress realm comes out. It was an honor playing by your side. Goodbye.
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    I've lost 14400 gold on main char for mount ,which can't be sentable. Because it's soulbound. I've 95276 gold for now. Please, can u turn back this gold?
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    In my case i am not be able to vote. Allways get error 501