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    AZSHARA CRATER Hello travelers. On our 5th anniversary we would like to invite you to something we have never attempted before. We are glad to announce that for the first time ever we are introducing to all of you our special zone prepared just for this occasion. To begin your adventure, you'll need to accept the opening quest from your main city billboard (Level 85 required). There are 3 areas in the zone. Horde camp, Alliance camp and the neutral area. In both Alliance and Horde areas, you will meet Atlantiss staff who will be offering quests, selling goods and also in a later phase, offer your faction area an auction house, guild bank, personal bank, vendor and more (for a specific trade price). In the first phase, you will meet your faction hub leaders, offering quests. Each day you can complete 3 daily quests (randomized between 8 possible quests). Each quest you complete will grant you an “Atlantiss Badge of Honor”. Collect these badges, as they are a special type of capital required to enter the next phase of your journey. BOSSES 3 Dailies each day sound a bit boring? Fear no more. We have prepared challenging bosses for you and your friends. Each of them rewards you with items, pets or toys. So far in Azshara Crater 5 bosses are available: Mehja the Naga, Risette, Mur’lock, Prince Stormduran and Pussy the Destroyer. More rare and another type of bosses to follow in second phase. Here is the list of items that you can find: To be continued...
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    Why am i making a guide? Well, first of all, i do not consider myself to be a good player. I'm sort of a"meh" guy, decent at best, but i happen do be playing with some amazing players and people, and thus have experience with all the content available( we did 9/13 hc on t11 before FL, and the rest after, cleared 6/7 Firelands heroic and are currently slowly progressing Ragnaros heroic). My desire to not let my team down has had me study the class i am playing and try to be the best tank i can be. And so, i decided to share my thoughts and experience with you guys, and maybe get some improvements and new ideas going. I'd like to note on the start, that due to the nature of the class, i will not be able to give you a formula such as "Do this, then that, and you will perform well". Blood death knights are about the freedom to pick an approach depending on the fight, of your preference, and for your healers, and that's why i find it so amazing. I will give pointers and general directions, and will add as much info about how stuff works, to keep you informed, but you will have to make the desicions at the end. So... Here goes. Table of content: 1. Introduction 2. Races 3 Talents 4. Glyphs 5. Spells and priorities 6. Cooldowns 7. Stat priorities 8. Items 9. Enchants 10. Gemming 11. Consumables 12. Fight tips 13. Add-ons 14. Macros 1. Introduction The death knight is a trully different type of tank. By default, we are a lot less sturdy than the other tank classes, and constantly have to act and make proactive and reactive decisions to stay alive. The blood death knight is often described as the most "manual" tank. What comes as automatic to other classes, we often have to do ourselves. This, of course, has pros and cons. We are all about control, and making the right choice at the right time. If you do so correctly, you can perform amazingly. However, mistakes will strain your healers, make your HP spike a lot, and potentially get you killed. Our mastery is sort of a replacement for the lack of block, but it offers amazing fluidity and the ability to adjust to each and every fight. In general, the DK works well as a single target tank, has great control, unmatched self healing and is capable of taking extreme amounts of magic damage without trouble. On the downside, we are not ideal for AoE tanking and kiting, and we lack avoidance. It's not that you can not kite as a DK, it's just that other classes will do it better with less effort. I would also like to note that here, on Atlantiss, we're taking advantage of all the 4.3.4 changes to the class(listed ), removing a lot of the problems we had to face on 4.2. The current patch and content combination is highly favourable to us, and it is rather easy to get good results with a DK tank, even if you are far from being optimal both in gear and skill. 2. Races. I've never been a fan of picking a race on what is optimal. For me, to have fun in this game, you must actually like how your character looks, and the racial bonuses are mostly not decisive. Still, if you want to be optimal as a DK tank, you should probably pick a tauren on horde(+ 5% base hp, and an AoE stun) and a dwarf(stoneform) or a night elf ( 2% dodge) on alliance. 3. Talents. Here are the mandatory talents, those that make tanking possible(or ar the best option available). Taking the pic from tauri veins. We don't really have much choices to make here. Here are the optional talents: · Scent of Blood: gives you a small chance to generate extra runic power. Its useful to get you some more PR, which can in turn be used for some defensive cd's and/or some more runestrikes, which in turn can give you more DS due to the runic empowerement. Its a good talent to have. · Blood-Caked Blade:. This one is lame. I can’t find a reason to take it. · Abomination's Might: you should only take this talent if no one in your raid can provide the 10% increased attack power(unlikely) Otherwise, this talent is not useful. · Crimson Scourge: increases the damage dealt by Blood Boil and gives you a chance to gain cost-free Blood Boils. Damage is bad, its only good if you have agro issues while you AoE tank. · Epidemic: increases the duration of your diseases by up to 12 seconds . This talent point simplifies your tanking somewhat, ensuring you can keep your STDs up only with outbreak · Endless Winter, which makes your interrupt free of runic power cost; You will probably need this on some fights. 4. Glyphs: Prime: - Death Coil: Better self heals with it. Its a MUST if you are using the Lichbonre spec, and you should. It scales with AP, and can heal up really, really well. - Rune Strike: More damage, better aggro - Heart Strike: More damage, better aggro If for some reason you are AOE tanking, you can pick : - Death and Decay( longer duration- more damage- more threat) You might want to take Death strike glyph if you want some extra dps here and there, but it wont do much, since you will rarely have a lot of RP. Major: - Vamp Blood 40% increase to healing on you, but you lose the hit points gained. I glyph this in and out according to the fight we're progressing. If you want to support your healers in a tough spot, glyph it. If you feel like for some reason they won't be able to heal you for a while and you prefer to have a hp+ on demand, don't glyph it. I still prefer it glyphed on most fights, since it buffs up self healing too. - Rune Tap: helps with healing a bit. Was amazing on Chim hc back in the day. - Anti magic shell +2 sec duration. Helps with consistent magic damage, useless if it only comes in burst on the fight Dancing Rune Weapon: 50 % more threat while it’s on. Has some uses, nothing impressive. If for some reason you are AOE tanking, you can pick: - Pestilence: To increase the range at which you spread diseases - Blood Boil: To increase the range of your Blood Boil Minor: Blood tap is okay, it won't cost you hp anymore. (by default its 6 % of base hp, which doesn't really matter, but oh well, it's something.). The rest are all meh, pick whatever. 5. Spells and priorities. Cata doesn't have rotations, you have priority systems. Here's yours. Single Target 1) Outbreak on cooldown, keep STD’s up if you can afford it 2) Death Strike 3) Rune Strike 4) Rune Tap on cooldown (if 90% health or less) 5) Horn of Winter 6) Heart Strike Lets get into detail about each one here.
