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  2. wtb mage

  3. WTB Felfire Hawk

    I can up the price to 150k... Anyone?
  4. [PvE] [Guide] [4.3.4] - Feral Tank / Hybrid

    I'm not huge fan of ravage on hybrid. It might be decent, instant damage, but I prefer bear form to kill adds (Because of mangle resets and during second transition you also have to hold Scion, which hits pretty hard on heroic). Also on several "patchwerk" style bosses it requires from you to run away and waste 2 GCDs in order to have effect, making it actually not worth using outside of opener, because of the melee swings wasted during that time. Also recently I'd been trying mastery hybrid. It's as good as haste, and gives player higher error margin in Bear, while also increasing skill cap required for Cat (While reforgin in haste it's opposite. Higher error margin in Cat, increased skill cap for bear). Thank you very much for the contribution!
  5. Progress Through Expansions

    Hello Deecato, The Progress Through Expansion realm is still under development. You can ask questions and find more information on the realm's specific forum: http://tbc.atlantiss.eu Kind regards, Ununseptium
  6. Gdje ste forumaši, imali li Vas ?

    Ima nas uvijek :P hahahha gdje god odes mora balkanca biti
  7. Gdje ste forumaši, imali li Vas ?

    Pozz, evo na Ally ima guild "Balkanci", kreiran pre par dana i puni se ko pošta na dan penzija... Ne znam da li su sve te pridošlice "naši" ljudi, ali ima ih dosta! :)
  8. [PvE] [Guide] [4.3.4] - Feral Tank / Hybrid

    Good guide, with good tips. But I'm using a little bit different talent build. I mean with free revange after charge. Replacing Thick hide (2/3) and Perseverance (0) talent for mentioned charge. U takin a little bit more dmg (which wont kill u), but have 1-2 more combo points per 25s + some dmg. Of course for fights like Ragnaros, when u can't charge cd after cd it's not that good. 50% of the fight u can't use a charge, but still I think it is worth enough. A specially on hammer adds. About haste in hybrid. It's not bad idea IMO, but if u focus on mastery completly u have also more advantages in bear form. So I prefer to stay mastery hybrid feral.
  9. Progress Through Expansions

    here you go https://community.atlantiss.eu/index.php?/topic/9279-official-netherwingpte-qa-thread/ https://community.atlantiss.eu/index.php?/topic/9279-official-netherwingpte-qa-thread/&page=8&tab=comments#comment-68946
  10. Progress Through Expansions

    Greetings, i'm completely new here, i just found this server like 30 minutes ago after i was looking for WoW server that offers progress through expansions. I never had chance to play WoW since its release and i really want to experience all the things that happen to players that were playing since vanilla, i'm kinda exhausted after my research and i would like to know if "Progress Through Expansions" is a thing or its still in progress (Am i able to start playing Vanilla/BC up to latest expansions for this server (which is?)). I'm so sorry for creating new topic, i'v used search option with few keywords but i found nothing similar to what i'm asking for.
  11. [Answered] Change Email

    The question(s) in this support topic have been answered and the author has been able to solve the problem. Because of this, the support topic has been closed and moved.If you have other questions, please open a new topic.
  12. Questing and Leveling warrior

    Hello everyone! My name is Vladimir and I just joined this wonderful community. Picked up a sword, joined the alliance and had a few swings at those Northshire Abbey wolves, just to see how things work. And, to my delight, things DO work extremely well! Long story short, I have decided to start a "Streaming Campaign", where I will record/stream every step of my long road towards level 85! Few recent real life events allowed me to have pretty clear schedule for gaming, so I intend to play very frequently. So here is my streaming information: Streaming times* Weekdays: 16:00 - 24:00 Central Europe Time Weekends: 10:00 - 24:00 Central Europe Time My character Alliance - Human warrior What am I streaming ~80% Leveling (including, but not limited to: questing, grinding, battlegrounds, open world PvP, instances) ~20% Economy stuff (professions, AH, mats grinding) Why should you watch me? - You shouldn't! I mean... feel free to watch if you have absolutely nothing better to do, since leveling can be quite boring! However, if you are at work or somewhere where you can't play WoW, this stream might be just the thing for you - until you return home to your beloved computer. :P Duh! Streaming link: www.twitch.tv/vlxwm * Please note that streaming times may vary due to unforeseen circumstances, ranging anywhere between earthquakes and toilet breaks!
  13. WTT Priest [A]

  14. Developer Update #6

    As always, it's nice to have an update of what is happening and will going to happen /being worked on. I really like those Dev. Updates, keep it up!

    Our next event will be on Friday 19:00 server time. Feel free to tune in, feel also free to watch the streams. I want to thank quite a few new people who came from the horde side, who joined last event and also want to join the next one, we filled the groups pretty fast. Thank you all for joining and see you in the next event. Cheers.
  16. Rated BG situation

    I will always play with my LEGENDARY, im here for the DPS <3 JK ;)
  17. Rated BG situation

    I think that he asks how it's possible to how to have such a high winrate. I would say through decent leading and knowledge of who to pick. There are plenty of streams from Dkgodx, Stega showing how we pick and the fights. We have nothing to hide, feel free to ask further + we make all our rated BG endresults public in this thread:
  18. [Answered] Change Email

  19. [Answered] Change Email

    Nope, u can't change your email :C unfortutly u have to wait till Atlantiss relasee market and trasnfer characteer to account with working email. When market ? Soon tm
  20. [Answered] Change Email

    Good day! First of all thank you Atlantiss for doing the best for your players. So now may I ask is there any option that I can change my email? Coz i am not using the email i used before i would like to change it to my current email. I am looking forward for your quick response. Yours Sincerely, Random Guy
  21. Yesterday
  22. Rated BG situation

    Don't think so. Looks similar to the nonsense lethis posted. Maybe this puchu guy also dodges *cough* i mean plays for fun and is trying to follow in his footsteps.
  23. Cerco Gilda Italiana Ally

    Salve a tutti, ho ricominciato a giocare da poco su questo server nuovo per me, cerco come da titolo una Gilda italiana in alleanza per poter giocare e discutere in italiano, visto che l inglese non é alquanto il mio forte☺️ Fatemi sapere qualcosa, io attualmente sono in una Gilda provvisoria... marcello (nick wow: waylon)

    Updated tonight's games in 2nd post of the topic, thanks to everyone who participated & watched games.
  25. [H][PL/PvP] W A T A H A

    25 lvl gildi właśnie wbity przed chwila. Nie kupiona gildia tylko wbijana :) Troszkę zeszło ale jest :) ZAPRASZAMY WSZYSTKICH CHĘTNYCH NA REKRUTACJE INFO: VENATOREE, OSTRYMO, CRASHERS, PITTERR, SPIVX
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