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  3. Polaczka

    Torrent 4.3.4

    Pobrałam torrent z atlantiss Najpierw nie działał Zmieniłam w Właściwościach folderu gry "do odczytu" na wyłączone Działa Może to komuś pomoże
  4. masterk11

    Arena bug

    Well... Today during arena, we killed paladin than i were doing 1v1 with feral... And arena randomly ended, we get -22 points for no reason... Can someone fix that pls
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  6. Demonhunter

    Shanro - Survival PvP Movie

    nice video
  7. FeralGod


  8. ebac_wszystko


    Hello, mine 2 years since I got a penalty I would ask you to unban my kata because I would like to come back to playing on your server and I would like to make a mistake which I will never thank you again and I apologize for my behavior best regards Taemin im sory ;/
  9. worikson


    problem solved.
  10. Panofsky

    Shanro - Survival PvP Movie

    Shanro <3. So basically everyone has left this server.
  11. Elann

    Shanro - Survival PvP Movie

    From Shanro: cya guys, been fun playing with y'all, best wishes! was fun to play vs you Shanro for all these months, I hope we will meet again on fresh cata ; )
  12. worikson


    I have the same problem.na dodatek nie mogę usunąć postaci ponieważ mam pocztę.
  13. paperling

    One propose to the team of Atlantis

    It seems more like a community problem than a server problem to me. You couldn't pay me to join a PUG as a tank or a healer, even though I normally like those roles. If you really hate playing tanks or healers at max level, think about why that is. If you really don't want to do it yourself, make some friends. If you can't, maybe it's your attitude toward tanks and healers that needs to improve.
  14. paperling

    Mass Loot and Cataclysm

    I really like mass looting on servers that have it. It's a fairly small convenience, but the cumulative effect is significant. However, even though I like mass looting, I can understand why others wouldn't. Since it has the potential to alter people's behavior or the economy, maybe it's worth considering if it could be harmful to the server before I fully support the idea. Also, if it became a feature that you couldn't turn off, then that could be a huge turn off for a lot of players who want to feel like they're playing a not-overly-customized Cataclysm server. Though, in general, there are some features in the later expansions that would fit well on any server imo (xmog collections).
  15. Śliski

    [PvE] [PL] [Guide] [4.3.4] - Feral Tank / Hybryda

    oooo znow pisali o mnie hejterzy. ale teraz na serio, rogune jest dalej FINE
  16. Axelito

    Resigning from my GM position

    Good bye Tomato and thank you for what you've done, especially helping me with my homework
  17. Hello dear players of Atlantiss, Some of you (especially those on Discord) may have noticed that I have been MIA for quite a long time. For the longest time, I thought I would get back to GMing once some real life priorities settled down. But by now it seems that this won't happen as I've no longer got my mind set to it. So as much as I loved being part of the team, it is with this reason that I feel like I should resign. I will still hang around on discord, and when I feel like it I may get back to some more playing on my private account too. So may we meet again on the realm in the future 🙂 - Tomatosz
  18. liran

    Abusive chat, insulting death wishes

    Forum is not a place to report players/gms, you need to send an email to complains or open a ticket or via discord. Also this 1 screenshot alone doesnt show the whole picture, i can tell this guy is very angry, nothing justify what he says but he is angry for a reason i could assume? he says "wtf is wrong with you?" it could be that you were not very innocent either? I'd recommend you to use the ignore feature/tool and than you wont be able to hear him again. Also you seem to be having a lot of trouble with a lot of players and GMS its pretty ironic that you all of sudden play innocent and report someone for vulgar language.
  19. I dont really know whereput this kind of topics, but id like to report this generic player. Well i think Atlantiss staff should do something with this kind of people
  20. EquiLibriumZ


    Solved in game by game master Venki Thank you
  21. EquiLibriumZ


    I have a similar problem, my DK have no quests to move on and can't leave the area. It's the second DK i do, the first one i delected because the last quest didn't work and i used stone to go back and got stucked there I opened a ticket and a bug report days ago and no answer until now, what can i do? Help need it
  22. contacted

    Fire Mage Heating Up!

  23. liran

    WTB PvP rogue

  24. Varnae

    Bad behavior of Game Master - Varnae

    Ok,so.... I considered your team name as inappropriate, the reason is obvious so there is no need to explain it why In my opinion. I asked you 3 times to chose a new name for your team and I didn't get the answer from you so I needed to do it by myself. I won't apologize or anything,I'm not here to defend myself because I consider that there is no reason for that in this case. Also, there are kids on this server,I don't say you must care about it but still,why would we act arrogant, toxic, inappropriate or in any other negative way toward others,game is a place to relax and have fun, not to put your negative energy on it, just my opinion. You were inspected several times before your team renaming, and there was no 3v3 or 5v5 teams, there was only 2v2 team, after renaming I needed to log you off just to check if changes are successfully made and that was all from me. You don't have to like me, none has to nor I need it honestly,I'm here just to do my job and hopefully keep the community "clean". Now excuse me, but I will leave this conversation due to lack of the point.
  25. Vlx

    Whats up with shadow priests?

    Ok, to revive this topic a bit (and hopefully stay on topic), here's an update. DS content was up, and few major bugs that Spriests have are: Spine trinket not proccing on DOTs, and our pet/apparations not always finding way to hit the boss. Even without these bugs, Spriest's DPS would be in "medium" range, thus making them absolute garbage on many of the encounters. That being said, Zonoz, Hagara and Warmaster HC are places where we shine! I am talking about Multidotting and being able to absorb Hour of Twilight or Ice Shards with dispersion. We still won't top DPS charts but we can be damn close. Now if raid leader don't mind swapping classes mid raid, go for it. Or you can get 3-4 DPS classes that do 50k+ and invite Spriests as a UTILITY class for whole raid. Bottom line: Spriests are not TOP dps classes, so raid leaders who only care about dps won't give them a chance. Leaders who prefer having 1-2 utility classes in raid, and have Ultraxx enrage timer covered, will give them a chance.
  26. segrey

    Best profession for feral cat

    Nobody mentioned engineering? Synapse Springs gives 480 agi for 10s each minute. It's about like 80 agi permanently, but in fact we can stack it with each odd Tiger's Fury, and make bleeds stronger for extra time.
  27. Turellian

    Bad behavior of Game Master - Varnae

    Inappropriate names, inappropriate to whine about it on here when you already knew, and bad player attitude. Glad to see the GM's are on top of this sort of thing.
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