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    Welcome to the third Developer Update. I would like to apologize for not updating you for the last month and a half, but there was a lot going on. 1. T12 Content I spent around 2 weeks fixing many bugs on Firelands. Most of the fixes were to Majordomo, Ryolith, Ragnaros. Some minor tweeks were made to other bosses too. We had a closer look at players in Firelands and we caught many players exploiting and hacking in Firelands, thanks to this we found many exploits that allowed players to even solo some bosses when done correctly, I think I fixed most / all of the them. We also plan to update the adds soon with some exploit fixes. 2. T13 Content After T12 I started working with T13. Together with Bildo we are currently working on the three 5 man Heroics. Our current progress is: End of Time - 50% Echo of Jaina - 85% Echo of Baine - 85% Echo of Sylvanas - 50% Well of Eternity - No data Hour of Twilight - 90% 3. New Forum As many of you probably already noticed we rebuilt and reworked our Forum. We hope everyone likes the new look and all the new functions. We are still doing some minor tweaks that will make our live easier (Admins / GMs / Devs / Moderators). If you have any feedback / ideas about what the forum is still missing / lacking let us know. 4. PvP Log System We improved our PvP Log System (Arenas and Wargames), we will now be able to better and easier catch teams that aren’t playing fair. With these changes we are now able to create say a table in arena team stats where you will be able to check all team battles (this isn’t done yet and we are not currently working on it, but we made sure the new PvP Log System will be compatible and has all the needed info). 5. Azshara Crater For our 5th birthday we decided to open a portal that takes players to Azshara Crater (one of the blocked and unfinished zones in the game). There you can fight with some custom bosses and get some old / unique gear for transmogs. We plan to shortly add more bosses and expand the current PvE event. If players like the event we might think about doing this kind of event every year, with more content, more bosses, more fun. We’re sorry for any problems / bugs our custom bosses / quests have, we will try to make the event doable and fun, and let’s hope this idea expands over the next year. 6. PvP Tournament The first Atlantiss PvP Tournament has begun! The tournament uses Wargames and the new PvP Log System. I hope everyone is having fun and that we will be able to do more tournaments like this. 7. Current Plans We plan to spend some time working with the Azshara Crater Event and work farther with 4.3 Content. We hope to soon add something to the PTR and we will need your help to make sure everything is tested and works. That is all for today’s update. If you have any questions please leave them below, I will try to answer them when I have some time. Thank you for your attention. Class dismissed! See you all in-game, Cheers!
