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@  Jenova : (16 January - 05:31 PM)

@Champk @blinkmaster that is not the topic, there are many topics on the bugtracker speaking about warlock pets I'll find it and post it in a sec

@  Jenova : (16 January - 05:33 PM)

https://github.com/Atlantiss/BugTracker/issues/8699 - here you have first users showing that as soon as 4.3.4 was released CDs did reset but a few weeks later both players on MMO and later videos from 4.3.4 show that the CDs stopped reseting

@  Champk : (16 January - 05:53 PM)

The only proof you had was from Arenajunkies forum where they talked about hunter pet resummoning not resetting cds. Wlock instant pet summon and hunter resummoning to get monkey stun,sac,freedom etc back are completely different stories. Warlock pet resummoning has always resetted cds on retail, i know since i played s10-s11 in retail. Did you fix hunter pets also not resetting cds after resummoning then? What you do is far from blizzlike. Already add 3s announcer then

@  Aival94 : (16 January - 07:10 PM)

i think this can help as well but no GM respond as well: https://us.battle.ne...opic/5913032559

@  blinkma... : (16 January - 07:12 PM)

y but its about hunter pet - > pet dismiss and pet call. saying about call stabled pet did reset cd becouse each pet had independent cooldowns. question is about warlock pets resummoned with soulbourn or demonic rebirth

@  Aival94 : (16 January - 07:17 PM)

"It would seem dismissing and re summoning pets for hunters resets the cooldown of the pet's abilities? I know Locks used to have this bug but it got quickly fixed..."

@  Aival94 : (16 January - 07:17 PM)

that was the one i think it could help

@  blinkma... : (16 January - 07:19 PM)

quickly fixed - been like that since vanilla XDD

@  blinkma... : (16 January - 07:19 PM)

as i say its about dismiss - call pet and normal summon new pet, not soulburn / demonrebirth

@  Jenova : (16 January - 07:27 PM)

Watch the video. It clearly shows a wlock using soulburn to summon a new pet and the CDs are the same

@  blinkma... : (16 January - 08:15 PM)

well in the video i see demo rebirth new pet and indeed it looks like its not reseting cd dunno about soulburn still

@  Fa ~ : (16 January - 08:18 PM)

Disable warlocks for pvp :D - ok, joke.

@  Monaka : (16 January - 08:57 PM)

Each time you summon a new demon (Felhunter) his Cd's should reset. It doesn't matter if it's soulburn summon, demonic rebirth or normal pet summon.

@  Monaka : (16 January - 08:58 PM)

You can clearly see that in Snutz 5.

@  Jenova : (16 January - 09:12 PM)

Monaka you can cleary see that later in Cataclysm it didnt

@  Matiwo12 : (16 January - 11:25 PM)

It worked like that only for few weeks I guess. Then it got hotfixed so it should not reset.

@  caro : (17 January - 10:10 AM)

Unstuck doesn't work atm

@  Henrini... : (17 January - 11:49 AM)

So the only way you can puchace the Replica grand marshal/high warlord weapons, is to have rank 9 or higher from old pvp system(vanilla) ?(rated RBG were added in 5.2 to be able to purchace the replica's i think)

@  Henrini... : (17 January - 11:50 AM)

Why make changes to them, if its something that no one can buy

@  Jenova : (17 January - 11:52 AM)

From what I know you can gain these titles right now via playing Rated BGs, there are achievments that grant you the titles

@  Jenova : (17 January - 11:53 AM)


@  Jenova : (17 January - 11:53 AM)

Added in patch 4.0.3

@  Jenova : (17 January - 11:53 AM)


@  Jenova : (17 January - 11:54 AM)

Added in patch 4.0.3

@  Henrini... : (17 January - 11:55 AM)

in patch note 5.2, "Characters that have attained requisite title levels (Centurion, Knight-Champion, Grand Marshal, High Warlord, etc.) through the Rated Battleground system will be able to purchase old PVP items requiring those titles." Before that only the Feast of Strenght achievement from vanilla days were able to purchace the replica weapons.

@  Sweetspoon : (17 January - 12:17 PM)

Yes thats true but we cant even acess vendor at all to see items. some classes cant even access them and some can.

@  Krecik : (17 January - 12:19 PM)

Now if you dont have achievement items will not be displayed. For now i dont have possibility to display the items and block avibility to buy them. But if you aquire achiv, items will be avaible to see.

@  Sweetspoon : (17 January - 12:20 PM)

Plus i dont play on this server for ages so i dont know what new was made. And nay news about PTR TBC?

@  Jenova : (17 January - 01:39 PM)

Sweetspoon if you want to know more about the TBC project you can check our TBC forum

@  Jenova : (17 January - 01:40 PM)


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