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  3. we have twinks here, lvl 79 but they decided to close bg since i became rapiest , even if 10M quec on horde and alliance still no bg. if u wanna twink pick anything accept lvl 79
  4. WTS another paladin with 370 ilvl with dps and tanking gear With premium point mount - same price with the mount
  5. Hello! Ticket in-game! We don't have any active ticket from that character
  6. Sprzedaż za pieniążki może grozić banem dla strony zarówno kupującej jak i sprzedajacej. Nie wiem niestety jak z goldem na globalu
  7. Character: Lavalamp I know there was a server message saying that everyone who got phased out should sent a ticket, I sent one 3 days ago and didnt get any feedback. So I'm gonna put here what is actually happening. When i get to Flame Crest (Burning Steppes) this happens: But when i try to get to the Flame Keeper, this happens: I did every quest in Burning Steppes and it seems i got stuck in phase when i completed the final quest of the chain -
  8. xD
  9. Do not get me wrong Ellan. But I'm flattered. You've just called us Greatest of all times, how sweet, thanks! On the topic; Just put whole Vulgar display of cancer & add Braha Quod + our favorite duo Arcadia and Lastkiss :^))) Everyone else is trash.
  10. Warrior - Nymzgotx, Galko Warlock - Fearyourself, Drfilømd(Saburo) Shaman Resto - Champk, Bustyplz Shaman Enh - Rakrakk Rogue - Lingu>Demonhunter>Arty>someone>Hateddog Priest - Braha aka Dmgerpriest, Debtheone Paladin - Sacjktrinket(Wingnanx), Archelion(Imperius, Calladin) Mage - Blinkmaster, Quodan Hunter - Damo Druid Feral - Bogurodzica?[*], Saburo Druid Balance - Boomkingx(wingnanx) Death Knight - Dkgodx, Dannyraise(Arty) This is my list. Only skilled players not fking GIT GOAT bg heroes
  11. Elemental - Sayonarah /thread
  12. Hello PPl , Wanna buy [Apparatus of Khaz'goroth] horde side for 70k~ we can talk about price and stuff. Add me ingame on Mdfkninja and Mdfkmadness. Depends on who i m on:D. Tnx BB!
  13. Hey, I'd like to buy faction change horde to ally, paying 40k gold, PM ME. I can pay on both sides.
  14. since i'm so damn bored of 85s content pve/pvp wise. by any chance we have any twinkers here? To form nice t6 content guild and raid? would be fun.
  15. Bump.
  16. As stated on the title. I can pay 35k on Ally or Horde. Just drop me a message through forum messages or at ign: Ounagi in horde. Thanks!
  17. Feral - Rosess Nuff
  18. Dam sure is hard to be best BDK when youre the only one playing it Blood dk - kys Unholy dk - me Frost dk - me Boomy - Kaspiifan, not me Feral - my lvl 80 Resto - my lvl 80 Holy pala - Kaspiisucks aka me Ret Pala - also me Prot pala - kys Did i miss any class ?
  19. O shit just got real, should probably stick with arcane tho, fits your skillz ( ° ͜ʖ͡°)╭∩╮ GIT GUT O kurwa, not the screenshots again DD: I can be anything for a certain amount of gold, though.
  20. Pls I'd let you gift me a faction swap if I were to reforge my dodge rating (I'd allow it) Nah meng I'm fire here, what do you think I am, a filthy 1-button spammer? /spit Are you saying you're a grill? You totally just implied that you're a grill. SS'd for future BM GIT GUT
  21. Alli Scum dodging RBGs, GIT GUT! Thought you played an arcane mage, how hard can it be to get back into it, you can even go Tdog style and unbind everything. Im pretty sure you misspelled misogynistic pig there.
  22. Nie,nie ma z nim nic wspólnego
  23. I agree, people who just have full T6 for an example is rather boring, to me my personal opinion, a good transmog comes from combining different pieces of gear to making an amazing look
  24. Bruh I can't I have no legendary, I haven't played cata in over a year and I'm only 2k in duos here I'm an abomination NotLikeThis.png But at least I'm a straight white male so I should probably have your job I'd do it GUT ( ° ͜ʖ͡°)╭∩╮
  26. Rbg? ( ° ͜ʖ͡°)╭∩╮
  27. Man why all these shitty vanilla mogs had to be so ugly as hell white/black combination .... Can any one do decent mog .. not talking about good ones they are fine. And if you do Tmog please finish them all to fit colors not like do rainbow style ..
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