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    download and install those softwares: CMake https://cmake.org/fi...2-win32-x86.exe (other version may cause errors later) Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2015 https://www.visualst...loadrename=true During installation, select Visual C++ installation. MySQL Community Server http://dev.mysql.co...ty- During installation, select "Custom", then click "Next" then you need to add under "MySQL Servers": "MySQL Server X64" and under "Applications": "MySQL Workbench X64". Then click "Next" and wait for the install. After the installation, you need to configure the server. In "Type and Networking" leave the default values. In "Accounts and Roles" you need to specify the password for the "root" default account. For example, give "root" as a password. This password and the login "root" will need to be written down in configuration files (plain text) for your server so do not use your favourite password. After giving the password and its confirmation, click "Next". In "Windows Service" check "Configure MySQL Server as a Windows Service" and click "Next" and then "Execute", "Finish", "Next", check "Start MySQL Workbench", click "Finish". Now MySQL Workbench is started. We configure it to use the server connection. At the top, click menu "Database" and "Manage Connections..." A window opens, click at the bottom left "New". Give a name to "Connection Name" for example "Root". Leave the other values to default (Hostname, Port 3306, Username root). For Password click button "Store in Vault..." and give the password you used during installation. Then click "Test Connection" to verify it works and then click "Close" Bellow the menu, at the left of "MySQL Connections", click the icon at the right of the +, then select your connection you just created and click "Close". Your connection now appears bellow "MySQL Connections". If you click on it, MySQL Workbench will connect to your local MySQL server. To make sure that your server is running, in the left panel under "instance" click "Startup / Shutdown" and it should be written in green "running". Go in the folder "C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.7\include". See if the two files "binary_log_funcs.h" and "binary_log_types.h" are present. If not, create two text files with those names in your Desktop folder. Then fill them with the content available here: https://github.com/m...ogevents/export. And finally move them in the include directory were they are missing. You have to do this because of a mistake made by the creators of the installator of MySQL in Windows. Win64 OpenSSL https://slproweb.com/download/Win64OpenSSL-1_0_2k.exe Git https://github.com/g....2.11.0-64-bit.exe During installation, you need to choose "Use Git from the Windows Command Prompt", all other options can be left as default ZeroMQ http://miru.hk/archi...miru1.0-x64.exe Boost https://sourceforge....64.exe/download After the installation you need to add a system variable to allow CMake to know where to find Boost. Open the System page of your computer: by using the shortcut WINDOWS+PAUSE or in the explorer with right click on "Computer" and click "Properties" In the left panel click "Advanced system settings" A window appears, select tab "Advanced" and click button "Environment Variables..." A window appears, click button new under "System Variables". As name give "BOOST_ROOT" and as value give "C:\local\boost_1_63_0" (this has to be the directory where boost was installed). While you are here For step 5 of the (Git) guide to make sure Git is detected later, check "PATH" variable if it has C:\Program Files\Git\cmd inside it, if not add it manually. Then click "ok" and close all windows. download those resources: The core sources https://github.com/T...acy/TrinityCore (click button "Download ZIP") - if you encounter problems due to recent updates known version to work and compiles successfully is here https://github.com/T...ef8c087bc4a9864 Archive "TDB_full_world_434.11_2016_03_12.rar": the world database https://github.com/T..._2016_03_12.rar Archive "Datas.zip": files required by the server https://mega.nz/#!iB...pIfaRBJHEZz6yu8 installation Create a folder where you will put everything related to your local server(s). I assume you named it "ServerWow". Put this folder preferably on your desktop folder or documents folder due to windows administrator rights. Extract the core sources zip in ServerWow. You obtain the folder "TrinityCore" Create an empty folder named "TrinityCore434-4.3.4-build" in ServerWow Create a shortcut for MySQL Workbench (located here for me C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Workbench 6.3 CE\MySQLWorkbench.exe) and put it in the folder ServerWow and run it and connect to your MySQL server with the connection you created. Here we create the three databases needed for the Wow server. At the top left, click menu "File", "Run SQL Script..." and select the file "TrinityCore\sql\base\auth_database.sql" A window appears, at the bottom for "Default Schema Name" we need to give the name of the database. Give this name "auth434", then click "Run" and click "Close" when finished Click "File", "Run SQL Script..." and select the file "TrinityCore\sql\base\characters_database.sql" As "Default Shema Name" for this database give "character434" Extract TDB_full_world_434.11_2016_03_12.rar somewhere, you obtain the file TDB_full_world_434.11_2016_03_12.sql Click "File", "Run SQL Script..." and select the file "TDB_full_world_434.11_2016_03_12.sql" As "Default Shema Name" for this database give "world434" We need to apply updates for the world database. Go to TrinityCore\sql\updates\world. All SQL files directly here needs to be applied. You can create one file from all of them by concatenating them: on keyboard type WINDOW+R. The execute window appear, type "cmd" inside and enter. It opens the command line. Copy the full folder path containing your SQL file and type this command "cd fullFolderPathContainingYourSQLfile" (to change the directory in the command line). Then paste this command "copy /b *.sql full.sql", full.sql will then contain the concatenation of all SQL script in this folder. You just need to apply the script "full.sql" to your world434 database now. Click "File", "Run SQL Script..." and select the file "full.sql" As "Default Shema Name" to apply the fix give "world434" You can delete TDB_full_world_434.11_2016_03_12.sql and full.sql now Close MySQL Workbench In your Wow client (version 4.3.4), go to "Data\enGB", then open "realmlist.wtf" with a text editor and replace all its content by "set realmlist". This is the address "localhost" meaning the address of your own computer Create a shortcut for CMake-gui (located here for me C:\Program Files (x86)\CMake\bin\cmake-gui.exe) and put it in the folder ServerWow and run it. Click button "Browse Source..." and select the source folder "TrinityCore" Click button "Browse Build..." and select the folder TrinityCore434-4.3.4-build Click button "Configure". A window appears. In the list, select "Visual Studio 14 2015 Win64" and select "Use default native compilers". Then click "Finish" and wait the configuration is finished. You should obtain an error because MySQL was not found. In the panel above "Configure" button you should see "MYSQL_INCLUDE_DIR-NOTFOUND" in red. You need to give to CMake the folder of the include directory of MySQL. Click on "MYSQL_INCLUDE_DIR-NOTFOUND". At the right a button "..." appears, click on it and select the folder "C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.7\include" in the window that appeared. (be carefull, the value then is "C:/Program Files/MySQL/MySQL Server 5.7/include": / instead of \) You should also see below "MYSQL_LIBRARY-NOTFOUND". You need to give to CMake the path to the .lib file of MySQL. Click on "MYSQL_LIBRARY-NOTFOUND" and then on the button "..." and select the file "C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.7\lib\libmysql.lib" in the window that appeared. (be carefull, the value then is "C:/Program Files/MySQL/MySQL Server 5.7/lib/libmysql.lib": / instead of \) Click button "Configure" again. If everything goes right, at the end you obtain the message "Configuring done". Otherwise post your error to obtain help. Click button "Generate". If you have "Generating done" at the end, this is good, otherwise post your error to obtain help. Close CMake Go inside folder "TrinityCore434-4.3.4-build". Lots of files have been added with the CMake generation. Open the file "TrinityCore.sln" (with Microsoft Visual Studio 2015) Make sure that "x64" is selected at the top and just left of this, choose "Release" instead of "Debug" by default In the "Solution Explorer" (if you do not see it, click menu "View" then "Solution Explorer"), right click on "Solution "TrinityCore"", and click "Build solution". This is the compilation of the server, it can be long (4 minutes on my computer) and it slows down other programs. At the end of the compilation, if everything goes right, you should obtain "========== Build: 17 succeeded, 0 failed, 0 up-to-date, 1 skipped ==========". If you have compilation errors, ask for help. Close Visual Studio Go inside the newly created folder "TrinityCore434-4.3.4-build\bin\Release\". In this folder you have worldserver.exe and authserver.exe (created during the compilation) Copy in the current directory the file libmysql.dll (located here for me C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.7\lib) Copy in the current directory the file libzmq-v120-mt-4_0_4.dll (located here for me C:\Program Files\ZeroMQ 4.0.4\bin) Extract here the archive named "Data.zip" containing the 4 folders dbc, maps, vmaps and mmaps. You can then delete "Data.zip" Create a copy of the file "authserver.conf.dist" in the same folder and name it "authserver.conf" Create a copy of the file "worldserver.conf.dist" in the same folder and name it "worldserver.conf" Open "authserver.conf" with a text editor. You need to modify the line "LoginDatabaseInfo = ";3306;trinity;trinity;auth"". The first thing is the address of the authentication server (leave it like that (it must be the same as your address from your MySQL server)). Then 3306 is the port to connect to the MySQL server (leave it like that (it must be the same in MySQL)). Then there is the login of your MySQL server. Replace it with "root". Then this is the password corresponding to the login in MySQL. The password I told you to use is "root". Then this is the name of the authentication database. The name I told you to use is "auth434". To resume, change the line LoginDatabaseInfo = ";3306;trinity;trinity;auth" with the line LoginDatabaseInfo = ";3306;root;root;auth434" Close this file Open worldserver.conf in your text editor. It is almost the same Here, change the three lines LoginDatabaseInfo = ";3306;trinity;trinity;auth" WorldDatabaseInfo = ";3306;trinity;trinity;world" CharacterDatabaseInfo = ";3306;trinity;trinity;characters" with those lines LoginDatabaseInfo = ";3306;root;root;auth434" WorldDatabaseInfo = ";3306;root;root;world434" CharacterDatabaseInfo = ";3306;root;root;character434" and one more line Updates.EnableDatabases = 7 to Updates.EnableDatabases = 0 Close this file You need to create an account on your local server to be able to connect. Open the application worldserver.exe. It should load the server from the database and keeps being opened. (If the window close suddenly, open a command line, go inside this folder with the command line and launch the exe by typing its name in the command line. This way the command line will still be opened after the crash of the server, and you can ask for help with errors you see if you need). In this command window type "enter". A prompt appears. You can type commands here. The command to create an account is the following: ".account create LOGIN PASSWORD". It can be handy to give short login and password to help you go faster. For example, you can type ".account create a a". Then you can change your gm level for this account by typing this command: ".account set gmlevel a 3 -1". it gives to account "a" the maximum gmlevel (3) on all realms (-1) To accelerate your tests, you might want to start your server and your Wow client with one double click. And as a player of Atlantiss, you also use your Wow client 4.3.4 to play on the server. So you also want that the realmlist is updated automatically. In your Wow client, in the folder Data\enGB where you have realmlist.wtf, create a new file named "realmlist_atlantiss.txt" and as content give "set realmlist play.atlantiss.eu". Create a new file named "realmlist_local.txt" and as content give "set realmlist". In the same root folder of your client where you have Wow.exe, create a new file named "Wow.bat" (you need to change its extension). Edit this file with a text editor and put those lines as content @echo off copy /Y "D:\Wow4.3.4.15595\Data\enGB\realmlist_atlantiss.txt" "D:\Wow4.3.4.15595\Data\enGB\realmlist.wtf" start D:\Wow4.3.4.15595\Wow.exe exit 0 Make sure to replace "D:\Wow4.3.4.15595\" by the path to your Wow.exe in your 4.3.4 Wow client folder. Now you can create a shortcut for Wow.bat and when you want to play on Altantiss, use this shortcut. In the same folder as worldserver.exe, create a new text file. And rename it to "434local.bat" (you need to change its extension). Edit this file with a text editor and put those lines as content @echo off copy /Y "D:\Wow4.3.4.15595\Data\enGB\realmlist_local.txt" "D:\Wow4.3.4.15595\Data\enGB\realmlist.wtf" start authserver.exe start worldserver.exe start D:\Wow4.3.4.15595\Wow.exe exit 0 Make sure to replace "D:\Wow4.3.4.15595\" by the path to your Wow.exe in your 4.3.4 Wow client folder. Then create a shortcut for "434local.bat" and name it "434local" and finally put this shortcut directly in your ServerWow folder. Now is the end, to run your server, use your shortcut. And in the wow client, use the login and password you created in the worldserver command line.
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    Cut the guy some slack. ROFL he was not insulting anyone, just simply asked a very fair question. He even noted his own short-coming of being hard to please. Instead of showering with insults like Zoylar and Threetree did, would be decent to just give a response. In a civilized and decent manner in which the question was formed.
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    Winners will also be inspected and their logs will be checked in order to make sure they are eligable for the rewards. beware.
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    OLD CAMP jest gildią nastawioną na PVE a swoją przygodę na Atlantisie zaczęliśmy 5 października 2016. Początkowo była to kameralna inicjatywa składająca się z grupy znajomych, niektórych znających się z życia codziennego, innych grających razem już kupę czasu . Lubimy wspólnie porajdować, progressować, czasem po prostu spontanicznie zorganizować jakiś wypad TBC czy WotLK. W naszych szeregach pragniemy zgromadzić ludzi, którzy wyznają podobną filozofię gry - doceniamy tych, którym zależy na rozwoju gildii jak i osoby, które chcą z nami stworzyć zgraną ekipę, nie tylko rajdującą. Nasze obecne osiągnięcia to BoT 2/4 HC, BwD 6/6, ToT4w 2/2 FL 3/7 HC Kogo szukamy? Przede wszystkim graczy ze zdrowym podejściem do życia, także tego wirtualnego. Obecnie dysponujemy jedną stałą grupą FL i zamiarem utworzenia kolejnej jak i możliwym przyszłym progressem T11 HC. W związku z tym nasze zapotrzebowanie w obecnej chwili dotyczy każdej klasy. Co u nas jest fajnego? · Systematyczne rajdy, odbywające się najczęściej w tygodniu wieczorami · Forum, gdzie znajdziecie opisy taktyk z filmami oraz najnowsze niusy dotyczące życia gildyjnego, nasze fotorelacje z rajdów lub eventów · Ludzie z poczuciem humoru i chęcią do pomocy Czego oczekujemy od Ciebie? · Aktywności, ogarnięcia swojej postaci, znajomości taktyk rajdowych · Czasu w środku tygodnia w godzinach 19-22 · Kultury osobistej, cierpliwości i dystansu do świata · Posiadania TS3 Osoby, do których należy zgłaszać się w sprawie rekrutacji: Wasett, Madever, Emeralde, Frevia
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    Hint: alot of bans for wintrading incoming.
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    We are always open to player feedback, opinions and constructive criticism. There should be no expectations for an event that was custom created for you. Imagine this... You getting a gift from someone, and rejecting it because it wasn't what you wanted. The event is still under development with next phases, bosses and other surprises to come.
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    iks kurwa de-luge xddddd a to ja i moje ziomki
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    I would like to request fixing the respawn timer and the drop chance on the bosses in Azshara's Crater. Currently you get 11 bosses per hour with 40% chance to not drop anything which is frustrating. What is even more frustrating is that you cant make a group for it at anytime of the day anymore. You removed the Corrupted Ashbringer and changed the cat respawn timer which led to many people not interested in the event. Also the drop chances are broken at the moment: today i made a group ( which was so hard to make) and from 3 cats and 2 dragons we got only 1 item to drop. The event is good and there are many players who still want to farm some of the items but its like its unavailable anymore due to lack of interest in it. So i suggest re-adding CA back to the loot, and make the cat respawn timer again to 5-7 minutes. This will get players back to farming - even if we cant get much people to be atleast able to farm the cat. If you dont want to bring the old cat respawn timer atleast make the bosses to 100% drop something. I remember in the first day our farming group was 38 players and today i couldn't get more then 9 people which is too less to kill prince, murloc and naga. Also when are we getting word for the event vendor ?
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    https://www.twitch.tv/matslia Featurer (fire mage) streaming our firelands heroic run every Wednesday around 18-19~ Server time,also there are broadcasts with our previous runs if u are interested on how we do things.
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    2017, people still get offended by words on the internet from a guy you will most likely NEVER see.
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    Mamy zaszczyt ogłosić, że w tym tygodniu gildia dokonała małego progressu na FL, a mianowicie na dzień dzisiejszy wynosi on 3/7 HC (shannox, majordomo, baleroc) W związku z potrzebą umocnienia pierwszej grupy rajdowej potrzeba mocnego TANKA PALADYNA lub DRUIDA
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    Hello there, Lock would probably be hard for someone who is just starting out. You also have to keep in mind that while there are some classes that are easier to pick up and do well with right away, any class is difficult to master if you want to get 100 % out of it. In my opinion, easiest to get into will be combat rogue, where most of your dps will come from just auto-attack related stuff and you have very little to keep track of, it also offers huge room for error. Other classes that people usually claim are simple are frost death knight( extremely simple priority, but you will need to keep track of both runic power and runes as resourses), arcane mage(but you will have to deal with mana management, which is crucial and specific there, also everyone will yell at you to respec to fire), or hunters(which imo are deceptively simple, but focus management makes a huge difference and you can see people with similiar gear do really different dps). Fury warrior is simple as well, but its considered really bad here and now, most likely due to class bugs, and you will have a difficult time getting in a group. Same can be said about Enha shamans. At the end of the day, my advice would be to read up on the classes and how they are played a bit, and then decide by what seems most fun. Nothing is truly difficult, and you can perform above average without much effort, no matter what you pick. Unless its a fury warrior.
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    I must say, from all the horde guilds I came across during my stay on the other side, SoW left me the biggest impression. Every single member I had interacted with was friendly and chill, most importantly, the guild itself is looking like a bunch of friends enjoying the game, rather than a unit formed to serve a single purpose - farm some bosses and brag about their titles in Ogrimmar. Just a few guilds around this server have achieved that, and if some of you are still wondering which horde guild to join, in my opinion, this one is truly worth looking at. Even though we're on different sides again, I wish you people the best, looking forward to playing with you again sometime!
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    Sad you guys left, horde won't be the same without you. Still, best of luck! Its a strong guild with stable leadership and decent people. Recommend it to any ally player looking for a good raiding guild.
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    wreszcie sklepaliśmy ragnarosa bez większej dramy więc się pochwalimy. to nasz trzeci kill i na dobrą sprawę mamy już dziada w stanie farmy. gildia keepers of kindergarden poszukuje małej goblinki z różowymi warkoczykami wiek <12 do pierwszej grupy rajdowej
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    Spankanator please ss Thank you Guild "DIGNITY " We load yt Video .
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    Daily reminder: every thread like this delays DS release by 1 Soon™.
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    Like Yancock, I'd also like to reach out and thank Purged for such a great time in the guild. I am looking forward to many more enjoyable memories with you guys! Great enviroment. Social and hilarious members. Amazing place!
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    thanks @Kercat for the warm words, some of us took the PS. part very personally jednocześnie chciałbym się pochwalić progresem drugiej grupy! otóż dzielnym śmiałkom udało się dzisiaj ubić Beatkę oraz Alyskę w wersji hc. przed nimi tylko lord i mogą poważnie myśleć o progresie ragnarosa na haceku (powodzenia xddd) jednocześnie próbujemy jak najwięcej bossów zbić na 25! aby to osiągnąć niezbędni nam będą: mag który potrafi przywalić kombuchą za ogromne numerki lock który potrafi coś więcej niż postawić telewizor z ikei retras/warek którzy nie boją się stanąć z szefem twarzą w twarz, ewentualnie twarzą w plecy zapraszam na priv!
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    I have to congratulate You on Your awesome progress and of course on Raggy HC kill Wish you all of best my polish brothers and keep doing good progress in Horde!!! FOR THE HORDE!!! P.S. (You have some really good pvp players ^_^)
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    Feral is the way to go. Just follow this simple guide:
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    Bawimy się dalej Ten tydzień : 2x 7/7 hc 9x 6/7 hc // Immortal Legion.
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    Hello, What a very long post that was in the sticky lol. Well I may be able to help 90% of the users with this error. This is due to windows firewall not making an exception and allowing the connection to the server. It is a simple fix. This works for all versions of windows.   Hit your windows key and in the search type Firewall and choose the one with the Control Panel. If you just hit enter you may end up with the wrong firewall panel to make the simple change.   On the left side you will see an option at the top, Allow apps to communicate through Windows Firewall, click that. Now at the bottom of the list you will see Allow another app. You will simply click that and brows to where you have the exe file you launch, and choose it. Make sure that the check marks for private and public are checked and hit OK.   That is it, you should be able to launch your game normally without the errors.   Hope this helps you quickly fix your issues   Deadly  
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    Pamietajcie Miśki Psy szczekaja karawana jedzie dalej :)... PwR Aliiance Power Pozdro 600
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    With 20 teams applying to take part in our 2v2 tournament, going from the top of the list, every 5 teams will be in a different groups from A to D. With an exception in group C where we were forced to remove one of the team leaving the group with only 4 teams. For our 3v3 tournament we have 9 teams that applied, that is why the first 4 teams will be going to group A and the rest to group B 2v2 Groups Group A Keksik Team Morrderca Team Rianney Team Hadralt Team Holyrack Team Keksik Team 3:0 3:0 3:1 3:0 Morrderca Team 0:3 0:0 0:3 0:0 Rianney Team 0:3 0:0 0:3 0:0 Hadralt Team 1:3 3:0 3:0 3:0 Holyrack Team 0:3 0:0 0:0 0:3 Group B Døpa Team Roguetrainer Team Hoodratx Team Hatedlol Team Bigwoman Team Døpa Team 0:3 0:0 0:3 0:3 Roguetrainer Team 3:0 3:0 3:1 3:0 Hoodratx Team 0:0 0:3 0:3 0:0 Hatedlol Team 3:0 1:3 3:0 3:1 Bigwoman Team 3:0 0:3 0:0 1:3 Group C Sangrihealer Team Dinkaa Team Smite Team Effreel Team Sangrihealer Team 0:3 0:3 0:0 Dinkaa Team 3:0 0:3 1:3 Smite Team 3:0 3:0 3:0 Effreel Team 0:0 3:1 0:3 Group D Archelíon Team Nikkz Team Bubalolz Team Menfirius Team Zippeer Team Archelíon Team 0:3 0:0 0:0 0:3 Nikkz Team 3:0 3:0 0:0 3:0 Bubalolz Team 0:0 0:3 3:0 0:0 Menfirius Team 0:0 0:0 0:3 0:0 Zippeer Team 3:0 0:3 0:0 0:0 3v3 Groups Group A Roguetrainer Team Hoodratx Team Hadralt Team Elannxgodx Team Roguetrainer Team 3:0 3:0 3:0 Hoodratx Team 0:3 0:3 0:0 Hadralt Team 0:3 3:0 3:0 Elannxgodx Team 0:3 0:0 0:3 Group B Smite Team Dinkaa Team Bigwoman Team Hatedlol Team Weawer Team Smite Team 3:0 3:0 0:3 3:0 Dinkaa Team 0:3 3:0 0:3 0:0 Bigwoman Team 0:3 0:3 0:3 0:0 Hatedlol Team 3:0 3:0 3:0 3:0 Weawer Team 0:3 0:0 0:0 0:3
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    Complete UI: mbXtremeUI 3.0 - [url]http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/download19283-mbXtremeUI3.0[/url] mbXtremeUI 3.0 Setup Video [url]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9AsjoemuBDE[/url] ElvUI - [url=https://www.sendspace.com/file/fvwnft]https://www.sendspace.com/file/fvwnft[/url] SpartanUI (should work) - [url]http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/spartan-ui/399685[/url] FreeUI (didn't check) - [url]http://u.to/84J9CA[/url] [b]Addon_Name Addon_Version - Download_Link[/b] Damage meter: Recount 4.3.0d - [url]http://www.wowace.com/media/files/581/640/Recount-v4.3.0d_release.zip[/url] Skada 1.4-2 - [url]http://www.wowace.com/media/files/602/537/Skada-1.4-2.zip[/url] Unit Frames: Shadowed Unit Frames 3.4.4 - [url]http://www.wowace.com/media/files/557/694/ShadowedUnitFrames-v3.4.4.zip[/url] PitBull Unit Frames 4.0.0-beta31 - [url]http://www.wowace.com/media/files/607/192/PitBull4-v4.0.0-beta31.zip[/url] X-Perl 3.5.0 - [url]http://www.wowace.com/media/files/611/614/XPerl-r667.zip[/url] Stuf Unit Frames 4.3.001 - [url]http://www.curseforge.com/media/files/556/60/Stuf-4.3.001.zip[/url] Cast Bars: Gnosis 3.11 - [url]http://www.curseforge.com/media/files/564/276/Gnosis-v3.11.zip[/url] Quartz 3.0.8 - [url]http://www.wowace.com/media/files/556/504/Quartz-3.0.8.zip[/url] Action Bars: Bartender4 - [url]http://www.wowace.com/media/files/555/596/Bartender4-[/url] Dominos 4.3.4 - [url]http://www.curseforge.com/media/files/559/609/Dominos_4.3.4.zip[/url] Bags: Adi Bags - [url]http://www.wowace.com/media/files/567/246/AdiBags-v1.4.7.1.zip[/url] Bagnon 4.3.24 - [url]http://www.curseforge.com/media/files/595/930/Bagnon_4.3.24.zip[/url] Float Combat Text: Mik Scrolling Battle Text 5.6.117 - [url]http://www.curseforge.com/media/files/605/130/MikScrollingBattleText-5.6.117.zip[/url] Raid notice: Deadly Boss Mods 4.10.12 - [url]http://www.curseforge.com/media/files/596/699/DBM-4.10.12-r7536-Core-and-Cataclysm-Mods.zip[/url] Big Wigs r9057 - [url]http://www.wowace.com/media/files/578/659/BigWigs-r9057-release.zip[/url] Raid Frames: VuhDo 2.138 - [url]http://www.curseforge.com/media/files/589/950/VuhDo_2_138.zip[/url] Grid - [url]http://www.wowace.com/media/files/598/824/Grid-[/url] HealBot - [url]http://www.curseforge.com/media/files/606/574/HealBot_4.3.4.1.zip[/url] Chat: Chatter v.1.3.3-7-geaaf3ba(working alpha) - [url]http://www.wowace.com/media/files/613/169/Chatter-v.1.3.3-7-geaaf3ba.zip[/url] Prat 3.4.25 - [url]http://www.wowace.com/media/files/554/980/Prat-3.0-3.4.25.zip[/url] Proffesion: Gather Mate 2 1.16.5 - [url]http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/gathermate2/607165[/url] Ackis Recipe List 2.3.3 - [url]http://www.wowace.com/media/files/612/364/AckisRecipeList-2.3.3.zip[/url] Skillet 2.21 - [url]http://www.wowace.com/media/files/573/555/Skillet-2.21.zip[/url] Auction House: Auctioneer Suite 5.13.5258 - [url]http://www.curseforge.com/media/files/565/71/AuctioneerSuite-5.13.5258.zip[/url] Trade Skill Master 1.4.3 - [url]http://www.curseforge.com/media/files/615/809/TradeSkillMaster-v1.4.3.zip[/url] Auctionator - thx to Bever86! - [url]http://atlantiss.eu/community/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=1214[/url] PvP: Vanas KoS 4.33 - [url]http://www.wowace.com/media/files/570/854/VanasKoS-v4.33.zip[/url] Misc: Addon Control Panel 3.3.17 - [url]http://www.wowace.com/media/files/554/976/ACP-3.3.17.zip[/url] AutoRepair 2.3 - [url]http://www.curseforge.com/media/files/556/123/AutoRepair.zip[/url] Crap Away! 1.6 - [url]http://www.curseforge.com/media/files/556/125/CrapAway.zip[/url] Minimalist r122 - [url]http://www.wowace.com/media/files/584/881/Minimalist-r122.zip[/url] OmniCC 4.3.2 - [url]http://www.curseforge.com/media/files/563/908/OmniCC_4.3.2.zip[/url] Tell Me When 5.0.2 - [url]http://www.curseforge.com/media/files/577/103/TellMeWhen-5.0.2.zip[/url] TipTac 12.05.20 - [url]http://www.curseforge.com/media/files/594/341/TipTac12.05.20.zip[/url] Zygor Guide - [url]https://www.sendspace.com/file/tx67pa[/url] [url]http://sendfile.pl/pokaz/222658---wxsa.html[/url]
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    i recommend this guild ! nice team
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    Good BG with this guild
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    najlepsza gildia pvp świetna atmosfera, spoko ludzie, i miło spędzony czas na wygranych bg polecam
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    Bugtracker link: https://github.com/Atlantiss/BugTracker/issues/7144 / https://github.com/Atlantiss/BugTracker/issues/5062 Describe your fix: Update flags column of the Cask of Drugan's IPA. Account name: User101 Comment: I compared the gameobject_object tables from the trinity and skyfire database with each other and found the only difference was the flags column. After digging up what the flags table meant on the atlassian of trinity I found this: Since there was still an old reply of Bildo around with the gameobject_template of this cask I figured out it wasn't right on the Acore too. SQL fix: UPDATE gameobject_template SET flags = 4 WHERE entry = 208872; Rejected topic confirms that the gameobject has already got a guid: http://community.atlantiss.eu/index.php?/topic/11687-objectcask-of-drugans-ipa/
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    wreszcie nie musimy już oglądać tego szajsu na oczy, alakir i nefarian hc zdałnione. łatwe kille btw.
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    Hello everyone, Lingu here so i posting this topic due to the fact im getting totaly ignored by Ranor when i sent him message on forum about my problem. The problem is the fact i got Ruthless Gladiator title removed on 2 chars named Lingu and Løvê. I didn't rly know what the problem was cuz i stopped playing on atlantiss for few months but my friend who got the same problem told me that all got titles removed due to some mistakes made by GMs and eveyone who got title had to whisper them to get titles back or something like that. I would ask for a response from the administration side to me topic to do something about. I can show proof i got titles and also in armor you can see everything in by going to " recent activites " and you can see Ruthless Gladiator Mount reward achivement and second proof there is post on forum about rewards
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    no witam witam, mam dobre wieści. klepnęliśmy dzisiaj w heroicznej wersji 25-osobowej Alyskę oraz Beti! screen z ptoka gdzieś się zapodział ale na tym z pajonka widać całą koks ekipę którą serdecznie pozdrawiam. jak widać graliśmy w 23 osoby więc przypominam o tym że prowadzimy aktywną rekrutację! potrzeba nam przede wszystkim tym razem DOBREGO heala (/wave @Piklo19) oraz depsiorów wymienionych w pierwszym poście. życzymy sobie dalszych sukcesów, Chałwa Wielkiej Hordzie
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    Baleroc HC robiony na jednego hila holy paladyna Kudłaczkę. Jak najbardziej do zrobienia pod warunkiem, że ogarnia on swoją klasę, a mogę zapewnić że Kudłacz świetnie ogarnia swoją postać Wielkie brawa dla całej ekipy, myślę że każdy z osobna zasłużył na tytuł mvp, to dla nas kolejny duży krok, a my się dopiero rozkręcamy
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    Sulfuras !!! Gratulacje Abelar
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    Update on progression: We're currently working on Ragnaros P4, and hoping to get a kill in the next few weeks. Still looking for exceptional players. See our recruitment section for more info. http://investigation.shivtr.com
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    Chłopaki i dziewczyny, nie zapominajmy. A Pumpek jak zawsze solidny występ. XD ps dzięki
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    fag Fag is mainly used as an offensive term for homosexuals. Although it has other meanings, you should probably avoid it at all costs. So if fag word is allowed than trolling 24/7 on homosexuals at world chat is allowed
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    I cannot believe that people are actually giving OP genuine answers.
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    Jak widzę co piszesz, to mam wrażenie, że płeć w tym przypadku może nie mieć znaczenia
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    list of ppl who read the above post
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    Baleroc Heroic 25man https://youtu.be/QBTakYBbrTY Skygod so green with envy he's turned into a full grown troll. Could this be his final form? Tune in next week and find out!